Jun. 21st, 2007

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...I believe I hit my head after the whole incident of...being married.

...because what occurred, did not occur. I hope. ...I really hope. That was...no. No, it wasn't anything. Meaningless. Mhm.

Now. Someone settle my mind and tell me my marriage wasn't legal. No, no, and NO, I am NOT married to him. Also, that child did not exist. No. NO. ...and I hope the other event was a figment of my imagination. Even though I'll most likely question my sanity if it was just my mind playing tricks...

...maybe this is all a very very horrible dream. I'd like to wake up now, have tea by my side, and Riff tying my shoes. My younger sister to give stuffed bears to, and to be thrown back at me. Yes, that'd be nice, but quite frankly it won't happen. Unless this place decides to save my sanity that I have left and return me home.


Putting that aside...

...Reno, a few words with you, if I may be so bold to call your name out publicly. Faye, not a word.

[[ooc; HI, SORRY FOR BEING INACTIVE, RENA IS A BUSY BEE. Crap post is crap because it's LOL 2AM MY TIME I SHOULD BE IN BED. ...uh. Strikes legible, yes. Cain not a happy camper. :( RENO COME MAKE YOUR WIFE HAPPY--. Okay I'll stop. ♥]]
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[[ A couple notes before moving onward. XD This post will contain innuendo....Yuuri is in cursed condition -- got splashed just enough with nice, cold, ocean water. His cursed spring form makes him extremely dominant. Also -- post language event. Non filtered part, he seems normal/non cursed~ ]]

I'm relieved I can understand everyone now. It was weird only being able to understand Wolfram. ^^ I mean...not that I mind terribly. But I like being able to talk to my friends again. The weirdest part was that I couldn't understand Japanese for some reason...I wonder why Island-san took away my first language and let me keep my second.


I have a question for the lot of you pertaining to something very specific. I'm wondering if anyone here knows of anything that could be used to appropriately tie someone up. Perhaps if I could find rope, there would be less of an issue. This god-forsaken place has very little actual -- good -- resources for things like this.

I'm contemplating my shirt, but I don't know how well it would work, and would prefer to get a better suggestion.

[[ ETA: Post contains risque material. 8D ]]
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Oooooooi! Road! Ticky! Mostly Road, though... I got you a toy to play with--says he's stronger than a demon! Wanna see if that's true? It's nothing like killing an Exorcist, but it beats being bored!

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[Private//Very, very hackable]
Maybe what I heard was true...nah, it definitely was true. Being stuck on this island really won't affect things back home, it doesn't seem like it will anyway...in fact, if I'm right, there's proof of it now.

I should probably-

...Going down to the beach is not a good idea when you're cursed! I can't believe I forgot that. But it's not entirely a bad thing, aside from the cold... It's nice to log out every now and then I should probably find some hot water, though.

At least the language barrier's gone...that was really annoying.

((ooc: So yeah, Haseo went to a beach in order to think about stuff. Then the tide got 'im. :D Strike is kinda hackable.))
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Ah... Linali?  Rabi?  Mr. Wolf?  I've arranged with Captain Sparrow for us to visit some of the neighboring islands.  We should go take a look and see if we can find anything, don't you think?  Well, it's better than just sitting around, at any rate. 

Is anyone else interested too?  If you can sail a ship, we'd like the help.  Maybe we can find a way off afterall!
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...So I see.

I've gotten finished with these signs advertising my shop only to have found out I've been appointed the new owner of the inn...or a "temporary" one according to this note That Hanatarou left. Either way, it does seem as if I will become quite busy here. However it's not as if a lot of people ask me to make clothes for them as much as they used too...in fact most of the host club have disappeared. So I do think I can manage both jobs.

I suppose anyone wanting a job at the inn could come and see me...or anyone who already had a job here for that matter and I just forgot. I have still yet to look over the books. I'm also looking for a new co-owner as well. If anyone is interested that is. It would be appreciated.

Also, I know we have a lot of new people here that just seemingly walked in, so I'm going to require from all of you what room you're staying in and with whom you are staying with. That would make it a lot easier on me when redoing the books.
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Oi, oi, oi, oi! You all done speaking in tongues? Yosha!

This is your chance my friends! Your chance to meet the amazing Lord Kamina's one and only Gurren Brigade! We have amongst us the one whose drill will pierce the heavens! The man who will dig through anything, be it the seas, heavens, or even hell itself! My brother and comrade! Simon!

And we have the fat-ass girl with the gun! Yoko! Who will take you out before you even can think to see what's coming! No target is too far, she always hits her mark! Take it from me, I know first hand! That shit hurts!

So step on up! And meet those who belong to the only place where real men's souls gather!

Furries need not apply!

((ooc; GURREN BRIGADE POST. Kamina, Simon and Yoko will all be replying to this post! So be ready to get thread hop'd! \o\ ))
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...So, he's back somehow.

...And he doesn't remember me.

((Short post is short because emo muse is emo and not feeling wordy at all.))
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Okay, I'm curious. Exactly how many people are staying in our cave? And by "our cave" I mean the one that originally belonged to Jim, Yukina and Senri.

I know there are quite a few of us now, and I don't mind making the extra room, but I can only hollow out so much before the ceiling falls in on us.

Just trying to stay on top of things, I guess.
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((Translation: Cain-san?! Faye-san? Where? Where are you?

Aah, I have on idea what the heck everyone is saying. Stupid island. If anyone understands what I'm saying, can they tell me where Cain-san or Faye-san is? Geez, how long do I have to be here to not get lost on this island...))
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Hey, I see the inn! Better be careful next time. Haha, I bet nobody would believe me if I told them what happened. Especially dad...


Hmmm, I should go clean up and see how Hagu-nee's doing.

[ooc: He's starting to miss home more strongly, poor kid. He's in an unpresentable state due to dry blood and dirt ^__^;;]

[EDIT: Yama-mun needs to be gone for a bit. Will tag back around nighttime.]
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Um, and Yukito-san-Dinosaur can go over... Here? No. Here?

A-and um. Mommy Dinosaur can go... Here. And the rest of you can sit over... Over here, maybe. Ah, but mommy-dinosaur and Yukito-san Dinosaur are special, so they have to be closest.


((ooc: Uh, not that Misuzu told anyone directly, but today is her birthday. So she's sitting out by the beach, surrounded by her dinosaur plushies that she dragged out. And she's just kind of drawing in the sand by herself. 8D;;; Feel free to have seen her running back and forth earlier, in the moving-and-arranging process.
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A question, for curiosity's sake.

If you were given the opportunity to go back home - you and only you, no one else - would you take it?

((Mutsumi's feeling philosophical. :o Also kind of spurred by his conversation with Prier about Alouette.))
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I'm so happy I can understand everyone again! Senri-san, what were you saying about Mighty-san? He'd done something bad to you? I never realized how many different people I know until that happened... but I managed to communicate with most of them. And I met Shirobon-san! And... um... another man, who seemed nice, but I never learned his name.

[Filtered to the Roommates]

Mutsumi-san and I were talking earlier, and I think it might be best if we split up to share two caves instead of one. Like neighbors-- and I'd still be happy to cook for everyone, but it would probably be more comfortable for everyone if we all didn't live in just one cave.


It could just be my imagination, but... is something wrong with Yuuri-san? I can't explain it, but he doesn't exactly seem like himself. I'm a little worried...


.... I think I know why Mutsumi-san likes being in high spots. There's a very nice breeze... and the view is very pretty. It was worth the climb!

Um. How do I get down again...?

((pensive sunset-watching in a tree /o/ If only she had mastered getting back down.))
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Stellar... doesn't remember what happened... but it seemed bad... Mmm... Don't... want to try and remember it again. Bad things...

... but Stellar met new people. Naoto, and... Yu-ki and Hedgehog and Maebelle and Fletcher? Mm, nice people~. And I saw a crab. And Stellar wants to stay with Haine. :O Is that fine :O?

I have fish~. Fish fish fish ♥~.
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dfdfgfhgfdfrgfd; WHAT THE HELL!!!?

I-I'm stuck! Why does this always happen to me? I just wanted to get some coconut juice for dinner tonight. I wanted to try my hand at cooking..

Someone help me!!

((Your ordinary damsel-in-distress Shuichi post. He climbed a tree to get  some coconuts, and out of nowhere the tree grew an extra ten feet. It's not some kind of supar tree or anything, just one of the island's jokes.))
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So this is it hmm... Hueco Mundo?  It sure doesn't look like I imagined.  Aren't there supposed to be um... more Hollows?  I don't see any at all!  Not even the sad-looking one.  Just a lot of people in really cool costumes!  Maybe we went to the wrong place by mistake!  A blessing in disguise!  Lucky!

Helloooo?  Arrancar-san?  Hollow-san? 

I hope this doesn't mean I broke my promise to Ulquiorra-san...  It's not my fault, right?  He must have given me a defective bracelet by mistake...

There's no use getting upset over it now though.  Right?  Right. 

It's the beginning of a new day Orihime!  We just have to take life as it comes.  One worry at a time!  First, we should investigate!  Or do I stay in one place...?  If you get lost, aren't you supposed to stay where you are til you get found?  OH!  Unless it's like the tv show!  Then I'll have to watch out for polar bears!  And giant pigs!  Like the one Ganju-san rides!  Bonnie-chan!  I wonder if I can ride this time...

Here Bonnie-chan!  Bonnie-chan!! 

Where's the base?!  Maybe we should find some dynamite...

Hurley-san, no!  I know the numbers, are bad, but you mustn't---

Kyaaaa!  Look out Sawyer!  Don't die on me!  I know deep down you're a good person no matter what the doctor says! 

...We'll make it out alive, we just have to keep believing!



Wait!  I think it's...

... I...  I smell Ichigo!

[Mika here with 4th muse, Inoue Orihime.  She's... known to let her imagination run away with her. ^^  Have fun!]
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Ah! The pain is back... why is this happening to me---


[[Long cut for short post]] )


Jun. 21st, 2007 11:02 pm
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Okay, now that you people are done chattering like a buncha jabbering monkeys in languages I can't understand, I've been doin' a bit of thinking. I decided if I'm gonna be stuck here, I might as well have someplace to stay. Like a palace or something.

So, everyone hop to it! Chop chop! C'mon that palace isn't gonna build itself. Doesn't even have to be that big. Now I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of twelve rooms. Hm, maybe I can settle for a minumum of seven, but don't hold your breaths.

Okay everyone! Got your orders? Good. So, get to work! I'll be over by that tree, supervising.

...Or just taking a swim. I dunno. Just make sure it's done by the time I go to bed. I'm patient y'know so that should give you a few hours.


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