Jun. 17th, 2007

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Ugh, I hate dealing with those undead type monsters.  I completely ran out of phoenix down and my mana is low from revive spells... 

At least they're not hard to take down... 

I didn't mean to be gone so long, but...  There was an infestation of those giant rat creatures back in the cave to boot.  Seems like when it rains it pours.  I hope Tohru is alright... I haven't heard from her in a while... 

Ah, so if any of the younger islanders who don't have a home need a place to stay, you're welcome there.  I'll try to be more vigilant about keeping it safe. 

I haven't seen many of the others lately... not that I'd be sad to see that annoying red-head or his bratty boss leave, but I wonder if anyone is still here from home.  Is it just me now...?

[as is usually the case with Cloud, strikes are visible...]
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Hm, well, it seems those horrible zombies are gone. Thank goodness. Thanks to everyone who helped protect my cousin and I! I'll have to pay you guys back somehow.

Speaking of cousins -- Pearly, are you alright. . .?

It's also comforting to know that Ema is alright. She'll be moving back into the cave soon, thank goodness!

. . .Also. Mia -- get some sleep.

][ orz orz This is adult!Maya. Um, um, see the shiny new TINY adult!Maya icon? D: ][


Jun. 17th, 2007 02:59 am
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Well~this is an interesting place for a vacation. And I'm not really happy it seemed so random considering I don't remember how I got here. Just when I thought I'd get a nice relaxing time with Pinion, of course this happens. I hope he's okay, honestly...hmm.

Uhm...~though this is an Island...so I kind of wonder if Coroo, Husky, Nana, and Senri'll be able to make it out here...I'd really like to see them again! And I hear people on vacation are loose with money! ^_^

[[ Katie on 5th muse. Rose from +Anima~! She's along the shore, sitting with her lovely jewelry that she makes. ^^ ]]
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I'm TIRED and want a BED to sleep on! Damn Ticky, always looking so rested.... >//

Road, where do you sleep? It's gotta be somewhere better than the ground for you to always look so damn happy.

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Stellar isn't... going to die... Not... going to die... Not... going to die... Stellar won't die... Do not want to die... Do not want to die... Stellar does not want to die... Not going to die... Not... die... no...

((All right~! So she was blockword'd back at the Haine post so she's kind of chanting some stuff about not going to die. She's heading for the ocean, who knows when she'll sink so plz to be saving her >: She calms down when you hug her btw and tell her that you'll protect her from dying :O! Well, that happened in canon so I guess? ftw I don't know))
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Alright, now I'm ticked. First this place decides to put Fujimori in costume yesterday, and now it decides to put me in one too?! WHAT IS YOUR LOGIC?!?! I had to have gotten it from Fujimori's strange hugs. This has to be an epidemic of some sorts.

[[Yep, Sora is in his samurai costume that comes from the same episode as Sunao's princess costume. And he think he got it from being glomped, hugged, and latched by Sunao. Island had to have thought it was cute and wanted more action, lol. Strikeouts are un-hackable.]]
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What the hell?!

How the hell did I wake up in some stupid island?! That replica had something to do with this, didn't he? How infuriating!

Where the hell am I?! There's nothing but trees here!
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Who here thinks they're a pretty good cook? I need a point of reference.
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Father's day...Boy, what a rough reminder of home. Virginia should be showing by now. I know, that doesn't make me a father yet, but it's still painful. Just the thought of being a father, and that next year I'll be celebrating this day...

...I think I'm starting to fall back into my old habits.

((sad Wolf is sad. Feel free to cheer him up.))
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"Live, loser. Chew everyone up."

That's what he told me. Even back then, I was a stray dog. That much hasn't changed.

But you didn't tell me, Fuyumine. You didn't tell me who I needed to hate, who this blade needed to cut, why you named me Naoto. You never told me why you gave me this coat... why you let me go on hating you without knowing you weren't the killer.

Were you more of a father than the one I can't remember? You were the one who taught me how to live, to fight... but... what now? I can't...

I hate this day.

((Emo Naoto is emo. Also training pretty intensely with the katana right now, so anyone catching her off-guard may be accidentally slashed at.))
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(Chichi no Hi Omedetou / Happy Father's Day...?)


Hnh. What poor taste in humour.

[Father's Day Post!!! Saitou recieved this card and thinks that's all there is to it, but unknown to him there's a paper stuck to his back saying GIVE DADDY A HUG. And by the powers of the island, anyone who's acquianted to him will have the uncontrolable urge to do that D: Unaffected people, feel free to LOL at glompage]

[away for a few hours! D: BBL for tags <3]
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Those zombies were amusing. I also needed something real to take what happened in that hallucination out on, and they seemed to work just fine. The island also seems to clean itself up rather quickly after something like that happens. Everything looks back to the way it was before they even attacked.

[Private to self // semi-hackable if your character likes to overhear things// filtered from Pappi]
So I heard it was father's day to day. Ignoring the fact that it's happening again a month after I ended up here. I've never really celebrated it, same thing goes with mother's day. I never felt the need to.

I can't remember anything before seven years ago because of the psychosocial trauma I sustained after the homunculi attack. After that, the regiment became a makeshift family more then anything. But they just felt like my brothers and sisters more then anything. And besides, it would seem pretty stupid if I gave them anything outside of their birthdays and maybe Christmas. Though knowing Gouta, he probably does. But he has a reason I guess since he has been in their custody since he was a little kid. Then again, that's just him...
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H-hoeee! I was asleep for a really long time! That was kind of scary... I didn't know I'd be out that long! I guess I was just really, really sleepy. I hope I didn't worry anyone too much! Tomoyo-chan, you're okay, right?

I had a weird dream, though... there were a lot of shadowy people whose faces I couldn't see. But other than that, I can't really remember what it was about. I've never had a dream like that before. It was a little scary, too.

private to Kero; hackable to Tomoyo
O-oh yeah, Kero-chan! What were you telling me about the Sakura Cards...?

[ ooc; ... yeah I almost forgot I played her. gtfo. ]


Jun. 17th, 2007 05:22 pm
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I miss being at home -- er Shin Makoku -- right now. On all days, I'd really like to be there for Father's Day. I miss my daughter. Greta would be quite a treat here right now. Aha, all I can remember is that cake. Makes me smile.

Ooh. Makes me hope that Gwendel isn't spoiling her too much with plushies...though a little spoiling never hurt anyone.
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People have been saying that today is Father's Day... It's not exactly the same, but...happy Father's Day, Grandpa.

The zombies seem to be gone now. Is everyone alright?

I should be more careful about how I use my ammo... I still have my cartridges, but that means my options are kind of limited. Maybe I'll ask the island for more bullets if I really have to. But...it might be better to make that a last resort.

Anyone have any they can spare? Just asking.

[Small text is him mumbling to himself, so unless you're close by or you've got REALLY good hearing...yeah. XD;]
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Everyone's saying that today is Father's Day. I guess that it's the obvious: a day to honor one's father, one of the two responsible for bringing a person into the world...


Happy Father's Day, Father, even though you are not here. May your soul be at peace...
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Ahahaha, now that the zombies are gone, it's lovely weather to spend some time outside~! For most of us. Do any of you know a way to make a small area colder~? Other than with magic, because I can't use it.

But there's a nice cool breeze down by the sea~ and it doesn't smell of rot down here! I'm sure the rest of the island will be cleaner soon~ but in the meantime...! After all, what's the point of a vacation on a lovely tropical island if you spend all of it fending off monkeys in the jungle~?

Hm! Saizo, do you remember if the moat was this size, bigger, or smaller? -- I'm going to take rooting in it to mean "bigger!" Ahahaha~ no, stop, that's the fortifications you're digging up... Yes, you may eat that clam you found. It's much better for you than zombie bits. ♥

[Making a sand castle again!]
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Friend from home here. Happy. Like it here. Maybe she'll like it too.

...Everyone at cave....she stay with us? Okay?
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Ah, I think I may have taken a wrong turn. I wasn't aware that this part of Tokyo had so many palm trees and so much sand? And I'm sorry if I've accidentally stumbled into someone's very... large and very exotic backyard. I think I just saw a monkey swing by. Are those types of pets even allowed in the city...?

But this is the route that I usually take, so something tells me that I'm more than just a little disoriented. That's kind of disappointing, actually. I was really looking forward to lunch today.

...er, excuse me? Could someone here please provide me with some directions if it's not too much trouble?

The location of the nearest restaurant should be fine.

(('Sup, this is Jen and I bring you Hei. (Though he'll be introducing himself as Li.) I know we had a Hei before, but er, now he's been reset so yeah. *A*;;; And his stomach is growling loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.))


Jun. 17th, 2007 08:59 pm
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Okay so wait a minute.

The reason there's sand and wild dogs in my dining room is because this isn't my dining room?

And the reason the guards aren't comin' when I call is because this isn't my palace?

And the reason I'm surrounded by a buncha peasants in funny clothes is because I'm on some sorta island in the middle of nowhere?

...Okay yeah that's what I thought.

GYAH! SOMEONE TAKE ME HOOOOOOOME! I don't wanna be on an island in the middle of nowheeeeeeeere!
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Aunt Morgan, I finished--

... Huh? Where.... Aunt Morgan?


Maya? Maya, where are you? You were just holding my hand a second ago... Oh, not again...

((ORZ SORRY FOR POSTING AGAIN SO SOON MY BRAIN WOULDN'T SHUT UP. DX So, um, just to clarify, this Mia is about twelve, so (a) the Maya she's looking for is a very little one and (b) no, her mother has not left yet. Um, have fun? 8D))
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Somehow I'm happy not to have my father here today of all the days of the year. Though I suppose he wouldn't actually care if I got him anything or not, he wouldn't be pleased either way. In fact, he never was as far back as I can remember.

Either way, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the day now that the Zombies and the strange hallucinations have been taken care of. I still have to finish those signs as well...

Ah, and sorry for not asking this sooner, but...when did you show up again, Kuchiki-san?
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... Father's day. I can't blame the island on this one, this time. It still isn't funny, though. At least I just feel like an exhausted older brother. With a quiet head. That's reassuring.

Luki, Noki? Who won your zombie tag contest?

[Viewable to Simon only]
What's a 'blockword'?

[Private - maybe hackable if you try?]
Military... government....

Fucking hell. They're everywhere.

That's depressing.
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Hey, if there's some weird French guy going around telling you all he knows me and we're 'partners' or something... yeah he's crazy. Never met the guy, and I can't be partners to someone I've never met, especially one who likes to call me fool. Sorry, that doesn't qualify as a good 'Hello' unless your some bonehead I already know.

So what, today's Father's Day or something? Ha, Father's Day... these holidays are always a drag, year after year. No special wishes here, that's for sure!

I haven't seen Knux around anywhere. Guess he went off and got sent home again, huh? Knucklehead, I'm supposed to be the one not to stick around for long, not you!


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