Jun. 13th, 2007

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...I believe I may have had a horrifying nightmare dream in which I believe that I was... worryingly intimate with on a walk with someone who looked terrifyingly not unlike Jade...


I-I would rather not dwell on such things.
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But you know Timon, just because you think it's a boy doesn't mean it's going to be a boy. There's always a chance it could be a girl, not to say there isn't a chance it could be a boy too, you just shouldn't assume it'll be a boy just because you want it to be a boy.

...Gee, you're being awfully quiet, Timon. Do you understand what I'm say...ing--Oh... uh... Where are we? There's water and sand and... isn't this an island?

Uh, how did an island get into The Pride Lands? Where did all this water come from?


Oh no! I hope everyone isn't drowning!!! That would be horrible, wouldn't it Timon? T-Timon...? TIMON!?! OH NO! Where's TIMON!?!?! He was right here on my back!



H-h-he's... GONE!!! Oh no! O-Okay... I have to think. What would Timon say to do in this situation?

'Run Pumbaa... fast!'... No, somehow that just doesn't seem suitable in this situation. 'Let's eat!' ...No.... that's not right either.

OH! Of course! He'd say, "Hakuna Matata, Pumbaa!" But... I am worried! Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... What am I going to do?

((Italics = Thoughts XD Nali gets a new character! This is prolly kinda late at night for a character intro... but OH WELL. :Db ))
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I'm still here, huh? Not dreamin' all whacked-out again?

Well gee, that's too bad, 'cuz there's...



.......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! I'm on an island!!!

...uh... not an alien reaction.

Anyway, uh... I'm Harry. Harry Solomon... Postmaster General and Hollywood stuntman!

So... hey guys, there's a TV somewhere, right?
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...Soujirou? Fletcher?


Where did everybody go? I thought I was with Yuuri, and then... I got lost...

[Short simple post is short, mostly for plot. Probably will have Wolfram regretting this in another post tomorrow night.]
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Mmmm... this is frustrating, I haven't been this little since.... ever. And my alchemy's not as good as before, but that's understandable, because Fletcher doesn't have as much experience as I do... Hmm...

It'll go away on its own eventually, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it. As long as no one goes after Fletcher thinking it's me.

And no, you stupid monkey, you can't have the hat. Go away.
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I have no idea what happened. But I think I've been shooting people all around. Weird.

Uh, anyway, I guess I owe some people an apology, so there. Sorry.

... I still have no clue what happened. I got hit pretty hard by something... I just know it.
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This isn't... I feel weird.


Well, what do you know? Nice choice, Island, that's a nice bit of irony.

... Maybe people will pet me. >3


((Yuuichi curse tiem. In his canon, Yuuichi saves a fox and keeps it as a pet during a visit to the town as a child. So... he's a fox. :D))
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*....A FALLING WIZARD. Who is now landing on the ground in a graceful heap.*


((Bobbins here with fifth character--Oliver Wood from Harry Potter. Please, poke and boggle at. ^_^))
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Private to those that work at the clinic

Is there a doctor in here? I think I need help, real soon. There was an accident the other day and I think the bullets are stuck inside me.
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...??!!! Wha...water....!...


[[ Wonderwice likes to swim, so he got into a hotspring...since he didn't really know/care/understand the curses, now he's a puppy. The way he can be identified is he still has violet eyes and the broken mask on his head. :) Will probably get pounced! Why a puppy? He reminds me of mine XD]]
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Finally everything calmed down again. I didn’t dare leaving the base with all those Pokopen-jin going weird like that. *Only half of the truth.*

///private to David – hackable///

Noah-kun? I have that gun you asked me for.

(The gun he is toting right now is the infamous Oni-Girl Gun (invented by Kururu). Humanoid people hit by it will be forced to wear a tiger-stripe bikini regardless of gender, non-humanoids go with a tiger-stripe loincloth. Also they get a tiny set of horns. Think of Lum´s outfit from Urutsai Yatsura. All victims suffer also from increased abilities and may even gain the ability to create bolts of electricity and float. However, they also evolve a fatal weakness against getting hit by soy beans.)
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Hm, I guess this took more abuse than I thought since I came. I really need to get it fixed up… This shell's a bit harder than I thought. Might be best in the long run, though. Can't have it breaking on me while I'm using it…

…Hm, but what can I use for thread?

[[Simply put, Mighty's trying to repair his cloak. It's gone through much here, it has. :|b Currently trying to whittle down a seashell to use as a needle, feel free to help or harass him.]]
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Oh my, isn't this curious? Are there going to be more and more questionable events from here on in? This certainly seems to be quite a familiar place, but alas, I do not recall. Perhaps I've seen this in one of those articles I have read during my research. This place is quite beautiful, if I do say so myself. Tsuzuki-san is much more, however.

As soon as I make my leave off this island. Perhaps the parking lot is somewhere ways into the group of trees over that direction. In the meantime, however, I would like to be oriented with this place. I may bring Tsuzuki-san to this place some time♥ This may also be the perfect scenery for... Hmm... perhaps not.

((OOC: Say hello to Nikki's new muse, Muraki from YnM! He's rapist (rly), murderer, et cetera blah blah blah. Also, he's a predatorz so yus.))
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I needed some air. The temperature's been growing warmer, even at night, and I couldn't sleep, so....

The shade feels nice, though. And I've been watching the garden to make sure nothing happens to it. Senri-san said he'd help guard it, too!

Saria-san, have you had any luck with finding a tree? I've kept an eye open, but I haven't found one yet.

[Private, Hackable]

I've... done a horrible thing and I don't blame Wolfram-san at all for being angry about it. When I think back on it, I realize I was being callous.

Will an apology really make up for it this time or did I go too far?


Wolfram-san, when you're... um. Not little again, I really need to talk to you.

((Ahahaha, Wolfram and Yukina had a bit of a misunderstanding and feelings were hurt. But of course she's going to hide it! She also didn't go back to the cave last night. Mood reads as "Busy"))
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This has to be the work of the Choshu. None of my subordinates would do something so idiotic, especially not at a time like this. This must be revenge for Ikedaya. Then again, they could have just killed me outright. Or did they kill the others and leave me?

If this is a joke of some sort, it’s not amusing. Whoever moved me in my sleep better step forward. Now.

…Very well, then. We’ll do things the hard way.

((Panda has a new muse! /o/))


Jun. 13th, 2007 06:21 pm
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Mmm? The sun was warm... but I didn't mean to fall asleep. I wonder why... Hiro-chan and Oneechan... didn't wake me up. I--


There... isn't this much sand... at the park or an ocean-- a-and the crepe stand, it's gone...!

Hiro-chan...? Oneechan????

What... what am I doing here?! Is this... a dream?

... I wonder... if you can dream of places... that you've never been to. This seems... almost too real... to be a dream.

But... if this isn't a dream... where am I? A-and... why are those dogs... growling at me?

((Kia with 4th muse Kisa from Furuba! Be gentle. D: Or she'll bite you.))
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Sacré bleu cheese! This is not Knothole! Why, this is not even Mobius! B-But, where is my Princess? Or Bunnie or Rodor? Ugh, that fool Sonic, I knew this was a bad idea.

… Now that I look at it, c'est magnifique! The air is pure, the water is clean…why, this place has been untouched! But it’s only a matter of time before evil finds this place. I must alert my Princess!

… Hmm? Dingoes? Oui, one of these citizens must know the way back to Knothole. Bonjour! I am Antoine D’Coolette, Commandant to Princess Sally. I humbly request your…assis…tance…

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I am not a food! I am not good at tasting! Oh, this is the end of my handsome self as I know it! M-M-My Princess…I will not have died in vain!


[[Low and behold, another muse from H.Sora/Luffy-mun! ^_^ And I apologize ahead of time if the French is off--I never took the language (nor do I intend to EVER), so I'm referring to websites and such. Then again, Antoine's French isn't even perfect. lol. So if you see something wrong with the French, by all means correct me.]]
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This shit is sticky.

((Down by a cold body of water, rinsing himself off. Yes I'm aware warm water would be better stfu D:))
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I'm NORMAL again~! Well, I've been normal for a while. I took Mia's suggestion and went to find some hot water...which took a while. Then I found some, poured some over myself, and the dress MELTED off of me. Then I smelled something rather interesting and then saw ghosts! I never got a chance to find my Poltergust 3000, though. Then suddenly, the scent disappeared, and the ghosts were gone! What WAS that?

However, I'm glad that I'm not wearing Peach's dress anymore!
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Right, so, Excel's not really good at dealing with "friend" situations, but this can be considered extreme circumstances. Mia? Redfrogman? Anyone else who knows Maya-sis well enough, we need to talk. One person can't talk her out of this horrible plan, several people can't talk her out of it individually. It's time to combine our powers of influence.

In other words, see Excel to plan a "what the hell are you thinking?" intervention before things go horribly wrong.
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Ah, that teatime was pleasant. Thank you for your services Island-san. Am I officially insane for personificating a land in the middle of the ocean?? Nah. It was almost like Jun's home except there was no Kun Kun to watch before. It was nice talking to some of the people I've met. We ought to do something like that again.

Fletcher? I couldn't help, but get the feeling you were a bit off that time. Is anything wrong?

... Why do I have a feeling that something is coming here into the inn?

Something... Dreadful?

((Basically, Shinku in the inn, in her box resting. Oh, and what she's feeling is Dr. Muraki and his creepy raep aura arriving. Intuiiiition. Bother at will fellow islanders!.))
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I talked to a bunch of people the other day and I learned you guys don't ever sing! What kind of boring place are you guys from? So anyway, we're about to change all of that! Come on everybody! And a one and a two~

♪ ~ Everybody have fun tonight
Everybody have fun tonight
Everybody wang chung tonight
Everybody have fun tonight
Everybody wang chung tonight
Everybody have fun ~ ♪

... Wait, that wasn't what I wanted to sing, what is this?

((Yay, singing post, you don't have to do it, but if interested, some weird Island Mojo (c) can force/make you sing your heart out, to anyone you want, your girlfriend, your enemies and all. Thread jumping is also a go. You can make your own lyrics or use something real if you want Note, if you don't want Kururu to tag, tell me. You can just tag to someone else and all))


Jun. 13th, 2007 10:58 pm
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...The weather is warmer. Palm trees? ...This...isn't the Honshu coastline. Where--

--?! Is this the doing of the Head? ...but I don't sense it anywhere. Not here, at least not yet. Where is here anyway?

I can't be here... I-I need to go back. Immediately. I don't have time, I can't lose track of it...

...Excuse me, anyone? The ports, where are they?

((EDIT SORRY!! this is Bri with chara #3, Akizuki from Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto.... yeah drywall. Ok.))
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I got lost for a few days.
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Sasazuka Station, Shibuya district -

-... This is not glass. This is a rock.


... April? November?


A monkey has stolen my hat.

.... ....

The monkey is wearing my hat.


Monkeys do not live in Japan.

((New character time! Please go read and answer the poll?))


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