Jun. 11th, 2007

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An illusion...

It was just...an...illusion...



((And Giroro has returned after a weekend of hiding, flopped over in a pool of his own blood. The context of his dream is meant to be up to interpretation, but I will say I had a good reason for not posting until it was over. (With him it's probably pretty obvious anyway. :|b) Don't worry. He doesn't need the medical attention D:))
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Heeey, Anise! I want more mangoes~~ And some fried bird-whatever! It was better than the shit Ticky cooks, the tramp. Bet he does it all what that damn annoying cool attitude of his, too.

Why am I the only useless Noah here?! I've got like...half a brain without Jasdero, damnit! Half of Jasdavid's brain anyway...the smarter one half! With all the good looks! Not the good-looking half part of the brain, the good-looking twin partsaklfjaslkdfjal damnit, I called us twins||||

[[:D; hahaha strikethrough is just him grumbling to himself and sulking. Anyone bored enough could hear him]]
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...Everywhere...must swim...


C'mon, Jet, Spike, we can't all fit on the lilypad!

((Thank you Lance, for reminding me of the infamous mushroom episode. Faye found a mushroom sitting out on a plate and she figured it mustn't be from the island, because hey, plate. Obviously. It was a speshul mushroom.))
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Can see again. Eye not gone. Good...don't like not seeing.


[Private to Okita, Jim, Yukina, and Saitou: hackable only by people who know him*]

Couldn't read memories...scary...

Need help with something.

[end private]

Don't like island dreams.

((* For this one, the answers will vary depending on who hacks. I only listed the ones that he'll tell the truth to without question. If you're curious, hack; depending on the person (and how much you prod) he might tell you what's going on.))
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Hopefully you've all... recovered from the past couple days. Dreams are tricky things, that much is for certain now.

... I wasn't touched at all, though. Guess I'm just lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at it.

[Filtered from Roommates because I've completely lost track of how many there are]
... Our cave's getting really crowded. I mean, I know there's always going to be room for everyone, and they're all nice people, but.... Eh, I guess it's just not something I'm used to. Not to mention that those caves can be kind of suffocating sometimes...

It isn't like I do anything other than sleep there. Maybe I just need to take a little vacation.

((Mutsumi's going to be absent from the cave for the next few days, dear roommates. Feel free to notice or not - like he said, he only sleeps there, not much else.))
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... This isn't my day.

((He got hit by talc powder bombs made by Russel and Lavi/Ravi/Rabioasjdkasjwhwateverhisnameis. :( ))
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That was a good sleep, thanks Culotte. So, can you do the washing now? My clothes are full of blood and anyway, they haven't been clean for a while. Thanks Culotte~

-- what the, why is my hair full of spit? Oh... right. He tried to eat me. Kururu--!
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Well this weekend could have been better. I probably should have spent this time thinking about where Sheba's gonna stay since she's here now and all... It's going to be hard, but I'm sure I can build just one more hut for Sheba.. or maybe she'd be better off at that Inn...

Oh.... right...

Anise, can I leave now? You've kept me in here for two days straight.
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After a few discussions here and there, we really ought to start a betting pool. The stakes are high, but everybody's always got something to lose, so that's no news there. Too bad gambling's not always in everyone's nature. Children and fools like to hang onto what they've got.

Topic of the betting pool: oh, just on the supposed God and Devil. Anything. I really don't care what you bet with, people. Don't tell me I have to explain this too along with Poker.

...But high stakes and an amateur's always welcome. HAHAHAHA.

Oh, and this is delicious fish and mystery meat right here. Tastes not quite like chicken. Who's got some pasta I can use?

((Go go random betting pools and randomness. Click on the link to see what Tyki's talking about

Edit: Bet with imaginary money, even, people XD it's not a "real" betting pool XD JUST GO AND HAVE YOUR CHARACTER TALK ABOUT STUFF? geezus XD Whyyyy is everybody so serious XD Click the rabi-tyki link to know what I'm talking about))
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Is everyone finished being completely off their nut, now? I told you we were still stuck on this rock, Yuuri. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I was starting to wonder whether I was the crazy one for NOT seeing any hallucinations, as I didn't see many others unaffected... Beyond it being the general nature of the island, does anyone know what caused all that? ...And does anyone know where I can find an aspirin?
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... I wonder if it's even possible to make contact in a place like this? Probably not, but I haven't tried since I came here not that I tried at all in the past few years. Everything else seems more or less intact... it can't hurt to give it a shot, right?

Also, before I forget... Maya, I need to talk to you. I heard some things that... need explaining.

((Just to clarify, yes Mia knows what her dream was about. No, she does not remember details (who she spoke to and what she said), and no she does not want to talk about it. She's doing her best to gloss over it, hence the renewed maybe even fake interest in her powers.

ETA: Oh, and boyfriend auditions. Big Sis heard the news. :Db))
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I had this weird dream that didn't make any sense. Gin-chan and that Uh...that-other-guy-that-looks-like-the-other-guy-that-sounds-like-Gin-chan-that also-sounds-like-him were in it. It isn't like I remember most of it, but it might have had something to do with a boat and...and...something else that I can't remember...but it's not like that doesn't matter right now does it? After all it was just a dream, right~? Ehhehheh...
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Funny what a person does when they don't remember anything. "Dist the Runny needs to die in a fire." Tch.

And I don't even like mangoes. Damn island.
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So I found a suit lyin' around, yeah? And I try it on and it's a little loose but it's good on the skin, and basically it just fits.

So I wear it, and then I go around in it, because damn why isn't our uniform this classy, anyway?
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...(whew) He still can't skate until we finish building the roads, yes, I know so I've just got all this pent up energy! hee hee... why does saying that make me feel... kinda... hee hee ...um, anyway I've almost got the whole thing memorized now! ♫

...whew! It's kinda hot out today... Or is it just me?

[[ akito is singing loudly and dancing along with THIS video playing on his video ipod; (*_*)b (mock him, join him, tell him to shut it... anything goes) strikes = to agito, readable to anyone who knows both of them. ]]
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It looks like things have returned to normal! Including my age... I thought that had been a dream, but... apparently not. I'm so sorry to everyone, especially Count D-san.

Croix-san... I think that's what Prier-san called you... um... I'm very sorry for.. angering you for being a demon. And the other man, whose name I didn't catch, with the... Mithos and crystal... I'm sorry, too-- for whatever I did that made you want to kill me.

But I think I'm ready to start my garden! Mia-san, if you're still interested in helping, I'd appreciate it. Flowers never really grew too well back home.

... I wasn't dreaming about seeing someone covered entirely in white powder earlier today, was I? It almost looked like Haine-san...
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And done. Well, I can't say this last little ordeal was anything great. But at least it was widespread enough for a little research. A useful addition to my notes at the very least. Though, how practical it'll be for later use is still out of the question. Don't want to replicate the effect here, I should wait until I return to Inferia.


Huh, I think I'll need a new notebook.
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Where did everybody go? Where's the food? *blink blink* Was that all just a dream? Ugh, I could have sworn it was real! *sudden realization* Fujimori being that nice...yeah, that had to have been a dream.

*sniff* Nanami-chan's dinner...
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I...I can't believe what happened. I know it wasn't voluntary, but still...

Damnit, Island-san. I won't forgive you.

I'm sorry...Coo-san, Kina-chan, Rudy...Everyone, I'm so sorry. I hope all of you can forgive me.

...I'm going to go hide now.
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Strange does not even begin to define this place. Albinos shoving guns into my face, women talking of the island and its sentience. If I weren't already as broken as the monster I was now, I doubt I'd be able to take this shift in realities.

I consider that a good thing.

Hi. I kinda need a place to stay, but unfortunately I don't really have the money to pay for accomodation right now. I know it's a little too much to ask of you, but do you think I could work off my bills while I'm staying here? I'm hardworking, neat, I prioritize hygiene and I make a pretty mean porthouse steak.

(ooc: dex is at the inn now, asking over the bar. Bartenders, anyone willing to help a nice guy out?)
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I apologize for whatever went on yesterday- I wasn't exactly myself, as you probably noticed quite easily. It wasn't something I intended or wanted to relive to begin with, and I think I revealed too much about it...

...Anything I said or did--I hope you're all reasonably in good health if you had to...deal with that...self.

I think I'm getting a headache- a rather fierce one at that.
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Wait..what...WHERE AM I? WHAT IS THIS? This has to be some kind of trick from that ZIIIIM. Like the moose thing, except without the bus. And without the wormhole. Or maybe he DID use a wormhole and I just didn't know it. MAYBE HE DID THIS WHILE I WAS ASLEEP. THAT FIEND.

OKAY. Just calm down, Dib. Just think this through. You're alive, obviously. Otherwise you wouldn't be talking. Unless of course this is another alternate dimension or somethin-NO. NONONO. ALIVE. Okay. You're on an island. WHY would you be on an island?

THERE'S ONLY ONE EXPLAINATION. That ZIM did something to you while you were asleep and put me here! THAT HAS TO BE IT!

Okay, checking everything.. I've got my camera, my video camera, my laptop, my watch so I can call Gaz for help.. I'll be fine. I can make it through this.

NOW WHERE AM I. Oooh when I get off this island, I'm going to find Zim and show him for what he really is!
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This is going to be difficult. I don't think there's any way to get back to that mountain here. Ahh, Mugetsu! Please be careful, you're a lot bigger now.

This might sound strange, but does anyone know how to get Mugetsu back to his normal size? I only know of one method, and I have to go to a specific location in order to do it, something that's obviously not an option. If any of you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

skdsjfkdsj Mugetsu, quit knocking me over!

(( So Mugetsu, the friendly pipefox is now a bit bigger. He's also being lovey-dovey with Watanuki (nuzzling him, fox-glomping him, etc) and making it difficult to do anything))


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