Jun. 9th, 2007

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I can feel it...He's here! He's actually here...!!


((Short dream post is short. Shuichi "feels" Yuki somewhere on the Island. Whoever he sees will look like Yuki to him, and therefore, he will try to badtouch, kiss, and molest you. No exceptions >O!))
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!!! What? Where? How?!

...Jim? Yukina?


Ow! Hurts! Table...

Can't see....


((epic dream tiem go! Senri is now temporarily blind (his dream was that he lost his other eye in a similar fashion to the first) and bumping into things.))
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Not again....

But this time... I'm not going to let it pass.

Haine, I'm not letting you walk away this time!

((Naoto had a dream that Dog!Haine not only thoroughly groped her but completely destroyed her shirt a la Magato so ahahaha she thinks she's topless with the scar and all. So now she's incredibly pissed off and highly upset with Haine. And when you have a katana and you're not in your right mind.... 8D))
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YES, YES, Master Alouette, I'll clean! No, I won't forget the pine sent... or manners... I won't, I won't.

Stupid Overlord Alouette, stuck up and obessed abou--- I DIDN'T SAY--- NOT THE BO---


((Yeah, screw being Laharl's vassal, she's Evil Demon Overlord Alouette's slave in this dream. And when Alouette doesn't get her way, Prier's head meet: the Bible, that's gotta hurt))
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Mmmm~ Ninja aphrodisiac bath is all ready Natsumi-chan~ Care to join me~? Good! We haven't have one in a looooong time~

Natsumi-chan~ Hyuu~ Whoops, my hands must have slipped! Sorry Natsumi!

((Chort post is short. Basically, thinks she's in one of her specialty Ninja Aphrodisiac bath sessions with Natsumi. She's... got a bikini on, and is bound to grope anyone, seeing as she thinks she's with Natsumi :< ))
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T-tardo? What are you doing? That's my toothbrush, don't clean your--- EWWWWWWW! Wait, hey! That's hurts, what's your problem?! St-stop it!


((The bully becomes the bullied))
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Mister Nick! Mystic Maya! I'm glad you two finally got together, but do you really have to do that... here? now? in public?

It's embarassing sometimes.

((And, Pearl's dreamlucination is here. Basically, a very lovey-dovey Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey. It may turn horribly wrong at some point, but no promises.))


Jun. 9th, 2007 12:55 am
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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. where are my clothes?

[[ Dream time. Yuuri had one of those dreams where you're in front of a crowd of people and next thing you know...well yeah, apparently he thinks he's naked... ]]


Jun. 9th, 2007 01:13 am
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I wondered when I'd finally have the chance to run into you again, 201BK, just didn't expect it to be here...

...? W-what, are you laughing? This is...serious...you remember my offer? It still stands, even if we're stuck on an island for the time being. So why--

--seriously, stop laughing. What the hell is wrong with you? What're you finding so amusing about this?! WHAT? WHAT???

Alright, have it your way....

((oh god, had to jump on the bandwagon. OK--so he sees 201BK aka Hei, if y'all know the canon, and he's laughing (which doesn't happen.) Even if you don't know the canon, BASICALLY, insanely attacking a whole lot of nothing, but a whole lot of moving nothing. Random attacks all around? Steer clear? You've been warned?))
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U-Uncle? Why? I was willing to give you everything, and you just... you could say, shot down?

((And Moa's dream was of being completely rejected by Keroro, obviously. Wakes up, Keroro wants nothing to do with her.))
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I didn't want this to be real.
I didn't want to go back.
How did I get back here?
where are you?
You've always helped me...
but you're gone.
Where are you, Kuu-chan?

Kuu-chan... why did you let go...?

[[ Not cracky, now just mean. :< Sunao dreamed he was back at the lab being experimented on 8C And is without Sora. So...there's a few parts. He's at the lab, and everyone he sees is scientist there. 8D ]]
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Knock it off, will ya?!




Y-Your hair smells nice and all, Takano-san. But you're getting far too close to me. I'll just move away a little. No really. I think you should drive away and leave.

((Alright so. Keiichi's sort of having a funky dream which is him seeing Takano with a car trying to offering him a little "something" in the back of her trunk. All evidence leads to substance abuse. It's a Higurashi closet joke really.))


Jun. 9th, 2007 02:34 am
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Finally... In just a few short sweet moments, it'll all be over. I've got the coordinates put in just right... And NOW!

Take THAT you damned island! May things of your kind NEVER have to exist again!


((... He dreamt he got to the ARK and blew up the island with the eclipse cannon. what. don't look at me like that. also evil laugh stolen from evil shadow from the BAD ENDS of his game.))
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Mieu~ ♥

Everybody's here! Yay!

...Ah, whoops, I forgot, everyone doesn't have the Sorcerer's Ring.

Mieu, mieu, mieu mieu mieu...Mieu mieu MIEU! Mieu mieu.

Mieu? Mieu mieu, mieu mieu mieu. Mieu mieu!

((Mieu dreamt that all of his buddies from the Cheagle Forest arrived. :D))
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Oh my God. She's here. Sh-she thinks I'm still infected...

She ran off somewhere, but she'll be back. Monica won't stop until she gets whatever she wants from me...

((Yoko is panicking big time because she thinks Monica's on the Island and trying to get a T-virus sample to restart the project or something. And will occasionally think someone's shooting at her.))
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I need to find my Poltergust 3000 and fight them off!! Where IS that thing?!

((Luigi's dreaming that a whole bunch of Boos are chasing him. They're going to chase him all over the island until he can find his Poltergust 3000~!))

File 2.

Jun. 9th, 2007 10:04 am
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..Ah...Shibuya-san would be useful about now...or even Taniyama-san or Bou-san :(. This really isn't too good. How did what I dream about become real. There's no plausible way to get rid of this. We'd have to destroy the island.

T-this thing doesn't even qualify as a spirit to be exorcised. It is a being of pure evil. It wishes to live. No one should be alone right now...I don't know how it is here. It belonged in that puzzle-house. ...I need to hide. But how can you hide from something that can move through solid objects.

Freaking out won't be of any use, need to stay calm.

[[ This thing has just effected him. XD Meaning...earlier threads are alright. But anyway. Yasuhara often dreams about the cases he's already been on, and that's what going on this time. XD He's dreaming he's being followed by something that kills young people by slitting their throats and bathes in their blood and thus, is actually quite scared. He'll likely grab people and pull them along somewhere XD...]]
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Mom? Rick? This can't be happening! No!


Stay away from me, damn it!

((Leo's dreamed his mom and brother have been brutally murdered by soldiers and he's next. [Nevermind that his mom was already dead.]))
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Virginia! You're here? Oh, my beautiful angel! I'm so happy-

What? You've already given birth? Oh my! I've missed the birth of our child! Was everything alright? Is it a boy or a girl? What about names-

...Virginia? What's wrong?

...You're kidding, right? This is all one big joke. It has to be!


((Wolf gets a bad dream! Basically, his fiance Virginia gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but then she told Wolf that the baby wasn't his. It's Wendell's, and the baby looks a loooooot like him. And is following him around in a toddler state. And Wendell is here too!))
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So after being unable to smell anything for a day, it finally comes back to me and--ugh. What is that? It doesn't really smell bad, but it's just... kind of strong, you know? Like someone used way too much cologne.

Is everybody else okay? Stuff like this can make you dizzy and give you headaches... or maybe worse.

((Canonically susceptible to this kinda stuff, and lol canon-dreams about Ion. Thus: anyone she encounters will look and sound like her dear boss/friend/trap to her, be they a busty woman or a buffet of manliness. Also susceptibility + dream logic prevailing = no questioning your mannerisms or your even being here.))
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This can't be happening. The Heartless are everywhere. I haven't seen one here in a long time--except for Haruhi's pet, but that one's harmless. It's like deja vu; this is the same thing that happened back in Radiant Garden. How did they all get here? Did... the Island bring them here?

... What am I saying? I can't worry about it right now. I have to protect everyone.

... I'll handle this, I've done it before! Everyone, take cover!

Ha! No way! Take that!

[[ooc; gd I haven't posted properly in a while. ANYWAYS. Sora had a dream about the 1000 Heartless battle, and now he's seeing a bunch of Heartless all around the Island, and they keep coming. They're not there, of course, so people who aren't sharing the vision will just see Sora swinging his Keyblade and doing his fancy attack stuff at thin air. And yeah, italics are thoughts.]]
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Where's Julia?

((Short post yes. Males with white hair or carrying a sword will be mistaken for Vicious, his rival,and promptly shot at. Females will be Julia, his long lost girlfriend.))
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Ahh... who's your Queen? I'm your queen! That's right, Beautiful Sorcery Genius, Lina Inverse, is now your beautiful & powerful Queen! So, peasants, bring all your harvest to the kitchen! Cooks, make a meal that's so good I'll be hypnotized by it's taste in one bite! I'll be waiting~ but make it quick!

Oh, and the treasure!! All the treasure! I'm practically drowning in all this gold!! And it's mine! All mine now! This is just great! *____________*b


And as for you dragons, demon gods, idiot enemies, touch my treasure, and I'll blast you sky high! Just try it! No one messes with Lina Inverse, I don't care how powerful or mean you are! I'm worse!!

(( Lina's dreaming she's the Queen of her own country, complete with castles, piles of gold and valuables and food. :p))
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Ah, what a nice nap! And I had a good dream, too~ ahahaha, it seemed so real, I might even have thought it was~ except I couldn't have met Hijikata-san again, he isn't here! So --


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So, nice day out today, huh?

[Yes he's pretending nothing weird is going on.]
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The island, that little overlord guy that hosted that party a few weeks ago. NO ONE HAS ANYTHING ON ME!


((What? This dream's semi-canon. Anyway how this is going to work is no matter who answers and what they do, they're going to bow down and look like they're praising her and bringing her gifts. Gintoki and the Shinsengumi (this is including Souji) will be her personal hosts...as in a host club. And lets just say they're dressed differently then the other slaves? More scantly clad maybe? Kintama based? Okay maybe I haven't thought that part out. But I will...oh I will!))
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... It hurts...

... so close... need h-help...

... I don't want to...


... Red... White... Blue...

((LOOKIT ALL THE ELLIPSES :D. Anyway, emo dream is go. Basically, Mia's having the same nightmare she had a while back - about her murder. Characters will be mistaken for other people, be it Maya, Redd, Phoenix, or just random ghosts. :Db))


Jun. 9th, 2007 01:23 pm
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((OOC: All right, in canon, MOrita's a hardcore Bill Gates fanboy. Feel free to rub it in that Bill Gates is not dead, nor is he on the island.))
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So there are demon hunters here.... I've been too careless.

Why is everyone acting so strangely? Did you eat something odd? And why can't I see their friends and/or family and/or enemies?
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Hurry Kei-chan! Darn, I lost him... We have to catch that outlaw before she gets away with all the money she stole from the bank! At this rate we'll catch her in no time and bring all the citizens' stuff back to them! After all, I'm not Sheriff Sonozaki for nothing! ... Ho ho! Ah, there you are! Giddyup, Kei-chan! ...!!! We've arrived at their camp! Alright Kei-chan, wait here and keep a lookout for Deputy Furude, I can handle this!

Okay...! Come out and I'll be gentle, otherwise your punishment will be as harshest as possible! Aha, there you are... Come out with your hands up, Shion the Twin! That's it, nice and easy! No sudden movements, or else I'll shoot! Okay, where did you-- Hey, what are you doing...!? N-No, don't!

... ... ...

You'll never get away with this! Deputy Furude and her loyal steed Satoko will be here any minute to stop you! ... S-Stop that! What are you doing?! Put that away! No, Kei-chan run for help! Shoo! Shoo! ... ... TRAITOR! How could you do that...!? After all we've been through!

H-Hey! Stop laughing, Shion you fiend! Anyone would have done that! Except me! I would never!

((lost track of real Kei-chan. Found the one in her dream. Now thinks she's handcuffed to a bench and the notKei-chan is locked in a room full of sugar cubes. Island people, if Mion knows you she'll somehow fit you in to this warped cowboy movie dream of her's. And... she's getting very into okay? :( ))
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Heheheh...So you're here, huh.

Still won't talk, will you?

That's fine with me. Now...DIE!

((Haseo's mistaking every male that he sees for the guy he thinks is Tri-Edge and will attack 'em. He also can't hear their voices, because "Tri-Edge" can't/doesn't speak. :D))
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W-What's going on here!? Is everyone all right? Please be okay. I'm sorry I'm late! I've been trapped in--

. . .

No... this can't be happening. Impossible! There is no way this could have happened! ... Why!?

Ougi-san, Tamaki, everyone... Don't die! Please hold on--

. . .

Zero!? Not you, too! Please don't die! We need you! I need you! How are we supposed to save Area 11 without you!? We need to save the people from Britannia! It's because of you that the Order of the Black Knights exist!

I'm so sorry, Zero! If only I arrived in time to save my friends, to save the others, to save you. Please forgive me! I...

I must be strong. I cannot cry. No... I will get my revenge. They will all pay! Especially him!

(OOC: Hookay, so pissed-off Kallen is pissed and she's fighting back tears. She had a dream that her comrades from the OoBK got killed by the Britannian army. Also, she imagined that Zero died by Suzaku's hands, and she's not too happy about it so she's full of vengeance. So uh... those not in the dream will just see Kallen crying for nothing. xD. Almost forgot: italics = thoughts)


Jun. 9th, 2007 03:28 pm
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My forehead....ughhhh....

Where's Shigure...?

((Yeeeeeah....let's pretend Hiei wasn't completely MIA for the past few weeks *finals, orz* and now he's dreaming of the moments after he got his Jagan implanted, when he was weak as a baby 8D;

He's currently sitting in a corner, holding his head and looking miserable...well, more miserable than before 8D; Tags will be late since Luna lacks computer access =|b
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Far from completing the collection, but I think these will do nicely~

Ohohohoho~ Yes, this is excellent, a well-deserved break from the mundane heads-still-in-their-rightful-place trend that goes on here~ Boo you people need to lose your heads more often~

((Arr, heads are abound... or rather, she thinks she's got a field of chopped heads in front of her. yeah, I don't even think it's canon, but Disgaea 2 made it fun))
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I guess… it had to happen. I was never good enough…

But, still… I-I don't want to be alone…

[[Yeah, plz forgive the ellipses abuse. D: Mighty's not going to notice anyone until you pretty much tug at him, 'cause he had an emo dream about being left all alone. When you manage to get his attention, though, he'll see you as one of three people: injured best friend Birdy if you're a guy, injured almost-love interest Misty if you're a girl, and hurt/wibbling Shirobon if you're a kid no matter the gender.]]
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It's... it's...




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Hm....I never thought I would become a well known clothing designer this quick. I have you to thank for that, Inoue-san. If it wasn't for you and you knowing people in the fashion industry it would have been another 10 years before I made it big.

Unfortunately, my father still doesn't approve of my choices now that he's thinking of retiring. But I'm putting that all behind me and do what I actually want to do for once. I'm not fifteen any more....

((Yes still dreaming of the future.
- He thinks All the characters are 10 years older.
- Ichigo's been married to Rukia for a few months.
- Ishida's dating Orihime as well as being Mr. Hotshot fashion designer.
- Chad and Karin are going out. Don't worry folks Karin's like...19 now.
- Everyone in the soul society didn't change...much.
- And Ishida still remembers everyone from the island, except they'll be somewhere in Tokyo instead of the island, yay!))
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O-Oh my, all of this for me? And so... out of the blue..!

Oh, thank you so very much. Your cooking is always so excellent~. I must say, I am slightly jealous... When I cook, it is as if none of the ingredients want to comply...

What was that? You truly would? No one has ever willingly alowed me to make food for them before..!

Oh my, you will make me blush..!

[Natalia had a predictable romantic novel last night, basically. She's currently sitting on a nonexistant blanket under a nonexistant tree on a nonexistant spring day, eating a plethora of nonexistant picnic food. >:]
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Brother! Oh no... c-cough it up!

((The Tringhams think Russel swallowed the red stone. onoez))
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Man, I've been feeling weird today... Like something really bad's gonna go down. Well, at least Alex is around, I could always use kicking someone's ass when I'm bored.

... Whoa, what the hell? Did that kid get shrunk AGAIN? Man, he's a freaking baby now... Wait a second... T-There's another one! Did he clone himself now? ... And another! And another! ... And... And...

... For crying out loud, where the hell are they all coming from!? ... H-Hey, don't look at me like that! OH DON'T YOU DARE THROW UP LET ME GET OUT OF THE WAY FOR MAGOG'S SAK-- ...


((SUDDENLY. BABY ADELLS. THOUSANDS OF THEM. in Zetta's head. Also thinks he's covered in ah, vomit.))
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Hey, you lot. Yeah, all you. EVERY DAMN ONNA YA. LISTEN UP.


Why? I don't know. How do I know this? Well, don't you folks think s'a bit odd that nobody but you can see what yer seein' or that the person yer seein' keeps changin'? S'because they ain't real, folks. They're just some bad water in your brain. Get over yourselves and get on with your lives. If anyone could come over here if you don't see crap, it'd be a good idea; show everyone under the influence how many don't see this shit.

Oh, yeah, would the real 'ZERO' please stand up? Somebody thinks yer dead and I want ta prove to her that yer not.

((OOC: Feel free to disbelieve and argue with him~! :D))

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My room.

...And that crazed dingo looks an awful lot like a zombie. The good thing about these lowly zombies is that we can get rid of them quickly. It probably won't worth much, but a zombie is a zombie, and savings are savings.

Just shooting something right now would also be a good course of action.

Oh, right. Akatsuki has my hand. I wonder where that idiot ran off to. Shoot.

Except I can't.

...I have made a pun.

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Hey... what's that on my finger? Wait, why am I wearing a ring? I'm not married! Anymore...

I don't get it, wait there's something written on it.

"I love you forever and ever, my darling Cherie Kururu, love Marjoly"


((Haha, Kururu's nightmare: she's married to Marjoly, on her side at least, oh boy. Oh and strikes are invisible, but it's written Cherie in the ring))
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....I vaguely remember hitting my hid on something hard. Therefore, I must not...be having an insane dream. I did sleep, but do we not all...? So, if we all do sleep and dream, and we wake up to find that dream being possible, is it the same as being awake, or am I really trapped in my nightmare?

Because, quite frankly, I don't remember putting on a wedding gown. Nor do I remember having a veil draped over my eyes, or being in a chapel, or finding my groom to be someone I'm not too fond of. Therefore, this is all an illusion.

...but pinching myself only proves me wrong. Now, I...am quite disturbed in the fact I'm having this bouquet of flowers, and in an...odd wedding dress while being in this chapel. Now, if someone could tell me why the ringbearer is a young child that looks awfully like me and my dearest 'groom', I'd appreciate it.

Maybe he's a distant relative.

Anyhow, I find this completely ridiculous and right now I will wake up and realize I'm not getting married.

...now would be a good time. ...anytime now.

...this is not good.

The ring is nice though.

Reno, you have nice taste.

[[ooc; ALRIGHT. SO. JEN AND I WERE TALKING, AND I GOT THIS APPROVED BY HER BECAUSE WE'RE HIGH OR SOMETHING. Cain had a dream, due to alcohol probably, of being married to Reno. ...yes. And! He thinks he's in a chapel, and in a wedding dress. Truth is, he isn't, of course. And the ringbearer is their lovechild, because we say so! Of course, he looks normal to everyone else. So you can 'wtf I see no dress' at him. Reno is having the SORTA same dream, not exact, and stuff. We planned this beforehand, hence the sharing of dreams thing. ...I hope this is okay. WE hope this is okay! COMMENCE EPIC HALLUCINATION OF BEING MARRIED. SO NO, CAIN AND RENO AREN'T REALLY MARRIED UNLESS THE ISLAND IS VEGAS OR SOMETHING AND CAN LEGALLY DO THAT. OKAY? OKAY. ♥]]
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Candy. There is candy everywhere.

Gulliver, tonight we feast! ♥

[She sees everything as sweets and yes she will try to eat you.]
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Wh-where did all these dreadful animals come from?! They're everwhere!

You disgusting little creatures...get away! Stay away from me!!


((So basically Chat is having a nightmare that she's being chased by adorable little animals. Anyone she comes across will look like an animal to her (if your character's already an animal...she'll see you as what you are. D:) Be warned though, she will be trying to fend you off with hammers and magical balls orbs you sicko.))


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