Jun. 7th, 2007

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Your favorite drink--children need not bother, this bar doesn't serve to minors--go. And hopefully some of you will actually make it challenging.

While you're at it, let me know if you've seen a guy around five-nine, wearing a business suit, glasses, and a hat around. I need to have a word with him.

((Faye's bored, I'm bored, we both turn to alcohol apparently. Don't worry, Scar--I'm totally multi-tasking at the moment, if you know what I mean.))
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This can't be that hard. You'd think Fuyumine or Magato would have cooked this before, but that's what I get for living with men for so long. If it doesn't come in a can, it's not worth eating.

((Because Naoto is le stubborn, she's attempting to make spaghetti on her own. Why, yes, she is failing miserably but at least she managed to cook the noodles.))
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[Private, unhackable]
...I can't just leave without saying a word. But I...I can't get the courage to say goodbye. What am I gonna do?

Spaghetti? Is it even safe? But, um, I guess if they aren't, I can just use them as bait for fish or birds.

Drained out the coconut shell, and I got some noodles and sea water in...Hmm...Is that shell supposed to be burning like that?

...Uh, darn. I don't think I can cook anything at all. I don't recall accidentally breaking the noodles into bite-sized fragments being in any recipe book. Well, beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.
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O~kay, it should be done now! ♪

... !!!

Wha... what is this? I've cooked this dish a hundred times before, and yet... How did it get overcooked in some parts and undercooked in others!? I stirred it properly and everything!

...It, it's probably just the ingredients. This pasta suddenly appeared today--the Island probably made it weird or something.

Don't let it get to you, Anise... All right! I'll try something else this time.

((Temporary cooking curse: ingredients refuse to be cooked properly, her seasonings have been switched around, and her sense of smell is just not working. A miserable-looking bowl of spaghetti has been set aside, and anyone who hates themselves enough to try it may detect a hint of sugar.))
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is it, Zetta! I hoped you liked your pathetic life, 'cause this is gonna be the end of it! I'm going to tear those pages out one by one, and then start a bonfire with them!

Wait, this new Netherworld is a beach? Did that girl give us the wrong directions? Dammit, I knew we shouldn't have taken that left! Unless this is just some sort of plot Zetta cooked up to throw me off?


Hahahahaha! Nice try, but it wasn't good enough! Now come on out so we can finish this.

[Meet Alex, God of Destruction blah blah another loudmouthed Overlord. Have fun. ♥]
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Spaghetti grass, huh?

Good thing I've got a scythe, then. Heh heh heh...And it's not berries, which means it's (hopefully) safe.

If the worst thing it causes is digestive problems, then it's all right. Although the digestive problems WOULD suck, it beats hallucinating up a Grunty stampede!


Now to find some way to cook this stuff. I figured out how to start a fire - not a very good fire, but it'll work for cooking purposes. The problem is finding a pan of some kind. Water's probably not an issue, there are rivers after all - although there's a chance the Island might've messed with them. The main problem is finding a pan or something that can work as one...


((Haseo's happy(?!?!?!) about this whole convenient food source thing, yes he is. :D))
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T-the food I could understand -- . Do you know the essential difference between sex and conversation? No? Want to go upstairs and talk?
--but this?

[[ XD Sunao woke up...and every time he opens his mouth or sees someone...some bad pick-up line comes out...8P He's upset because he can't figure out where it came from...D: ]]


Jun. 7th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Riku? I'm pretty sure that was the silver haired boy's name... About this doll you let me have. Does it usually have violent tendencies such as holding a knife above my head as I wake up and open my box? Where DID it get a knife anyways? I found some rope around the inn and tied it up in a corner. It still keeps screaming about something like, "KINGDOM HEAAAAARRRRRTSSS!!" or "DARKNESS!!!!!!"

Talkative is an understatement.

Someone needs to clean up this mess. Of course it won't be me.

((The Fake!Ansem plushie Shinku recieved from Riku from some not too long ago is being evil as usual. Not only has it done what Shinku has mentioned above, but her box and the walls of the inn have been scribbled upon with random ugly doodles. Someone's gotta clean it up, but don't expect her to help. XD))
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Hmm... If nothing else, this island does tend to provide some high quality hot springs. Quite surprising, given the commotion made by all the normal ones that induce a curse upon all those who enter them.

Ah, no need to be shy Kallen, I have no reason to try and get a good look at you.

((ooc: Hot springs post~ There are two springs actually, one for guys and one for girls, pretty much right by each other but far enough away so that you'd have to squint to peep. Feel free to join in. \o ))
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Hahaha…! Whoops~! ♥ Guess that invention of mine was a failure after all! But not to worry, I’ll make something different! More better! Stronger next time! But to but honest, I didn’t have any idea of the overall effects. Oh well! ♪

Oooh! I remember the last time I went to the beach with Rito’s class; it was a really fun experience! But I don’t think any dogs were running around though, maybe this is a different kind of beach! Have we reached that place called Australia? Oh, I should use “Pyon Pyon Warp-kun” to return home, but I think I’ll just explore around a little~!

Uh-oh. Speaking of Rito… If I’m absent and father finds out that I’m not there… Ahaha! Well, I believe in Rito! ♥ He’ll find someway conceive father to not destroy the planet! Maybe he could destroy Pluto… That’s not even a planet from what those textbooks claimed, I believe.

Anyway. Let’s go, Peke! In the name of Deviluke, we’ll collect all of the seashells we can carry on this beach~! ♥
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...So I heard mister red-eyes white hair's older brother went poof and away.


... ...

It's always the crazy ones that stay, huh.
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Aaagh! Stupid animals! Quit chasing me! Just leave me alone already! wait, what are you- AAAH! They're catching up! It's harder running uphill!

Wait, they stopped following- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!



((Watanuki is barely hanging on to the edge of a cliff. plz to be helping him up.))

Now Hiring

Jun. 7th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Alright *rubs temples* I'm desparate.


*cheesy carnival music plays in the background*

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! The role of my best friend has been vacant far too long. Now accepting applications for the role also accepting applications for potential boyfriends, admirers and even stalkers, oh no Chidori, you shouldn't-- well, Kyoto would always be trying to fix you up if she were here, wouldn't she? Right? Right! Got to help out the applicant hopefuls. Yus! All applications aaa~ vailable :D

Think you've got what it takes, then step right up one and all!


Jun. 7th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Interesting...fell asleep and now I'm here. Maybe an out of body experience. Maybe~! Oh! If it is, Shibuya-san will be so proud I can finally be of use to him. Although I doubt he'll be impressed... In fact~I'm positive he won't be. In fact, he'll probably just grump~

So...this means I have to learn something here. That's what Taniyama-san does, isn't it...though this is awfully -- h-hey monkeys. Real...real for an out of body. Well, if I've disappeared, I sure hope Shibuya-san doesn't drive anyone insane. ^^; He's beautiful but he can be a brat...

[[ Katie here with fourth muse. Yasuhara from Ghost Hunt. ]]
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Ah. Ah. Calm down. It’s not so bad, is it~? Your parents will be back soon.

Oh? Do you want some milk? I´m sure that we still have some. Hey! You! Quit pulling his feathers! And no biting the others tails, you two! I can see you..! Aaah! No, don’t cry again! Everything is fine~!

Sigh… This wont help. All those little ones… I guess I have no choice.

Sleep, my little one, sleep tight
Today is a wonderful, wonderful night~
The big, round moon, it shines for you

And the stars are sparkling brightly too~

Sleep, my little one, sleep nice
Soon you will be in paradise~
Because soon the door will open again
And a monster will ascertain~

It stares at you, with all twelve eyes like mad
And sneaks up to your bed~
Lying still you secretly brace

As the monster scratches up your face~

((In front of his shop and singing to a horde of baby-animals. They are currently all going ._. at him.  PS: the song is actually real, I just translated it crappily into english XD))


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