Jun. 5th, 2007

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Tree...need tree...need to hide...find nobody...has to go away...

That tree? ...no, not good. ...D=

((Senri is under the effects of two of Yukina's fortune cookies, one of which makes him dance with everyone he sees while the other makes him declare his love for whoever he sees. He's trying to find a place to hide, so that he doesn't dance with/declare his love for anyone else.))
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People with cake please step over here, and those with presents stand on this side. And hurry it up, we don't have all day. It's not going to be his birthday forever you know.
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Has anyone seen Giovanni? Bastard. He's probably doing this on purpose.

Giovanni, the psychotic monsters are your responsibility, not mine. I have no idea where you are or what the hell you're doing, but get over here and take them.

... I'm not even sure why I agreed to this to begin with. Those two are a huge pain and I'm not a babysitter.

((He means Luki and Noki.))
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I do not understand how this is an enjoyable sport.

((Short post is justifiably short. It's Nagato, come on. Also, what she's doing is attempting to fish... you will see she has caught only one thing... a rock.))
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There's this cave near the beach...I've been staying there lately. No animals there, so it's an all right place. I'd stay at the "Brigade," but -

Would Shino be all right with this? She did everything she could to try and keep it alive after Ovan disappeared, and now...Guess I shouldn't expect so much, though. She was never here, after all. I can't help but feel like I'd be betraying her memory, though.

And yet...Argh, I need to think.


Heh, the monkeys haven't been causing me any trouble since yesterday. Guess things might be calming down a little.

If it's an omen of bad things to come like in the movies, though...then that "bad thing" better NOT be Piros the Third. The monkeys would be welcome compared to that.
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I'm Laharl, and I'm the Overlord of the Netherworld. I now claim this Island in the name of King Laharl, so everyone bow down to me. Haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha~ Anyone who stands in my way gets to meet my fist! Namely in their face!

Also, I'm not short, a midget, or a bug, or a kid or ANY of that stuff! I'm just not going through my growth spurt yet! I'm a demon! And all of you women with big breasts, JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME! We won't have any problems if you do.

Now, I should do somthing about clearing the idiots on this Island. I think a meteor is good enough.

Haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha~

Hee~ I'm surprised I found this handpuppet of Mr. Laharl again.

((Once upon a time long ago, there once was a loli who found a hand puppet of Laharl. And man, did she have a fun time imitating him. Marona found the handpuppet after so long, so here's a second dose of Laharl Puppet Show Time. Italics are Marona imitating Laharl with the puppet))

((Edit: BRB in a few))
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*ALKGAHLTKHATOIHPATIOH*...dammit. Not again.


((Short post is both short and failget! Let's just say that Faye spilled some water on herself by accident. And now. Kitty~.))
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Blesh shittel gus or weed. Sy or dey een ny nof, send dey vont sheeb! Doobib clavs! Ked kout!

((Translation: These little guys are weird. Why are they in my mouth, and they won't leave! Stupid crabs! Get out!))

[[Luffy was fishing around on the shore for some munchies and then he fell asleep. For some reason, the ocean crabs thought it would be brilliant to nestle in his mouth, and they refuse to leave. I blame this for the inspiration]]
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I swear I'm gonna kill Russel whenever I can walk on two legs again. Kill him good and dead, because this? Is entirely ridiculous. He turned me into a fucking cat! I suppose it could have been worse... =____=;

...Although this whole licking thing is definitely disgusting. How can Al adore these things so much?

((...omgwhat, two posts in two days? >>; It probably won't become a trend, knowing me. >>;; Ed got thrown into Spring of Drowned Cat. Yay, originality. So there's an angry Siamese with yellow eyes sulking around the blondcave. Come poke at him, plzthx. Italics = thoughts, FYI.))
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... and after my months-long search for a cane, I have found one! Looks something like this.

Now that I have found a cane, I'm going to look for lollipops. A guy's gotta have something to eat.

... to find the clinic ...

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I wonder where this person could be...I hope he's not dangerous. I really hope this isn't all a trap or something.

I'm looking for someone named 'Rabi'. Supposedly he's tall, has red hair, and wears an eyepatch. I need to speak with him immediately, it's an emergency. Have any of you seen him?

((Doing a favor for Allen, who he found injured on the ground. Yes, Watanuki is too trusting.))
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Hostile this island doth seem,
But the people make up for monkey and beam.
Although their personalities vary,
They do seem quite merry,
And do not dwell much on the bad things that teem.

If they're strangers passing in a so called street,
And by chance, two separate glances meet,
They greet each other happily,
And are generally quite cheery.
... Although there are a good many "kings" and "overlords",
They will not get any awards
From us.

The madam who I met last night,
That soup was quite good, and I was wondering if I might
Take any extra you have?

I am also looking for a person or two,
Hopefully, they are not lost to you.
Ari and Stan, perhaps you've seen them?
A boy and a king with a stem,
They're not that easy to miss.
... At least, not to me and the princess.
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It wasn't a BAD idea. It'd be easier to follow Giovanni's scent in this form.

... I just wish I'd remembered how good the monkeys are at revenge. And now I'm here.

This can probably get much worse.


((In the spirit of so many cursed!posts, puppy!Naoto returns! Only this time, while out sniffing for Giovanni, she got caught in a trap and is now... yes. Stuck in a mud pit and tangled up in vines. And whimpering.))
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Summer is approaching- I can practically feel the heat blowing in. Of course, what better time to go to the beach then? I'm going to probably need a board first...hm- how best to do this? Wood's too heavy, and I doubt anyone here has foam of all things...

Ahem- where would be the best place to attempt to contact the Island? I'm in need of a surfboard, you see. If you want to join in when I go, feel free to! Haha- maybe I should have a beach party, huh?

[Private to Warrior Tokiko//Hackable to a degree]
We never did completely wrap up that matter from a couple weeks ago, did we? I highly doubt it merits much more attention, so we should just drop the issue. If any new evidence or leads pop up, we might be able to resume the investigation then. Right now, though, I think it would be best to "let sleeping dogs lie".


Jun. 5th, 2007 05:28 pm
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It suddenly just occurred to me. If you have a moment, can any of you please answer a question??

What's wrong with sleeping in a box??


Jun. 5th, 2007 06:04 pm
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... I wonder if he's not here. But he must be somewhere. We should find him soon.

(( Continued from this thread. Anemone and Eureka are looking for Miguel so he can play music for Gulliver's birthday party--! Also, just for the record, Eureka never really got Miguel's name, so I'm time paradoxing, and she's also wearing a purple party hat, wahoo /o/ ))
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Aaaah, nothin' says satisfaction than eatin' a HUGE meal~! My belly's nice and small, so I'm ready for more-- hey, a floatin' coconut. What's it doin' here?

Hi, there! Gee, I wonder if floatin' foods are the island's specialty. That coconut looks funny.

... Are those hearts? And why is it pink? Is that thing stalkin' me?



(OOC: Kero encountered a floating coconut that's totally infatuated with him according to Yukina's fortune cookie: click. A lovelorn coconut that's now chasing Kero everywhere it goes. xD)
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♫ With a trembling finger, I gather up the dreams; without even breathing on them, they're crumbling.
Even the certain things are too unreliable; if I believe in something, can I be with you again?
It's whitely vanishing, the silhouette of that day. ♫

((Shuichi is on the beach collecting seashells to make a bracelet for Yuki and singing. He's thinking of Yuki while singing, so feel free to ask him about the lyrics. Also, for those who don't know, Shuichi is a singer, so he's singing the song very prettifully, XD))
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Hm-hm hmm, hm-hm hmm~ ♪

This creek's got some good clay. It's really easy to work with, so I can probably fix mistakes really easy! ♥

…Although, I kinda want to know why it's so many different colors…

[[Saria's found a creek with rainbow-colored Play-Doh®. Warning: May or may not cause random side effects, you decide.]]


Jun. 5th, 2007 08:43 pm
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Delicious fruit was that! Tasted it like almost peach a! I maybe share should this my some friends new of with.


Odd that's. I strangely talking am? Is why that?



((So I'm bored, sue me. Momoka ate something and now her words are jumbled up. :[ Tagging may be slow, since it takes me a little while to type these out without forgetting words. D:))
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A mask today? Strange.

Why does this feel slightly familiar...? (Maybe it has to do with some old movie.)

((Phoenix = wearing a V Epic fail guy mask. :|b It is stuck to his face.))
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I'm bored. Cheese-kun isn't here to snuggle with, and Lelouch isn't very comfortable.

What's to do around this island?
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[Private to the Keroro Shoutai- Unhackable by non-members!!]

Kururu, how is Operation:I-like-to-eat-but-my-brain-is-being-secretly-controlled, de arimasu? Coming along fine, I hope?

Giroro.... finally, there's going to be a plan that will actually work! I can feel it! It's fool-proof this time, de arimasu!! Doesn't it feel great, de arimasu?
[End Private]

Dammit.... I'm missing all-new episodes of Admiral Geroro right now....no, you don't think they could... kill off the main character while I'm not watching, do you? No, that can't be!! I need a TV Guide right now, de arimasu!! Quick! Someone fetch me a TV guide, de arimasu! From anywhere, I don't care how you get it! The suspense is killing me, de arimasu! That's how they lure in watchers with this kind of stuff! I can't stand it, yet I must obey the urge to spoil myself, de arimasu! Such a sad fate!!

(( Mood reads as 'worried' to non-Keroro Shoutai members.))
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I think I rather like it here on this strange island. You can find all kinds of things here, and so many strange things.. It's really different from the city.. ninnin..

Hmm, rice... and then the shell.... AND COMPLETE! Another rice ball! I'm surprised with the rice here. Nicely cooked! Really tasty too! I'll keep a few for emergency, and I guess anybody else who wants some can have some!

Naa, Natsumi seemed out of it lately.. I wonder what happened. Not to mention, she was a kid... Hmmm~

((Riceballs are safe, but... these look like ironballs and THEY ARE HEAVY AS ALL HELL! Because apparently, Koyuki can't tell the difference between a weapon and a snack))
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If I'd known it would land me with this, I would have reconsidered the second fortune cookie!

How many are there of these beasts? And why is that one waving a flag? ...oh, now, artillery? That's just not fair. I'm one man with a sword!

I suppose I'll just get my training in a bit early today. ♥

[So Okita's fortune cookie told him that the monkeys would mount a rebellion. A rebellion is being mounted. Complete with patriotic flag-waving, very small cannons, and the occasional barricade being constructed in the surrounding jungle. Okita is fighting back at pretty much full-out serious level and probably doesn't NEED help, but if anyone feels like lending a hand, he is used to fighting with friends by his side. Or you could just sit back and boggle at the flying monkey bits.]
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....No burning. Huh. All those dramatics for nothing.

Well. Its sandy, its beachy, its tropical. What joy. God I hate sand. It gets everywhere-DAMMIT! OW!

...Bloody coconut....huh? What's this then?

....The coconuts have alchohol in them.





I'm fucking serious.


This is somehow Angel's fault....


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