May. 21st, 2007

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Well, this was unexpected. I was expecting the portal to open up and release me in Karakura, so I could begin my preparations to create the Royal Key. Instead, I seem to have found myself on an island located somewhere in the mortal world.

And I’m also detecting the reiatsu of Kurosaki Ichigo, who my Arrancar had such a tough time killing in the past.

Very interesting. This unexpected turn of events may prove to be useful yet. While I would enjoy killing Isshin’s son immediately, I seem unable to open a portal to return to Hueco Mundo or continue on to Karakura. I suppose that Gin and Tousen can take care of Hueco Mundo in my absence, so my first order of business should be ascertaining who else is on this island (besides Kurosaki Ichigo), looking to make a few friends, and then working on a plan to leave.

…and what is this couch doing here? It looks like one from my private room in Hueco Mundo, but I do not recall bringing it with me.
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[Filtered from Keroro Cast]

Well crap, now even Mutsumi's here. This is not good. At this rate, even the rest of the Garuru Platoon will be here, and the Taichou's MIA, da ze~ Damn, have to figure something out. Can't let things get out of hand.

Okay, calm.. Just need to think. Right, okay, no worries. Mutsumi will just be on his normal runs with the people, the rich girl just wants the Taichou's keeper, and Natsumi seems to be missing. Moa... a problem, but can be dealt with later.

Dammit, why does the Island have to bring them all here? All we need is the Taichou's keeper and Aki HInata, and we're all complete again. I liked it better when it was just me here, to be honest. THings were just a little bit more simpler.

.... And having this Pekopon-jin curse doesn't help all that much either.

Right, what else have I neglected to check on? Oh right, the tracker thing.

......... Still doesn't work right.
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All right.

First day wasn't so - who am I kidding, yesterday sucked.

I managed to find some fresh water and some fruit; wasn't easy but I did it just the same. Didn't manage to cook anything or even start a fire though. Found a cave to stay in for the night, but it looks like it might already be occupied by animals. What with the pawprints and all...I'll have to stay someplace else tonight. Got rid of the dingo corpses-


It's that monkey again. I dodged the coconut though. Hm, coconuts...those are supposed to be food, aren't they. This might not be so bad.
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It's getting close to summer.

The island is always warm. It hasn't started really getting warmer yet, but I can tell. It's nearly Summer.

Summer is... Ice cream and juice, and watching the ocean with Yukito-san, and leaving dinner out for Mommy on the nights she comes home after I've gone to bed. And it's a warm breeze, and the ocean mist on my face, and it's wanting a hair-cut but not getting one, and trying to make friends. Ah, this year I can, though. And it's watching children play, and a white summer dress, and a hat. And green grass and trees, and pale golden sand, and a blue blue sky, and a blue green ocean~

Summer is Misuzu-chin's favorite. One month to go~

Nihaha~ Last summer was supposed to be my last, but I'll make it another year after all. Misuzu-chin, fighto~

What does Summer mean to everyone else, though? I wonder if it's different.
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This week has really been weird..first with the rice rain that gave me a bellyache from eating so much of, then strange things falling from the sky AGAIN..I decided to hide away for a while until it was over. There was a nice cave near a rocky place..

I wonder if anyone missed me.

(Yah, lame excuse, but seriously, I don't have one. X3)

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W-Well... That thing with Rena... I'll have to do something for her later... B-But in the meantime I gotta stick to the plan before I chicken out...! Or maybe I should chicken out... She wouldn't know anyway! ... ... Ojisan hopes this goes well... And I hope Rena's gonna be okay... ... Dammit! I have to talk to her...

First of all, before I forget... EVERYBODY SHOULD JOIN MORITA'S AGENCY! IT'S... uh... REALLY GREAT! That should be good, seeing as I can't say the other thing till I know where Lelouch lives...

This week's been... interesting. Lots of downers... But on the bright side... Our club's resident master of traps, Houjou Satoko, has arrived on the island! Whoever messes with her messes with all of us, got it? Good! Not that anyone stands a chance against her, just like with any member of our club, as we are the elite! The elite...

Anyway... Hey... Rena?

Private to Shion and ONLY Shion under punishment of fingernail loss

H-Hey... Shion, um, are you busy? ... ... ... It's totally okay if you are! Super okay in fact!

((Italics are THOUGHTS. They are NOT being spoken. :||))
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I am too young to be having back pains.


May. 21st, 2007 01:44 pm
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Urufuto san! Odessa san! Look what I did!

((art prodigy + sand + water + lots of time = HOOJ sand sculpture. Praise her, go OH SHI or stomp the sculpture. Anything goes D:))
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Haven't really been around lately. sick. *totally lying* But it's kind of nice to be able to sit there without having to walk around, illness or no illness. And I don't really have to spend a lot of time looking for food for a while, since the rice is safe to eat and I got a lot of it.

It's really starting to get hot outside. Maybe I should start wearing this more often. I don't deal too well with dresses, though, and I've only worn this a few times... It can't be that hard to-

...Is that monkey trying to look up my...? I really, really hate the animals here- H-hey, hands off the dress! I said shoo! ...Wow, they're pretty weak once you know how hard to kick them. Heh, coward just ran off the moment my foot hit it's chest.

Oh, and, um...if anyone saw me the other day? Doing...things? Not one word. That was not by my own will, despite what it looked like. God, I still don't feel well thinking about it... At this rate, maybe I will end up getting sick.

[Private, unhackable]
...I had a lot of firsts. First french kiss, first time I had stripped for someone, and if Keitaro didn't stop me, it would have been my first time... I wonder if he'd consider-

...Why am I blushing at that!? Yoko Suzuki, stop it right now! You are not supposed to have liked that! Practically molested the poor guy! Honestly, I'm shocked he still likes me... I still messed things up big time.

...Dammit! *thunk* OW!

...Nn... I have got to stop sitting near a tree when I'm thinking... This is, what, the third time I've hurt myself punching one? It's going to get infected or broken at this rate. 'Though I guess I deserve it a little...

((Strike-outs are visible. Also, she is wearing her green dress and missing her backpack. Finally, her knuckles are bleeding a little. lol trees.))
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People are talking of summer. It's hard to imagine when you're from a place that doesn't have seasons.

Remind me not to go near cold water for awhile. It makes walking with a broken collarbone even more difficult when you're a dog. And speaking of dogs...

Stray dogs are only sheep when they stop trying. I'm not going to regret what I've done and I'm not going to be labeled.

Simon, I'm no medical expert. How long does it take a broken collarbone to heal? Fighting one-handed may be a skill that I need to develop.

[Private, Hackable if you clap your hands and believe]

I didn't want to be involved. I don't even know why I'm involved in the first place! I don't even know why I care! All I wanted was information on the blade and its wielder and now things have gotten impossibly complicated. Nill's not being given a choice in her own situation, something's wrong with Haine again and I can't keep the promise I made to Rabi about protecting him because I can't lay a finger on that man!

Was it easier when I was the only person in my life? I don't remember.


Sometimes... I'm not sure if what I truly want is to remember... or to forget.

((near the church, arm in sling, suffering from a headache. May glare, depending on who you are.))
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This is simply absurd.

How on earth did my box end up in a TREE??? Is this some kind of bad joke? Only Suiseiseki could... No, that's too extreme even for her. But I was just taking an afternoon nap inside my box waiting for tea Hina Ichigo was going to make... And this doesn't look like Jun's yard. In fact... This isn't his yard at all! There must be some mistake.

If anyone can see me, OR HEAR ME- (Must I shout? How bothersome.) could they kindly tell where I am? If I see that worthless servant of mine, he shall have to be punished for leaving a lady such as myself in an ordeal.

And I want my tea. Hina Ichigo better not forget the stove. Ah, Hollier, you're still here thank goodness...


Are those MONKIES??? Back you vile creatures! !!

((Newbie, Mai-chan reporting for duty with her first muse Shinku! She's a doll... Literally. Ultimate Gothic Lolita, tee hee. ^^ Anyone who happens to pass by underneath the tree where she is, will see a girl who is SHORTER than Hiei in a red dress whacking monkies with a pink bow-clad cane. <3))

oh, panic.

May. 21st, 2007 04:50 pm
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[ Filtered from well, EVERYONE. ESPECIALLY THE LOLIS ]

Kallen, we need to talk. Now. I hate this place so much. Damn it.

[ /Filtered ]

... Marona wants to make a hut so Castile can have easier and safer access to the stream. Not to mention Marona already has the cave filled to the top with junk, it's getting harder and harder to clean it up every day. Where would I start with this...

I also need to find that doctor again... Castile should probably be looked at while she's here. This place is merciless on all accounts... sometimes.
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I was just walking along, minding my own business, when I saw this monkey.

It was no ordinary monkey.

This monkey is wearing a black thong. Which is fine, whatever floats the monkey's boat is fine with me.

But the monkey also had a whip.

Yeah, I don't think I want to know what's gonna happen, I'm just gonna stay out of that part of the woods.
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Ah, what a beautiful sunrise! Everything is alight with the flames of a new day!

Also, morning means it's time for the best meal of the day: breakfast! Sausage, links, and bacon! Oh, how I love bacon! Listen to it sizzle in that pan!

oops, I better turn it. Don't want the meat to burn, now do we?

I love mornings! ♥

((We're going to pretend it's early morning (like 6:30-7 am) for now, because mun can't seem to get up before 10 am. I'm going to make a horrible teacher. Wolf is making an all-meat breakfast, and if you're nice he'll share! =D))
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I wonder what happened. I only remember bits and pieces like that time with the chocolate. I should be happy that this time I don't have a headache and what I remember isn't all that maybe it wasn't like it after all now that I think of it. Whatever it was...

[Private to Rivalz, barely hackable by Mugen, Jin, and the Geass people.]

Uh...what was his think that was it.

Rivalz, I think I need to explain a few things.


Also what was with that one day last week? I think I remember seeing Jin in a kimono. He doesn't strike me as someone who would actually enjoy cross dressing. Actually a lot of people looked familiar but different that day. So maybe the island was just messing with them again?

((Strikes not there. And thanks Deb for the payed account.))
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So, I guess the island doesn't like me making glass sculptures anymore. Shame, I kinda liked making one or two every so often. The sand keeps turning into grounded grass stuff.. I guess it's grass. Sometimes, it'd change colors too. That would be fine, I guess, if it wasn't really random changing of colors. It kinda messes up what you plan on making.

Well, I guess I should stop anyway. It's not easy to regain psynergy here. Without psycrystals, I.. have a lot of exercise ahead of me. And I'm not very much one for walking around for a long time. I kinda wish I could find a cave of psycrystals somewhere, but then again, knowing island...

I don't know why I bother thinking the Island has something normal from my world.
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How queer!

May. 21st, 2007 09:22 pm
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My! What a queer island! I've never seen anything like it! Well now, it must be Latona's work! She must have sent me to bless these people with my presence! 

Well, Princess L'Arachel of Rausten has come to this island to bless everyone! 

Ah...but now the concerns come up.  Where will I sleep? And how shall I get food? There is no place here fit for such a person of my station! The food is not nearly as high quality as I'd like...

Oh dear...this is certainly a rather large problem.  I do believe I could do with some help here.  Where's Rennac and Dozla when you need them? Oh well, I expect that everyone will be helping me after they discover that I am who they've been waiting for! 

((Lfish here with character #2! Quite a change from Arche, no? XD))
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Ah, sessha would like to know if there is anyone who might have a pot or something that one could cook rice in, de gozaru ka? Sessha saved a lot of the rice that, ah, rained, but sessha has been yet to find a way to cook it, de gozaru.

Ah, Kaoru-dono? Are you managing alright? Is there anything you need sessha to do for you, de gozaru ka?
[identity profile]'s daytime already? Or is it--well, whatever the case, it's really soft around here, isn't it? What is this? Am I lying on a--


O-o-okay, calm down. Damn, what the hell did I--?! Kou's going to--wait, nevermind Kou, what about Lirin and Yaone--?! Oh man...god, what happened?

...Shit. That happened. Ah, just great, just great. I remember everything. Wonderful. I...alright, damnit, I admit I enjoyed it. THERE. I SAID IT OUTLOUD. It's not making it any better in my mind, but what the hell, right? Oh man, Kou...and-and me...and...woah.



((Aftermath of epic thread deserves an epic post ^^))
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[Private, COMPLETELY Unhackable]
Dear Die-ary.

This island is getting to me. I have now been trapped in Devi's body for four days, while all the other female forms wore off three days ago. I haven't killed anyone since that stupid girl, and I've had plenty of opportunities and reasons. Hell, I let an injured dog walk by me yesterday!

Somehow, despite my hiatus from my "job," the thing hasn't escaped from my wall yet. Is it possible that I've been imagining it the whole time? Or is it actually satisfied with the blood of monkeys and dingoes? I know that back home it wasn't happy with stray cats and dogs, but something could have changed it here. Or maybe it's because the monkeys are, like humans, primates.

Whatever the case is, this island is turning me away from what I used to be and into something new. Maybe this form is its way of getting me to accept that however much I try to ignore it, my thoughts and feelings will center on her.

Haine? River? Hell, anyone who thinks they can help. I want you to help me find myself. I don't care what it turns out I'm supposed to be, I just want to be that person.
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I might have... done you wrong again, Haine.

But as you're not around for me to apologize to, I'm certain you're off feeling bad about yourself. And feeling bad for yourself.


...Mother never really did scold me, that time. Never was quite... as happy about what happened, either.

Always a special case, Rammsteiner. I envy you.
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I'm glad today was brighter. The other day was dreadfully dark. Darker than Celestia had ever been, in fact. I couldn't see where I was going. I was a little scared, too. But seeing all you boys marching around as the opposite gender was very amusing!

Hm, there's not enough parts to recreate the Van Eltia, not that I'd really want to even attempt to mimic such a masterpiece in modern technology. It's a shame, really. It just doesn't feel the same without it!

I'm not much of a carpenter, either, but remaking my hut couldn't be that difficult if nothing else. I mean I did make all the traps myself! In the meantime a temporary abode wouldn't hurt, though. Keele, Meredy? Where have the two of you been staying all this time you were apparently here?

((strike = Invisible. So not there. Nope.))
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A moment of your time, doctor. I have an injury that might require some attention, as well as a bullet to be removed from my leg.

[Private - unhackable]

......ha, this place has made you soft, Saitou Hajime.


((ooc: has been waiting for sometime, thus big ass pile of stubbed out cigarrettes on a makeshift leaf!ashtray. Will be mostly contemplative and not focused if you were to indulge in converstaion with him at this point. Gunshot injury from short scuffle with Haine))
saxual: ({who did what with the who now?})
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Oi, what the hell? This isn't Gunsmoke. Too many goddamn trees.

Someone wanna fill a guy in?

((Fountain of youth strikes again! He's about 20ish and has no clue who any of you people are so! Come annoy... er... I mean...))


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