May. 14th, 2007

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((ooc: See linked post for details. Have fun with the plague!))


oh shi---

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Hmmm... I've been on patrol on this island for a whole week. my those palm trees sure do break easily! I've been listening to people talk here and there, and there seems to be quite a few people here antagonizing others. Egad! This place is full of villains and delinquents!

Now as a super hero, I want to help all the innocent civilians of this island. So, I present to you all with this friendly proposition...

Fellow super heroes and super heroes in training! I suggest we all get to know eachother better!

As heroes of this fine island and its inhabitants, it is our obligation, nay! Our duty to protect them from the many apparent evils and foes that are present! Who is with me?!

Also, on a lighter note, until I can locate my amusingly pudgy sidekick, would any of you heroes-to-be like to be a temporary substitute? C'mon over, I don't bite my friends!
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[Private, unhackable]
...He really did forget all about me. It...hurts, but there's nothing I can do about that. I guess it's a sign pointing to us starting over. I-I won't tell him just how much I care. I just can't. It'd only confuse him, and we'll end up right back where we left off. I don't want him to leave again. I just have to keep smiling, and I won't do something stupid again.

...B-but what if I turned into that monster again...? Would I...?

Tsk. The Island's being itself again. But why does the water have to get affected? Again. It reminds me of what it looked like on Valentine's Day. Except it smells like fruit now. I want to say it's grape juice, but it's probably more of that soda, except with purple food coloring. At least this time there's plants to get nourishment from.

...Yesterday was Mothers' Day, huh? I hope my mom's okay. If Umbrella found them- ...No! They won't find her or Dad! I...I'm just worrying over nothing, hehe.
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The hell, Island? Are you constipated or something?
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Wow, Island. This is new.

Yuuichi, I don't think we'll have any water today... May as well go with a coconut. Wanna share one?
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Barely out of bed and look at all the excitement I've missed. Still, it's nice to be able to move again and the opportunity to get a bit of fresh air is a welcome one.

Saitou-san, thank you again for helping me. I should be able to function as Nill's guardian once more. I am in your debt. Perhaps Haine yelling at me about it was a little bit of incentive.

Now then, I suppose I ought to do something about this... little problem. If there's one good thing about this prune juice phenomenon, it's that I won't have to worry about the effects of cold water.

... I hate monkeys.


So he and Giovanni are immortal. I'll keep my silence on this new discovery for now. If he's not going to tell me himself, there would be no point in letting him know that I know about it.

And this news about... Tyki Mikk has me concerned. I may have to speak with that man.


((Out of bed, mostly healthy, and a little irritated-- 'cause the monkeys stole her katana and pitched it out into the prune juice. Score one for the monkeys.))
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...This certainly isn't a normal island. But it looks like this kind of thing really isn't that unusual.

But why the water? I wanted a bath, dammit.
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...Prune juice. My mortal enemy. This isn't funny. If the water had to change into something else, couldn't it have been something a little more tolerable? It could be worse I guess, but I'm not sure how right now...

[Private // Hackable to those he talked to while Fountain of Youth'd or if you try hard enough]

I can't really remember what happened after I fell into that memory's really hazy. ...I think I said some things that I wish I didn't, though. I'm pretty sure that I have to thank at least one person...but I can't remember who.


I AM NOT CUTE. D: Why couldn't I forget that?!


[He's currently glaring at the river of prune juice feel free to push him in, but he won't be too happy about it 8D. Strikes are hackable~]
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Well, I don't feel any different, and nothing looks significantly different than it did earlier.  I guess there really was nothing to worry about, after all.  I'll probably be better off if I just ignore all of the warnings that everyone here seems to like to hand out and just try things for myself instead of standing around and being reluctant to touch anything.  What kind of life is that, anyway?

...  Is that river purple?

(Note: Someone decided to ignore the warnings about the food here, as promised in a conversation with Luke last night.  Because yesterday was Mother's Day and I totally ignored it in-character, here's the deal: due to a mixture of timing and berry-related side-effects, Ironfist will be under the delusion that everyone he speaks to today is his mother, regardless of gender, age, or appearance.)
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So. The river is now purple. Prune juice, if what I have heard is correct. It makes this place seem a little more foreign and a little more like Derris-Kharlan in terms of color scheme. I don't suppose there's a logical reason for this, is there? Hmm, although by now it should probably be said that there is a reason, albeit without the logic attached.


Purple- that's also...the same color as my armor. Wait- why did I just notice that?

...This island is getting to me.
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*from a cave somewhere on the island*


((Tulio built himself a bathtub and it's his pride and joy. He also happened to be taking a bath right when the water changed to prune juice. Feel free to mock--especially as he isn't that well clothed at the moment...))
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Hey, Yukina? Uh, we could use a little help...Senri drank too much prune juice.
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Ugh! PRUNE JUICE! Must Hellhole Island be so SICK? I hope the "get lucky from being pooped on by birds" wierdos don't start coming after me! AWK!

'Think they'll be enough poo on this island to be rolled up into a giant ball for adventure advancement purposes? This island is gonna SMELLLLLLL!
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W-what... what is this thing?! The smell is horrible and... and it tastes so bad why? I-I think that I'm going to faint. I've never minded all the things this place has done so far but this... THIS is going way too far.

The prunes. Oh god, they are so horrible. Someone kill me now and relieve me of this misery. Whhhhy.

Actually, no, forget that. I just want cake. Someone, bring me something sweet! Any kind will do, as long as it is free of prunes and has a high sugar count!


May. 14th, 2007 06:18 pm
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Oh! This building... it looks like a library--aha, there's books inside! This must mean we found the library, Yukina! Well, now that we're here, I guess the only thing left to do is go inside. I'm... sure they must have some good books. They can't all be... well, bad.

Ah... it doesn't look like anyone's here. I kind of expected a librarian, but I guess this library is something the island itself set up. Now to get a book... there really are a lot of them! I wonder which one would be good... oh, this one looks interesting--"Synchronicity 2." I wonder what it's about? The cover and backcovers are blank... oh, it looks like it's a picture book!

Eh? This person kind of looks like Lelouch. But Lelouch's eyes aren't that big and... sparkly? No, Lelouch doesn't look like that at all, but it's a silly coincidence! ... Oh... but that looks like Suzaku-kun... could this be a book about Lelouch and Suzaku-kun? Although it's not like they do anything interesting enough to make a book about.

Ah, now they-re--... o-oh! They're... oh dear. This is... really...

Th-this book should be put back on the shelf!

Maybe people were right about this library...

(( Euphie was looking for the library, and Yukina joined her, but she found mature SuzaLulu doujin! *A* Yes, Suzaku tops. ): And aha, Synchronicity 2 is the name of an actual SuzaLulu doujin, in case you were wondering XD; But anyway, the summarization of this post: Euphie enters library. Euphie sees book! Euphie picks up book. Euphie sees Suzaku jamming it in. Euphie closes book. /o/ ))


May. 14th, 2007 07:17 pm
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I am assuming this is one of the weird things that the man was talking about...

This island really is..interesting.

I am also assuming it is not the year 1999 here...
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O-oi. . . what. . .? Nng, well, that was a trip. . .

. . .Sorry if I bothered anyone, or um. . . said. . . anything really stupid. Man it feels good to be tall again. . .
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It appears everything's turn to some kind of... juice. It doesn't really taste that good, I'm afraid. I do hope this won't last too long... Though I'll be saving some to experiment on later, that at least will prove enjoyable~

Although... I wonder what I could possibly do with this. It appears to be some kind of fruit juice, but... Not appetizing in the slightest. Oh well, it doens't matter right now.

Hahaha... And it seems my luck with these card games isn't very good. I'm once again missing most of my clothes... At least I've still got my hat this time.. I probably should have given that instead of my dress though..

Oh before I forget, Riku, Sora; I finished my present for Roxasa! It's an enchanted necklace made from shells and seeds that glows in the dark and should ward off demons~ I'm sorry it's so late...

Now what should I give Laharl... And Yuki wanted me to help decorate her room, didn't she? Hmm... And I can't forget about the magic show...

((Right so uh, Cierra is without her dress, boots, and gloves once again lolz. But uh she has that... thing Havoc gave her from that time covering herself up? D:))
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All right, quit yer bitching about the apple juice or grape juice or prune juice or whatever the hell the water turned into. That island's probably laughin' its head off at you, so why grant it that laugh, huh? Give it a day or two and it'll probably be back to normal.

'sides, the coconuts are still fine, so. Anyone wanna join me? Nothing's better than good company and... eh, the drinks'll do. I also found a nice cave with plenty of room so I can still work on my explosives there. So if any of you are homeless and know how to shut up at night and you don't mind firecrackers, feel free to move on in.

... but if any of you get anywhere near my chest without my say-so, you're gonna be the first one to test out my cannon.

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Interesting... This water tastes like prune juice! There's nothing like that in Los Angeles! All the rivers there are either dirty or taste like water.

What an interesting place...
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My goodness. All the water appears to have been replaced by some kind of fruit juice! And it doesn't even taste very good.

None of the other food seems to have changed, though~ no, Saizo, get your nose out of there! Here, you can have some melon. ♥

[Hanging out and getting some sun with a pig and a fairly large pile of fruit he's collected. Feel free to come say hi and have a snack! ...He hasn't checked the fruit for safety, so some of it may have unusual effects~ ETA asleep now but will pick up tags in the morning. Back!]
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I suppose a little work would be good for my health. Just lounging around, doing nothing but relax might not be the best thing to do, in case I go back to Grand Chokmah all of a sudden. I might even get a haircut, unlike Luke, who suddenly has longer hair now--!

Speaking of Luke... He seems to have changed. I thought he changed, but unfortunately, he didn't. Unless the island decided to turn back time and all that. Oh, how bad that would be. I'm afraid if I have an outburst due to Luke's... being Luke, there would be a disaster. Chaos. Madness. Ruins!


Ah, now then. Attention: Island~! I'm sure many of you must have heard his loud screaming... If any of you have complaints regarding Luke fon Fabre, please fall in line here. I will try to take care of each matter as soon as I can.

[identity profile] smells very strange. ...Tastes odd too...ew...

[private to Haine//mostly unhackable except to Naoto, I suppose]

Ah...Haine... healthy now...but...
[/private] smell nicer...

((Nill is picking whatever flowers grow on the Island and smell nice to make a small arrangement. She also doesn't like the prune juice thing much at all.))


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