May. 12th, 2007

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Hm... It has been a while since someone did this...

Greeting, new Islanders. My name is Mei Chang, for those that do not already know me. It has come to my attention that many of the new Islanders have not been warned of the dangers Island can hold. So, for your safety, please keep the following in mind.

~ The coconuts are alcoholic. Please bear this in mind before partaking.

~ The berries are not to be trusted. They cause adverse effects on your personality.

~ Only trust hot springs that have sparkling statues nearby. Ones with sticks sticking out of them, you should try to avoid.

~ The dingos are not puppies. They will attempt to eat you.

~ Island sometimes likes to rain objects. Keep alert, for the sake of your mental health.

~ Island also likes to play music. I have heard some Islanders have made earplugs, so seeking them out might be a sound idea.

Haa... I do believe that covers most of it. If I missed anything, please do not hesitate to ask another Island veteran.
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Alright! My shadow is back to normal! I did it. I knew I was stronger then that moron. Haha!

So, now we can start building this place, right? What will all the people breaking in the library and I'm not looking forwards to the porn explosion we're gonna have... You want me to kick down a couple more trees, Culotte, or do we have enough?

Private to said people//hackable by Culotte

Hey... Alouette, Croix? I need to talk to you two before we do this...

((The pink thing just ran out by itself, she didn't do anything to make it go away. But she doesn't know that.))
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... Where the hell is Simon when you need him....

Are there any doctors around here? Naoto kind of... fainted. And she's sick. Chasing after me with a fever isn't the smartest thing to do, but I guess I shouldn't have provoked her.

So if there's anyone around who knows medicine and is willing to make sure she doesn't get worse, that'd be appreciated.

Otherwise I just need to hunt someone down and force them via gunpoint, but I'm really not in the mood to be doing that right now....

Private - Unhackable

... I guess I'm okay around her, too.

It isn't that surprising, when she acts so much like the old me

... Well.

((Ahur please to be apologizing for posting so soon again, buuut. Naoto? IN HAINE'S ARMS. And Gulliver's following behind stfu I didn't forget. D:))


May. 12th, 2007 03:30 am
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I'M PREGNANT *___*! AND YOU'RE THE FATHER ♥!!! Uwaaaaaaaaaaah I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU ;___;!!

Since Tammy is our pet, we can build our own wonderful family *__*! Lelouch can be our child's godfather, Shion can be our child's godmother~! AND. AND. MIA CAN BE MY MOTHER-IN-LAW, KALLEN CAN BE YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW. ASH CAN BE YOUR FATHER-IN-LAW, PRIER CAN BE MY FATHER-IN-LAW. AND. AND. WE CAN HAVE NIECES AND NEPHEWS~!!! LIKE MION, MIGHTY, HAINE, KEROBEROS, KYUZO, YUKI, CLOUD AND ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE *_____*!

What a happy family we have ♥! I'M IN HEAVEN NOW *A*!

[ooc; So, uh, as you can see in the icon, he's dressed up like that. I may reply using another icon of him in a different attire, so please ignore his costume and all that. 8D Also... tags might be slow because internet is being a bitch. AND NO HE'S NOT REALLY PREGNANT HE JUST HAS A BEACH BALL FOR THE BULKY THING 8D!!]
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Oi-Shadow King- coconuts on the beach again? That was nice.

Hikaru- I think Tono and Haruhi are doing the naughty or something, the've been missing a loooooooooooong time.
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Presea-san has finished the bokken that I asked for~! Is there anyone interested in sparring? Nagato-san, I knew you wanted me to evaluate your level..?

Ah, also, is there a doctor I could talk to anywhere around here? ♥ I swear this isn't related to the sparring.
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Laharl can't be right about this... he just can't be! I'm sure that there has to be someone who agrees about everything I say! Maybe even lots of people! That would be great! Really great even! But I still should probably ask...

EVERYONE, I HAVE TO ASK! Do you all believe that love is what makes the world turn? What makes life worth living? What makes hope shine? What gives you the courage to go up against the impossible? What makes people see that justice is real? What makes people happy? What makes the power of friendship? What makes fuzzy cute animals even MORE cute? What makes one capable of doing anything? What makes the life of music... come to life? What makes flowers smell nice? What makes evil disappear? What makes you cherish all that there is in the world? What makes you be able to make OTHER people happy when they're sad?

Is there anyone who agrees with me?

track oo1;

May. 12th, 2007 03:45 pm
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And we sparkle sparkle sparkle, ne, Kumagoro??? ... ... ...huuuuuuh?? This isn't the studio!!! I don't see Tohma anywhere...!!! OH NOES, KUMAGORO!!!! WE'RE LOST!!! Oh GREAT, he's going to have my head for sure, isn't he!? We can't let Tohma get mad, no waaaay! That's not sparkly at all, no da!!! DDDX But...but...but but but...where are weeee?

... ... ... ...


THIS IS SUPER SUPER GENKI GENKI NO DA!!!!!! ^________^ But...but!!! This means--!!! TOHMA MUST BE HERE, IF WE'RE ON A VACATION!!! But I don't see him, do you Kumagoro?? ...I thought not!!! OH noooo!!!! We need to call h---!!!!!!!

NO SERVICE!?!??!!? ...oooooopsssss.

Guess it's just you and me, Kumagoro!!! AT LEAST WE CAN MAKE THINGS SPARKLE AND SHINE, NE NE?!?!?! *__________*'s so lonely though!!! ....WELL!!! WE MUST MAKE THIS PLACE SPARKLY, YOSH!!!! >OOO

[[ooc; Copy+paste = yay. :( Rena here with her fifth character, Ryuichi from Gravitation~. :3;;;]]
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Alright, the game here is going to be poker. Couple of nice friendly rounds. Anyone up for it? Come now, there's no need to be shy.

If you don't have any money, you bet anything you have on you. Clothes, watches, or any other valuable belongings. No sore losers, please. That'll ruin my mood.

Sorry, but no children allowed, unless you have a good reason, but Poker's for adults.

((ooc: POKER GAME IS A GO, EVERYONE! Feel free to join in! I'll probably do this like how Faye-mun did it: new threads for different rounds - round 1, round 2, etc etc once more people join in. Just go ahead and hop into whichever round. No order - complete freestyle. ...And if you don't know poker, that's fine XD Wikipedia it *___* and join in /o/ PS. We're playing this version, just because it'd be easier to organize.

Warning(?): since you can bet your clothes, we might get to see some stripping? XD;

ALSO. VERY IMPORTANT. TYKI CHEATS. If you want to win a round or two, which is entirely possible, since he's not a pro or anything, PLEASE LET ME KNOW in an ooc note or something so I can arrange it.

How each round's going to be played out )
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I've seen some strange things lately. Mechanical turtles? Su turning into an adult in the middle of the night? Those don't hold a candle to this.

Once again, I was running late for my study session. Once again, I managed to accidentally slip, fall, and pull off Motoko's robes on my way down. Yes, she hit me with her sword and sent me flying. Usually I regain consciousness a few miles away, but this time when I woke up I was in the middle of nowhere. Literally.

On an island.

The practice exam is three days away and I really need to be studying for it instead of trying to find my way off of this island. Things can't get worse...

...why are those dogs coming towards me? I think now's a good time to run and look for other people... there's bound to be someone else here, right?
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There is, of course, only one reasonable explanation for something like this.


I should've known that it would mutate into some horrible, evil, space-bending substance someday. It was only a matter of time, really.

Hello, quite-possibly-cannibalistic-native-inhabitants of this island! I come from the north, and I shall be your king! >:D

... A boat would be better, though.

((Pineapple Box here, signing in with another muse. Pleased to be meeting Yuuichi Aizawa from Kanon. He is, of course, joking here, but go ahead and take him seriously. It'll be moar fun that way. :D))
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[Private; Hackable to those who already know about Anise's gold-digging :D;]

Ooh, where could Luke have gone to? Just when I was so sure he was finally going to propose... What am I going to do if he doesn't come back? This is terrible...

No--don't give up, Anise! There are plenty of fish in the sea! I just need to cast a few more lines. --Ugh, but it's such a pain in a place like this! It's hard to tell a prince from a bumpkin when everyone's living in the same conditions... In this case, I'll have to... ... ... Oh! I know!


Attention, Islanders! For organizational purposes I, Anise Tatlin, will be conducting a census!

Just take one of these! )

Just fill out this form and hand it back to me! ♥
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... ... ...

I think we may have a problem.

Either everything gotten bigger. Or I've gotten smaller.

((Yeah, Keiichi's been chibified for no reason. Blame it on the landmass. :|b))


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