May. 6th, 2007

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For once, something's happening that doesn't involve anything very dangerous or life-threatening. Actually, this is pretty tame compared to the latest chain of events... it's very relaxing. In a sense...

But still, I can't help but to be freaked out by the sudden appearance of pillows everywhere... it's very, how would you put it, weird to decide that after that last event with the money and Mountain Mojo or things like that. Something relatively harmless is not something that could be normal, as I've observed.

... I still would like any of my friends to come here... I haven't felt this lonely in the longest... it seems I've become attatched to having friends, to having someone there all the time... or maybe this is a sign for me to go out and talk to people instead of keeping to myself like I have been doing. Hmm...
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What is this thing doing here? It looks like some kind of... bell that hangs by someone's door and you have to press it for it to ring and--


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Well, since our friend the island has decided to put everyone into such an impressive array of jammies, I figure there ought to be a contest determining who has the cutest, the sexiest, and...the weirdest set. Yours truly will be the judge, and all you have to do is line up over here~.

Simple enough, hm~? And I know that you guys really have nothing better to do, so what's the harm~?

((Is positively chipper at the moment for various reasons.))
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I feel so much more relaxed. Who would have thought that a pillow fight would be so therapeutic? I wasn't all that stressed to begin with, but that doesn't really matter.

My head hurts a little, though. I think you may have overdone it a bit, Maya. &hearts

My mind's kind of hazy, too... Mmm, I suppose I'm just tired.

... Maybe I should lie down.

((She hasn't realized it yet, but because of a bet she made with Count D, Mia's name has been "taken away." She can't remember it, and it won't register with her no matter how many times you tell her. Feel free to speak to her, but she'll probably ignore you if you address her directly.

ETA: Nicknames are out of the picture, too. So she won't be responding to "Chief", Phoenix-mun. :D))
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Since everyone is wearing jammies and nightgowns, why don't we all have a giant slumber party....of cuteness!

We can tell scary stories and stay up all night eating snacks and gossiping!!

Doesn't it sound like fun? Soooo, who's up for it?
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W-what is this. . .? Why am I-- oh, this is just FOOLISH! The pillows were one thing. . .

. . .But. . . why am I wearing-- . . . AUGH! FOOLISHLY FOOLISH ISLAND FULL OF FOOLISHLY FOOLISH PEOPLE WEARING FOOLISHLY FOOLISH PAJAMAS! THIS IS NONSENSE! Th-these aren't pajamas-- I've never worn anything like this to bed before! THIS IS TOMFOOLERY! Absolute TOMFOOLERY!

. . .

MR. PHOENIX WRIGHT, SOMEHOW, I PIN THE BLAME TO YOU! What have you done this time?!

][ So poor Franziska is stuck in the "pajamas" she's wearin' in the icon. Approach with caution~. ][
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... It'll be really difficult to watch anime on this island.

Wonder if there's a net signal around here. Then I could still torrent it or something.

And Comicket is coming up. I need to get home before then. :|

Maa, this place seems interesting, though. It looks like there's a cosplay event going on or something.

((ooc: OKAY be sure to read HERE before replying to this post. SO HERE'S KONATA, PLEASE ENJOY.))
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It's strange. When I first got here, it was just Prier and I. Then Croix appeared, and then... Sister Alouette. It's strange to see someone back from the dead. Except she's not, she doesn't know what happened, at all. She doesn't even know she's the Maiden of Light.

I think... we should tell her. That's what I told Prier. I don't want to lie and keep things from her. Sister Alouette already knows something is wrong, I think. She would probably be more upset if she found out by accident, then telling her the truth. But the question is how to tell her. We haven't quite figured that one out yet.

Meanwhile, we've been trying to plan to make our own hut and leave the library to new care. It's been a bit slow, but I think we're almost ready to start building.

Well, I think we have almost everything. Although, I'm still not sure how to do like we were thinking and put some of the metal from that ship on the roof, sis. Maybe someone around here has an idea how to attach it. Then if we can put wood on the top to muffle the sound... That would keep it from getting holes from the Island's... strange rain. Heh.

And um...


I'm just... wondering. Do... I... really look that much like... a... girl?

((As usual, italics are kinda Culotte's inner narration, lol. ^.^ and, yes, it's time to put an end to this girl business ;D ))
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...the weather is lovely today...

... the library like? I hear many... ...bad things...

A book..."Iliad," Faye says...I am curious.

[filtered from people that might shank the subject matter if they see it]

Rabi is okay...

Nill saw...him but...left fast...did not want to...get him hurt again...

...very glad...but..must keep it from...happening again...somehow...
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Um, Morita? Cerberus?

I… don't think we need to worry about preparing the takoyaki ourselves. I guess we can just help ourselves!

[[Mighty's found a bunch of these in the tide-pool near his camp mentioned here. Anyone can help themselves~!

Also, will tag later. Headed off to dinner.]]

[Dice 01]

May. 6th, 2007 07:49 pm
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Excuse me, I seem to have lost a person very close to me. He's a little taller than my shoulder, with black hair, a glove on his right hand, and eyes that seem to pierce into your soul, demanding that you buy him pizza without pineapple on it. It is very important that I find him.

You see, he and I have known one another since a very young age. Being the son of one of the live-in servants to my family, he and I have grown-up together and are now very close. When we matured, we both realized our budding affections for one another, but our relationship was denied by our respective parents, due to our class differences and the taboo of a gay relationship. When we persisted in our romantic pursuits of one another, we were thrown out of our families and forced to live on the streets, roaming from place to place, with only our love for each other to depend on.

So if you've seen him, I would appreciate it if you would please let me know immediately.

. . . Aaaah, and are these yellow berries safe to eat, by any chance?

((OoC: Noodle with her sixth character, Kubota Makoto from Wild Adapter. Might be slow as I get the hang of the voice. :D;;))
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...Oh my god I don't ever ever ever ever want to die again I had evil dreams of Yuu and his imaginary fanged vagina raping me WHY...




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Okay, public announcement. The library is closed, indefinitely. Until we clean up the porn.

Oh and for those who don't know, we know, the library contains porn, and no, there's nothing we can do about it. Stop asking, stop being surprised about it, stop letting it out.

And yes, you're all in it, with people you can't--- WHAT THE HELL IS ALOUETTE DOING WITH ECLAIR?! AND ANGELIQUE?! AND... wait who the hell is that one? Rosenqueen girl? And, me?!

Now that's just wrong...


I can't wait to move out!
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Who stocks the library here? I'd love to talk to you about this shelf of books in Japanese! It could use a better selection, really~

Also I want to know why there are comics 'starring' me.

[Okita has found the doujinshi section! Specifically, this comic. HijiOki, pretty much PWP. Feel free to find doujinshi of yourself -- or just WTF at the one he's holding.]


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