May. 2nd, 2007

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Hello everyoooooone. Welcome to another episode of "The Melancholy of the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi on an Island".

Oooooi Gin-saaan and Kagura... I guess... and everybody else. I've got a few questions for you:

Where are you two staying?

Do I get my own room?

Are we still going to do the Yorozuya things here?

Have you found the time machine?

Are we there yet?

Am I going to get paid?

When will you teach me the way of the samurai?

Why are there a lot of Shinsengumi here? Are they taking over the show?

Do we still have to pay rent? We're not gonna pay last year's rent!

This place is weird, I thought I heard Otsuu-chan sing "Omae no Tou-chan XX" but then it just ended up being a monkey being noisy... Speakin of Ootsu-chan, I received that postcard from the manager--!! AAAAAH I HAVE TO REPLY QUICK!

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Well, looks like my luck has finally run out!

This is going to be awkward.
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It's... very hot here... much warmer than anywhere in Ningenkai that I've been...

It might be my clothing and this heat, but I... feel a little dizzy...


((Hot and humid climate + Ice Maiden in a two-layered kimono= not a very good-feeling Yukina. There'll be a ten-foot radius around her in which the temperature will drop sharply, but that's just her body's way of trying to cool off and it'll cease soon enough but feel free to deal with it if your character feels like getting temporary frostbite?))
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...What the hell?

A hat? What the hell am I wear-

...I'm in glasses.

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...the only open spot in that square is there, so three is there, meaning... another postcard. I found it in a pile of ones that weren't picked up. It's from...from Alyssa and the rest of them. I don't know how they found me, or even if it's just another trick or not, but I don't care.

...Hn... )

Cindy wrote in bright pink, David didn't write much, and Jim was being a bit of a jerk again. Not surprising that they'd act that way... It's actually kind of comforting.

...if a seven went there, it couldn't be anywhere in
that square, so it has to be here...

I just feel kind of numb, like I went through a bad dream and all that's left is this dull memory. Like when you wake up frantic because you fell on glass in your dream, but a few minutes later, you're completely calm and maybe feel a bit silly. I've...I've always hated my mistakes. But now I guess I've realized that some good things can come out of bad things. I just...wish that I wasn't so...wasn't such a little child sometimes...

...only one left for that row is a two, but if a two is in that same column...

Wh-what!? I messed up? I was over halfway done with this puzzle! I don't want to start all over...

((Ahaha I suck and don't have the will to make even a crappy postcard. Also, orz characterization. But yes, she's now glaring at a Sudoku puzzle with several errors. Edit to elaborate: Italics outside of cut are thoughts, italics in quotation marks are words on the actual card.))
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Well isn't this a surprise.

. . . )

Yare yare.

((yeah so i admit this is crack. However there was no canon!Tokio to really fall back on so hah. :P Also he'll be shielding it from your eyes because no way in hell is he going to let you see that))

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"All the same," said the Scarecrow, "I shall ask for brains instead of a heart; for a fool would not know what to do with a heart if he had one."

"I shall take the heart," returned the Tin Woodman; "for brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world."

"I think you are wrong to want a heart. It makes most people unhappy. If you only knew it, you are in luck not to have a heart."

A brain or a heart~. Which is more important? If you believe in all the romantic fluff and emotional things, a heart is the way to go. But without a brain, you're basically useless. No point in living. ♥ The end.

... But they're all idiots. And Dorothy is annoying me.

[She's reading the copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that Ash gave to her.]
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Hmn, ever since I came here, I've been thinking a lot. My mind has been focusing at so many things at a time.


I hate that. I need something to distract me. Something to relax me.

Do any of you know where to find a cloth? Maybe some polish, too?

[Private|Hackable by anyone]

Dammit, I still don't believe I actually look good like this. How could such awkward looking bodies appeal to anyone at all?!...Then again, in a place where everyone looks like this...

Hmph. I just don't know. At least hardly anyone has made such claims, but...



I wonder what she'd think of this.

...Hmn, I'm not ready to find out. Not yet at least.


((Mood reads 'annoyed' to anyone who doesn't hack.))
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Oi oi, since when did ISLANDS rain MAIL? Tch, that's bullshit if you ask me... How the hell are all of you guys even accepting it as real?

Might as well look at what I got... I don't really care though... Oh, it's from Busujima. Well at least it's not from Showusei-san... Like this is even real.

Dear Commander,

I reaaaaally miss you~ It's been so LONG since you touched me last, I can't stand it.

Your Sweetie Bear Hanaka

PS: I'm not wearing any underwear~!

That's it...



((Hiwatari's got a postcard of a certain gas mask wearing loli clad in nothing but a bikini and a very... well it's a pose of a kind little girls shouldn't be making. Also he read that out loud. AND THIS IS ASSUMING HORRIBLY OOC POSTCARDS = OKAY?))
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But, there's a letter inside, maybe it's--


((DE-Bay... Demon E-Bay? I don't know.))
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So... if Mr. Clean does something "dirty", is he still Mr. Clean?

What, I'm bored. Indulge me.
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....She actually sent one...


She actually sent one. I-I-I...



I'll do my best, Anna...

For the two of us.

So. It's stopped raining mail.

((He's currently fingering his wife's postcard and emoing, so feel free to try and cheer him up.))
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((Rhyme does NOT refer to anyone in particular - but you can take it however you want. Credit should go to "The Jolly Postman"))

Once upon an Island morning,
Just after the sun had risen,
The Jolly Postman (him again!)
Came down the jolly road;
And in the bag upon his back,
An interesting load.

A postcard for you,
A postcard for even YOU.
An Onii-san in tears (such funny faces!),
An Island in bliss.
The Island Postman strikes again!
Bye-bye! Ta-Ta! Maybe again next time.

...Hahaha. I think I like this place! Really, just a few pieces of paper, and some people are so defensive about them. Why so mad?

Then again, why do some of you do anything at all? Why bother if you're already weak as it is, and can't win?

HAHAHAHAHA, I guess that's just bugs' stubborness for you
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Ugh what the head hurts like a motherfucker and I ain't had anythin' hard to drink in a while...

Just that stupid soda. It's got a real nasty ass after taste...dunno why I didn' notice it before or anythin'.

I did manage to meet some interestin' people though.

That one------.

Oh fuck no, please tell me this is a really bad fuckin' dream.


((Lol Reno just realized he slept with Cain after drinking the soda and being temporarily gay for a day ish. 8D He also hit on a few other guys.))
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Wandering star.
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... Rrr.

I am never ever going to try fishing again. Screw fish. Stupid things having to live in cold water... can't even use my guns on them... hm. I'm sticking to monkeys and birds when I get hungry.



... It can wait until after I find the damn hotsprings. Which are... somewhere around here. How am I supposed to know? I'm barely a foot tall right now. This. Is. Such a pain.


At least I won't get hassled by people pissed off about the Rabi thing. Albedo said those people wanted his stupid hammer... And Naoto doesn't know about this, so I don't have to deal with anyone stalking me.

But I can't keep track of her and Giovanni like this, either.


........... It'd be her own fault if he shoots her up. Not my problem.

((Italics= thoughts!))


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