Apr. 27th, 2007

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What the--

I could have sworn I was just fighting that little girl, but I don't recall doing that on an island. I suppose it could be someone's resort, but that doesn't explain what I'm doing here or how I got here. I don't have time for petty things like th--



I'm not going to ask why food and drink are falling from the sky. Or how or why I'm here. I wonder if those two are also here, though... ah, well. It looks like I won't be needing this scarf for awhile.

Has anyone seen a katana like the one I'm carryi-- !!

[OOC: She just got hit by a can of Mountain Mojo. First-time player Kia here, please be gentle with me. D: And say hello to Naoto~!]
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...Looks like I overdid the cat thing! But I didn't fall into a spring...How am I going to change back?

I need help!! DDDD: I'll never get my new doujinshi done at this rate!


((Thanks to epic Caturday, Renge has become an cat. Feel free to pet /o/~ doesn't bite, at least not yet. D:))
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I think it's a good time to say I kicked down a bunch of trees got some wood to build the new place. Because--


I think we should also go back to that zombie boat and get some metal for the roof, because if this happens again--


What the heck is this 'Mojo' thing anyway? I think I liked the flaming chickens better at least they------- THUD.

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Tulio! Tuuuulio~ Where are you, friend? Look, I know you're still a little angry, but is avoiding me really the way to go about it? I do have the map, after all!

...How did I end up back on the beach? Did we overshoot something? I'm looking at the map right here, and I'm certain he went down this trail... Oh dear. I hope I'm not lost... Ah, look Altivo! Lilacs! I didn't see any of these before, how interesting... Wait! No! I'm supposed to find Tulio! Where could he have gone?

Aha! I hear you in those bushes, Tulio! Now be a good boy, quit being upset and come out of there so we can continue onward. Our friend the sun only cooperates for so long, you know. I'll come over there and get you if I-

Eheheh... It's a monkey... Nice monkey, niiice-AHHHHHH! NO! GET OFF! GET OFF MY FACE!!

((Pari here, new cee, Miguel from Road to El Dorado. Yes, he is being attacked by a monkey, and Altivo is a white horse with a gray mane standing nearby. He doesn't bite anyone except Tulio, promise though he does sit when told.))


Apr. 27th, 2007 08:54 am
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Oh wooooooooooooooooooooow~!! :D There's candy and soda raining from the sky~!! This is so awesome, although a tad weird....

Hee hee, let's see how many I can get~






Ooooo, I can't hold them all!! Maybe if I eat some, I can lighten my load and get more! :D

Yummy, yummy, candy and soda~~Hmm hmm hmmmm~~


AAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!  ;______; Owwie, owwie, owwie~~~!!! My stomach!!! It...it.....WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! >___________<

((This post in a nutshell: Amy collected some of the cacholate and Mountain Mojo, consumed said items, and now has a killer stomach ache of epic proportions~ :D She's currently curled up in a fetal position near one of the coconut trees and crying her eyes out in PAAAAAAIN 8D; Any healers, doctors, vets....whatever, please help the poor girl ;.; ))

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Nill, I would like to speak with you. Have you got a moment to spare?

((yes, I do believe this post isn't filtered ;) ))
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Geez, who gave Mint the right to plan the menu? I swear she's plotting to make us all diabetic! Who's going to eat that...

I was going to the kitchen! Why's it look like the whale room in here? Chromier, you'd better have something to say about --


This can't be happening. I stayed up too late last night. Nothing's been going right since those lovebirds went running off to...

...That ditz! I'll get her for this, who else could have done this? Milfie! I know you're here somewhere! Ohh, when I find you...

...You're not Milfie.

AH HEY MONKEY GET OFF MY HEAD! That's it! HYA! Hmph, showed you! Don't ever mess with...

And just who are all of you people? Don't tell me I really am on that resort planet. Although I do need a vacation. It'd be nice to get a warning once in a while!

(Jisu here with second character Ranpha Franboise. Games, not anime. Feel free to bother.)
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A-am I dead? But where are the oni? Or Botan-san's friends? I thought Reikai would have more... er... clouds. But this place has sand and water and where did my friends go? This can't be the stadium, either! The wall was falling and I remember Kazuma-san saying my name, but after that, I can't... maybe this is a dream?

I would like it to be a dream...

... because I think I'm stuck in this tree and I can't fly like Puu can and the ground looks very very far away and there are funny things falling from the sky...


[OOC: Yep, Kia again with character numero dos... who happens to be stuck in a tree and on the verge of tears. Help an Ice Maiden out?]
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*digs in his sleeves a bit, pulls out a piece of paper*
Just found something the other day, didn't even remember I still had it. See, it's a picture my foster son Kouruyy drew years ago. Wasn't he talented?

Actually it's a portrait of a friend of mine who was visiting, Ukoku Sanzo...I don't think Kouryuu liked him very much for some reason...

((keeping shelter in Cloud's cave until it stops raining cans))
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Testing. Testing. One, two, three. Hey is this thing on? Wait, Duh!!

Ahum! Here we are live on Haruhara Haruko’s Nature Exploration in the vast lands of Australia! Aru? Hold it, hold it! We’re nowhere near there, are we? Damn scriptwriters. I wanted dibs on Hawaii. All I know is that Beautiful Beastmaster Haruko will have to fight tooth and nail in order to seek out the natives of this island of shattered hopes and broken dreams~ ♥♥♥

Oh~♪ It was so good, they had to send her back twice! Woe is me! Boo hoo! But turn that frown upside down, you krazy kooks of krackdom! Alas, there’s still hope within the depths of despair~♪ Don’t submit, but take a breather instead!!

And when all fails…



Apr. 27th, 2007 03:34 pm
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It's raining sweets! Hallelujah!
It's raining sweets! Lots of sweets!
I'm gonna go out to fly and get myself full
Absolutely happily full!
It's raining sweets! Hallelujah!
It's raining sweets! Tasty treats!
Soft, delicious chocolate
Dark and milk and white CACHOLATE!


Y'know what? Maybe stayin' here is perfectly okay, afterall. But Sakura, Tomoyo, and I really should get back to Tomoeda, but hey, they're safe and sound! Why, the island brought all this candy and soda, just for me! If this is what it's like everyday, it can't be all bad~ Right?

So let's enjoy it ASAP! CHOCOLATE FOR ME!

(OOC: Kero-chan is stuffing as many cacholate as his tiny body could handle, unaware that he's gonna turn into dub!Kero because said of it. Oh yeah, dub!Kero sounds like crap: click if you want your ears to bleed... and this is what Kero normally sounds like: omg kawaii! He's gonna start calling Sakura "SaKOOra" and Tomoyo "Madison", so yeah. Strikes are only visible if you're Sakura or Tomoyo.)
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Right, I know we're all excited about the chocolate and soda falling from the sky, whatever--you should know by now not to drink or eat things that just suddenly appear. But I've got something more important to talk to you about.

You may have noticed some fliers around the island as well. Hell, you've probably read them. I don't care. What I do want is for you to either destroy the ones you find, or bring them to me so I can take care of them. No questions, and I'm going to say this only once: I DID NOT WRITE IT.

That all cleared up then?

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Great. I -just- started getting used to the miles of sand here, now there's also miles of soda and candy from the sky! Not that I don't like to eat soda and candy, but it's not fun when it FALLS ON YOUR HEAD. 

*under a tree*

Whatever the hell 'Mountain Mojo' and 'cacholate' is. I ain't touching it. I don't trust food that falls from the sky, and everyone here has been warning me about traps. YOU CAN'T GET ME THAT EASILY!


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[Private // Hackable only to Suzaku]

Suzaku-san... can we talk now?
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Now that I'm out of those idiotic costumes. I should get back to work then. I don't know what the island's problem was. But last week just seemed like it was aganst me. Though, I have no idea if it can control the animals or not. Perhaps that monkey was only acting on it's own and I should probably be glad that it was a bath bomb and not it's fesses or something to that existent. As for that whole construction worker costume that I was in afterwards, I don't want to talk about it. Nor have I taken construction as a full time job thank you very much.

Since there are many new people since the last time I advertised, I suppose I should before I forget. I'm offering my services as what appears to be the only tailor of this island. If you wish to have clothing made or mended or tailored to your being, I'm located in the first floor of the inn. Everything is free of charge. You can also drop off your old clothes if they're too ripped or torn to be fixed and I can use them as material for other peoples clothes.
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Dear Die-ary.

I have found somewhere to live now. It seems there was an old shack which everyone seems to overlook near the beach. It does somewhat concern me that I can make out ancient paint which reads "777" on the door, and the red wall at the back is somewhat worrisome, but I'm certain it's just an odd coincidence.

There seems to be at least one other person on this island suffering from the Voices. Hopefully he will see through their lies and keep his humanity untainted. If not, I'm fully willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the fucking things from spreading.
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Well, so THAT was interesting. Got my shirt and kakugane back, so all's good in the world I guess. It was right when I needed it too, with all the cans that were falling from the sky a while ago. Had Silver Skin on the whole day- whew! It's been a while since I've done that. Ever since my duel with Kazuki-kun, actually. Bravo! Guess it doubles as an umbrella too, huh? So far that makes three uses besides for battle:

1. Sun shade
2. Umbrella
3. Coolness factor

And if I had to write a report for Showusei-san, I'd have to say that the experiment was successful, albeit with unforseen consequences, especially with one case. Luckily I'm unscathed, despite not having Silver Skin. So I'm all good to go, although I probably can't use "them" all as frequently as before.

Oh yes- note to self: find a surfboard.

((I'm going to be out most of tomorrow, so tags will come late and very slowly.))


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