Apr. 25th, 2007

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Aah, everyone! I'd like you attention for a few moments please!


If you see a gorilla-look-a-like walking around the island, PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR HIM because he's a stalker who steals underwear from women.

My sister, who he calls Otae-san does not look like this either:

Thank you. And now, I'm going to sing Otsuu-chan's "Omae no Tou-chan XX"... One, two, three--

...where did my microphone go?!

[ooc; June, I am not hotlinking :3]
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So I guess Fuu's here too, now. At least Loserville here won't be so bad if I actually know someone...

...okay yeah it'll be just as bad.

Do any of you morons happen to know where the hell I can find some shelter? I've been sleepin' on a freaking rock for the past while and it sucks royally.


Apr. 25th, 2007 10:25 am
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Why do I feel like I should be saying "byuuuun" all of a sudden?

I guess it's nothing to worry about. But there is another thing... I've been getting a lot of stares this morning. I don't think there's anything wrong with me... maybe I have something on my face?

(( EUPHIE'S FACE IS STUCK LIKE THAT NOW. somehow. She must have been making it at the monkeys too long-- *__* so she's going to be >:'ing the whole post (regardless of the icon I use), and when she talks she'll be :<> or something BUT YES /o/ stfu it makes sense rly

edit; IT BLINKS NOW *_____* ))
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Okay, I've seen a lot of stuff in the past couple of days I don't want to see ever again. Not that the island is going to listen to me, but it needed saying.

So, I was gonna go for a drive today, since I've got nothing better to do, but it looks like my bike is finally out of gas. Hey, um Momo, do you think you can find a way to get it working again that doesn't involve killing us all via gasoline rain?

...Also, um... whoever was the rabbit that was allergic to cats? Sorry, that was me.
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...I assure you, I haven't the faintest clue where that came from.
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Gin-chan, are we ever going to start up again? Shinpachi's wondering the same thing~. I mean you and me have been here for a few months now, and we still haven't done much of anything.

Huh...OI! Where did all that money go I picked up the other day?! I know I saved some! Sadaharu, you didn't eat it, did you? Ahh. I knew finding a bunch of money around the island was too good to be true!
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So Ojisan was looking for something fo breakfast this morning, right? Well, when I was walking back to the hut, I saw this... teddy bear thing drop something! The bear ran off but it dropped a whole thing of "Cuddles fabric softener"!

I figured, what the hell, all the stuff for penalty games was probably getting stiff being in my locker, so I took it down to a river and washed them with the stuff there! I even got my own clothes washed in it, though I had to change into something... Well, no one probably saw me wearing that!

Hahaha, this feels pretty good! ... Crap, I'm out of it! Oh well, at least I got everything I guess... ... I wonder if I should have let Kei-chan, Rena, and Shion use it before I used it all up...

Oh well!

((IF you do not know what Cuddles Fabric Softener is, watch this, just make sure your parents aren't in the room. ... Also, please no actual Mion rapeing. Predatorzing is fine though? O_O!))
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Ku kuu~ So now even Natsumi's here~ This just keeps getting more interesting, da ze~ Looks like it's only a matter of time before the others come here. That'll be fun, everyone back under one roof, only the roof being the barrier~

Though, I'd still like it better if I could really rebuild my lab once again. Not the crummy run-down one I built last time that I decided to tear down. Oh well~

Oi~ Giroro~ Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey~ God that sounded weird.
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WOW. There are so many people here, even those with magic! Gee, did they win a contest or something? Lots of money lying around, yup. I must've been chosen then! This island must be really popular. And not to mention tons and tons of delicious food! ALL FOR ME! MINE!

Oh wait-- Cerberus, focus! You must find Sakura and get here out of here as soon as possible. Hmmm, Sakura's aura is faint, but she's definitely here. I can feel it! Maybe if I ask these people, they'll help me locate her. They should be much helpful than the monkey-wannabes I've met before. Or if they have food, to give me some!

Okay, here I go~


(OOC: 'Sup y'all. This is Syao/Kallen-mun with her second muse. :D Italics are thoughts, so yeah. Have fun. ETA: Much coincidential amusement, as this post is exactly two months after Kallen first arrived. xD)
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Someone please explain to me why several monkeys saw it fit to shove coconuts down my shirt.

Wait, no, correction: Coconuts smothered in HOT GLUE. I mean ow, overkill! It doesn't burn anymore, but they're stuck. Stretching out a perfectly good shirt and bra, too... I caught one of the monkeys, though. Not sure how to deliver justice, short of killing it, but I'll keep it tied to that tree for now.

I'm almost afraid to try and remove the coconuts now. They're...going to leave a mark. A very big mark. On a very bad part. Water works, right? I'll have to use a lot of water at this rate...
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[[ooc; BECAUSE THE IDEA WAS TOO HILARIOUS TO PASS UP. So, Sora's still stuck as a lion, WHICH WAS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO DO THIS. For this post, Sora will reply only with cat macros that may or may not fit the situation. 8Db So um. Will probably get very image-heavy later on, so dial-up users beware? HAVE FUN. Oh and he got the yarn from Anemone which explains that first one lolol.
eta; yeah he's enacting the stuff in the macro too, in case anyone was confused. XD;;]]
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Greetings, civilians and friends alike. I'm looking for a woman by the name of Otae-san who is to be my wife in the near future. Here's a picture of her. Has anyone seen her?

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((IC-ly, Hijikata DOES love mayo, and yosh, that's mayo. So pic is very relevant XD :x))

Bitches better recognize.
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There are two types of talks we all get as older brothers. One's the annoying birds-and-the-bees talk, only with my Dad, it's much more graphic and mind-scarring. So let's not even go there, or don't blame me when I give you a Kurosaki sandwich in return for being a nosy idiot. Then there's the other talk about how as the older brother, you have to help your younger siblings and protect them, and all that stuff. I don't care if you believe in that or not, that's what I do, and I'll do what I can.

Then there's the third talk that's not really given, at least not with my Dad, since he's not exactly from this planet or even this galaxy (have yet to figure out which planet. Someone call me or drop him in a volcano if you do). But you know those typical over-achieving parents who pressure their kids too much to follow in their footsteps, blah blah earn money, and all that other annoying shit. Let your kids do what they want when they grow up, even if that sounds hokey as all hell. Those kinds of parents piss me off.

I'm pretty sure though, that nobody was expecting us to strip for money to get CLOTHES BACK. WHAT THE SHIT.

This weekend, needless to say, sucked. It sucked more than getting whacked in half and have to stuff your organs back.


Also, we do NOT speak of the incident on April Fool's day. YOU SAW NOTHING.

((April Fool's incident with Ichigo = he thought he was wearing clothes, but he was actually in his boxer-briefs. Result: Renge got him a Gintoki cosplay and he was in that for awhile.
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Well, so Kenshin and Kaoru are here. All these people from back home-it makes me feel a little bit better about being stuck here.

Speaking of people from home...

Let's just say that I NEVER EVER WANT A REPEAT OF THIS WEEKEND AGAIN. The other guys in costumes I could deal with, but Saitou in that-oh Kami, I'm SCARRED FOR LIFE! My eyes, my eyessssss-! WHY DID I JUST HAVE TO BE OUT AT THAT TIME?! WHY?!

If I had figured out what the money was for right then, I would've shoved it all at him just because! N-n-never a-again please...
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Mnn...why I thought accepting a drink at a bar was a good idea is beyond me. I think I was a little distracted, actually...

My head hurts, and I feel a little ill. Tired, in fact. I'm assuming this is normal, though I really didn't drink that much...

I drank a lot of water already. I heard from somewhere that helps. I'm not about to go dipping my head in it though. Besides I really can't survive being dry for too long. Mn, this feeling doesn't last very long, does it?

I let my mind wander too much yesterday. Natsumi...she's really here. I'm happy, but I'm really worried too...

...I should go to that oracle and get my belt back. I'll remember to do that soon.

((OOC: As manga canon dictates, Giroro is a lightweight, and those of you who missed Faye's post and need a heads up, he passed out in her bar after only drinking a little bit. He should be fine. A little pissy, but what's new in that department? 8D Also sorry for deleting this earlier. Was preventing Time Paradox. orz))
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Oi! Riku!

Let's do it! Right here, right now!
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This place provides surprisingly well for... an uncharted island.

The only thing I haven't been able to find here is a more comfortable change of clothes. Because, really, no one wants to be running around in a suit all the time. Except for Phoenix, apparently.

Though I'm sure I'll be able to find that eventually, too.

[Private//Hackable to everyone except the Phoenix Wright crew (especially Maya and Phoenix liek woah).]
... Is it selfish for me to want to stay here forever?
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A cup of coffee with someone would do me some good right now.

[ooc: I just realized, this muse is turning 1 YEAR OLD this May 4. OH MY GOD. And I'm getting a Naoto for a birthday gift? You all suck XDDD I want a Fuu dammit]
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... Thank I got out of those clothes... That is one experience I'D RATHER HAVE ERASED FROM MY MEMORY!!

Crap, and my notes are missing too. I just had those written out before that little clothing switch happened. Today's just not a good day, is it? Nothing good really ever comes from this place, does it? Geez...

...... I'm almost inclined to know where Meredy kept the deck of cards to play WHIS... Just something to rest my mind on.
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I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

...What the fuck is this? It's way too perky and...just...creepy.

I'm a blonde single girl in the fantasy world
Dress me up, take your time, I'm your dollie
You're my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky

...Hanky-panky? Also, what the hell is a "Barbie girl?" Actually, you know what? I don't even care. Just...someone get me something to plug my ears with.

You can touch, you can play
You can say I'm always yours, oooh whoa

Quickly, please?


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