Apr. 18th, 2007

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I fed bits of Giovanni to some dogs. That was fun.

If you're listening in on this, which I know you are, you needed my help. But you're probably not in the mood to care.

Interesting isn't it? I guess we know which one is 'master'.

((Uh yeah feel free to notice the mutilated and regenerating Giovanni a few feet away, who is like... all grossness/hacked up.))
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Okay, guys, let's just try to ignore the other losers here and enjoy the beach. Let's go get some pretzels-

...this isn't the beach. Where are the buildings and all that crap? I don't think we're in the right place- is that a monkey?

...where did this loser place come from? Jeez, does the conductor of the train even know where he's going anymore? I'm gonna go knock him around a bit-

Or I would, if the train wasn't gone... Pfeh. Stupid conductor left us here, huh? Whaddya think, guys?

...Rai? Fuu? Vivi?

Well, great. So not only am I on a loser beach, I'm on a loser beach alone? Well that's just wonderful.

Oh, wait. There might be other people here. Duh. Think a little, man, you're losing it and you've only been here for two minutes.

OI. Are there any other people here? COME OUT, YOU LOSERS! I'm Seifer, leader of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee, and I'm not gonna sit here alone forever!

...and my ice cream's melting, too. Just perfect.
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Someone must have dropped this in front of the cave I was staying in for the night? All are pizza boxes, with "Pizza Hut" printed at the flap of the box.

Does anyone own these? Or perhaps just claim it mine... Hmmm....
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Listen up!

Spike's a jackass.

That is all.
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And I didn't even need my pot, I never thought bashing somebody with a frying pan would work! Alright~

By the way, Rozy. That stew wasn't so bad for a beginner~
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[Locked to Kazuma, unhackable]

Kazuma. Come quickly. I've found something... interesting. I think it's how Mujou got here.
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Anyone interested with a ham sandwich?

[ooc: HUGE WARNING - Haine meat in the bread.]
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This country is very interesting. People seem to be able to change their species or gender with some water, and these strange soap balls changed some people's clothing. This is really rather intriguing.

And the library has some interesting material on the histories of other lands, worlds, and countries, but nothing on this one. I could spend quite a bit of time in there.


What is it, Hermes?

Are you still a traveler?

Of course I am. I've heard that there's some other islands that we can visit.

What is known about the other islands? I'd like to visit them if I could get a boat.

Also, if anyone is interested, I'll be putting in some time at the shooting range. I wouldn't mind company.

((Green text = Hermes the talking motorrad(cycle). Anyone can hear him.))
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So, just where are the coconut drinks with umbrellas in them I was promised?

A tropical island should have those, plus oh so much more~ We're very disappointed in the service here, aren't we? Hai hai, horrible service.

((ooc; Italics = Makin' the bunny plush talk.))
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... ... ...

This is a strange sight to wake up towards...

((Yeah, Kyosuke's in a bed, by the way. Er, have fun?))
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So I hear there are other Shinsengumi members here! ♥ I think I'd like to meet you~

Oh, and anyone else who happens to be hanging around here. ♥
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Ah ha ha, this is a little strange. I suddenly feel the overwhelming need to scowl at everyone and fire several well-aimed rounds at any wildlife that just happens to offend me by passing too close--

. . . Just kidding!

A-ah, in any case, I don't seem to be, er, myself-- and I suppose I don't really mind being Sanzo for a while, but ah, I can't see myself getting used to it. I don't suppose anyone would know some sort of cure? Would there even be a cure for a sudden change in appearance--?

. . . Ah, I'm beginning to get a headache. Do you suppose this is a symptom of nicotine withdrawal?

((OoC: Hakkai and Sanzo body switch is go~ We'll both be tagging and thread hopping here, so yus. :|b ))
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Getting tipsy and drunk with Salome and Marjoly the other day was not what I planned on doing... Wow, those two can. drink. A regular pair of drinking buddies. Kind of a scary thought.

Zetta's not back yet. Huh, guess little ol' Island is taking it's time on him...

It's scary... he died, just like I said he would, and on Friday the 13th, just like I said... But I was only yanking him around, I wasn't serious or anything... It's a coincidence, that's all. Just pure dumb luck I got it right. Yeah, keep telling myself that, and it's bound to be true....

So, then.. Salome, how ya holding up now?

((Those strikes don't exist to Salome))


Apr. 18th, 2007 05:39 pm
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I think... I've gotten away from him. After I get this stupid bullet out of my arm and my nose fixed I'm going to find him again and get him to tell me just what happened... Or at least show him the true power of the ultimate lifeform. Of course without Chaos Emeralds or even just a few rings, the point there is moot, but still...

Damn... If only I had had that DAMN fourth a Chaos Emerald, that wouldn't have happened... Faker, I'm coming after it again soon, so you'd better get ready.

((So after a fight with dog!Haine, Shadow's got a gunshot wound in his arm, his nose is broken and his face bloodied up, and overall he looks bad. Healers and vets plz? Also strike doesn't exist.))
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Oh. Oh, my.

Yes, I see now.

I knew there was something off here. I couldn't be sure, of course, since the spirit world is such a large place. After all, there is the possibility that I haven't been everywhere. That one old man (What was his name? I can't ever seem to remember...), he's been there for years, and even he hasn't been everywhere.

I should've known right off the bat. It's just so... so different from anywhere else I've ever been. And everything anyone had ever described to me, for that matter. I don't think anyone can blame me, though. After all... some things really are impossible.

I suppose that's not so anymore. (I really should tell Phoenix this story – proof that nothing's ever hopeless.)

Ahh... That breeze really does feel good. I hadn't realized how hard it is to appreciate things like that when the body isn't really yours.

Really, this isn't so bad. A nice view, a warm climate, a beautiful beach. There's got to be food somewhere – and if not, well... Been there, done that, right?

Now, first things first. Some food, some water, a shelter.

... and maybe a more suitable change of clothes.
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This might be a good place to look...There's tons of books here. It'll take forever, but I might as well go through them.

Digging, digging...nope, don't see- Wait a minute...!!! BOOK!

I finally found it! I should tie this thing to me or something.

... *scribble scribble* If you ever lose the book again, look in the LIBRARY first.

I feel kind of stupid now... Say, what's that pile of stuff over there? ...'Doujin'?

...What. The. CRAP?!


Apr. 18th, 2007 11:07 pm
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[On the side of a cave in the middle of the Spirit Forest are two notes, hastily written in charcoal]

To whoever finds this:

By the time you read this, me and Ryuhou'll be long gone. Where, I ain't exactly sure, but I think... I hope we found a way back to our world. Who the fuck knows, though--we might just end up on Crazy Fucking Island, or something; you never can tell. It's a chance, though, at least, and we both mean to take it.

To all our friends, sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye in person, but we don't know how long this...portal thing--or whatever the hell it is--will be here, and we didn't want to take a chance on missing it. Doc...Hanatarou...Samus...Giovanni... I don't know what to say to you guys... It was great knowing you--and who knows? Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime. Anyways...wish us luck.


to Ayase:
I know you said before that you wanted to stay here with Alfons...but maybe I should've told you about this anyways... I don't know. If you ever change your mind about wanting to go back, do me a favor, though, and don't. I have my reasons.

Be happy.


As Kazuma said, we'll be gone by the time you find this. I wish I could take some of you with us, but I don't think anyone but Alter users can survive the way we're going.

I've learned so much on this island, changed so much... I hope this stays with me where I'm going. I have to believe it will. At least Kazuma and I are going together.

To my friends: Cloud, Alfons, Dr. Tam, Keele, Samus... Orochimaru, if you're still here... I'll miss you all, and I'll take these memories with me. Goodbye, everyone. May you find your own ways home safely.


[[occurs after the events in this thread.]]


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