Apr. 16th, 2007

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[Filtered to those who bumped into him on Friday 13th]

I need to speak with you.


[Private - unhackable]

I lost control. I lost control. It infuriates me to know that the form that I held under my foot had come round to use me to cause chaos amongst the others.

...A curse is a curse after all. And one that I must get rid off.


I hear there is a spring of drowned man, any information on this is appreciated. Rammsteiner must not have been searching hard enough.
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Since everything came back it's become a lot quieter around here. Then again maybe people here aren't really that social and only come out in a major disaster like that...or whatever you want to call it. ARRRAG! Who knows...all I know is there's now nothing to do around here! Though granted there wasn't much to do around here before...but that's totally beside the point!

Also Saitou was it. I'll never forgive you for that stupid chocolate you gave me! Have you found anything else out about that guy who smells like sunflowers you were talking about a while back? If not, then that's fine. I've kinda given up all hope of ever finding the samurai that smells of sunflowers while I'm stuck here. AND TO MUGEN WHO WILL NO DOUBT OVER HEAR THIS, THAT DOESN'T MEAN THE SEARCH IS CALLED OFF! DON'T GO TELLING JIN THAT I'M NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE!
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Stupid island. I said cigarettes, not bubble gum. And what the hell is this...a nicotine patch?


((No cigarettes makes Faye a little testy--approach only if you have cigs--otherwise, no responsibility will be claimed for her actions.))
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Well, this is a rather unusual thing for me to do, but it did look fun to try. I came up with a Sudoku puzzle to solve. People know what Sudoku is, correct? That logic number-chart puzzle. Anyway, it took quite a long time to make a good one. I had to redo it over 50 times before I got anywhere near a good puzzle.

I wrote it down on the blank ends of library books, then ripped them out. Hopefully, that is acceptable, since the blank pages do not make the book any more useful. If anyone wants to solve one, I'll be happy to give you one.

Also, Hanako, I'll require one of your spare pots. I want to try cooking for once. If I'm going to be sitting around the place, I might as well do something constructive for a change. I'm utterly bored.

((Sudoku puzzle = horrendously easy to solve. Just say you solved it in five minutes or something if you're going for the puzzle))
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I'm not amused in the slightest. You would think after a few days the dress would come off...usually it does whenever I land in one. I know for a fact this isn't a curse. I wasn't near any water, and I woke up in it. Friday the 13th is far over, is it not? So...why would I still be in the suit this place imposed on me? If it's suggesting something, I highly refuse.

... ... I can't get it off. No matter how hard I try, no matter what I try to undo...nothing is coming off. And the wings flutter. Strange.

I ask kindly of the Island to please remove the dress, and to hand me my normal wardrobe. I cannot store poisons in this dress, for there are no pockets of a sort. I cannot even find my jacket. Please disregard any drawings in the sand. I became highly bored and decided to draw somewhat. I know I don't have the best artistic abilities...

... ... ...

Also, Muraki, if I may have a word...? I hope this works, madam. I haven't received your name, have I...

... ...

Still no Merryweather.

...I think she's gone for...good...

Great. At least Oscar will be happy.

[[ooc; There's a zipper in the back he can't see; thus thinks the dress is stuck on him. He can't reach it either, and it's located near the 'wings'. (They aren't real, but the move at random.) Oh and madam refers to Faye. >: GANBATTE CAIN-KUN~~~!!!. :Db ...er, anyway. Help him out, yus? >: Strikes are all legible. :D]]
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I never thought Natalia would be the next to show up here! It's bad luck on her part, but at least we can rest a little easier now that we have a healer around. We won't have to rely on the Colonel's medical knowledge for treating injuries anymore, either.

Aaah... but between two aristocrats, an especially lazy old man and a delicate young girl like me, we're still stuck when it comes to getting someone to do the really tough physical work--building and stuff... What a pain.

Ooh, come to think of it... It's a nice day today, isn't it?

Laharl~! Treasure hunting, treasure hunting! ♪ Today's all right, isn't it? Let's go!
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[Hackable only to those who know Noa very well... or they have AMAZING!HOWDIDYOUDOTHAT?! hacking skills... Good luck with that...] 
It's days like this that make me think back...
I was so... distant before I met Alfons and Edward. Feeling out of place even amongst my own people... I just wanted a place to call home.

Heh... my gift was my curse...
[ / END]

Me-e-e jee naowai yehey kats... keivaa...
Me-e-e jee naowai yehey kats... keivaa...

Keivaa... keivaa...
Keivaa... keivaa...

{{OOC: Noa at the moment is singing to herself. If anyone has seen the FMA movie, then you would know that this is the begging part of the gypsy song.}}
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Noooooo, how could this happen, this wasn't how it was suppo-- Argh!

Get, get those two away from me!!!

((Short post is short, but Redd got dunked into the Spring of the Drowned My Little Pony by Luki and Noki and is now trying to run away from the crazy duo. Oh and he can't talk))
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Mieu...Things have really been weird around here. Things got wet and then all the food went away...That wasn't nice of the island to make the food go away!

But everything seems to be okay now...I think. How is everyone doing, mieu?
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Ugh, Pops musta hit me hard on the head. Now I think I'm on an island or some shit like that. This sucks ass. Verg is prolly being ploughed through though, if I'm just knocked silly.

So! Crazy island hallucinations! Which way is it back to the real world? Or Spain? Either one works........Anytime now!

((Fountain of Youth strikes again!))
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Nights like this are really good for just thinking about things. Like, our friends and family back home... Do they even realize we're missing? And if they do, do you think they're looking at the same sky we are?

Something to ponder.

((Ema = lying on the ground and stargazing, woot.))
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Now see here, I'm a cripple.


((ooc: uh oh, House isn't very happy.... I mean, he's always bitter and all, but... Island, this is a new, different side of House.))
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I smell...I need a bath. There's some springs over there, so I could go bathe there. Yep, that sounds like a plan.

...Wait. There's something special about the springs. ...What was it? ... Ah well, I'll just check my-

Huh? Where- !!! Where is it?!



((Yes, Senri's lost his diary. He has a weird sort of amnesia. From what I can tell from canon, he uses the diary for some of his, but he can remember some stuff on his own. However, when he loses it, he forgets almost everything, save things like his name and the fact that he should have a diary. He even forgets the stuff he should be able to remember on his own. So, if you want to poke fun at the forgetful guy, feel free.))


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