Apr. 14th, 2007

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Today's been a fairly good day~~ I'm sure it will be quite interesting to see Gentoki meet Ichijo-kun!

...That gives me an idea for a doujinshi, let's see if I have any paper left--





WH-WH-WHAT IS THIS?! What happened to my yaoi--? My shonen-ai?? Wha...Wha...Island-sama,  how could you!?

((RENGE'S DOUJINSHI HAS ALL CHANGED TO TENTACLE/FUTA/horrible horrible etc HENTAI and she is utterly mortified. Poor fangirl. Also, Renge gave Ichigo some Gintoki cosplay because he was naked. :|b))
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((oh snap, Friday 13th has made wolf!Saitou gone batshit insane and will probably attack all people who cross his path! He's less susceptible to bullet wounds, and stronger at this point of time, but still feel free to pump him with lead. Just don't kill the guy T_T Once he snaps out of this, he WILL remember everything, so anything plotty is a go!))
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I am mightier than the god
The devil is my slave
More beautiful~ than the goddess
I put her face to shame~

Oh look at me, oh what do you see?
There's no one greater than me!
I'm the queen, the best you've seen
So wor-ship me!



Ah... it just isn't the same without my followers... I really do rather miss that trio of idiots. And even the nyankos. And my castle... and.. and...

And Keeldear~ ♥ Ooooh my dear, dear Keeldear~! How I missss yoooou~! So much! T_T The anniversary of his... his... p-passing is soon... ... ...

Oh! Huh, I finished this one. HOOHOHOHO~! These are surprisingly not bad... huhuhuh... hn... Would you like another, Salome-dear~? ♥

((After this and add this and need I explain more? XD;;;))
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Right, I can finally get this done now that...all that stupid stuff is over.

*locked to the women of the island--and gay/gay tendencies men*
Anise, and anyone else who wishes to learn the ways of catching the man of your dreams...or any man of your choosing, please step forward and we'll get started on those lessons. This is a one time opportunity, so don't hesitate because you're worried about their delicate feelings.
*end lock*

Mugen, I want my damn shirt back--you better not have eaten it, buddy. I've got yours right here.
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I can still touch cold water, so I guess that's not why I turned into a kid, again. Whatever it was, that was stupid. Sorry if the kid bugged anyone... At least my normal clothes are back, so there was some good out of this thing. And it did made me think... It's already been about a year since I came here, and I lost track of time between leaving home and coming here, so... I missed my seventeenth birthday, heck I might even be close to eighteen now. Shoot, how the heck did I miss this?

Come on, Culotte, the trees are back, lets start building. It'll count as a belated birthday present. The sooner were out of there the better! I don't want to have to look for people's missing underwear in there...

This reminds me, thanks for the food yesterday Marona, I was starving.

... and why do I have a blue wig again?
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Hm, I need to find a present for Prier. . . but what could I get her? I guess I'll have to think of something, and quick!!

Hm, also. . . urk. Maybe going to her party dressed like this wouldn't be the best thing to do. . .

][ xD Thanks to Faye, Maya's sorta' lookin' like when she channels Mia. . . just nix the huge boobz. Er, and facial changes. Just a bit of change to her clothing. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of any icons to promote this, so I just used one of her channelling Mia. Let's just pretend that's not Mia, and um. . . those aren't large knockers. :D; ][

A party?

Apr. 14th, 2007 07:01 pm
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Okay, now. We've all been here quite a time, unless you haven't, but that's unimportant. Anyways, I'm gonna have a little party for Prier at the shop. Anyone who wants to come, go ahead and come. She should enjoy it.

We'll be serving drinks, meat, some fruit, tacos, (thank you, kids for finding it) and other Island foods. Bring a gift and desingnated driver! And pancakes. Prier wants pancakes. Don't know why, but what the hell? Come on! Let's eat some food!

Man, I hope this popcorn cleans up good. I'm gonna enjoy it.
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So I have a crudely made, barely usable fishing pole, and I'm going to go fishing. Because fish are yummy. Anyone else want to come?
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...I think...


I think I have a tooth ache.


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