Apr. 8th, 2007

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Oh... Meredy is getting hungry... All the food that was saved is gone, all the fish are gone...

Why is the island doing this? Why? Why? Keele, do you know?

... Hopefully everything will be okay soon.


Apr. 8th, 2007 07:49 am
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- Caroline.
- Bernadette.
- Angeline.
- Yumeyume.
- LampyMarvin.


[ooc; list of people and their nicknames 8D
Caroline - Hiji.
Bernadette - I forgot who this is ):
Angeline - Cloud.
Yumeyume - Shion (although she really didn't give her real name :s)
Marvin - Mion (Although Morita met 'Mion' because Shion was dressed up as her and all that.
Also, Lulu isn't there because he helps Morita 8D]
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It's too bad that the Island has... decided to deny us any food today. But that's no reason to cancel the exploration trip into the caves.

So shall we start out?
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Urk -- what happened last night? Did I do it!? I must have. . . considering I just woke up and still feel like crap. Channelling really takes a toll on you, but. . . if it worked, then it's worth it!!

Hahahaha~ Did you enjoy your visitor, Kururu? I hope someone saw the whole thing to tell me what happened!
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[Private to the talking animals and animal-like aliens // Unhackable]

I have called this meeting because we are now looked up on as food, desu. This is probably due to the fact that all Pekopon animals and plants on this forsaken island except for us and some Pekopoinian pets have disappeared, desu! Because of this, we should take action, desu! I say the next time someone looks upon us as if we were some delicious cake or candy...WE FIGHT BACK, DESU! Even if you have no special powers or weapons, use whatever is available to you and your kind, use rocks if you have to, desu!

We shall survive this trying times and go through with Gunso-san's plans of invading this island before the rest of Pekopon, desu. You are either with me or against me, and you do not wish to know what happens to those who are aganst me, desu! Now who amongst you is with me, desu!


((Yes, he's in his Sgt. Tamama uniform. Strikes only visible to Kururu and Giroro.))
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Mmm... this reminds me of home, when we were between sponsorships. The inflation was so high, that we sometimes had to go without for a little while. It always aggravated my condition at the time, but there was nothing that could be done about it. When that happened, Miss Gracia, our landlady would bring us some of her soup and once or twice one of her pies. She was a wonderful cook. I wonder how she's doing.

Also, Edward had a special talent of always managing to get some money after a few days. I never knew how he did it. Edward, how did you manage that? You really came through for us several times. And I'm not sure if I properly thanked you.

Ah, at any rate, is there really no food to be found? Haube's been rather scared these last couple of days too. Has anyone been trying to eat him? I won't forgive you if you do.

And it's Easter, isn't it? Hmm. I feel like I should do something special, but without any food, it's rather difficult.

((Haube is Alfons's pet dove, for those who don't know. He's got a thing about birds. Feel free to claim an attempt on its life, even if you haven't played it. \o\))
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I'm me again! And I didn't have to... do that. I knew that fortune was just a stupid joke.

Now just bring the food back and get rid of that ridiculous curse and I'll really be happy.
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Well, happy birthday Roxasa. Sorry that this is... kind of a bad time to have your birthday on though. We could always have your party at another time? I don't know where Sora and Kairi are either, so... well, we can celebrate on our own with Laharl.

... We should try looking for some food first, I'm hungry.

[So, basically Riku is in possession of the only source of food that's not a pet. You can try eating her, taking her, whatever. BUT Riku will then have to beat the hell out of anyone who tries doing that since lol no one is going to eat Roxasa with him there.]
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Hmph. Well, at least the idiot humans haven't bothered to try and eat ME yet. Not that they could or anything. No one can catch my gear and me! NO ONE. Hm, although. . .

Private to self//hackable by anyone interested in theivery

Hmm, yes! I'll just lure the humans over to my obviously delicious self, beat them up, taunt them, and take whatever they have on them! Perfect! Hahahahaha~

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...Ah. Haven't eaten since the night before this happened. Granted, that detail wouldn't really affect me, but even then it doesn't matter. Woke up in my own body again, which is good, but I'm still a little dizzy... Hasn't even been that long. Doesn't help that the only water I found was sea water. I-it's a bad idea to even sip it, but I have to do something.

...S-some people are thinking of c-cannibalism? Eating others? Nn...they're already starting to turn into animals... Not that I blame anyone for being hungry, but people!? Oh God, I hate this place so much! I don't want to be eaten! I...don't want to go through this again... Feeling kinda weak. Might not be able to defend myself later on if this keeps up.

...F'anyone touches me, you're dead. I am not joking. I-I don't care if you're starving. I am NOT food! Do you people understand!?

((Yoko's a little manic and paranoid due to lack of food, and is more or less freaked out at certain 'solutions' to the problem. Note that she has a blunt weapon out and might react violently at first to your character, regardless of how well she knows them. Strikeouts legible to those who have some idea of what happened in the city.))
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Okay, okay. No one has had anything to eat for a day, and this is the second, right? That's not too bad~! We can all be... less than fine~! No need to... do anything drastic, right~? This is probably a test of endurance~!

Or maybe there still is something to eat, it's just underground now~! Does anyone have a shovel? Maybe we could dig out something if we all pitched in! That would be a good thing to do, right~?

... Right?

((Okay, Shion is worried and a tad desperate right now, but she won't attack out of nowhere, she has hope in her words. Unless you attack first, then you get taser'd.))

Page Five

Apr. 8th, 2007 04:12 pm
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Damn, I haven't had to actually eat anything in a while... What with being a book and all. And now that I actually HAVE a body, there isn't even any food around! My luck's been sucking more than usual lately, that's for sure.

What do vegetables even eat anyway? I mean, they are food, so wouldn't anything other than meat be cannibalism or something? Hah, not that it matters, it's not like there's any food left on this rock anywa--

... Oh crap.

((So, in a twist of fate, Zetta not ONLY one of the things he hates most, but one of the only food things left on island, that being a talking and walking corn on the cob. Be gentle with him kay? ♥))
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Already a day, and the trees and stuff still haven't come back. Guess I better post-pone the trip into those ruins until I get some grub in my stomach once this whole thing's over. I still have the key and all, so nothing to worry about there. Ugh, even I'm starting to get a little bit of a headache from all of this...

... Cream, you out there? Just stick close to me until this whole thing blows over, you got that? Faker, why don't you keep an eye out for any crazy hungry zombie people.
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I am unable to detect fauna-related organic matter within the circumference of this island. Extending my sensor range to the islands located nearby, I am still unable to detect any resources that could be considered edible and fit for human consumption. This includes all organic life in the ocean to a depth of approximately 500 meters.

Thus, the percentage probability of material that can be ingested for humans is currently 3.56%, as there are several animals present on this island, as well as two separate objects whose genetic makeup resemble that of plants.

It is advisable to remain indoors with a longterm source of fresh water, to avoid heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Doing otherwise will expend energy that could be used by vital organs.

((The two objects are Roxasa and Zetta.))
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Eeek... all the food here really is gone! I used Fly and I couldn't find anything to eat at all... ahhh, what's gonna happen now? I haven't had anything to eat in two days, and...--oh yeah! I-I still have the rest of the Clow Cards, so I can use Sweet to make candy! It'll be better than nothing! Release! Sweet!

... ... ...

It didn't work... hoeeeee, this isn't good... I bet Kero-chan is back at home right now, eating cakes and sweets. Kyaaaaa... I'm starting not to like this place like everyone else now... c-can Island-san really be this mean?
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This... is rather unsatisfactory.

Though I have my robe, all foilage and greenery have vanished... as a Nobody, I don't actually need to eat, but nonetheless... plants are my passion. And now they're gone.

Do not irk me, paltry Island. I do not believe you would like the results. Don't make me get the Flying Nobody Mobile.

((Basically Marluxia is just standing on the beach and ranting angrily to himself. Feel free to break him out of his reverie if you want, or just draw stuff on his face while he's busy ranting.))
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Hanako... there's still hunny in that pot of yours, right? Please say there is! I'm getting horribly famished without any food! you refusing me dinner does not help either D:

Okay, I should not panic. The average human can last a few days without food, so it should double for a demon. Right.. And there's still water, and you last longer on water alone then food alone. So... no panicking. Everything will be fine.

... Unless the food sources don't return at all...
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Click.  Click.  Sounds like death...

They won't take her.

Away, not River anymore.  Can't sleep... there's too much screaming.  They keep talking.  Talking.  They want her to talk back.  They're everywhere, everywhere.  When you think you're alone, they watch, they take you. 

Can't... she can't...

Don't-be-afraid.  Don't-be-afraid.  They say it but the words have no meaning. 

They're here... chaos.  Can't look.  Can't...


[[ooc: River has found herself a shiny gun taken from Sousuke.  No food and no drugs make River a little off-kilter in the brainpan... She can't quite differentiate between reality and hallucinations right now... so your chara may get shot and...  River doesn't miss.  She can shoot without even looking where you are... so um... proceed with caution.]]


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