Apr. 6th, 2007

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Damnit! I can't see Kagome or the well anywhere! I... can't smell her either... Gah, how could they just disapear?! This hasn't happened before!

This isn't Kagome's time, but it isn't the past either...

Keh, I don't like the smell of this place. Lots of humans, and... youkai!? None like I've smelled before.... Could Naraku have something to do wi---!!! Wait, I can't smell Naraku!


Alright, who the hell is in charge around here? I want answers, damnit!

((Ah ha XD Nalina with her 4th char... I said I was gonna app him. XDb Someone who should need no introduction. ^__^ He's got a big yellow backpack with him, cause he was carrying it for a certain someone when they hopped into the well and he ended up here.

Oh and let me know if he should be smelling youkai or anything else interesting. There's a lot of series here I don't know, so might not realize what he's talking to. ;D lol ))
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If anyone says a word about this I'll see to it that I'll kill them personally.

((Let's screw with Ishida even more shall well? Actually the idea of this was around since he ended up on the island. And regardless of the icon being Nanao, he still has has both bangs down as well as his normal, all but tighter, clothes.))
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Ah, Chicken-chan still hasn't hatched yet... And Piro-pin has been sitting on it for a while now. I wonder if you have to do some sort of special thing to make something hatch? They should have told me these things before they sent me. Maybe it's still a very young egg and has a bit longer to wait?

Or it might want both it's mama and mommy with it before it goes out. Piro-pin, we should find Nagato-san then, I'm sure she'd want to look after it too.

O-oh, it's almost Easter, isn't it? Should we paint it, hmm...

[She's still messing with the dinosaur egg. :|b]

Back Again!

Apr. 6th, 2007 04:53 pm
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Goddammit, what the hell am I doing back here again. It's like the bounties know to run this way so I get stuck here. And I'll have to deal with Jet's bitching again when I get back.

At least this time my ship isn't messed up.

Now what?

((Lance here, Spike's back! He remembers everything from before, generally, so \o\ ))


Apr. 6th, 2007 06:03 pm
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Oooh!! When I get my hands on those stupid little fairies, they're gonna be sorry they stole my Sea Salt Ice Cream! I paid for those! And I was nice enough to buy some for that old man Cid and the others, too! God! I'll show them that no one steals from the Great Ninja Yu--Hey wait a second...

Sand? Coconut trees? And water? What the--this isn't Radiant Garden! Where the heck am I? Hey, stupid fairies! This is a dumb joke! Ugh... okay, fine! I surrender! You can have my Sea-Salt Ice Cream! Now stop this stupid mirage thing and let me back to reality, if you would please!

... ... ... I'm waiting here! Hurry up already! Jeez...

(( HAY GAIZ WASUP. Anna here with her newest muse, Yuffie! Please note that this is Kingdom Hearts Yuffie and not Final Fantasy Yuffie, even if I'm using AC icons (KH!Yuffie lacks iconage. :<). She doesn't remember anyone from when I first started playing her back in the wee days of Island, nor will she ever, ever even know what the hell materia is. Have fun! ))
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Rrrrgh! I've never been so mad in my life! The worst part is I don't even know why I'm so pissed off! I think that's only making me even more angry.

That cake tasted horrible going down! Why I accepted it was beyond me! And after having such a great day yesterday I have a feeling today is gonna be a nightmare!

Augh, I can't stand it here! I just want to get back! Even living next to those Pekopon-ji was better than this place! At least there wasn't someone constantly in my face all the damn time! Why the hell do there have to be so many idiots and whack jobs here?!

Grrr...I may just stay in the base all day. I'm supposed to help that Odessa girl tomorrow, and I guess I'm going to stick to that, even if I really don't feel up to it right now. But it is tomorrow so...

Augh, nevermind. Just...everyone just leave me alone today. I don't wanna look at any of you right now!

((OOC: Backlash from the cake's side affects. Now Giroro's extremely angry and tense. Best not to bother him, but if you want to I won't stop you. Your funeral.))
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Alright, I think I've got everything on my end ready, so two weeks from yesterday~ That's thirteen days from now~

If anyone still wants to join in, by all means, ask and you're in~ We've already got a few people, and now that we've got a date we can start getting to work on setting it up and deciding who goes when and all of that~ However, if you want to join in, please do so within the next week, I'm afraid any later and it will be too late.

Oh... I've completely forgotten about them, but I really should get the rest of my clothes back, shouldn't uh? Mmm, Jean, I've gotten my dress back, so you can have what you gave me back as soon as you can get it...

... I really wish there were normal things around, like... pigs. Or maybe another cow stampede... I could cook one, but all I ever find are dingoes and monkeys...
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Fox person with the sad excuse of a plane. You're out of luck on repairs, da ze~ No materials for them. You're gonna be staying with us for a long time, da ze~~

Now then. To check the section again. Should still be in tip-top condition, da yo~ I could use a good read after all that. Even though I just messed up the propulsion system some~~~ Should also... check the base. Been a while since I left the Taichou to his own devices back then. Kuu~ I wonder if that Gunpla room is still there~

And, I should probably find another use of this form for trouble-making, da ze~ Ku ku ku kuuu~

((Strikes? You never even saw them D: They don't exist.))
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My...head fucking hurts.

.........what happened?

((He remembers nothing of the crack he was under, nor does he notice the words Bunny of Love and Happiness that have been scribbled mercilessly across his face courtesy of dealings with Misao.))
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. . .

All the plantlife used for my poisons/antidotes are no longer in residence, I see. How strange, though in this area it is often hard not to consider things not strange. Hmmm...how am I to make an antidote now? Oh dear...if someone does get a hold of the poison...

. . .

Let us all just hope that doesn't occur. Now, there isn't a sign of food, is there? ...Ritsuka, a-are you alright? Are you hungry? ...I am, sadly.

. . . I do hope this doesn't last too long. I do need to finish that antidote and obviously...it does not look like that shall happen.

Aha, at least the ocean does remain. A haunting remainder there is no escape, but it is...calming. A nice thing to fall asleep to. Better than the monkeys.

. . .

Merryweather, are you alright!? You're not hurt are you!? You didn't do anything foolish, have you?!

[[ooc; ...Big brother Cain senses are on. ;; He's being a worry wort on all of his friends... Strikes legible. ♥]]
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Grass...tree...flowers...gone. Just...sand.


Where did...grass and tree and flowers go?

C-Chii misses...them.
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It has been brought to my attention that I am, apparently, a crappy spirit medium. . . or as a certain someone put it, a "lowly" spirit medium. . .

. . .I couldn't even break this persons-- ugh. I just. . . I just need to train harder, that's all. . . right? I wonder if I could even channel a spirit anymore? Some head of the family I am. . .
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[Filtered from Suzaku]

It would appear as if my arrival here has been granted at an inopportune time. The very fact that I am here, however, shall only make--


. . .

It would also appear as if the majority of this island has just become barren. The timing here is impeccable.

[Private // Hackable by C.C.]

While I do admit, I haven't worn this in a long time, the fact that I woke up in it this morning make me rather curious as to what this island has in mind. I hardly see the point in making me wear this here.

I would make an attempt to stay out of sight to avoid the problems this will cause, but that seems near impossible due to what just happened.

(( ooc: Say hi to Zero kids! He was perched on a tree for a moment before it got SUCKED INTO THE GROUND--! So much for flashy entrances. Also, no recognizing him based on his voice or anything, it sounds different through the mask. :( ))
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This is really strange. All the plants and trees just completely disappeared. I can't even get anything to grow. I'm myself again, so there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to do this.

Everything looks so barren and empty. Like Xenotime, aside from Mr. Belshio's lemon trees. But that's changing.

It's annoying when this place decides to play with our alchemy like this. But I really shouldn't be surprised.

...Hey, where'd that pile of apples go?


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