Apr. 2nd, 2007

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~____~ I know I shouldn't care so much but...

DX The dingoes broke my laptop!!!!!! And my flower patch!!

Sure, it doesn't even work on this island, but...still!! Arrrgghhh....All the Kritikerfiles were in it!!

I like dingoes, yes. But when they dare touch my precious equipment and my flowers....

((Omi's in a pretty bad mood, yes. Dingo smacking time, yes. You might see some dead dingoes laying around here and there.))
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No fair! I'm flat-chested! The April Fools gods will pay for this!

This wierd sailor garbage I'm wearing is questionable, but at least i can run around in the rain now without the weight of damp feathers anymore...

whoa! fingers!

((Kazooie = schoolgirl human now... with wings.))
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...Has anyone seen a bow and a quiverfull of arrows? These aren't mine.


And I'd appreciate it if you could point me towards an unoccupied cave.

[Happy April Fool's day to you crazy people in the past..! Odessa's weapons have all been replaced with their Nerf equivalents. IT MAY BE CONTAGIOUS. Also she's kind of soaked and developing a cold, lol rain + no actual shelter yet.]
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Oh, Haaaine darling~. Look what I found~~~.

((Faye has found Haine's arm. Which means she found his watch as well.))
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I never thought I'd be so happy to see normal rain. I usually don't care for it much--it's cold, it messes up my hair and my clothes, and I usually get stuck staying indoors all day when it pours... But there are much worse things that could be falling from the sky! We should be looking on the bright side, after all.

Besides, some cool weather is a nice change from the constant heat and sun there's been since I arrived. It'll probably just go back to being hot when this is over. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts!

...But it would be nice to have an umbrella or something. I don't plan on staying cooped up inside, but I don't really want to get drenched, either~. Maybe Tokunaga can block the rain.
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Thank you, Edward, for helping me find the inn. I also found the library and did some reading. I couldn't find anything about the history of this country, but I did find some interesting things. Like this poem:

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

That's a nice poem, Kino. I see why you like it.

That's our three days, Hermes. Time to find our way out.

But everyone says there's no way out. And I can't run over the water.

We'll have to find out for ourselves.

((Yeah, that's the poem from the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings. I thought it'd suit Kino, since it's a traveling poem. G'head and tell her how wrong she is that she's trying to leave.))
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hah hah hah...

[private to Gintoki, Okita, and Hijikata // Unhackable]
About yesterday....

((pretend she like split a bolder in two...no matter how weird the 'WAAAAAHHHH-HAAAAAAAAAAA!' sounds...))
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[Private to self | Easily Hackable (and some of it possibly misinterperatable) by anyone]

Yesterday was one of the most eventful days I've had in a while. Even more eventful than most of the invasion plans Keroro has thought up.

First I lost my belt, and then I've...well, I've become cursed. I didn't think it would happen so soon. Then again, I was hoping to have left by now...

A lot of people are willing to help me find my belt. It seems Pekopon-ji are willing and eager to assist their enemies. Heh, I'll remember that. I sure hope someone spots it soon. A few people told me the monkeys eventually get sick of the things they steal and then drop them. I hope the same applies to my belt. I'm really sick of being out of it.

Then I met this very odd Pekopon-ji, who I later discovered was the murderer Maya was talking about. He was really...scary, actually. Hmn, speaking of Maya, I spent the night in a cave with her. She's actually a very nice girl. A bit troublesome, but I've known people who were much worse. At least I got a little sleep last night. I needed it.

I hope she doesn't mind me leaving her there. Like I said I have to find my belt, and I can't just stick around until the rain dies down. It seems like it's been raining for at least two days. Must be a monsoon season. Hope it clears up soon.

Mn, Tamama told me a man who calls him 'Margaret' is good at finding things people have lost. Who would have thought there would be so many weird Pekopon-ji with black hair? He's sort of hard to find.

Pheh, I've spent enough time reflecting. I promise I'm going to find my belt today. I can't get off track anymore.

((For the few of you concerned, if no one can locate the belt I'll probably just have it returned to him by tomorrow. The same ridiculous incident can't be funny forever, after all!))


Apr. 2nd, 2007 05:04 pm
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So the rain has stopped and I'm no longer a ferret. Also, River is here. These are both fortunate.

However, the state of the clinic is not so fortunate. It's riddled with bullets, flooded, and there's also pools of blood inside. I also doubt the structural integrity of the roof right now.

So, for the moment, the clinic is closed. But do still come to me if you have any need of medical attention. I've moved what supplies I've been able to save out of the clinic and I have them with me.

Kaazuma, I know you were one of the people that initially built it. If you or anyone else are willing to fix it, please do. River and I need somewhere to live.

Also, on an unrelated note, if anyone has or could make a pack of cards or a set of jacks I would be willing to trade what I can for it.

((Gio and Haine fought in the clinic. It's on the verge of collapse. |Db))
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Wow, that was a really good nap... I shouldn't have had such a big lunch, but there was so much left over and the fridge is brok- ... W-Wait a second... This isn't my house!

HELLO? ANYONE HEEEERE? Baa-chan? Kasai-san? Shion, I think something kidnapped us or some- Wait... Shion's gone too.

Okay kidnapper person, you don't know who you're messing with, I'm Sonozaki Mion, and I'm gonna be the boss of a whole village when I grow up, and that means you're really doomed, so tell me where I am right now or um... I'll pull your hair! Yeah! And then I'll kick you! Really really really hard!

((So. Most recent victim of the fountain of youth. Nuff said. :Db))
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First off, I don't appreciate being whisked off into an unknown place without my consent, but... I'm already here. So I'll say that as a reminder.

If somebody can direct me in the direction that leads out of here, that would be wonderful. I have other things I need to do.

[ 'sup guys, have a haruhi. \o\ ]
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Excuse me, but I have an announcement to make.

As some of you may have heard, yesterday was Sakura-chan's birthday. I was wondering if anyone wanted to help with a small birthday party for her? Hopefully it could be some time later in the week, if that isn't too much to ask. You don't have to bring gifts, just maybe food? Thank you!

And hopefully if you do come you're not camera shy; I'm going to be taping the entire thing~.
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Well, it seems that I've been planning so many things lately that I've lost track. It must be my age getting to me. Tsk, tsk, that is a sad thing. So, what have I been planning lately...?

Look for the monster in the forest. Check~ Since I believe the monster has disappeared.
Search for ghosts on the island. Check~
• Look for people willing to form an angry mob with me.
• Attack Dist with the angry mob.
• Open up a clinic ♥
• Find someone who can fix my robe.
• Have tea with that Russel fellow.
• Meet more people ♥
• Find Guy. I dislike explaining...
Find a way out of this place. This can wait.
• Look for a nice spot to build a small hut. Luke, Anise, Guy~ I will be needing your help with this, if that would be okay? The ground has become less comfortable, or I wonder if that's just my back.

I'm starting to ramble like an old man. Oh dear~
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Happy April fuckin' Fools day. Joke's over now, where are the cameras?

...Better yet, where the hell is my ride home?

Also, somebody tell the dingoes that my guitar case is a never food. My homework, on the other hand, they can have.

((Ro here with her newest charrie, Rail from RE:Play. Play nice! 8D))
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It's like... the number of stars...

...or the number of trees on the mountain...

...trees... mountain...

(OOC: kay, I fail at the world. Kano is back to normal for now, falling asleep and dragged home by Clark. Sorry, everyone, for redoing the same thing over and over.)
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Haine. Giovanni. The two of you are gonna clean up the mess you made in the clinic. Then you're gonna help me patch up the damage you did. This ain't a request. Oh, and if you start shooting the shit outta each other, I'm cracking your goddamn skulls together. If you just gotta fight, do what me and Ryuhou used to--take it to another fuckin' island. Or at least somewhere away from everybody else.
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Here kitty kitty... sheep. dog? A well-traveled breed. Don't make the little people angry. Come come, they're looking for you. Won't stop.  Won't hurt you. 


Little soul, big island.  Little soul is missed, tiny, but important.  If we stay it'll rain down on their brains.  Damaged.

Time to go.

End of his travels.


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