Mar. 25th, 2007

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W-why have I seen that same tree four times already? It's a nice tree, but... is it following me? Why would a tree follow me? Does it want the wish? M-maybe it thinks I'm a threat and will beat it to the top?

Am I lost? Piro-pin was k-kidnapped by a monkey earlier, and I was following him, so... I wonder how far everyone else got. Maybe I shouldn't have p-participated. But I sort of want that wish. Just a tiny bit. It would be nice, atleast.

Which way is north?
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I've been... taught how to play this game by someone. I beleive it was... Shien. You will state the following and I will tell you the results. If I remember correctly, the game is called... MASH...?

I suppose I could... try to socialize and 'play' it here. I don't think there will be a chance to create a new world here. If anyone is interested, please give me the following:

- Four names of people.
- Four random numbers.
- Four colours of your choice.
- Four modes of transportation.
- Four vacation spots (or... something...)
- Four ways of killing someone.
- Any number*

* -- this will not fall under the 'four random numbers' column.

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As enticing as the idea of a "free wish" is, I'm suspicious. There's gotta be a catch somewhere. I'm skeptical about there even being a wish.

Hn. At least there's a point to all the hiking and training now. Too bad the damn monkeys are being even more annoying than usual.
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Riku, Kairi, come on! A ton of people've already started and we haven't gotten anywhere yet! If we want that wish, we have to go now! I've got my map that Muhyo gave me a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure it's still fine since it has the volcano on it, so we're good! I think I have some recovery stuff too, in case something attacks us. Do you guys have anything?

[[ooc; GOGO OT3 POST. But like. Feel free to jump them or something. :|b]]
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Almost...I can see the volcano up ahead, and I mean closer than it was the last time I checked! I can get there in a few hours, I think! Probably by nightfall. And I...I've finally decided on my wish-

---! A swinging log? ...Oh come on! I don't need this! But where is it coming from, and how many-

OW! ...hit me that time...still alive, I think...Okay, I'll make sure I'm not too hurt, and then get back up and run. But what if there's bigger traps up ahead?

((Yep, she's a sitting duck right now. Do note that she has sticks with rocks on them homemade clubs to hit people with, though.))
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...damn monkeys everywhere. I'd kill 'em, but that seems a bit... cruel. Jade, you wanna do it?

Gotta keep pressing on, though. We gotta get that wish!

((ToA group post. Sorry for the lateness. ;_;))
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So this island is 'sentient being' that has kidnapped a mass number of random civilians, some of which do not even belong in the same time period, let alone world. And the only way home is to play according to the game set by said island, this coming in the form of a quest to reach the pink volcano in the distance.

How interesting.

Let's begin the track upwards shall we?
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Ok, let's analyze the facts. Scientifically.

~ The temperature is definitely more than 20 degrees warmer than my locale a few moments ago.
~ The flora and fauna are all dramatically different.
~ There is water.

Conclusion: I am not where I was before. Despite that, this is interesting! Is this meant to be an outdoor training exercise? I wonder if luminol spray works on the sand... It should, right? After all, sand is very sticky and almost solid when wet. Scientifically speaking, the blood stain would probably still be there unless the tide washed it away. Of course, any evidence in this climate would undoubtedly be damaged by the humidity. That and the monkeys I see milling about could cause some damage to any potential evidence. They seem to be examining me with a great deal of interest, though. I wonder if studying them could be scientific... Ah, are you offering me a banana? Scientifically speaking, this could be considered a friendship offering.

...Well! Note: When a monkey offers you a banana, don't take it unless you know for sure it's a banana.
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Yeah...after what happened last night, I think I'd be happy if I never saw another snake again. And Jean? Thank you. You probably saved my life with that.

Anyway, we've still got quite a way to go if we want to win that wish, and quite a bit of lost time to make up for! Let's get going, Jean! I really do want to meet all of your buddies in alchemist land!

Just...let's be careful this time. I have no desire whatsoever to end up in another pit. Especially if there are more snakes.
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Wh-What is this place? Where is it? Is heaven full of onigiri trees?

Who am I?

((Here's the deal folks, because obviously not enough things are happening on the island already *cough*, but! Faye's mind is right back to the state it was in when she was thawed out from her fifty year ice nap. Yep, she doesn't remember anything except that she was in a hospital until about five minutes ago.))
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Okay, so I kinda decided to help Lelouch-san and his friend with this commentary thing... except nothing's really happened. Besides that one spot where everyone started to run into traps or when things caught fire. But that's it, otherwise this has been pretty boring... at least from a spectators view.

Has anyone actually WON yet? I haven't been paying all of my attention to this, so I might have missed something. But I'm expecting there to be a giant, flashing sign popping up when someone wins, so I don't think anyone has.

Still though, I hope whoever wins doesn't try wishing we all die from disease or something bad like that, I happen to like living right now!
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Free! Freedom at last! Foolish BRAT! Thinking he could keep me, Marjoly, as his vassal. HA! Like a legendary witch wouldn't know how to use a dimensional gate. Hohohohoho~! Just had to wait for that annoying gatekeeper to go to the bathroom.

CROWDIA! GAO! MYAO! GET YOUR... b-behi.......

Eh~? W-wait, this is not Beauty Castle! W-ha? How?

EEEEEEUAAAAAAAGH! DAMNIT! I could NOT have made a mistake! My coordinates were perfect!


That gatekeeper! She... SHE KNEW! It's her fault I'm not home... Grrrrr! I must get away from here before that little brat tracks me down!

So... huhuhuh~ Any handsome young men around want to help a girl out with some directions, hmmm~?
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W-Well, I had planned on winning that race, but it appears in killing that demon tree I've made a bit of a fire~ It's nothing too big, I'm sure if we all work together it won't burn down the entire island~

Now I'll just- Wait... I really shouldn't have left that spellbook back at my cave, should I? My, I doubt making more fire would help put out the already existing one, would it? In any case, I can at least do- A-Ah, wait that wasn't supposed to happen!

Oh dear...

((SO DURR. Cierra killed a tree for Mikuru and it kinda spread. So now, er, some of the trees on the way to the volcano, or like, a lot of them, ARE ON MOTHERFUCKING FIRE!1!1!1!!!))
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A massive race. On this island. As if things couldn't get freakier. Morita-san, where did you wonder off to? You didn't get swept away by this madness, did you? That'd be troublesome. You're one of the only people on this island I can trust...

No wait, it's Morita-san I'm talking about. Get a hold of yourself, Mayama. Ha ha ha! Trusting Morita-san. That's a funny thought.

Now, I pray to all of you! Please do not trample me!!
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Jeez, what’s up with that? All I wanted to do was to ask those dingos for directions and then I got the most annoying responses! Like I remember one of ‘em saying “YOU'RE GONNA GET RAPED.” By who? And what’s rape anyway? And another mentioned something along the lines of me become someone’s female dog. Er, well, that’s what HE said anyway. Then another just flat out flicked me off. With his CLAW. Unforgivable!

For such a penalty, he got the biting of his life! I hope his kids feel that! And maybe his mother too! Huh! But that’s enough about those freaks. Just because I understand dingo speak doesn’t make me abnormal, right? Well, it could become useful in such a situation— Like for a good tip would be for some of you people should just learn to not mess with their territory. It’s just stupid to piss ‘em off. No matter how many guns, swords and strength you have in the world. Karma can easily kick your asses!

But on top of all of that! What pissed me off the most, was them mocking my dream! Like it was some universal joke! My dream of…

World domination.

That’s gonna come true, ya know! I don’t care who I have to take down to prove this! I already conquered a city, but that’s not enough! I gotta take over more!

And making some money on the side wouldn’t hurt either.

(( Er. So, if your character has high spiritual awareness, one with the force or whatever-- It's up to you if you want your character to feel a sample of the terrible forces residing inside this kid. ))
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A p-p-pit of glue! Nooooooooo! ARGH! Who did this, who dug this? The race, it's ruined... MY OUTFIT!

Somebody tell me I'm sleeping! YOU DINGO, GET ME OUT! THIS INSTANT!

((Interesting note: under pressure, Redd suddenly remembers how to be grammatical. LE GASP!))
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…where’d the barn go?

Hey, mom? The barn is… missing. What happened to-

…where’d the house go?

This isn’t right. Is this someone’s idea of a trick? But who could have done something like this? Turned the barn, my home, into… an island resort? That’s… different. If all of Smallville’s been affected, then maybe I’ll run across someone I know. Chloe might have an idea as to what exactly is going on.

Mom? Chloe? … …Lois, even?

…If anything, I’d be nice to know where I am. Maybe then I could sprint home. Can anyone out there help me?

I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore. 

((ooc:  So uh, Jen here with Clark Kent, Smallville version.  /o/  Play nice.  Or not.  And if for whatever reason your character would recognize him, feel free to mention it.  Italics = thoughts, strikes hackable if you squint real hard.))
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Okay, okay, this is getting really annoying. Logs, gunshots, giant flashes, forest fires! Marjoly What the hell is going around here? Just you wait until I get my hands on that---


Now we have to win this! At least there's no traps around here, so we should be safe. Yeah, no more traps. Yeah...

But, this is weird. Laharl never showed up, this isn't like him. I wonder if anything happened?

((Strikes are invisible for Culotte))


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