Mar. 19th, 2007

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So, this island's at it again, apparently. I'm not even gonna bother to ask what it is that the fucking rock has deemed worth celebrating.

I would, however, LOVE to know why my hair looks like a fucking glowstick. I swore to myself that my hair would never be green again after that stupid phase when I was a teenager... And why do I feel the urge to shout "Screw the rules!" all of a sudden?

[Private to Sasuke and Orochimaru]

If anyone asks, that didn't happen, alright?


((Yep she has green hair because I say so. Ph34r my lack of coloring skillz for the icon.))
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....everything looks so strange...

Has anyone seen Hikaru!?

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I have no idea what's been going on, or why it's been dark all day, or why my shirt looks blindingly purple...

... but is there an off switch somewhere? The flashing lights are giving me a headache...

[ oh look, I made a post \o\ at stupid o'clock even. owell whoo. ]
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First it gets dark, then I find myself wearing my Abyss Blue costume...? How amusing.

That everyone else is feeling as comfortable as I am right now! Although I don't think we can go on with our venture into the woods today~ Perhaps when the Island decides to give me my uniform back, we shall pursue with it~?
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.. I got a good reason why I was out. Really.

Also, what's with all the fucking glowsticks?
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The onigiri on the tree have lit up.


Katsushiro is here.

... Hn.
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When this happen? Been a while since I was at a rave. They tended to suck and usually ended having demons in them. Shoulda been woken up by this music. If I didn't snore like a dragon, that is Enougha that. LET'S ROCK!


Nevermind them, I'm off duty and they're weak anyways.

((Dante's dancing along with somma of these demons. They're weak and made of wood, so no problems. Also, they dance off the beat))
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Can You Dig It~ ♪

Oh! Today's a great day to throw your troubles away and party hard! TAKE IT TO THE MAX! We got the lights! We got the onimous darkness thing going, but we're here to get down with our bad selves!

Truthfully! We can't let a day like this go to waste! For there's so much in life that can pass us by! OH SNAP! Where's that trippin' roomie of mine?! We gotta throw down on the dancefloor!

((Aha, SO. Renton's finally lost it and gotten a dose of the island's crack-- In the form of an afro and a soul full of boogie! Party on. :|b))
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The sun hasn't come up, despite the fact that it should be up by now, and my hair seems to be - glowing?

....Looks like the Island's up to something once again. Oh dear.
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. . .Why is this foolishly foolish island of tomfoolery so foolishly dark?! I can't concentrate on anything with this insanity! How DARE you not let the sun up for I, Franziska von Karma!

. . .Although, these glowsticks will use as excellent projectiles. I wonder if they will stick to Mr. Phoenix Wright's hair?
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I look like goddamn Brilliant Dynamites Neon. Even my shoes glow. Thanks island. Really.

What is this supposed to be, some kinda party? I'm afraid to ask what it's even for. If anyone needs me, I'll be over here tryin' to ignore this... music. I know music, and this? This is not music. It's noise.

Oh. Meant to ask... Hey Kitten, how ya doin'?

((Middie is in a white suit and a pink shirt so... he's very glowy. And for those of you who don't know Trigun, Brilliant Dynamites Neon is this guy. What, I know my canon is on crack. Don't look at me that way.))
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No matter how long I stay here, I don't think I'll ever get used to the island suddenly springing things on us like this. And I definitely don't understand the reasons behind any of this. It's so hard to see now that everything's dark! At least some things have lit up, so that helps a little, but...

Why did Roxasa have to be one of them?

(( For you new people! Roxasa is a coconut that Sora, Riku, and Kairi found and adopted, and they're convinced that she's a real baby and will no u anyone who says otherwise. At the moment, she's turned into something resembling a disco ball.))
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[Filtered from Haine and Giovanni]
I'm not sure how many people know what Haine's circumstances are, but this place can be considered a kind of new beginning. If anyone would like to try to help him overcome what's been done to him, please step forward and offer any ideas.

I believe this is at least worth a try, and if we've left our homes, we should also try to leave some of the problems and issues behind as well. This could be an opportunity to change some things that just aren't right.

So, any volunteers?
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Well..this is certainly interesting. A rave party, ne? It's been quite a while since I've been to one. I guess, it's a good time to rest and party. Although, it kinda takes some time until your eyes get used to dark...

((Nevermind he's underage. >> He'll be drinking some coconuts. DRINKING CONTEST?!))
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Ku ku kuuu~ It's just like a regular techno spot, what with the glow stick raving, da ze~ Now this is my idea of a good time, da ze~ Now we just need a decent disco song, so I can bust out the afro again, da ze~ Ku ku kuuu~

The island sure has been busy these past few days, da ze~ Quite a few holidays, apparently.


I hope you all liked my performance of a Mahou Shojou, da ze~ Kururuko isn't coming back for quite a while, da ze~ KUUUUUU ku ku ku ku kuuu~
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There is a high probability that these glowing devices are explosive! I have discovered multiple, possibly deadly groups of them!

Do not, I repeat, do NOT approach these arrangements! If you spot one, do not attempt to dismantle it or move it! Inform me immediately and I will dispose of it properly! There is no reason to be an hero!

Please remember, I am a professional. I know how to handle situations such as this.


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