Mar. 15th, 2007

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I think I should come out of the clinic every once in a while. I start to feel like I'm out of the loop when I stay in there too much.

More importantly, though, if there is anyone with lingering wounds after the escapade the other day, pleas come see me. Even something small, if left alone in this environment, could develop an infection. And that would make living here all the more unpleasant.

After a certain amount of time here, a person becomes accustomed to the eccentricities and insanities that the residents bring with them, and this island inflicts on us. It's almost impossible to go any specific distance without the wildlife attempting harm, or coming across springs that would change you to... undesirable forms.

I can't believe I'm actually mentioning that with a straight face. Kaylee, Inara, I think I've lost it.

Or perhaps not, maybe I'm making too much of it.

...Or maybe I spoke too soon.

There are eyes in that bush...

((Simon has a monkey watching him from a bush... PREDATORZ?))
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If you're female, keep a distance of at least five feet away from me. Simon's idea is stupid and this is as far as I'm going. Even mentioning this is a bad idea.

... Nill, do you want to take the boat out onto the lake?

((Strikes aren't really there.))
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I can't believe that all those ingredients were actually growing in trees. The super-heated baking rocks were a bit of a surprise too. Especially sitting on the one painted with '400' D: But, it doesn't matter. It may be a day late, and not really of particular significance to you, Maya, but I made you something for White Day.

((Yes, Super-heated baking rocks. Each is painted with the equivalent pre-heat temperature. Kawachi-mun, you're welcome.))
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These past couple of days have been rather dreary. It's easy to get tired of seeing the same scenery day after day after day. The same tree, replicated a thousand times over; the same rock, appearing in only a slight variation over the next dune- I'm starting to feel bored. I wonder if this is the same as how Lloyd felt all throughout those seals...?

I need to find something to do...suggestions?
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Ha ha, has it really been over a month since I've arrived? And a month since Valentine's Day, it looks like! I suppose it's true what they say about time flying by you~.

In any case, I meant to ask this some time ago, after I had arrived, but certain, ah, events and situations prevented me from doing so. In any case, now that the island's current environment -- ah, should I add "climate" and weather to that, as well? -- is a bit more permitting of allowing me the privilege of socializing at large, rather than confining me to a certain location, or leaving me without the memory of a few days (It seems I missed the dinosaurs, for example!), I would like to pose a query for those of you that are here, mostly for research purposes -- but it would be dishonest if I didn't admit this is also for my own interest and to satisfy my curiosity.

To put it briefly, I have a question for you all, should you feel comfortable with answering.

How is it that you arrived here? That is, what were you doing before you arrived? Obviously we all found ourselves here in what seems like a very random grab bag fashion, if you will. Perhaps our actions before our arrivals are what triggered our appearance on this strange island. Is it possible that we were performing some action that the island considered to be our way of saying that we were receptive to the idea of an all expenses paid trip to-- wherever this place is? It could be that the island assumed we looked bored and sought to relieve us of that boredom, by any means necessary.

Ah. . . and on a completely different note -- I apologize for being late about this, but I suppose the sentiment behind White Day should still be honored, shouldn't it? Suzumiya-san, Nagato-san, Asahina-san, and Tsuruya-san, I've gathered some flowers for you in lieu of chocolates. After all, I doubt that any of us truly trusts anything that shouldn't be produced naturally. Kyon-kun, I would offer you something as well, but I'm afraid the sentiment behind today doesn't quite encourage that. I do apologize if you feel left out, ha ha~!
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They're out to get me, I know it. Those monkeys are out to kill me. I can see it in their beady little eyes. They're plotting something. That's why this coconut nearly hit me in the head. They were trying to knock me out so that they could stab me to death! Well, it's not going to work!


((The Ides of March~ What would they be without a conspiracy to kill someone...or in this case, a really stupid conspiracy theory?))
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Alright, so I've slept all night and all day. Interesting. And my head is killing me. And I'm hungry.

...Ed, don't think I don't see you out there.

I think their names were Zack and Hakkai, but those two guys that helped me, I really don't remember if I said this then, but thanks.

If anyone else was worried, I'm okay. And I'll be better once I go for a walk.

Did that fire ever get put out?
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Have any of you ever known a person who has a personality that is disagreeable, yet you cannot help but think a nice side lies underneath it all that they attempt to hide?

I find myself dealing with such a person. Can anyone give me advice on this matter? I just wish I could find a way to make him them happy...

In any event, I went on a small journey the past few days, an exploration of the rest of Island-san, if you will. It is much of the same, so I was slightly disappointed, yet relieved at the same time.

Nevertheless, I wish to go again sometime. Would anyone like to accompany me? I grow rather bored and lethargic these days.
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Rena hasn't seen Keiichi-kun since we finished our bamboo duel. Did he forget about the penalty game, I wonder, I wonder~? I hope not. Even if Rena doesn't like losing, she was looking forward to wearing a cute outfit...

Also, if Rena has been able to keep track of the days properly, yesterday was White Day. Has Keiichi-kun forgotten about that too, I wonder?
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If anyone fucking says anything, I will personally make sure that you never see daylight again.

...goddamn island.

((ooc: Yes, it's Sanzo stuck in a penguin suit, just like the icon. Go ahead and make fun of him, since all he has is his fan and therefore cannot shoot you in the head like he would prefer.))
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After my lovely survey, it has dawned upon me that there IS potential for meetings amongst those who enjoy killing, maiming, impaling, disemboweling, dismemberment, beheading, shooting people in the face, punching, kicking, poisoning, and general all around killing!

However! I find myself bored! There are only so many things one can ponder how to kill a person before he begins to gain the desire to do it! It creeps up on you like a predator stalking it's prey! You are minding your own business, enjoying the quiet, dull day, when out of nowhere you find yourself clubbed from behind! Next thing you know you wake up next to a stranger, naked, used, dressed in strange kinky clothes and asking for a cigarette or screaming bloody murder!

Ah, but my mind wanders! It drifts unto the unknown per the usual! Hahaha, why, I wonder if anyone has ever experienced such a thing here? Perhaps they were the predator instead? Going by my lovely survey from before, it would not come as a surprise!

But, that is beside the point! I have came up with a lovely idea! Yes, a way to entertain the masses on this dull night where nothing is occurring!

A game, if you will! A simple word one! I shall say a word, you reply with the first thing that comes to your mind! I shall in turn do the same for your word, thus, a cycle is born! A limitless one wherein there are many possible outcomes! If you feel like being an anti-social grump and not making proper conversation and just taking part in the game, feel free to do that as well! I don't care really! But do entertain me, less I may entertain myself by violating the sanctity of some poor souls mind!

Now then, allow me to provide a word you can all reply to with ease!

Island! I expect unique and interesting answers from all of you! Hahahaha!
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Oh my, oh my~ Everyone is bored already~? That's no good at all~ You all should learn to make the most out of a simple bland thing~ Like the saying goes~ "Turn your bummer--" You know what, never mind that...

Anyway~ Try making a game out of some everyday chore~ Like, if you're out finding food, try to see how many monkeys are humping~ Or perhaps try writing cryptic messages likes aliens do~ Or even the ever so popular "Make the head count skyrocket" game, where you have to try and chop off as many heads as humanly (or inhumanly) possible~ When you're done with the heads, give me one for a prediction! See? It all works out for both parties!

Or you could just sit on the sand, trying to count how many grains there are, but I'd like to think that no one is that bored out of their mind.

Oh, here's another good idea~ How about you play a rousing game of Tag with Luki and Noki~? That'd definitely be fun, wouldn't it Luki? Noki?
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I am drenched. A moment ago I was resting by the riverside, I rolled over...

...And I am here.

This is a beach, not the riverside. It doesn't seem entirely logical that I would end up here, unless I'm...dreaming? No, that's silly, I'm awake.

This doesn't feel quite right.

A-at any rate, I need to get dry. There seems to be civilization nearby. I hear noise and...there are various objects scattered around. The wisest course of action would be to determine my location.

Ah, my belongings...Sensei's--my sword, too--eh?

I don't recall bringing two bowls of rice with me...

--! Hey, you dogs, get away from that!

((Two dingos are sniffing at the rice bowls. He's attempting to shoo them away.))


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