Mar. 11th, 2007

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While I suppose getting used to the island is nice and all, Cheese-kun, even amusing as long as there is no food poisoning we grow restless with time, don't we? I know you hear it calling, yes, I also feel the same. The root of our existence. Is it here somewhere? One would think that when the population exploded, someone would've brought it. Ah, but you're an enduring little fellow, aren't you, Cheese-kun? So long from your source and still going strong.

I'm hungry again.

phew u_u

Mar. 11th, 2007 12:45 am
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Heh, finally, my work paid off. I guess these two big shells are enough to be an oven. I got some yeast, flour, sugar and some other ingredients from the trees... and... well, everything else.

All I have to do now is make a fire.

How do I do that...

Nanyate, why didn't I figure this out before collecting my ingredients!
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There have been quite a bit of new arrivals in the recent weeks, so I would like to inform you all that there is a clinic here on this island. My name is Dr. Simon Tam, I am a trauma surgeon by training, and I have a lot of experience with gunshots and stab wounds, among other things that some of you can inflict on one another.

Also, if there are any other members of the medical community here aside from myself and Dr. Reid, it would be best if we were aware of one another's specialties. Also, anyone that could be considered a "healer" coming forward would be appreciated.

Someone was talking before about this place having no bearing on logic or science. Chaos seems to reign here, and there is no logic to it. The only thing we have in our favor is that most effects of this island are temporary.

Inara, are you doing alright? It's been some time since we spoke with one another. I haven't seen Mal in a while either, he probably found his way off somehow, or was viciously killed by some of the other inhabitants. If he found a way out it would have been nice if he'd brought us with him.

((A dual purpose post: So that chars know that there's a clinic if they didn't before, and so that new muns know. I'm Lance, I can be found on AIM at lanceluver012, or feel free to poke me in a Russel, Havoc, Alfons, or Yankumi thread if you need Simon to do his doctoring thing. It's not bothering me, rly. And I don't bite....hard.))
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After recent events, and with my investigation, I believe my theory is too full of holes to be supported, so I suppose for now I'll go with 'malevolent force of nature'.

Where is this 'inn' I've heard people talking about...? I'm really quite tired of sleeping in caves.
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Gah.. Now there's something I'd never thought happen to me... Getting lost in a forest is not on top of my To-Do lists. You'd think The Forest of Temptation was on the top of those "Getting lost easy" forest areas.

One of the strangest creatures live in that forest as well. I would swear there were tons of spirits, but... That's impossible, right? Only ghost monsters and zombies actually exist, not physical manifestations of actual spirits. Unfortunately, I didn't have any Magic Lens on me, so I couldn't actually tell. I hate intuition...

Ahh... I need to rest...
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I believe machines are able to change the world through positive means.

Even if a world was slowly dying, as long as those who live in it do their bests and fight until the end everything will turn out okay, won't it? I believe it can, even if it means having to work against all odds.

Someone once told me that even if I were to dig up all of the machines in my world, they would only be used to destroy ourselves. We would bicker and fight and use these machines for bad... There was once a beautiful city full of machines, but the people were not happy and ended up fighting each other. To stop this, the world and its machines were covered in sand to protect the children living there.

I do not think we need to be protected from ourselves. We should choose our own paths, and hopefully learn more our world and what we're capable of doing. In the end, I believe the human will is the strongest force in the whole universe. It can change, create, and destroy... but it never burns out. Isn't it wonderful?


... Well, whatever. In any case, I made some elemental magic shells and bullets~! ♥ I know Mister Rudy and Lady were looking for some... I currently was able to make fire and ice rounds for different types of weapons. If anyone has any gun parts they'd like me to look over or infuse, I'd be glad to help! ...Not like I can stop you from doing whatever you do with those things. Anyway, fire shells can make things to BOOM! Ice shells make things go FREEZE! It's great for taking care of pesky animals or monsters. Come get them while they're still fresh~! ♥
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So far, this island is pretty nice! I managed to trade the tea for some chocolate, and I'm going to sit here on this rock and munch on one of the bars. Yeah, and savor every bite...yummy...if Aoshi-sama was here, I'd give him the other bar.

And then this nice man told me I didn't look like a kid! Score one for Misao! Hah! If Okon or Omasu ever show up, boy am I going to tell THEM.

I've still got that tea tray, so if anyone wants it, I'll gladly give it to them.
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I should probably try to find someplace other than a ditch to stay in. I think some kind of centipede tried to crawl up my pant leg last night. N-not a fun experience...

And speaking of cl-clothes...

Is this a normal thing? I haven't seen anyone else complain about complete changes in clothing, especially into...this. I woke up and my old ones were replaced...A-and my dress is missing, too! It's probably another Island trick, but it's a really mean one! I really, really hope it won't last much longer.

((Decided to go with my plan to put her in a bunny suit much like the one Cindy wears as a bonus outfit (link is worksafe except maybe for lol bunny outfit), and she's currently hiding behind a tree and trying to pull down a palm leaf to cover herself with. Ignore the clothes in the icons kthx.))
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The water's so warm! It feels really really nice!

Mieu! Mieu, mieu, mieu...
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Orochimaru. I found this purple... thing in our cave. I believe it's Cain's. Where are you? I want training. Now.
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... Either that guy can run faster than I gave him credit for, or something is definitely very fucking wrong here.

Tch. Guess there's no point in stating the obvious that this isn't Edo anymore, since no way this is part of the landscape. Not even a trap by any of those terrorist factions either. Doesn't look like it's that sadistic bastard's way of trying to kill me, since he'd just use a bazooka aimed at my head.

This better not be one of Kondo-san's or whoever's weird ways of telling me I need a vacation. I have a job to do, and if other people feel like relaxing all the time, that's their business, and not mine. Not like I care about those things. Not saying a break every once in awhile is bad either, but no way do I want to get stuck on some freak-looking island with a bunch of strangers that don't really concern me.


BUT WHAT THE HELL IS STILL GOING ON HERE?! At this rate, I'll end up being late for my drama at 4 pm, too. Goddamn annoying day is just not going right. And if I'm stuck here any longer, my mayonnaise supply would run out, then someone's going to pay extremely HEAVILY for this stupid juvenile prank. THIS sword is not for show and just sharpened.

At least if a certain white-haired idiot's not here, I can enjoy some kind of peace.

((Sephy here with 6th character, Hijikata Toushirou from Gintama :x He's ...violent and slightly special. Like all Shounen JUMP characters, obviously))
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Ah, what a great day. Granted, Prier's weird behaviour yesterday made sure the day started later than it should, and I'm sure I saw her flying but from there, it was almost perfect. Not only did I manage to escape from a misunderstanding in my relationship with Maya, but we actually kissed. She didn't have the same hesitant, halting 'I don't want to be here' that Narusegawa did. And now, there's no better end to the day than a nice, refreshing dip in a hot spring.

Huh? Hey, what are all these monkeys doing? Hey! Don't grab that! Huh? No, not there, that's one of the...

Great. Well, at least I'm still human.

((After I finally found some pictures of Ema Maeda, Keitaro has at last taken the dip into the Drowned Girl Hotspring. Also, strikes are not visible.))


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