Mar. 9th, 2007

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I... I've been having strange dreams l-lately...

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Finally! After searching far and wide for days, I've finally gotten enough food for a feast! This going to be great! I found a bunch of chickens out in the woods, so they're now drumsticks. ♥ And there's some cooked crab, a fruit bowl, and some great veggies to go along with the meat! Not too bad, if I don't say so myself~! It's too bad I had to go and get all of this stuff by myself. There should be someone to make this stuff for me.. I shouldn't have to do it myself, haven't you all ever heard of something called a resturant?

Eh, but that doesn't matter! All that matters is that I have some grrat food right here! Time to dig in! Ah--... wait, what is this? Hey... Hey! This crap! Monkey Crap!! What the hell us this stuff doing all over my food?!?! So, these monkies decided that could fling crap all over Lina Inverse's food, huh? My... Food!... BURST RONDO!!!!!

Huff... huff... huff... Oi. Spell Book! Get your ass over here so I can see if there's any 'Monkey-Genocide' spells in you!
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I don't see what everyone is complaining about.  This place seems pretty neat to me.  Just look at all the stuff I could take back home and sell in Rabanastre!  I'm not bored yet at least.  I wanna go exploring but I usually go in a party of at least three anyone else wanna go too?  I heard it's kinda dangerous, but don't worry, I'm pretty strong! 
Someone told me there was an inn around here, but they probably wouldn't accept gil.  Anyone know what they take instead?  I could help work on stuff for 'em if they wanted. 

Oh!  And before I forget, has anyone seen someone named Renton?  I'm supposed to find him.
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How odd, this place seems very familiar. I think I had a dream that looked something like this. There were people who looked like each other running around, and Cain was here, too! He seemed really sad, I hope that he's alright...

Am I dreaming again? Or am I really at that strange island again? I met a girl in that dream. Her name started with an N, I think. Nina? Naomi? Something like that. But if this isn't a dream, then how did I get here? Another kidnapping? But Oscar was with me, how would they be able to kidnap me with him there? Unless they killed him, of course. It'd be easy to do that, he's a wimp.

... Cain?

[Cain's little sister is here to play~. The dream she's talking about is Island's birthday, since she was on the Island that day. XD;]
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---!! Huh? Noki isn't where she was...

Waaaaaaaaiiiii~! An island!

But... Where's Luki? Noki doesn't want to be without Luki! Noki will be bored without Luki!


Oh? What's this?


EEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!!! One of Luki's toys! Luki's here~~~~~!

OOoooooooooooh! Maybe Luki is playing hide and seek? She left Noki a clue~! Luki is SO COOL! Noki will find you Luki!

Then Luki and Noki can be together again! Then we can find people to play tag with!

But first... Noki will finish her spage-chyu before it gets cold! Cold spage-chyu would be nastyeeeeewwwwwwiegross!!! Too bad Luki isn't here right now... then she could have some too~...

((Surprise!!! /o/ Nalina (Culotte-mun) with a 2nd character~! =D If you weren't feeling the doom earlier, NOW you should be. >D ))
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...If any certain tiny alchemist says two words about my hair, he'll find himself up a tree before he can say "Not short".

Same goes for anyone else.

And where do people get off prying into stuff like that survey. But I suppose it did make some things apparent, like the fact that we are living among a crowd of serial killers. Real comforting, that.

Fletcher, help me get these ribbons out, they're stuck. It's starting to hurt.

And who does that girl in the pink and black going on about making things pretty belong to?

((Russel got pwn'd by Luki, and he's got a ton of ribbons in his hair, and other places, and he's been yanking on them for a while, so his emo kid prettyboy hair is all super messed-up. Feel free to mock accordingly. |Db))

oo3 *A*

Mar. 9th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Beds are dooone~ And the stove is nice and installed and ready for use! I should start a business here! Anyone in need of appliances and I can make them custom to your every need, for a price! What should I call & Co? No...lame. Damn it for having a not-dynamic name! Ah well, I'll come up with somethin' later. It'll be brilliant~

Also does anyone know what this is and if it's even slightly edible? Caught it this morning; Looks tasty if it isn't deadly or something~
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... .... .... ....

Perhaps I shouldn't test out my own experiments.

Quite a sleep, that was. Two days, if I can recall? Two days and forty hours...h-how odd. A very...peaceful sleep. Death-like in the most bizarre senses. Though the sense of being cold before falling into such a miniature coma-state...wasn't so appealing. It felt just like Death...I feared the worst, partially. Never am I to die for a second time. Not unplanned, anyhow.


I still feel unwell, however. Perhaps it's the after effects of such a poisoning? Orochimaru...I am ever so sorry for...suddenly collapsing, if you will. I'll be fine come next morn, I would think. Perhaps my body just needs to recuperate.

... ...Am I...still in a haze?

I could have sworn I just saw my little sister...

... ....I should hide before she questions me.

[[ooc; Guess who's awake. :D;]]
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You know, I don't exactly like it when my employer is a no-show.

Now, I'd like it if whoever called me showed themselves, or if someone can point me to the mainland. I have better places to waste my time.

((New character! Please to be reading this nice informative post before replying. :|b))
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Huh. I wonder... I've heard about the alcoholic coconuts, but what about these blue ones? I think I'm already at the point when blue coconuts don't seem weird anymore. I'll never know unless I look for myself, I guess. Maybe I can get it open with this rock...

Wait a minute, what is this? Why would a picture be in a coconut?

...WHAT?! What's this doing here?!

[Haha, the blue coconuts have various embarrassing things in them. For example, Rudy found an adorable baby picture of himself inside his. XD; Feel free to tease/mock/whatever! ...I hope this is okay?]
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I officially hate rock stars.

Especially ones who go by the name "Miyavi". I am very much male, thank you.
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Fire isn't that great. It's - augh - gets in my lungs. Making it hard to breathe around here. And it's indirect. But it works fast, and pulling weeds for hours is dull. Would've dragged him back out, and then it's back to scraping along in the dirt like a pathetic mongrel. Dull.

So we'll make a game of it: find the most interesting method to destroy. Let's see how long it takes before you wake up again, eh? Fading into background noise is damned annoying and if it takes keeping me from getting so vapid that everything starts blurring together again, then so be it. I make the massacre, I wallow in my own pity. What the fucking ever.

Why the hell aren't there any more flowers that bleed?

((Dog!Haine's out; if you comment you will probably be bitten/injured/shot/maimed/mauled/massacred/murdered/decapitated/delimbed etc. in some way. Of course, only injuries unless you WANT your character being killed. IM me so we can work something out if you want a character death, ok? ALSO, TAKE NOTE OF LOCATION, YEAH?))


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