Mar. 8th, 2007

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So I'm a little bit peeved.

What with all this body-switching and child-turning and everything else wierd and generally wrong that's been going on around here, I have to wonder something. Does this "Island" we seem to be being governed by not understand the concept of general physics?

The Law of Conservation of Mass clearly states that one cannot make something out of nothing damn you anyway, Equivalent Exchange, and in the same sense, you can't just... send one person to another person's body without something being sacrificed for it. Same for the insanity when everything turned pink and the Island sang for a day. Compressed sugar doesn't just rain from the sky, it has to come from somewhere, pigmentation in fabrics can't just be randomly rearranged to appear a different color in one's sleep... Unless someone somehow managed a mass dyeing party after somehow slipping some sort of sedative into everyone's drinks... Which... with the crazies in this place, I somehow wouldn't be terribly surprised... Not to mention, all the clones? Modern technology can't clone a human being! Much less can they all come from different periods of existance for themselves-- cloning would replicate identically...

I mean... there's gotta be some sort of catch, right? Is there some sort of giant transmutation circle written under the sand to use anyone that leaves or dies as equivalent exchange for these phenomenon and I just wasn't told?

((ooc: ...Resident Edward, finally deciding he's had enough of the lack of sense the Island makes. Keep in mind, that "modern technology" for him is the early 1900s. Strikes are perfectly legible, just muttered under his breath. Feel free to come hit him on the head and tell him to STFU, stare blankly at his random senseless babble, or whatever.))
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What disacknoledged Island resort is this? To not know of the fantabilistic Bluecorp, it is so horrendus that no words exist---

Ah, but of course. Splendiferous idea, today will be the birth of Bluecorp 2. No matter, these Island toys will fall down to me, just as they used to. Why, it will be abso-posi-lutely perfect! Ahhh, the remembrance of my early days~


AHHH, wouldn't any of you lower folks delectable people like to celebrate the end of this gruesome biased witchhunt with me? I heard these "coconuts" are alcoholic so I can extort blackmail susbstances out of you inebriated fools.

((Strikes? NOT THERE~ Mood reads as "happy"))
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I heard screaming a little while ago - something about ribbons and tag. And I've been seeing an inordinate number of knives embedded in the ground, trees and rocks - pretty sure those things took out a tree or two completely, as well.

Looks like Luki's bored without Giovanni and Noki around.

Yeah, you're all doomed.


Mar. 8th, 2007 06:05 pm
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Hmm, well now~ After quite a bit 'o workin' I've finally got a new hut. I think it belonged to someone else, but they seem to have been gone for quite a bit, so I have reason to believe they've long since left~ I finally finished gettin' all the things tha'll be necessary from that ship over yonder, so I should be set.

Sorry if I dissapeared for a little bit~ But I'm righ' certain I'll be back in the loop in no time.

Hm...I've been so out of the picture that I haven't even seen Sanzo-han around at all~ I reckon he still feels pretty awkward about that whole valentine's day issue, yeah~ Which is a pity, because I'd really like to predatorz talk to him more. Let's just forget that day ever happened, hm~?
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...? ... ...!


((lol short post is short. Rivalz is a cat. THE cat, if you know Geass. Have fun, and watch out, he bites.))
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It was kind of a while ago, b-but the dinosaurs were REALLY amazing, weren't they? ♥ I went to go play with them, but spent a lot of time running but they changed.

Look! I collected all of the plushies I could find, and I organized them outside our hut! Gao... I hope they don't get rained on, but they won't all fit inside the hut. N-not that it rains here very often. I think it'll be fine.

I organized them by color and general size. It's a perfect little Dinosaur garden~ ♥

Um, everyone in our hut doesn't mind them, right? I-I can find another place, if you want.

... I named them too! This one is 'Cora,' and over here is 'Sunny'...

((ooc: There are maybe 65% of these dinosaurs as plushies, outside the hut. There's still a path to the door, NO WORRIES GUYS. ))
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Huh, should I ask everyone about this? I think I'll flip a coin. Heads, I will. Tails, I won't.

....heads. Okay, so you meeting people want to use my shop? I'll let you....if the coin lands on heads. Interested?

And I should....flip to see if I's tails. Rentees! Payment due! Scienc bunny! Talking bird! That means you!

((Dante's been possesed by the 'flip-everytime-you-make-a-decision coin' from DMC2. Yyyyyyyup. He'll flip for EVERYTHING))
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So my dear friends! It has come to my attention during our previous influx of eccentrics, that there is something lacking. Yes yes, I'm sure this comes as a shock to all of you! What could we possibly lack? That is why you are all naive! You can't see the big picture! No matter, the big picture is far too big for you all to comprehend anyway! Allow me to let you grasp this more firmly by performing...

A survey! Conveniently located on these pieces of paper I have found! How did I make these all and acquire the pencils and pens, you may ask? Well, I have one thing to say to you! Don't question me you son of a bitch, you'll create a time paradox! Hahaha!

Now, allow me to hand these out to everyone! You, you, you, especially you. I expect two from you, a third from you... My my, I have high expectations for you all! I'm sure there are secrets to be found all over the place here! Taking the life of another is such a thrilling topic of conversation! It's like a party and you invited a serial killer only you don't know who they are!

1: Have you ever humored the idea of taking the life of another human/demon/angel/alien/whatever is local to your universe?
2: Did you follow through with said course of action?
-They got better!
3: Please circle how many humans/demons/aliens/whatever you have killed!
-10+ (please give a rough estimate!)
4: At this very moment, as you skim over this, do you feel a burning rage that you must lash out at someone? Possibly me?
5: Would you hold interest in attending monthly/weekly meetings with other murderers/killers/casual shankers/psychos to discuss technique, methods, or addiction to killing?
6: Any further comments you would like to make on this topic?

(( ooc: lolol. OBVIOUSLY. If your character would never fill out such a thing, you can say it magically filled itself in, if you wish. 8D ))
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[Private to Lloyd//Hackable]

Thank you for the spar. I believe we both needed that. I must admit that you have improved immensely since I left. Perhaps we should spar again some other time...?


There has been a relative peace since all the doubles and mysterious girls left. It almost seems like the "calm before the storm", one would say. Life has slowed since the chaos.

I've noticed the sudden spurt in people wanting to establish some sort of order and organization or to begin forming like-minded groups before the next "storm" hits. There are so many possibilities that this path could lead to that it almost makes me want to follow along just to see what happens. I'm interested in seeing what the next "storm" will do to this momentary need for order...

((small pime taradox; takes place after this))
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Haaa, there. All done! A little re-arranging and re-organization never hurt every once in a while. The cave looks much more open now! I put the stuffed dinosaurs in the back so they can be out of the way, the food is to the right side--

Oh, speaking of that, I wonder if there's anything else we could eat, Ash!

Hmm... I should go venturing again. It's been a while since I have. I probably have missed a lot of people I could have talked to before ._.
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[Private to Maya, locked down with Psyche-Locks. Don't ask how that works.]
Mystic Maya? You know that boy you like?


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