Mar. 6th, 2007

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Hmm...? Mmm... Ayase?


Edward! What are you- What am I doing here?

Something feels... different. My voice...?

How did I get here? I went to bed last night normally, and nothing strange happened. But something happened overnight, it seems.

Edward, wake up. There's something going on.

((The Al and wannabe bodyswitch is go! Alfons is in Al's body, Al should be in Fletcher's body, and Fletcher in Alfons's |Db))
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Gau hungry.

Where friends at?
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Why the hell am I this island's dress-up toy?!



What kind of person wears this anyway?!  This hardly covers ANYTHING!!  Great Shiva... I hope no one I know sees me like this...  At least it comes with guns...  Why's it gotta be so tight?!  I doubt I could take it off even if it wasn't stuck to me!

[[ooc: yes... cloud is dressed up like Gunner Yuna... Because I am a bad, bad person and Cloud wears too much anyway... >.>]]
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Mou, Jiya is just too mean! What was that supposed to mean, “What exactly is going on in that temple, hm, Misao-chan?” It’s nothing like that! Sheesh! Who does he think I am? And what does he think Aoshi-sama is, a sex fiend? That’s so gross- only Jiya would think about THAT!

Grrr, it just makes me so mad I want to-HUH? Wait a minute, didn’t I just…? This doesn’t look like Kyoto! I mean, just look at those trees. Okay, maybe there’s a theater troop in town and I’ve just walked into their set…if I turn around and run fast enough, I’ll be gone before they know it. Alright, just turn arou--

Oh no. Maybe if I…? Damn. Okay, no panicking- take deep breaths. This is-

THIS IS ALL JIYA’S FAULT! I was thinking about what he said, and I didn’t notice where I was going! And now I’m Kami-knows-where! STUPID JIYA! Ooh, what am I supposed to tell Aoshi-sama when his tea arrives late? Uhm…how about “Sorry, Aoshi-sama, but I made a wrong turn and ended up in this weird place that wasn’t Japan.”? Ack! No! That won’t work! He’ll think I’m lying! Oh, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do with his tea?

((Tiki aka Kratos-mun here with her second character, Makimachi Misao from Rurouni Kenshin! Just don't call her short...))
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My, my. It seems all my hard work and persistence has finally paid of. Merryweather's sudden arrival has lead me to just...desire filling a vial again with lethal or harmless concoctions. I do think I'm quite lucky to live near all of the lovely flora. Such interesting plants do shroud this place, when you venture beyond your own boundaries. Most may not dare to tread amongst forest shrubbery, but...many secrets may lie within.

Though, this concoction smells quite off. I have yet to test it, but I'm sure if I do...I shall recover quickly. Working backwards may lead into finding an antidote anyway. smells quite lovely, like a fragrance of a mixture of hibiscus and roses, the smell of an exotic plant added to it. A flurry of emotions and smells. It's...quite the appearance as well. I'm not a herbologist persay, so...I may not know if such a plant really was poisonous, or not. This could always be a failed attempt at a poison of unknown qualities.

Ah, dear Riku. I'm ever the apologetic with my nature I had imposed on you. Do forgive me? I'm sure we can continue the lessons later. Perhaps dancing as well? You do still need to learn. You're quite clumsy in such an area, unfortunately. However, it was not of my normal disposition to do such a thing. I'm ever so sorry. I'll refrain from such actions in the future, I promise you.

Now...after apologies are said and done, my point has been made...and I can finally test this dear first poison after the earthquake. Such a disruption caused my whole collection to cascade and crash...sadly I don't have any other poisons left beside this new one. A drink to thee, dear Island, a drink to thee, dear friends. And a drink for a dear sister who was...not able to stay long unfortunately. Perhaps it was for the best, after all. I would rather her be home with Riff than out and about somewhere here.

But, never the mind.

A a virtuous life and a good luck and hopefully a healthy outcome with this gulp of an...ever so interesting creation.

[[ooc; Actually, it's the poison the Friar in Romeo and Juliet concocts. The poison will enter through Cain and it'll make him feel cold. He's taken the gulp and such, so he'll probably complain of the sudden coldness in a thread or something. Probably without warning, he'll collapse on your character. Sorry in advance. xD He'll 'die' for 2 days. (48 hours). He'll actually be in a coma-like state. Asleep and unable to be disturbed. He'll appear cold like death, and he'll seem to be dead. Of course he isn't actually, but will anyone know? Maybe not. I blame English class, indeed.]]


Mar. 6th, 2007 05:40 pm
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((Barry, Samus and Havoc have just returned from Clam Island. You know what THAT means.))
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Hey Adell! Hanako! Rozalin!

Guess who's here to stay after all?!

*cue laughter, lighning, and thunderclap*
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Now then Elizabeth, how about we try going for a nice walk by the river. Afterward we can go for soba before we-- Elizabeth?

--Unless Edo has suddenly been transported to be closer to the sea which isn't any Amanto scheme we have heard of, and would also be exceptionally foolish, something is quite wrong.


Excuse me. My name is Captain Katsura and I'm currently searching for my pet. They answer to Elizabeth. In fact, this picture should help anyone to recognize if they have seen them. Any other inquiries, such as what it takes to be a space captain, will be less than helpful.

Once I have recovered Elizabeth, I will of course be returning to where we were. Though, it's odd; it doesn't appear that there are even any buildings here.

((Yeeeaaah, Katsura is dressed like this for now. *A* Though normally he looks like this okay stfu. D:))
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And here I am, yet again.

How long has it been since I left? A few months, at most? And already I have taken the role of yet another doctor. There are more people here again, are there not? I can hear this place is as alive as ever, teeming with new individuals. I wonder if I've left any impression? Not sure if I was here long enough to do so, but whatever. It seems the dear Island missed me. So greetings to you all once more.

Nothing is raining today, nor are there any residents under the mind control of the island, and obnoxious songs aren't playing in the background. I have arrived on a good day~. Have I missed anything drastic? I suppose it's good that this place is still intact. There is a lot of research I would like to complete here.

Also, if a man named Tsuzuki-san has arrived in my absense, I would like to be pointed in his direction. Old friend, you see. Thank you~
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Are there any doctors here--or a medic-nin, preferably, but I don't think there are--?  I've got someone here--he said he drank some poison he made.  And he's no longer breathing.  I haven't checked for a heartbeat yet.

Where's that clinic everyone talks about?

[[So Oreo's just kinda hauling Juliet!poisoned!Cain around, yop.  Mood reads as 'calm']]

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I'm not sure any of us truly understand what happened a few days ago. Some say something called "The Fourth Wall" broke. I don't know what that is, but whatever happened it... was very strange. Stranger than dinosaurs. Really, REALLY, weird people and even doubles of people already here just... appeared. It was chaotic.

And then, as fast as they all appeared, they were all gone, and everything was back to normal. ...At least as normal as anything ever is around here.

... I can't believe I'm actually going to try this.

Ahem... Um... Island? Uh... could you, um... help me? I need some fabric to make my sister some new clothes, because her old ones kind of broke when they smashed from being frozen by an omega ice spell. Actually... getting her actual clothes back would be even better. So, if you can actually hear me and help, I'd, er, appreciate it! Um... Thank you!


I don't think this will work somehow... Why did I even try?

Um. So... does anyone have any fabric? Or... can help me at all for that matter? I've fixed buttons and holes before, but... I haven't really made anything... but I told Prier I'd try.

Which was probably pretty stupid of me...
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Don't you think there should be an Island Meeting Counsel? Seriously, all this place needs is a little organization and structure. I'm sure you'd agree with that, ne Sousuke?

While things are relatively calm we should discuss recent events and any ideas anybody might have... if we want to survive this wreck. It would be a good opportunity for everyone to listen and maybe inspire ideas of their own. There's no reason why with this many of us we can't help each other out.

What do you guys think? Come now, don't be shy.

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They're gone now, right? It's one thing to see a double of myself, but two of them? That's a bit much, even for me to grasp. But one of me said he was from a spaceship. So I'm here on an island, while there is another one of me out there seeing the galaxy?

Oi, how is that fair? There should be equal trade in these kind of things!

At least there wasn't a double of a certain someone running around. I'm not sure this small an island could appease the whims of two of them. Not that it does much appeasing in the first place.

Well, now that all of them are gone, I'll try putting that grill to use. Maybe grill some fish, or try making some of the smoked cheese Tsuruya-san wants... Hmm.
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....Well, for anyone else who might care or want to know, I found Jack. He's dead...

((Small post is small, I apologize. Muse is too traumatized by the stuff that went down on Clam Island to say much more right now. Feel free to have characters notice her and come bug her as she emos though.))
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A few nights ago, I followed Mystic Maya and her boyfriend who is so much worse for her than Mister Nick and they had a bonfire. That was fun, but then there was an explosion which made a picture of a naked man hurting a naked lady. Mystic Maya says it wasn't a murder, but then what was it? Can anyone tell me?

((Oh, Pearl, I do it because you're so cute to traumatize. Have fun.))
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The other day... Interesting would be a good word for it. Ignoring those two people who... apparently know me from something or another... Not entirely sure I fully understand what those people said, but... mmm, yeah...

Anyway, I was out looking for a few materials when I came across this weird colored rock. Apparently, it can change its shape, like clay... But it, uhh... It kinda... always seem to re-mold itself into... mmmm... Ahh, I don't think I should mention it...

I guess there isn't too much to use as crafting materials. I did find something that LOOKED like a Tear Stone, but it ended up only people a standard blue rock. A lot on the island could be mistaken for Dark Matter, and there was a few shells that I almost mistook for Star Dust... ahh, I guess the Island really does just have cheap knock offs.

... I wonder where Tsuruya went off to?


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