Mar. 5th, 2007

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That was beyond weird.

I mean, I thought one Tono was enough, but two? Ha, I was surprised the Island didn't burst or something from it. The clones were all fakes anyway, it doesn't matter. We're the real ones, right? I hope so. Nah, of course we're the real ones. And about three Haruhis? That could actually be fun...

But two other Kaorus and another me? THAT CHEAP COMMONER KNOCK OFF. Huh. Guess everyone loves us so much they decided to clone us. Which is kind of funny, I mean. Cloning twins. Psh, not like they can ever come back. They can't bother me, at least. Well that FAKE. He was a cheap fake anyway.

At least it's over with. That one Kaoru kind of scared me. Talking about a friend of his. Na, Shadow King~! Do you have a big headache like me? Tell me you have something to get rid of it. And thank god those otakus are gone. They were a little unnerving.

...Watch them all come back now.

Knock on...palm tree?

God I want to go home.

[[ooc; Strikes legible. :D;;; Yes all of them.]]
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...Ion was here, but it looks like he's gone... --I'm not sad about it or anything, though! He had somewhere he needed to go back to... and it looks like he wasn't my Ion, anyway.


Ahh!! Come to think of it, that other guy's gone too! How could he say all that, and then just vanish without a word!? Abandoning a poor girl like this... I hate you, Laharl!

There goes another escape plan... Now what do I do...?
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That was some messed up shit going on... Sometimes it's best to just lay low for a while.  This island thing is pretty weird.  There're some pretty foxy ladies around here but most of 'em seem like they're taken or crazy.  That fortune teller said I was gonna meet someone.  Turned out to be a bogus tip.  After a weird couple of days like that, I'd say it's time to get sloshed, maybe play some poker or mahjong.  Anyone gonna join me? 

For that matter, anyone know where I can get some smokes?  I'm almost out. 
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I think...I got enough food for now. Now to just-


Ah...Ow, that hurt, and I think a twig jabbed my side way too hard. Wait, why am I still

Oh boy. I think my backpack got snagged. Um, this is bad. I think I know how to get down, but I don't find the fall to be appealing. A little help, anyone? Please?

((She's currently hung up in a tree by her backpack, with a small pile of non-coconut fruit at the base. Either play the hero or swipe the food and run. Just know that either way, she can still get down herself, although she doesn't want to do it without something to break the fall or a reason to go without.))
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Well whatever happened the other day...was really strange. I mean Mugen going to school? Don't make me laugh! And what was that one Jin? "I'm a professional hit man. Samurai are a thing of Japanese history, no one follows that code anymore." What was up with that? Well anyway I'm glad that's all over now...I don't think I could take two Mugens for too long The Jins weren't too bad though.

Oh also Mugen, some guy wanted me to tell you to stop sleeping in front of people's bedroom doors. I think his name was Atobe Keigo.


Mar. 5th, 2007 07:32 pm
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Well, everyone is gone. It was very confusing! I don't know if it's a good or bad thing so many people vanished like that!

Quickie got nervous of all the people shouting and screaming and he kept running up the trees. Meredy is sad she didn't get to talk to anyone; Quickie didn't want to come down at all. At least there were no monkeys throwing things...

Now the island seems kind of empty. A little lonely.

I wish Reid and Farah had come. It would be nice to see them.
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...the previous two days were... Hn. Noisy.

All the more reason this world needs to be made into a new one.

Now if only Son Goku would cooperate.
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Was that it? Usually those weird Island days are much, much worst then this. I guess it's good that nothing happened. And that weird kid finally stopped stalking me following me.

But... how come I didn't get a double?

Private to the Island//hackable

Errrr, Island? I was wondering, could you give me my clothes back? You can take Pram's clothes instead.
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It seems rather empty now without all of the extra people, but I think I prefer it this way. It seems there were quite a few individuals who met their double the other day. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved that I didn't run into another Kougaiji.

[private//hackable to Lirin & Yaone, and probably the Sanzo party]
For the first time in months I have no mission to carry out. I've been so focused on completing my assigned task that I'm not sure what to do with myself now that it's not really an option. I'm not used to being idle.

I need to find something to occupy myself. There must be something to do on this island when we're not being invaded or attacked.
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... What is going on here?

I just returned at the inn as I was going back to my room after a short walk. Then suddenly I'm hearing strange moans along with some background music. The words were pretty gibberish, too. Something about a 10-year-old making sweet love? Ugh, that's just gross.

Is this normal around here? Last time I checked, I didn't hear them as I slept. I even checked the radios by turning them off. The music still played!

... It's getting annoying.

Who's going to help me find the source? Get some earplugs in case.

(OOC: Background music in question is this! Thanks for the inspiration, AIM chat. =p)


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