Mar. 4th, 2007

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Sasami look like she was running late for school. Besides...I don't think she could have brought you with her anyway. Huh? Well would you look at this...An island? Well isn't this quaint. DAMMIT, WASHU! WHERE THE HELL ARE THE HOT SPRINGS! THIS BETTER NOT BE SOME KIND OF JOKE OF YOURS!

Washu, are you there? WASHU! answer. Ryo-Ohki transform and see if you can contact Yukinojo or the Yagami. This wouldn't be so bad if Tenchi were here, It would almost be my dream. But now...THAT LITTLE MISS PRINCESS GOOD NOTHING WILL HAVE HER WAY!



Mar. 4th, 2007 12:56 pm
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This-this, what is this ridiculosity. I am the Blanco Nino, how could I have been unthronified by a mere lawyer. You... you cannot do this, it--

Now, what would this event be? Oh ho, this is not the prison I was expecting. Of course, of course! Ah mister Judge, you shouldn't have given me an early birthday contribution. What ridiculosity was it to believe that I would be found guilty. A private island intermission, not as fabulous as my six private Pacific Resorts, but I shall accept this as your payment for this wonderful spectacle you presented to Mr. Wrong.

Ah, ha, now where might the fine tropitorial island ladies be? Don't be shy, my little Hawaiian toys, the personage standing in your frontal will not bite. But you may call me...

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by

((Yo, Taiga here with her fourth character, Redd White from Phoenix Wright. For those of you not familiar with him, yes, he's supposed to talk this way and yes, it's annoying))
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Man! What happened?! There was a storm out on the sandsea and... this is just great. Looks like I'm all the way over by Balfonhiem... or maybe Bhujerba... I don't recognize this beach at all! Where's my ship? Of all the awful luck!

Penelo?! Hey! Anyone?!

I can't believe this... I don't even see the ship anywhere! Balthier is gonna kill me if it's scratched... I hope I don't have to hoof it all the way back to Rabanastre. Hey! Can anyone tell me where this is? My maps aren't working... When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?

Well... no use complaining. I can always make the most of it. Maybe there's some good stuff here I can sell back in Rabanastre... hehe...
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. . . HE'S here. On the Island. . . the man who took my sister away from me!! Redd White. . . I. . . I never thought I'd have to deal with that horrible man again!!

. . .

This is making me feel sick. I'm so angry right now. . . why here? Why here, of all places, does HE end up?! He tried to frame me for my sister's. . . m-my sister's. . .

. . .Mr. White, y-you had better stay away from my friends and my cousin! Do you hear me?! You'll be sorry if you don't!!
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I don't know which one is worse: the dinosaurs or all those people.....

..... but I'm glad that was over. And that I didn't meet any "clone" whatsoever.
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Those doubles and weird people are all gone? That's good, I guess. This means that that 'Fourth Wall' is back to normal? I was hoping to see it actually being broken, too. I think it would've been cool to see. I guess since it was a wall, it probably had a crack or something in it?

I did add some more stuff to the rooms. I put a table in each of the rooms, so we can put our stuff on them. I guess I could add another room or something. All this planning for the house makes me feel like I'm a... house designer or something. I know they're called something else, but I can't think of what word it is they're called.

[Private to Dad Kratos]
Kratos! If you're ready, we can get going on that training you said we'd do!
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Hmhmhmhm. ♥

Over the past months, I've heard you all. You're 'frightened of' and 'emotionally scarred by' my fabulousity. And, understandably, it pleases me to see your pain. I believe it's called Schadenfreude, but no matter.

If you can't understand me here, and I severely doubt your minds will be able to grasp anything concocted by my genius intellect, the short version is 'I'm back'.

This scythe is sharpened with an edge that can cut air, and I suggest you avoid irritating me or it will be cutting your necks as well. ♥

That is all. Also I now have ice powers. Anyone want to help me build an inexplicable castle on Clam Island?

Private to Organization XIII members, hackable by Sora, Riku, Kairi, Namine, and anyone else who decides to try hard enough for some reason

Of course, with this revival of my intellect also comes a revival of my plans. The Superior will be overthrown, and I will rule over the Organization. Are you with me, or will I have to silence you myself...?

((Strikes don't exist >D))
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Huh... I missed something again, didn't I? Oh well... after listening to some people talking about it, though, I guess I'm kind of glad I wasn't around. Doubles and crazy people are never good. It might have been a little interesting, though... oh well, what's done is done.

... Maybe I should try to fix the cave or something. I don't have anything else to do. And probably some food, too... things that don't have to be cooked. Axel burns most of it when he tries to cook it. There's still ashes and burn marks on the floor from the last time he tried.

... I wonder if Naminé is still around. I haven't seen her in a while now. ... She's kind of like Kairi in that sense, I guess. Oh, speaking of which. Riku, you and Sora did find Kairi that one time, right? Just wondering.
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Ah... it appears I've missed something here? Though from what I've heard, it sounded like the whole affair wasn't all that pleasant, so perhaps it was for the better. Lelouch, Kallen-san, Lloyd-san, Rivalz-san; I take it that you're all doing well?

While I was gone, I've had time to think about some matters... such as how things are going back home. I hope that no one I know has been injured... just thinking about how I might have been able to help them had I been there... ah, I suppose it won't do me any good to dwell on that now, since I'm in a position where I'm not able to change anything, though. Waaaar. orz

Oh, I just remembered; a shirt fell from the sky, onto my head the other day. If I can recall correctly, it said something along the lines of "WHERE IS KIRA YAMATO NOW?" It was quite strange; I've never met a "Kira Yamato" before, and the name isn't familiar to me at all, other than it would probably be the name of an Eleven... hm. Does anyone else know who they might have been?
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I can now speak from experience when I say falling asleep on a beach quite close to the water is a bad idea, and waves crashing on you is quite possibly the most loathsome way for a person to wake up.

It is, however, a good way to lose a sword.
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Why the Island saw fit to drop not only myself but apparently two clones of myself here, two Itachis of different ages, a Zetsu, some masked boy, a Kabuto not from my world, and very strange people who say they 'play' us...

Why state it thus?  'Play' us implies they have some control over our lives, which is absurd.  While they were here they exerted no more control over us than anyone else.  Oh well, it shall have to be puzzled over later.  Sasuke, I hope you didn't do anything foolish or dangerous or get hurt.  As soon as you can, meet with me for training.

[Filtered from Sasuke]

If he'd attacked the Itachi who wasn't even a shinobi...what could have happened to him?  There was no way to get a reading on that Itachi's power.  He didn't even have the Sharingan eye.

...if that Itachi had felt threatened at  That is a scenario I'm glad I did not have to witness.


Mar. 4th, 2007 10:41 pm
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Hmph, that should have got somebody's attention! I can be pretty loud when I need to be which is all the time! If anybody out there can hear me, I got lost following this nice little bunny-hat gal to some hot springs! ...There ARE actual hot springs on this island, right? Because being lead to a thinly-veiled death trap is NOT cool!

There's got to be some kind of civilization on this lame dump of sand, palm trees and jungle-filled-with-itchy-and-possibly-poisonus-plants! I mean, that kid mentioned a sister and some freaky mysterious old guy being around here, too.

So if someone could give Daisy a hand, I'd appreciate it~! I could, mmm, perhaps make you second-in-command when I build my new kindgom here? Wait, no, the second-in-command always usurps the throne... Uh, I mean, first in command! ...Wait, no, then it's not MY kingdom!...

If this doesn't work, then I'm going resort to making flares using coconuts, rocks, tree bark, and some funky purple flowers I found! You'd be surpised what they teach you in princess school ♥


Mar. 4th, 2007 11:35 pm
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Well! Whatever that was...a few days ago, was pretty scary, wasn't it! More Clouds than I could count! I caught a glimpse of Tifa but I didn't get the chance to say hello...I wish I had, though. I heard rumors of a Sephiroth...Augh. I hope Cloud held up with that okay.

I did manage to weld a stove though, using my fire materia and stuff I found on that huge ship. The Titanic?...Sounds about right. I tried grilling some fish on it and it works okay so far, so your little friend should be able to use it quite nicely, Cloud! I still need to be properly introduced to her, and the other little one as well. ♥ Yachiru, was it?

Someday soon, I wanna go explore some of these other islands too, make a little boat 'n just set sail. Can any of you tell me about the surrounding islands? Are they the same or are they all special in their own way?

...Hah. the moon's full tonight~ It's pretty.


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