Mar. 1st, 2007

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I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days. Or weekends...

Maybe I should just stay inside until... whatever it is blows over. I'm not sure what the Island meant by breaking the 4th wall, but I'm sure it can't be good. I don't feel like experiencing more events here that I'd rather forget. And I already saw that giant sugarcrack kool-aid pitcher, off his own island. That can't be good.

In any case, if there's no immediate danger to others, I will probably be hiding at home.
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Since Prier's been resting up, and it's been kind of quiet, I was looking at the books and I found this neat book in the library. It's weird... like... it's all pictures. Well except this one bit of text... "dnourgelttab a straeh ym".

What does THAT mean? Hmmm...

Er.. um. Wha...? T-the b-book! It's .. smoking? I-I didn't do anything though! I've been looking at it all day! Uh... W-what the---!!!

Do ... do I hear laughing...?

((Culotte found a book and dropped it as a huuuuge poof of a cloud of smoke poured out of the book! Um, so, like, Happy Birthday Island rp! Um..... there was just no way this could not be done. Ohgoshthiscouldgetchaoticandthisisonlywaveone. Thread hopping ftw...? ah haha... Hopefully you'll forgive me for this. Haha. ...OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE don't hurt/hate me. D: /)_(\; Edit: Well I guess that went okay. (no one hurt me...) If it wasn't apparent: Paixao Invasion!!! >D <3 ^_^ Last Edit: Thanks guys ^_^ We had fun~ ))
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...I sense a disturbance in the force.

If you people must go through the fourth wall, just use the fourth door! Or crawl through a fourth window. Replacing all the fourth bricks probably gets expensive for whoever does that.
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Kyaaah~ Oh my, this is quite the new and bizarre predicament, is it not? It's as though hundreds of new people have simply flooded in~! Island-sama must be in a brilliant mood to shatter the fourth wall so quickly! Today must be spec~ial~

On behalf of everyone, doubles and new people alike~! I welcome you to this island as the resident fangirl and hope you enjoy your stay~! *A* AND IF ANY OF YOU HAVE BROUGHT A WII AND/OR DOUJINSHI AND/OR NEW MANGA AND/OR SOME FORM OF UKIDOKI MEMORIAL I WOULD BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR SUCH A DONATION! *A* Island-sama doesn't have a very vast collection, I think. .__. So yes~!

Also please be wary of our hotsprings and coconuts, as they are both quite dangerous!!

I wonder if another Kyouya-kun will show up, or...MIYABI-KUN MAYBE? *A*
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First order of business.

Everyone forget anything and everything I said the other day. It meant nothing, no hidden meaning, no secret code, it was just some random island affliction. That happened to involve me spouting a lot of song lyrics or titles, apparently.

Second order of business...

Is it me, or did it get more crowded here all of the sudden? I don't recognize half of these people. Did we just get an influx of new people?
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It's part of my contract with Rare to break the fourth wall whenever I wanted to in my games. I sure as hell did it fairly often and it was hard not to on this goshforsaken Island!

Hay Bottles! come over and kick my arse so I can pelt you with alcoholic coconuts!
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Is... the island getting lonely or something...?  There's a lot more people than I remember...  Just... just be careful, ok?  This place isn't safe...  If... If I were you, I'd try to find an empty cave, they're usually the best.  If you're by yourself though, or you need someone to... to look after you, Miss Tohru and Zack and I have some room.  If you... need any other help, just... ah... be careful who you ask, ok? 
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Well this place has certainly gotten louder all the sudden. ♥ All this new company should require something, shouldn't it? ♥ ♥ And since there is finally a building for this, I don't see any reason to hold back~ I miss being of some use every now and then. Being away from my own church sure has worn me down. Hn.

So free confessions at the church! ♥ Only one on the island, I believe~ Shouldn't be that difficult to find. ♥

I hope you don't mind, Nill. ♥ Haine, Badou. Of course you know that I'd be obliged to listen to your confessions anytime~ ♥

[ooc: Yes, Bishop is taking confessions amidst the spamming. |D Feel free to post with a journal or anonymously for this..whatever. lawl. And since I need the sleep I'll get to most of the comments in the morning at some point. 8D; ]
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What the-- no, I'm not even going to bother asking. Something fucking insane is happening. Business as usual for this rock, I suppose.

...At least it's not messing with my head this time.

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So many people! And... ah, for lack of a better term, things, have shown up all of a sudden! I hope no one minds me calling them a "thing". ♥ No offense meant!

I suppose a hello is in order. Welcome to the Island! Watch your step! And please don't aggravate the wildlife~ ♥

Also, Inara, if you're around, I'd like a word~
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There's a little girl that's shorter than me! wearing a cat hat and tail. She claims to be my mun, whatever that is.

And she seems to be taking notes, saying she plans to make an island icon with them. I don't know what she's saying either.

((orz my main journal is iconless like an animal.))
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I go to sleep for a few hours and the entire feckin' Island explodes! What the hell! This is so not my fuckin' fault.
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... ... is...suddenly more

... ......??? ...What is...the..."fourth wall?"

((Holy jeeze, I sleep for a couple of hours and this place all but explodes. ♥

Will tag back when I've had eight hours of learnanatin'.))


Mar. 1st, 2007 06:12 am
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My my, everyone is so busy today! The island itself seems to have burst forth a lovely palette of foreigners and new comers alike! It's like a party! Hahaha, but really now, what is a party without festivities? Come now, you new and ignorant masses, surely you must have a good deal of ways to amuse me anew! I've never seen so many of you before!

It's like walking into a strangers house! You need to either be given a tour, or figure out the entirety of the layout on your own! Only in this case, the owner has ran off and left you needing to use the bathroom at the front door! Quick! Find the rest room you poor visitors, it's the only way to relieve yourself of our presence!

Hahaha, but that is a blatant lie! You won't be leaving, unless there is a divine act of some higher being. But really now, since when do those happen? Miracles are miracles because they don't come true~!

Ahhh, speaking of our lovely island, such a shame our dinosaurs all turned into these small plush animals! I was so looking forward to riding my raptor all over the place! Like a steed! Perhaps make him bite a head off or two! Hahaha, one can always dream though, can't he?

Tsk tsk, one way or another, a welcome to our visitors! I do hope you enjoy your stay! If you have questions, do inquire! I'm sure I'll be able to answer! If not, I'll make something up! I'm rather adept at that, after all! Hahahaha!
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Fourth... wall...

Great, one more item to add to the list on inconsistencies.

... And for Seyfert's sake, whoever is pelting the housing over here, STOP IT! It's too crowded here as it is! Meredy, stay close! I don't trust any of these new people or... things. Or whatever! But contact with them MIGHT prove to be useful, so please, by all means, talk all you want to them.

((:O Needed to get in a post before work, be back after!))
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I, Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, have determined that in fact, our beloved island, AKA my (future) Evil Base of Evil and Dastardly Operations, has been..


... I wonder if they'd be interested in joining me!
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The fourth wall is broken? Not again. It's expensive to repair.

Lady. We're going to have to...delay the tour. The Island has shit goin' on. With our luck, Arhkam and Verg'll show up AGAIN

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...this place is more crowded than Baticul on a holiday all of a sudden.

What's with all you new people? Jeez, I can't walk five feet without seeing about fifteen new faces.
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Huh, I have the weirdest feeling that something bad's gonna happen today. I wonder why. o__o It's not like there's anything weird going on, right? Well, unless you count all the new people, but that's normal... right?

... Kairi, Riku? Where are you guys?

[[ooc; lolol short post. orz may not be able to comment until I get home from school later, but feel free to spam away! *A*]]

{ 003 ??? }

Mar. 1st, 2007 08:13 am
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Do the new people have food?

I'm hungry...
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My Keterburg spa robe is missing.

...I do not appreciate this. Thank you very much♥
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Well, do not swear. Although I joy in thee,
I have no joy of this contract tonight.
It is too rashed, too unadviced, too sudden,
Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be
Ere one can say "It lightens." Sweet, good night.

[Schuldig's mind has been taken over by Shakespearean works :O Shoot me if I misspelled that. XD]
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Now this is odd...

What's the occasion? Could it be some sort of faire going on? A celebration? Oh please let it be something good

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...What happened? Why are there so many people all of a sudden?!

⇒ 011

Mar. 1st, 2007 11:46 am
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Nn... owch, my head hurts. Where am I--oh... that's right. I'm on the island... what happened? I can't remember... it's all fuzzy. But I feel like I've been asleep for a long time. I guess... did I die? I think I did... that's a scary thought. But then the island must have brought me back. Thank you so much! I'm glad I can still see my friends. I just hope I didn't worry anyone too much...

I wonder... what day is it? My birthday was on the twenthieth... I really hope I didn't miss it. Oh well, it's not really that important. It's just good to be back~.

Hey... did the population here double or something? There's a lot more people then I remember. I guess they're trapped too? Strange... the island must bring people here in batches. Wait a second, am I seeing double? This must be another island trick. I should know by now not to ask.

(( ooc; I have to get off because Mom wants to have a "serious talk," but I should be back later, and I'll return all tags then! /o/ ))
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It would seem that that feeling I had yesterday came true. And that this is indeed much more stranger then the dinosaurs and speaking in song lyrics were. I don't think anything like this has happened in my time here. Even though this doesn't top the days-I-will-never-speak-of-again, it is still quite strange.

However, To all the new people out of which I may know some of you, My name is Uyruu Ishida. It's a pleasure that you could visit this abnormal little island, but it would be best for you to leave for your own safety....
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Damn you all are loud. I prefer it when people show up the good ol' fashioned way - one at a time. Suppose that doesn't matter, just thought I'd throw my two c-cents in.

On the plus side, least it's not raining... anything.

((Uh, my internet situation has become... interesting. I will tag as soon and as often as I can.))
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... Whoa...

Maybe this was a bad time to wake up. Goodnight! Back to coma for me~
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Wh-who are you?!

((OOC: Anyone replying to this post will have two Fletchers to talk to. Or as Scar put it, "Double the Fletcher, double the fun."))
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It seems as if the island has become overrun with newcomers.  Rather... enthusiastic newcomers.  It makes you wonder how many people can fit on this particular landmass.  

Maybe someday it'll become so crowded that the island will be brimming to the edges with residents.  Noise, chaos, and confusion would be expected.  

...It's an amusing thought to entertain.
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Goodness, where did all of these people come from? It . . . seems like a lot of people have discovered their long lost identical twins, ah ha ha. This sudden influx can't be very good for the Island's ecosystem, could it? My, I didn't realize Island-san could allow so many people in at once! Isn't it a bit greedy, kidnapping taking all of these people from where they were from, just to increase our own numbers, Island-san? To anyone who is upset by this sudden change of scenery, I would apologize on Island-san's behalf, but I'm afraid that's not really my place.

In any case, my name is Cho Hakkai, and it's nice to meet you all -- though I am sorry that the circumstances around our meeting couldn't be a bit more pleasant and less, ah . . . populated? Ah, I suppose if you're lucky, this relocation will only be temporary!

. . . Maybe. ♥

Otherwise, please enjoy your stay here and try to make yourselves comfortable. And please be sure to avoid the hot springs, if you can~!
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Filtered from pink-haired psychopathic Coralians who want to take my life and my huge ass robot - Though today, I don't think it should matter, rly at all X__X

... Did I hear something crack a while ago? Are we back in that dream again?

I shouldn't worry myself over things like this, but it's gotten rather... crowded. I should be okay with that, but...
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What are all these people doing here? I don't think they were here before... it's like they appeared overnight or something. But that's impossible, so it must be another island thing. Hopefully it'll be over quickly without too much drama.

Sora, Riku, are you both okay?
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Oh my, are we having a party? ♥ So many new faces! It looks like...a big group of tourists!

Everyone~ You must definitely be hungry! So I decided to make some delicious, fluffy, fresh-baked bread for all of you. ♥ It seems like it'll be fun~

Now... let's see if we can start a fire...

((OOC: Grune doesn't seem to realize that baking requires an oven.))
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What the hell!? It's like I'm seein' double! And where did all these people come from, anyway? Even for this place somethin' doesn't seem right.
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...Is it just me, or has this island's population doubled overnight? It seems kinda weird that this place would abduct that many people all at once.

.....Well, whatever. Who am I to question the workings of a sentinent land mass? At least it isn't godzilla or anything potentially dangerous this time.
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Quite a bit of new people have arrived, although I'm quite sure that much is apparent to most by now.  I do wonder why the island decided to bring such individuals here in one large... hoard, if you will.  Not only that, but it seems as if there are duplicates of certain individuals running about.  I hope that's just a trick of the island;  it would be disconcerting to suddenly discover one's long lost twin, now wouldn't it?  Your parents would owe you an explanation, I would think.  

But of course, being one of a kind and all, I have little to worry about such things. 
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Can't say I'm surprised by the influx of people. It's a lot...maybe a mass collection by Island-sama? Or maybe we're just getting sacrifices. Whatever it is, I know there's a lot of people that remind me of back home. I found a few girls who were gushing at me. I didn't really...enjoy it.

A mystery why there are so many people here...Maybe Yuki will show now.

Baka Kyo, think you're up for a round? All of these people makes me feel like fighting. Don't be a scaredy cat now, neko-chan.

[[ooc; Short post is short. D: Strikes legible to Kyo. xD;]]
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I believe that the time-space dimensions have been merged together to...

- quite unbelievably, shatter an improbable, impossible... and yet quite possible (fourth) wall.

Kyaaaaaaaa! I don't believe this! The ultra gorgeous Dist the Rose ✿ is threatened and I cannot be subjected to all these random drecks who may come as a result of this space-time impossibility!

This is some diabolical PLOT of the Island to rid of me! HAH. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO, ISLAND. GIVE IT UP. I am so writing this down in my revenge diary!

Now if only this space time impossibility would bring me something good.
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...So maybe I missed something, but it doesn't quite seem the same around here. I mean, damn I know I usually don't pay attention to anyone on this rock besides Roxas, the Organization, and Riku and Zexion, but I know I didn't just forget a whole herd of 'em coming in all of a sudden.

Heh, maybe this requires an introduction~.
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Just when I was beginning to think this place might be tolerable. One can hope it's only temporary, at least.

I have to wonder if there's anyone intelligent rolling in with the masses, but by the looks of things... it's doubtful.

If any of you have any questions, direct them elsewhere. At someone who cares.
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There are certainly a lot more people here than there were a mere twenty-four hours ago. How bizarre. . . and completely foolish. I knew this horrible place was going to become over populated someday -- and I was right. But a von Karma is never wrong -- only perfect. So of course I was right.

No matter -- I don't expect people to bother me. They never do, especially when they see my lovely whip. Hmph, foolishly foolish fools!
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First and foremoest, Are you a sarcastic, bland, ordinary human? Y / N

1. Name: ________________________
4. Occupation: ________________

---if you are an ORDINARY HUMAN WHY ARE YOU STILL TAKING THIS, please ignore the next three questions---

---PLEASE answer if you are female, if not, I'll still verify the reliability of these answers!---
8. What is your cup size? A (all but breasts) B (barely satisfactory) C (compotent) D (DAMN!) DD (DOUBLE DAMN!) E (ENORMOUS!) F (FAKE!)

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Damn... I'm actually starting to wonder if this island can hold everyone that shows up. This is just cra--

... Yeah, never mind. Craziness is as craziness does around here, I guess.
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((pretend the "ads" are in NO WAY drawn as nicely as the linked images please XD;;; I just put them up for reference.))







Welcome everyone! I am Tamaki Suoh, King of the Host club here on this LOVELY~ Island resort! 8DD!! Enjoy your stay, everyone~ Do drop by, and don't be afraid and join us for some tea, fun, and perhaps even...ROMANCE? Request your hosts, and everyone and anyone are welcome!

*_____*!!!! SO MANY NEW PEOPLE HERE ON THE ISLAND! Daddy's very very excited about this!!!!!!! Clearly my ads here, annnnd HERE! HAVE WORKED!!!!


Now! Down to business! We must make sure that every new and old customers are well-provided for! THE HOST CLUB MUST PREVAIL DURING THESE TIMES! They put a man's VERY character on TRIAL, my fellow homo side characters! >O! On the double, and we'll make sure to set up the host club in time to account for this sudden influx of people!

And since there are so many people, this would mean a PERFECT TIME to play HIDE AND SEEK or DARUMA-SAN FELL DOWN (omg tag *__*)!!! It's a perfect way for all of us to enjoy this beautiful day outside~~~~!!!
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Just when I thought nothing else could go wrong.

And just where did all these people come from? Last time I checked, this island wasn't this crowded....
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All of these people is PERFECT for me to do a Solo!!!! *____* It'll even be free!!! This is GREAT! I'm sure everyone will just love my voice, aahahahahhaa!!!! YES! I'VE DECIDED IT! AS LONG AS THERE ARE THIS MANY AUDIENCE MEMBERS....I WILL SING!!!!

...SONG SUGGESTIONS!!! I need suggestions. ;____; Something I'd know??? Or if you have the lyrics that's fine!!! :D!!!!

SORA-KUN SORA-KUN!!!! I HAVE YOUR SONG DONE!!!! O: I worked on it ALL night long! I hope it's good. ;___; Yuki that bastard said I have zero talent for songwriting so it might not be that great but but but... .___.;;; YOU MIGHT LIKE IT!??!?! I HOPE!??! DDDDX



[[ooc; Shuichi's currently on a a regular Jpopstar outfit. xD He's...being very loud yes. ;_;]]

Well then.

Mar. 1st, 2007 07:10 pm
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It certainly would seem as if we have a substantial increase in the population. I'd rather not go into detail and welcome everyone, since I'm sure all those present have heard the whole thing from someone else. I'm not a tour guide, after all.

Hm, but it would seem there are... doubles of people. I'm sure there will be a good deal of confusion regarding that, for however long this lasts. I think I will be sitting this all out, however. Frankly, I'd rather not come face to face with myself. One of me is more than enough.

Although, I do wonder if anyone else from the Academy showed up amongst this. Half of the student council is here now, so I wouldn't be that surprised.

(( ooc: OKAY ONE SMALL THING. No screaming he's Zero, please. Since, if you know Geass, I shouldn't have to explain. Other than that, harass away. ))
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Well, the hut not goes up to my waist, and I'm not even sure who's helping build it anymore, but we're almost there guys! Soon the best club on this island will have it's own hut!

Speaking of that... With the recent invasion of people, ojisan's met someone really... Weird. She says she's a witch from some place called Fogmorts or something stupid like that, and her name is Mion Sonozaki and she lives somewhere that ISN'T Hinamizawa, and she's... me. It's really weird, and ojisan's tempted to pull at her face really hard to see if she's someone in a mask but then she starts talking like me and I think I've been cloned!

Also, has anyone seen my gun? I dropped it somewhere. The clone has one too! Maybe I could steal hers...

((So yeah. Seeing as I (used to) play Mion somewhere else, this Mion and that Mion will both be replying to comments. So... yeah. Have fun. 8D))
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I must have been playin' Deathsport too hard if I smashed the wall open.

...but... what will my husband think...? He doesn't know I'm a Deathsport champion...!

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There seems to be...a lot more people around today. Yet, I'm still the only Weasley around. It feels so unnatural.

So...any new faces worth meeting?
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Two blue-haired Ovelords are too many for this guy. If I wasn't mistakened, this place is already down the road to becoming a bonfide netherworld!

Huh. And we're getting so many new people already. It's over nine thousand. This is rather new!

Hey, Rozalin, Hanako! Are you two alright out there?
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I've been working all day to prepare a welcoming buffet for the visitors we have today, and I'm happy to say that it's finally open.
There's enough food for everybody and it's all completely free, so stop by and eat as much as you want!

And to the rest of you... this food is for guests only. Touching it at all without permission can and will most likely lead to swift and painful death.

((Usual warning about Bianchi's food goes here. It's poisonous to the MAX and will likely make you violently ill. It doesn't actually kill people, but if you want your wacky guest character to die off for whatever reason I guess go ahead.))
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... Now this wasn't what I had in mind when I had expected the Island to do something weird. Then again... I guess I never really should expect it to do something they way I think.

This... is a lot of new people. Tsuruya is probably having a ball right now. I wonder if anyone got warned of what happens here. Well, if anyone needs any help, I'll be glad to offer some assistance. Just... Don't ask for weapons...

Uhh.. just a question. What's the forth wall I've been hearing about?
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Haai. Now then, from the distance I can hear fanboy and fangirl screaming alike. The fans love us. That's a given. We break our bones and go through emotional torment for you retards. But don't go too far with your idols or brains will be broken.

Anyway. While we have a full class here. Questions are allow to come through for your teacher here. Ask away.

In this world, there is no such thing as a stupid question. But, if it were to be something like - "Ginpachi-sensei! Do your hips lie?". I'll to respond by saying "How the hell should I know?"

But IF you wanna know about HIPS, ask Zura. He's feminine enough to bare those.

NOW. Class is in session, you retards of youth.
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If so many people are flooding in here now, maybe we can use that broken fourth wall to jump through and escape the island!

Dammit, plane! WORK!
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... I'm not the only one who's found someone that looks identical to themselves, have I? I'm hoping this isn't just a really, really delayed reaction from trauma I experience during my death. ...It's a little late for that.
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Hey, what's with all the people suddenly showing up here?.... well, I guess it's cool. OK, I'm Lloyd! Lloyd Irving! I love using swords -I use two!- and crafting things! Like, little brooches and pendents and stuff made out of wood! I also built me own house here! 'Course, it's not exactly done... and it's not exactly the best, but I built it in two days! Without stopping for a break or anything! That's pretty impressive, isn't it? Isn't it?

So. uhh, since that wall or something is broken now, and all of you are here, just be careful! Like, those monkies? Yeah, stay away from them. They'll chunk stuff at you. And uhh... the sky. Watch out for the sky too. It drops random stuff on us all the time, so that's dangerous. And the trees yell at you sometimes, so try to stay away from them too!

Genis! Colette! Sheena! Presea! Zelos! Dad! Yuki! You guys aren't all lost in a crowd, are you?
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So there's .... three of me.

And two of Mr. Mustang.

Two of Edward...

Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon? I'm really not sure what I should do with them... Certainly find myselves somewhere to stay. But I hope we're able to find ways to tell each other apart.

Er, Ayase, are you around here somewhere? It's hared to tell in the crowd...

((Commenters to this post will get accosted by three Alfonses, one is healthy, the other is coughing, the third is really pale and coughing. Guess which one the zombie is |D))


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