Feb. 25th, 2007

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There is certain degree of humiliation to be had when fleeing through the forest from a dinosaur. You might even say it is something to stand and laugh at when you see it. That is, of course, if you are not dragged into the entire ordeal. But that is far from related to what has been happening to me for the majority of the night.

However, I did bare witness to a tyrannosaurus turning into a small plush version of itself. A large puff of pink smoke accompanied by what would be described as a 'bamf' sound effect, I believe.

For a stuffed animal, this is surprisingly realistic. It looks as if the claws and teeth are real and would hurt if you tou-- Well, it would seem they are sharp. Enough so that they can pierce the skin.

Certainly a unique way for the dinosaurs to go extinct again, isn't it?

(( ooc: SO. Some of the dinosaurs that are still left? They are poofing into small plushie versions of said dino. Complete with sharp little claws if they have them. Lulu is currently holding a t-rex and there are plush raptors nearby. ))
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...Holy hell, Heaven is a tropical paradise.

I mean, this is heaven, isn't it? There ain't any other place I could be, heh. I did just kick the bucket, didn't I? ...No blood though, no pain either. God's a helluva healer, I'll have to give him my thanks when I see him. Wait a minute...something doesn't seem right about this place. I don't see any angels! I DISTINCTLY remember being promised angels! You know, pretty ones, with fluttery wings and long hair and those little harps. I don't see any pearly gates and come to think of it...I feel distinctly solid for a light floaty little spirit. Maybe...I didn't go after all. Though this doesn't look like any place I've been to around the planet. Yes, much too pretty and untouched to be my world. What an interesting little afterlife it is~!

I've seen people lurking about but none who've introduced themselves~! So whoever you are, saints or regular folks like me~ Mind telling me where I am? If this is where I'm to spend eternity...I'd better get well aquainted, heh!

Private to self//Hackable

I wasn't dreaming. I know I wasn't. Cloud...you're still back there. You'll be alright, won't cha? ... I left so soon. I guess our dream as mercenaries isn't happening any time soon. I hope you can make it...nah. I know you will. With everything you and I endured...you'll be ready for anything that comes your way.
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...this was an unexpected turn of events.

Marona, I know it's a little early for your birthday, but I found some plush dolls for you. It seems all of the dragons on the island were turned into these. I'm not sure if they're... entirely safe, you'll have to tell me if they try anything, okay? I did pick up the ones that seemed to be of the gentle variety, so you shouldn't have really any problems.

I'm kind of glad we don't have to get rid of the dragons by ourselves, it would have been too much of a mess. And Marona would never have allowed it. Our cave might have become a refuge.
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Okay, okay. I will admit that walking off on my own, without knowing where I was going was a bad idea. It probably was another bad idea to not go back the way I came. Calling for help may have been good too. I guess I got lucky that I didn't run into anything, besides trees and more trees.

But I think I can say that I will never walk off into thousands of trees without a map or someone else around ever again. I also never want to be NEAR a tree again, but that's too much to hope for!

Although... I think I heard something weird going on back in peopleville, so maybe my whole trip wasn't a waste. Those NEW footprints don't look good... hey wait...

Was there always this many stuffed dolls around?
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Maya! The dinosaurs seem to have turned into... plush toys? That's weird even for here. and yet there's something naggingly familiar about it

In any case, it's safe out here now. I think it's time for us to do what we discussed in the cave.

The books must be destroyed!
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...I didn't even get a chance to eat much of it before it turned into a doll. Not like it tasted like chicken, but I haven't had meat for weeks. The fire went out, too, and it wasn't even a big one.

Oh well. At least with them all transformed, I can rest a little while. Everything's slowed down now, so I should take advantage of that. Good thing I still had the clothes I found in the Apple Inn.

...Do you think what I already ate turned into plush stuffing? Ngh...I probably shouldn't think about that.

((Yoko is absent-mindedly poking a torn-up and charred plushie of the dinosaur that was chasing her, and is currently wearing the green dress from her Spring Fashion outfit; her usual clothes are off in a tide pool somewhere. Hey, she's been wearing the same thing for a month now.))
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What the...dragon dolls? There actually kind of cute....but why do some of them look like they were ripped apart? Well whatever happened...I'm kind of glad it didn't reach the other side of the island.

Oh, and hey Mugen, I think I found the inn, finally. I also got us some more fruit to eat and some onigiri don't ask me how they got in a tree. I don't know about finding safe water though...seeing as how that fountain made me older and I herd people talking about cursed springs here.
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Awww, the lizard thing turned into some weird plush thing, how am I supposed to ride it now? It's useless.

There's still no sign of Rozy, oh well. Guess that's one less problem, we won't have to go find Daddy.

So, let's have fun! Maybe I can go ride a dog-thing!
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Plush toys? I'm lost now. At least they look as cute as they're supposed to for Dino Domain now!

This cute long-necked one, I'm going to stash it in my broken airplane and give it to Dixie when we meet up again. This ugly purple/green Tyrannosaurus rex plush I'm ... uhh.. save for Tiny .. I think... And There's this really nice beanbag one with wings! I wonder if Miss Maya would like it? I should go see how she's doing.

But after a bath in the hotsprings, though. Running from dinosaurs for the last three days made me all tired and sweaty. D: Geez, I probably smell like one of the OTHER monkeys on this island!
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All of the dinosaurs turned into stuffed animals. They still have little claws though. They're even cuter than before~! I WANT TO TAKE THEM HOME~!

...Rena met a man who wanted to tame one of the raptors and ride it around. Did he succeed, I wonder, I wonder~? Though...Rena doubts that it would do him much good if he did. They're too small to ride now.

Oh well. Rena found an empty cave to use as a special place for all of the cute things she finds here! Rena wants to gather up as many of the stuffed dinosaurs as she can and put them in there!
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There. That should do it. All of those filthy Living Dolls or the similar of one are burned. They won't be tearing through my notes now! Hmhmm!

Now then.. Let's see... No damage to the place. And Meredy is fine. I lost a few pages of notes on the Island, but seeing as those are now common knowledge items, I don't think they are too much of a loss. So really, everything is here and accounted for.

... Ahh, the food... has been eaten through. Darn, and I had spent a good deal of time looking for that food. I don't suppose they are still food left around after all those monsters went rampaging through the island, huh?
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[Private -- hackable to Lelouch Zero]
Zero? Where are you? Everyone else is wondering about your whereabouts! Please tell me you're actually around here somewhere planning what our next mission is. I'm assuming that this island is where we'll have a battle against the Britannian forces, right? It's what I'm here for, to save Area 11 and its people from Britannia. Protecting the powerless and helpless for the sake of justice and a better place for them to live in, right? Come to think of it, this island looks nothing like Area 11, though. I wonder why? Must be my imagination.

Anyway, I've tried contacting you from my cell phone, but it's not working. This place is giving it too much static. Not to mention that I suddenly received a strange message. I think it went something like this: "You will not leave this place. All your services are belong to islands". What kind of a message is that? Plus, it makes no sense.

... Just like this entire place. Er, let me investigate this place and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Well, it appears that I'm not at Area 11 anymore. Weird... I could tell because I don't remember seeing palm trees and monkeys in tye-dyed shirts! And stuffed dinosaurs all over the place. Why? Is someone selling these things outside? There is a store for that.

Does anyone know how to get out of this island? I'm not planning to stay here forever. I have important things to do and -- well, I'm kinda hungry right now. If anyone heard my stomach grumbling, sorry about that.

Come to think of it, is anyone from Ashford Academy here as well? I'm wondering if I'm stuck here alone...

(OOC: Yay! Kallen is here. :D Sorry for the long wait -- college tops me hard. A few hours ago, Kallen changed from her OoBK outfit and into her school uniform, regardless of the current icon. xD)
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C-c-c-cold... St-t-till c-cold...

P-pr-am, if-f-f y-you even th-think of c-c-c---

You're dead Pram, you're so dead.

A-a-at least th-those things are g-gone...

((If you think you can't get frostbite in the tropics, you haven't been frozen in a block of ice. BTW, because of the freeze + impact, half her clothes shattered off.))


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