Feb. 21st, 2007

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In the near future, I can sense (and see, somewhat) a stomach-ache & chronic headaches. For whom these apply, I am not too sure. Hopefully it isn't me even though it usually is. Actually, nevermind, I think I already know who is going to receieve those chronic headaches. In fact, it's starting now...

Everytime I see something pink, red, purple sometimes orange, I get so irritated. I guess that means I can't walk around when sun sets or rises. What a pain.


Feb. 21st, 2007 09:29 am
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.... ...

It's interesting how easily it is to lose yourself on this island when no one's quite expecting it. This detour was personally frustrating, but I'm sure I haven't missed too much excitement. Any more brushes with death, anyone? Or perhaps the ship crashing into the island managed to off a few of you more boring residents. Let's hope.

That aside; Haine? Have you been behaving like a good dog? You've gone without a leash for so long, it makes me wonder.
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Well, I haven't had a vacation in a while, not that I needed one, traveling everywhere with the Doctor and all that. But lately all it's been is work work work, and this is nice, compared to being in that drab building all day. Reminds me of one of the random places that the Tardis would drop me and the Doctor, without the creepy aliens or Cybermen or Daleks. Unless there are creepy aliens or Cybermen or Daleks, in which case I really don't know what I'll do, other than....throw coconuts at them, I guess. No sign of the Tardis, either, but that actually makes some sort of sense, since I was just walking the halls, not to mention that parallel world thing.

Well. Here I am. Like I said, I could use a vacation in any case, and this works fine for me. 'cept I'm kinda hungry, and I was headed off to lunch. I don't think there'd be anyone that knows where I can get some chips?
...oh, right. Deserted island. I don't think there'd be any chips on a deserted island. Sad for me. I wonder what people do do for food when stuck on deserted islands, though?
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[LOCKED FROM THE IDIOT MIDGET... and the midget's bigger younger brother.... and my little brother]

So I have a prank planned, that may or may not involve a pit of milk. Thanks to the stone, that would be easy. Because it's not like it needs to be deep. But I was wondering if anyone would like to help me bait a small, temperamental alchemist into falling for it. Or just wanted a good seat for a show.


Well, yesterday was... amusing. But let's let bygones be bygones and go on with our lives. We wouldn't want to sell each other short and hold a grudge over such a small, insignificant thing. Keeping a grudge would be petty, like arguing over a few measly, beans. Because what's a few little punches between friends, hmm?

In the end, an argument like that is so inconsequential that it hardly bears remembering. And thus, I will be the bigger person and move on from this trifle. I feel like I've grown in this experience, and I've become bigger and better than ever. In fact, I think I've grown so much, that I think I've even gone beyond telling the person I had this small issue with that I couldn't see him from behind that bush. Not to mention that the coat he's wearing lets him blend in with the ground that I would formerly be inconsiderate enough to say something along the lines of being mistaken for a mole.

So in the spirit of growing and letting go of small things, why don't we all clear the air of any conflicts that have just been sitting in the background?
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Well, I let Norman go today. He didn't seem happy with me. . . and, well. . . it suddenly donned on me: I once saw a National Geographic episode with baby turtles. . . that grew. . . really big. Like, sea turtles. That's what I'm assuming Norman was. . . so I had to let him go. But it was for the best~

I doubt Nick would have liked a giant sea turtle roaming around his cave, anyways. Speaking of Nick, I haven't seen him in ages! I hope he's alright.

In any case, I spent my entiiiire day down by the beach, watching the waves. It was nice~ Besides, I had stuff to think about! Hee~~
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After checking and double checking this island, checking the island where we had our honeymoon, and looking at all of the other surrounding islands, I am one hundred percent sure that he isn't here. I've checked every nook, every cranny, every cave that I could find. Nothing. There's only one accessible place where I have yet to look. Clam Island. From what I've heard about that place, I don't even know if it's worth it to go looking for him there. If he is there, what are the chances that he's still alive? Slim. Very, very slim. I suppose I should just resolve myself to it. He's dead. Just like all the others I've cared for. My parents, Old Bird and Grey Voice, Adam...



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Why is it that I can never find my way around this island? I've been here for so long you'd think I've gotten used to wandering around and NOT getting lost....

Perhaps I could just blame it to everything suddenly turning pink or red. And me declaring my love of a monkey when I accidentally swallowed this strange pill. Though something tells me I was lucky to get lost when I did....

I see that the church has.... "grown" since I last saw it (or, more accurately, since I last was NOT lost in the forest). Looks like Haine really put a lot of effort to building it.

....this island really goes through continuous change. You leave it for a moment and you come back to find out it's become completely different.
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TOO BAD THINGS ARE NOT PINK AND RED AND SPARKLY ANYMORE! DDD: No more pretty colors! Except for the sky! The sky is still blue and pretty~
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.... .... ....A book.

Charming, really. Maybe I can busy myself with rea--

... ... ...

Axel, I think you dropped something by my cave. You know I don't read this kind of stuff. You honestly think I'd read something as perverse as this?! Ugh, it's not necessary at all. Or maybe this is Larxene's? Who am I kidding.

We all know you're the bigger pervert, VIII.

Please just come reclaim it before I throw it into the ocean.

[[ooc; Why a book? Zexy's weapon. rofl dork. Anyway. It's actually a porno. Of course. What else would the Island just have? D: I'm sorry if this is nogtfo territory. I can delete if you do not want? :D; AH! New aim...again. xmiyaliciousx. By the way; the book is Breaking Landmass bootleg Brokeback Mountain.]]
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Ooops. Guess I missed that holiday or whatever. Sorry~. I'm sure my presence wasn't too crucial or I'd have heard about it.

And I'm still totally lost on who half of these new people are. I don't recognize anyone, so I don't think that's worth much effort or time looking into it.

Not feeling guilty. At all.

Nope. Couldn't be.

((Hurr, mood reads as blank to all, if hacked it's morose.))
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Dear Banjo... you bloomin' SLACKER:

I'm sending you this letter which I'm stuffing in a bottle made of empty lobster arse shells. If you actually get it it's beyond me, but heck- I feel like sendin' it anyway.

I'm in some island that this eyepatch'd lady I met called "Hellhole Island." Go google it on a map somewhere. I don't know where it is! pfft! I've been stuck here for HOW MANY DAYS now and you haven't reared your stupid fuzzy arse over here to come rescue me? I found a library here this morning. I'm writing this letter with my foot (and proofreading it aloud which must make me look stupid). Because I don't have no bloody arms and you're not here to write my letters for me. You stupid SLACKER!

But anyway. I'm safe and sound for the time being. I'm leeching food from a pre-teen chef, met a treasure-hunting swallow, tried to get this cockroach demon boy... whats his name? Le Hurl? -to teach me how to fight on my own,and I basically bribed my way up to subpar living by giving out a ton of those extra jiggies we've collected over the years. And now I have a hut to live in! At least I got rented one, anyway. I wish I could fix it up with some furniture from that old Titanic ship that parked here a while back, but everything was already long-pilfered by everyone else stuck on this island. Then I tried to get this boy to build me a 20-foot mecha lobster with heat vision and nerf missle launchers, but that.... didn't work out. Maybe one day those things will start raining from the sky. Stuff almost ALWAYS rains from the sky here... apparantly

Still- What's taking you so long to come get me? Are you home eating my scones? Or did you let Klungo eat them? In any case, YOU LAZY OAF, I might as well make the best of things here. I'll be a fine, strong woman and totally independant. You better have my bed, dinner and bath ready when I return!

And who knows? Maybe I'll find your sister Tooty! She's gone missing for several years so who knows if she's on this island somewhere, lost as I am? That would be a laugh!

But anyway,
Shut up and come get me.


PS: Tell Bottles to go get run over by Dinosaurs in Terrydactyland.

I'll toss this out to see when my claw stops crampin'. owwwwww......

If all else fails, though... this blue pill might surely be the answer! It might take me home! AHA. AHA. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

((It's just a leftover bracelet pill painted blue))


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