Feb. 20th, 2007

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You HEATHENS don't understand the glory of the Lord, the almighty and great God.

And here, of course, I speak of the all-powerful...

Carpet Giant!

Gather round, one and all! Pray to the Carpet Giant!!!
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I... I have... thought of a wonderful idea. ...A.... a wonderfully clean idea. Possibly better than my idea to make sure there's an even number of coconuts on the trees. ...I still need more volunteers for that endeavor, you know...

But THIS will rid this island of its... uncleanliness! PURIFY! PURIFY!


Make your unsanitary beaches sanitary! Destroy every ounce of dirt and grime and overall disgusting...ness and make this place somewhat bearable! MAKE IT CLEAN! CLEAN!


((ooc: Actually... Haine gave him the idea in this thread. lol.))

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Have you ever felt like time is repeating itself? A fire burns away at a cigarette, or at some wood or leafs, but if you keep piling it on, it'll keep burning. The fire moves and changes, but it's still the same fire. The only way you can tell time isn't looping is when it starts to die down.

The smoke billows up sometimes, and it gets in your eyes. It hurts and stings and you can't see - but when there's smoke in your lungs it's a wonderful and warm feeling. Like your heart is warming up from it.

In games where the rules don't change, the difficulty never increases, and the enemy never wavers, can you ever win? It's an eternal game, and the goal is not to finish, but to last as long as you can.

No matter how long you last, no matter how much of Endsville you burn, in the end, the demons rebuild and overtake you. Even if you only quit because your thumbs are sore, or because your palms are sweaty, defeat is defeat.

Even with Canti-sama on your side, the demons will win eventually. Does that make trying pointless?

((ooc: Can be found rambling to herself, video game in hand.))
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I was, uh, I was working with some of the coconuts to see if I could get them to grow with actual coconut milk inside, but I couldn't really manage it... the closest I could come was root beer.

But now there's a tree growing coconuts with root beer inside! It's by the library. I tied a green ribbon around it so people would be able to tell it apart from the others.
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All right, I've come to a conclusion! We don't need some dumb holiday to celebrate love on! I mean love is like, all around us all the time, right? It just isn't right to only embrace it on one particular day of the year! And it's kind of dangerous too, seeing how the Island screws everything up... or uh, so I've heard. Me? I, like, wasn't feeling well that day, so I, um... just stayed in bed. Ah ha ha! Hope I didn't miss too much! ♪

Anyway, to show my love for my dearest friends and for my beloved, I will now hand out the chocolates I've been working so hard on making! I bet it was torture having to wait this long, right? Right? ♥ I made a ton while I was experimenting with flavours, so anyone can come and take some of these extras off my hands, too.

((pime taradox because we haven't done the kiss scene yet. 8U))
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There should be enough glass to put in the windows of the church, now. It was a pain getting it out of that ship without breaking it, but it's done now so that doesn't matter. I'll go back and get some blankets and cushions after I'm done with this mirror. Then a bed or two, or something.

... I don't know. Nill or Bishop, is there any furniture either of you want for yourselves or the church?

Edit: Laharl, was it? Have you updated your list of all the females on the island recently? I think my copy is really, really outdated.



Worst. Book. Ever.

Private - Unhackable unless you want to be shot

It was a mistake to take those books, let alone read one of them.

Did you ever have a sister?

... Bastard.

((Currently carrying a large, expensive, full length bedroom mirror. Edit: STRIKES = VISIBLE. Double edit: Finished The Sound and the Fury. yes mass edits stfu.))
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After such a long search, I can't believe I found Prier here of all places. No one back home would ever have guessed she was stuck on an island. It's also hard to believe she's been here almost a year. Now I'm trapped here too, but I guess I'm strangely okay with that... For now anyways. (Maybe I'll change my mind when I start seeing these weird things that supposedly happen here.) Either way, I'm sure we'll find a way to go home someday, so I suppose in the meanwhile we'll just have to make the best of it.

There seems to be some really nice people here. (And some really strange people too.) I've already made a few new friends, which is kind of nice. I hope I can make more.

I wonder what Sister Aloutte would have thought of all this...

So, Prier, what do you DO all day around here? Just sort books and wander around?

Why ARE you sorting all those books, by the way? Does anyone actually use the library? Or is it just something to do to pass the time?

I'd kind of like to go exploring, but all those weird springs and things I've been told about are making me think that maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.
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Well, wasn't that holiday an eyesore. Let's all go down the road most followed and completely forget it ever happened, hm? I mean that, you know. Let's all forget the day the island turned pink. Nothing good came of it. If something good did come of it, please don't explain it in detail to me.

Onto more relevant matters... Asahina-san, I hope you're adapting well enough. It can be rough here at times, but we've survived this long, so. If you ever need anything, feel free to ask me.

Next issue. Does anyone here have a grill, or anything that could be substituted for one? I'm sure the chances of it are extremely low, or most likely impossible, but I'm asking anyway. It's for important 'cooking related adventures', as a certain someone might put it.

By some freak accident, I found a tree that grows cheese, so I don't need to ask for that anymore.
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Would anyone know where there might be a public onsen? I mean other than the place with the statues of that half-naked, sparkling man. I'm sick of seeing those monstrosities each time I want to relax.
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Valentines Day has come and gone, and I didn't get any chocolate. Not that I was really expecting any on this island anyways.

Okay, let's get this out of our systems. Yes, those candy hearts were cruelty in sugar form. Yes, the colors were horrible. Yes, those pills are like something out of some twisted romantic comedy manga. Yes, the music was annoying enough once, let alone looped all day. And yes, I feel sorry for everyone who ended up handfuccedhandcuffed together. But, and I'm guessing I'll be the first to say this, Valentines Day wasn't really that bad.

I mean, sure, the Island chose to mess with our hearts for a day. But so what? No one got killed and nothing was destroyed. Really, if it was at all surprising to anyone that the island would choose to mess with us like that then they haven't been here long. I mean, I've been here for less than a month and I knew things weren't going to be normal.

But, then, that could just be the opinion of someone who recently had his eyes opened to how much his life before the island sucked. And that could have happened indirectly because of some of the effects of the island Valentines Day.
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Ahhh, nothing like relaxing in a hot spring to relieve yourself of stress. Last week was simply horrible.

I detest these holidays, especially if I have to go through any more of those things. It was bad enough on the Christmas thing. I do not want to remember what could have happened on Valentine's Day.

Adell, where are you? I haven't seen you around. You had better not have been scooted off back to Veldime. Hanako, dinner if you would. I'm famished. And be quick about it.


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