Feb. 16th, 2007

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Mm, can't sleep. Heh, haven't had one of these nights in a long time. Got a lotta stuff on my mind I guess. Haven't seen Slim--- er, Spike around lately. He's probably up and left, that bastard. No sign of Chapel or Vash either. Wonder where they ran off to.

...Makes me curious if anyone else is still up and around at this hour.

((lol slept the day away and now I can't sleep. And Middie needs to meet more people anyhow.))
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That was disgusting. Thank god the color faded after a day. I've been here for months and I still can't get used to this place. ...I really hope I won't have to. Tch. I'm getting restless. Tch.

Someone fight me.
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Oh Sousuke!!!!

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So has anyone figured out how to get these things off? My alchemy's not just giving me roses anymore, but I still can't do anything to get these off. And I think two nights with this girl as a bedmate are about enough.

Any ideas? I'm all ears.
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((OOC: Hidan drank one too many of the alcoholic coconuts, thinking that he would be able to stand it because he's immmortal so the alcohol poisoning wouldn't hurt him. But~... he's still drunk.))
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SO SERIOUSLY what do these candies or whatever on this bracelet or whatever do?

More importantly, I FOUND A TV. THIS IS VERY EXCITING, BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN MISSING VERY MANY DRAMAs, and I love watching TV and movies! We need a theater on the island or something. Haru-nyan's play could be made into a movie and we could show it OVER AND OVER AND OVER, just like her other movie with Mikuru-chan!

Nyoro~n, but we'd need all kinds of stuff. Man, but for a random island, we've already got tons of stuff we shouldn't! A library, a hospital, a hotel, huts - all we need is, like, restaurants and we're set. ... PEOPLE THAT CAN COOK GOOD. WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE THESE THINGS?

Umm, so let's see. Knowing this place, the TV won't even show the good shows. It might show better shows.

... ... ... AHAHAHAHAHA.

((ooc: Tsuruya's TV plays one thing, and one thing only. This. Over and over, on all channels.))
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Where oh where might typeZERO be~. Oh where oh where oh where? It's not in the forest, it's not at the inn~. Oh where oh where oh where can it be?

And the stupid redhead is still stuck to me. All he does is complain and complain and complain. He probably wants to shoot me again. It's rude to shoot a lady, though, and he really shouldn't do that. ♥ I wonder if he's violent with MOMO? I might get a bit upset if her pretty little face is ruined in one of his bursts of rage~. Mr. Redhead is very reckless.

I need to find Renton. We must... go over a certain topic. Life or death situation, you might say. He's a good little boy, so I don't think he could have gone far. I like a game of hide and seek.
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Oh man... I missed Valentine's Day, didn't I? Well, if those monkeys hadn't stolen the cards and paopu charms I made, then I guess I would've been here. DX But anyways! I've always thought Valentine's Day was more of a friendly holiday, so... Kairi, Riku, Yuki, Flonne, Misuzu, Namine, Rinali, Shuichi, Cain, Laharl, Keichii, Mion, Cierra, Hanatarou, Kumiko, Lloyd, Renton, Tsuruya, Samus, Chocolat, Anise, Anemone; I have stuff for all of you! ... I hope I didn't forget anyone. o___o

Anyways, did I miss anything while I was gone? It hasn't been a long time, but you never know what'll happen around here!

... Oh, and Hanatarou? Are we, uh... ever gonna have that party?

[[ooc; HAHA OKAY I think I mentioned everyone's Sora's like... ever met. But like. That'd be impossible so. OTL SORA WHY MUST YOU BE OBSESSED WITH MAKING FRIENDS. Well, er, in case I forgot anyone, just say something, and... yeah? XD;;;; orz rushed posts haha.]]
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I finally managed to find my camp again after the whole island turned pink for Valentines... Any liking I had for that color when not on Kei-chan in frilly dress form is pretty much gone now. Oh well, who needs pink! Definetely not me, I'll have some good old red, green, black, anything but pink really!

Speaking of that holiday, ojisan is very confident in saying that that's a day that'll go down as one of the worst! Stuck to that Shion for a whole.. however long it was, and then I couldn't even leave! Never again! At least Rena's here now, that makes up for that I guess... Kei-chan, we have to really start working on our hut now that four three people are going to be living in it!

Lelouch, the lobster's all ready for you if you wanna come pick it up. I'll be waiting where I told you!

And... I still have to give Kei-chan his gift, don't I? Stupid Shion...

((italics = thoughts))
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S-suzumiya-san isn’t going to like this. The tea is going to get c-cold and... I don’t want to wear the bunny suit again. This doesn’t look like Japan either, unless no one told me about the places in the past suddenly turning into tropical islands. They... they would have told me that, right? It seems important enough. Maybe this is closed s-space? Then where’s the giant... monster thing.

A-aah! Please don’t let this be it! I don’t want to have to fight on my own! Koizumi-saaaan, where are you? I don’t know how to f-fight those things. I can’t even fight! Maybe... maybe if I ask nicely it’ll go away? Mr. Closed Space-san, please don’t destroy the world!

... ... This isn’t closed space, is it? I feel silly now. So, then... what is this plac–oh, no! The tea is cold! Suzumiya-san is going to be mad, and... waah. Unless she doesn’t show up. I don’t think this is Japan, so she might not be here since... B-but I’m supposed to be watching her. I need to invesigate. A-and see if there’s a stove here. 

[Francy here with her fourth muse, Mikuru from SHnY~.]
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Why? I tried to be nice. I thought... we were understanding one another... But...

I should stop being so optimistic about people...

((Mei = orzing over events happening here: http://community.livejournal.com/i_s_l_a_n_d_rp/2829634.html?thread=97934914#t97934914 Is no longer chained to Russ either. The icon should be of an emo!Mei, but I fail at drawing, so, use your imagination~))


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