Feb. 12th, 2007

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What huh? What are all of these... FILTHY HUMANS... babbling about? It's like they are sick with the...



With the sweets and-and-and the hearts and... OH!!!!!!!

Oh... the hearts!...

Curse you, Love-filled Day of Hearts Dooooooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU!!!!


Feb. 12th, 2007 04:18 am
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[Hackable only to Midvalley]
I really miss you, Midvalley... I haven't seen you nearly two months and I feel like your slipping away from me. I can see you in my mind... and I hope that you haven't left the Island yet. But... life is life... and now I just wonder if I should move on.

I need to get this worry off my mind... even for just a little while. And dancing always helped...


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Right. All this new junk to shove in my cave and hut. I clearly went overboard back in that damn ship. Hmph, no matter! I'll just pack it all into my cave, that thing is more or less my new storage anyway. Either way! I have plenty of room for all this stuff!

Table, beds... huh. It seems like something is missing. Ah well, I'll figure it out later.

Now then, with my rearranging all this out of the way. I'm going to say this once and ONLY once. None of you idiots mention that idiotic holiday to me! If I hear a single word about it out of any one of your mouths, don't act surprised if you find yourself on fire!

Stupid useless holiday with no point to it what-so-ever. I'll be sitting that out and enjoying some peace and quiet AWAY from all of you. Especially Flonne.
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Ah...I could've sworn I was back at my office...Hn, wet clothes, wet hair.. what is this all about? Another Rosencruz thing?

Nagi? Rex? Dammit where are you all? Cellphone doesn't work either.

And why do I think this is all too familiar?

((Omi + Fountain of Youth = Gluhen!Omi. 8D. GREY HAIR. HAHAHA.

Erm, anyway, no memory of island, about 18 or 19, not really Omi, wearing suit, and GREY HAIR. 8D And since the computer was being an 'tard, I couldn't upload any userpics. >>))
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So does anyone else have this feeling that something's short and loud is about to come along and ruin everything?

Has anyone seen that thing in the shack recently? I know it's still in there, I just want to know if anyone has see it outside of that place. And make sure I'm not the only one seeing things.

And to the new guys, that 'Keep Out' sign on that shack is there for a reason. Don't blame me if someone ends up hurt or killed.

[Private to Rinali//Hackable by Fletcher]

Rinali, are you doing alright?

((Anyone that set foot into the shack should have been seeing Kayako occasionally superimposed over people's faces, or her just trying to get at them here and there, essentially scaring the bejeebus out of them, making them think they're going crazy.

The list is as follows: Allen, Kyo, Muhyo, Rinali, and last will be Russel. I want to wrap this up by the weekend, so. *nodnod*

Oh, and the feeling of impending doom is due to the Ed and Al apps that have been approved. SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU TWO

One more note: first strikes are legible if your last name is Elric or Tringham, second legible to none))
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... So it's just a huge game? Huh... Interesting.


Oh, so.. if the person you guys steal the clothes from catches them, the monkey who stole it has to be kicked into the volcano? That's kinda harsh, don't you think?

... What? Chocolate pudding? Now you're not making any sense at all.

... No, you can't steal my clothes. You think I'll just let you?

((One fact I've neglected about Ivan: HE CAN TALK TO ANIMALS! And he's talking to a monkey. So yeah, you can go 'wtf, who're you talking to?" at him o.o))
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... Something tells me we are way off the course to our initial destination.

[ h-here I goooo. *dives in* ]
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Ah... I seem to have acquired a pad of paper and a rather sentient quill... I'm not sure what they hope to gain by following me around but...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
All of my base
Are belong to you

...Oh, oh my. That... doesn't even make sense. It's hardly poetic in any...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lelouch Lamperouge
Is more fabulous than you

Who? Oh dear. This is embarrassing.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Edward is short
And Laharl is too

...I ah, I really do apologize. I don't even know who these people are.
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Someone wanna tell me why animals seem to have an affinity for chewing on me? Like this funky-lookin' dog that has latched on to my ankle. I'm telling you, that doesn't hurt and I don't know why you're expecting me to stop, can you not tell that's metal? Yeesh. Gerroff, y'blasted mutt, I'm looking for someone and dragging you through the sand is becoming a pain in my left asscheek.

[ @__@; I fail.]
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... I had decided to visit Asakura Ryouko today... however, when I had arrived... I was unable to detect any trace of her. Further investigation has shown that it is likely that she is no longer on this island.

... ... I believe I shall remain at this location for some time... I have my reasons for doing as such.

Private, but hackable if you know Yuki quite well.

... Asakura Ryouko is once again no longer part of my active life... while our time together was small... I had enjoyed the feeling that I had a sister in some form. ... I had hoped that I would have been able to make further amends while I was still able to see her.

... It is my hope that you do not attempt anything that would endanger the lives of yourself and others... I would not wish for that event to happen once again.
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Tch...the stupid mutt's been going off non-stop. I'd let him out of the cave except that I'm afraid he'll run off or somethin'. Who knows given that Baldy, half-breed, and One-Eye are here he probably followed one of'em. If he is back, then that meatbun tree is mine....first one back is first one to keep the tree...you snooze you loose. That simple.

I'm still wondering when Onii-chan, Yaone, and Dokugakuji'll show up. Maybe they'll remember that guy...because I sure as hell don't. Then again since that...it's almost like I forgot a lot of things. Why couldn't this place been one of them...
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Where is everyone? First Salome asks me to marry her, and then everyone disappears?! What the hell is up with that!? ... Wait a second... Forget where they are, where the hell am I?! ... Where are my men?! Hey, you monkeys, quit hiding right now or I'll kick your asses a thousand times over as soon as I get my body back! ... Damn... That should have worked. But no, not one of them came out! I can't even sense their mana anymore, not that they'd have much compared to a bad ass Overlord like myself!

Seriously though, what the hell am I supposed to do now? My body isn't back like it's supposed to be, everyone ran off, and none of my men are here! ... ... ... ... ... Hyaa ha ha ha ha ha! What am I worried about, I'm Lord Zetta, a badass freakin' Overlord and the most powerful there is to boot! So I'm apparently stranded on some strange Netherworld without any of my men and a curse, so what?! Not only will I still kick this curse's ass and get back where I should be, I'll get my body back and go find Drake and kick his ass for trying to kill me!

...!! Hey, mutt, what're you looking at? Never seen a talking book before? Well, take this! Hahahaha, showed him... Oh. Oh crap. There's more of them.

((Seve here, with Lord Zetta from Makai Kingdom! Just a quick note about him if you don't know. Yes, he is a talking book. He moves by floating. And.. that's all =O!))
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Ugh, Valentines Day is coming up. I hope the Island rains candy or something. . . and doesn't do anything. . . too outlandish. We all remember what happened during Christmas, don't we. . .? Uck. . .

Also. . . I have to apologize to anyone and everyone who I may have ranted to about. . . about my sister. Or about anything, really. Especially you, Nick. I'm really sorry. . . you especially had to put up with me. Again, I apologize~

But yeah, I hope it rains candy. Or something like that -- but with our luck, it'll rain flaming hearts or something. Maybe I'll stay indoors on the fourteenth. . .
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What's this I hear about the holiday of... love? Must be fate or somethin' for me to wind up here right around a celebration like that. Any single honeys out there? It'd be a crime to spend Valentine's Day all alone. ♥  I know all kinds of fun games we could play...
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[Private mumblings, hackable to basically anyone, especially friends]

I have...a hat. How long has it been, a week, I think? A week of searching, maybe more, and all I've found is his hat. I-I'm...worried. First of all, I think I've checked every inch of this fucking island, possibly multiple times, but I haven't seen any sign of him aside from this hat.

Which brings me to the other reason I'm worried. Captain Jack Sparrow never goes anywhere or does anything without his hat if he can help it. It's like an extension of his body or something. He even keeps the thing on during sex. The only explanation that I can think of as to why he wouldn't be with his hat is that he was forcibly taken somewhere and it fell off of he was eaten by something or...I really don't want to think about it anymore...

And I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in...however long it's been. I don't really know. An hour or so here and there, but I always wake up worrying about him and can't get back to sleep. This is what I get for allowing myself to have feelings for another. Warriors are not supposed to feel... I should have learned that lesson with Adam, but it would appear that I didn't...

[Private to Sora]

If you're still willing to go with me to look for Jack and your friend, I would really appreciate it. I think I could use your companionship right now...
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Heke..... I've been here a week but it feels like hammy-years >:

I've gotten used to those coco-nuts, even if they don't taste like nuts OR chocolate! :T Luckily, there are a lot of nice people here who are always feeding me! I'm gonna look lke Oxnard soon enough! Kushkushkush.

Oh, an' I just realized everyone's been talkin' about Valentines day! I love that day! Maxwell said it's when all the girl ham-hams give chocolate to the boys. Oh.. but there isn't any ham-ham girls here >: Or any hams! Well, I guess it's good cus new this house I dug into the tree isn't very big!

((might as well update D: sorry its boring))
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Tch. This is certainly not where I expected to wake up. I know we have to move often, but really, to do it while I was asleep? That's unforgivable. And there's no way I would have slept through it. Kabuto must have drugged me, the bastard.

I didn't even think Orochimaru had returned yet. He's late, and it's annoying. And now I can't even find Kabuto. Or the base, for that matter.

...and there are monkies, apparently.

[[Mel here with her sixth and hopefully final muse!]]
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I'm usually fine with this holiday, but this time... it feels weird to be near other people. Marona always seemed to enjoy it enough with just the two of us, but this is the first time I'll be spending it with others. Not that I want to have a Valentine I was always Marona's anyway, but she says I have to send gifts and cards to friends. Really Marona, it's such a waste of time. I'm not good with writing out how I feel.

...In any case, does anyone have any spare sheets of paper? We need them to write letters.

[[ Private to self // Hackable by anyone EXCEPT Marona ]]

This holiday reminds me a lot of Jasmine. I guess only an idiot would fall in and out of love with a married woman, especially when she's the wife of your best friend and mother to your "little sister". ...She would always give everyone chocolates and tell them that she loved them, even if they weren't family members. Mom used to do that when I was little.

Maybe I just missed that kind of feeling. I've grown since then. As long as Marona's safe and happy, I don't need anything else to feel happy. ...Even if she one day decides to move on.


...Hey, Adell. Can I ask you something privately?
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This whole Valentine's Day has everyone going nuts. I must be a bastard for not understanding why. Or maybe it's that whole not having a heart thing, ha ha ha.

Still, I can sort of figure out why. It might require some digging around though and asking questions.

Wonder if I should bother making plans with anyone~. I've got someone in mind, yeah. Dunno if they'll catch my hint though.

Private//Sort of Hackable
Except, fuck. That could really be two someones, or even three, or four.

It might sound stupid to say I'm gonna clean up my act.

Hahahahaha. Damn Axel, what have you gotten yourself into.
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Sometimes I really wonder if I'm just unlucky or I just have a knack for getting myself into trouble. At least it seems to be a nice island. Everything is so...green and vibrant. The only thing to do is to figure out what to do next...

Oh, I guess Valentine's Day is coming soon too. I've never really celebrated it with anyone, so I can't say I understand why people make such a big deal out of it. Well, unless it's because of the chocolate. Then I definitely understand why.
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You know.

I’m supposed to be at that age where you’re supposed to graduate from Jump already, but it’s become a habit. I wouldn’t call a grown man reading childish things such like “Bleach” or “One Piece” an entirely bad habit. It represents that I still have that small childhood innocence that most adults lose once they go to collage, get a job, and start a family…

Children. Embrace and enjoy the childhood you have! Don’t go throwing your problems to the sunset and suppressing your negative emotions, you retards! You’ll end up with wrinkles, get all smelly and no one will love you for being a hermit.

Wanna fight? Start a fight and don’t hold back until one of you is in need of medical attention. In love with that boy or girl from across the street? Just don’t become a stalker or something. That’s unhealthy and disgusting. Seriously. Like a certain gorilla.

Most of all, don’t slouch in front of the television screen or you’ll become a slob like me. If it weren’t for my habits and my dirty unforgivable perm—I’d at least have a girlfriend by now…. or be married to the Weather Girl in some alternate dimension. Ah. I swear upon the weather girl...

Ah… My videotape. If I’m stuck here, guess it’ll be more overdue by... a few more months, give or take. If I can find a VCR around here, I’ll have to rewatch that same porn scene over again and again and again--- Oh, where was I?

Right. Issues.

Got a problem? Come to the jack-of-all-trades. Though it’s gonna be tough doing business in a place where it's always R&R.
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Ah, thank you very much to the people who helped me out upon my arrival. That monkey was rather troublesome. Unfortunately though, I seem to have another problem. I have no place to stay. Would someone be willing to let me bunk with them? I'll pull my weight, I promise!


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