Feb. 11th, 2007

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Ah ha, here we are~! I heard there was a library so I had to check it out! And just when I was starting to think it was a waste of time, I finally found it! A cookbook with recipes for chocolate! ♪

Let's see...

Thumbtack-fudge... chocolate-covered mice... chocolate-chip sausage?


I-I'll find something...
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Aha! With the upcoming holiday everyone is talking about, it's only right I arrange gifts for all my lovely hunnies~! Now let me see, hoooow many gifts will I need to provide~? Anise, Alicia, Flonne, Nill, Sheena, Presea, Colette, Cierra, Lirin, Tsuruya, Nagato, Fran, Larexene, hmmm is that everyone~? I'll prepare a few extra just in case!

My my, so many hunnies~! ♥

. . . Ah ha ha, I think I might need more things to give out as gifts... No matter! The incredible Zelos Wilder will find a way to make his rounds proper! Who better than I to spread that wonderful feeling to all those present~? ♥

Now to figure out what would suit each of their tastes~~
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Kitten's got five lives left~ Kitten's got five lives left~

001 //

Feb. 11th, 2007 08:47 am
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...just when it was about to start.

If someone would tell me where Son Goku is how to leave this place, that would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not force the answer out of all of you.
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What the hell is this? A beach? We shouldn't be that close to the ocean yet. Stupid chick probably got us lost again. Figures.

Huh. I thought I came this way, but I guess I got turned around. Shit, none of this looks familiar. I know I didn't walk this far just to take a piss. Maybe it was back this way? Dammit. Now I'm lost.

Wonder if there's anything to eat around here? Or, even better, something to drink. I haven't had a drink in weeks. Seems like weeks anyway. Jin's the only one who's earned any cash lately, and he's such a damn tight-ass about spending it on sake.

Maybe they'll come looking for me? Man, Fuu's gonna be pissed when I don't come back. She's always goin' on and on about how she's counting on us to help her find the sunflower guy, and how she can't do it without both of us. We still have no idea who the hell the guy is, but it's sure important to her. She's probably gettin' worried.


Oh well. Guess I'll just lie on the beach for a while. Might as well take a nap before Fuu finds me and starts yelling her little lungs out.

...Or I could go check out those people over there. Yo, anywhere to get a drink around here?
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It seems the forest is something more like a labyrinth than a forest.

I...I'm sorry if I worried anyone.

Hm, I found a tree with a bunch of crayons on it. So many colors...I took some and stored them in the hut with my sektchbook--unless that's not alright? Just tell me and I'll move them.

I'm hearing a bunch of talk about this "Valentine's Day." I'm quite sure we didn't have the holiday where I come from. Riku, Kairi, Sora, Roxas...? Do you know what it's about? From what I can understand it's a day meant for couples...hm...

((*drags Nami out of the dead muse group*))
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Cecile, I don't remember putting in for a vacation, nor do I remember an order for-- Cecile?

Hmm~~ I could almost assume this were a surprise chance to test my Lancelot, if only it, or any of my equipment, were here. Even Suzaku-kun is absent! Not that I have any doubts it would perform wonderfully even in this sort of environment. ♥

I've never been to this part of Area Eleven, either. I had no idea they let the animals run about so rampantly~ As much as I'm sure many people would refer to these animals as better than Elevens, they are for less helpful. A sign of civilization would be nice.

Even a helpful road sign would work. ♥ My Lancelot is far more important than a trip to the beach, and I really must get back.
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Ah? Where am I? I was supposed to be running across campus for Professor Oberth, but this is definitely not anywhere between the workshop and his office.

Law? Dorochette? Are you two around here somewhere? Anyone?

This doesn't look like Germany at all... Maybe the south of France? But there's no way I could have gotten that lost.

Er... can anyone help me get back to Munich? Professor Oberth is looking for me, I'm sure.


Sprechen Sie Deutsches?

((Yup, Fountain of Youth'd... Remembers nothing of anything on the Island, and is approximately age thirteen, and a fair bit shorter than Alfons used to be. Do be pretending Al's hair is lighter in the icons, kthnx. And yes, some of the guys Alfons worked with were the alternates of Law and Dorochette.))
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If I ever say I'm going into the forest again, please hit me. After getting lost in there for so long last time, you really think I'd know better! But apparently not~ I feel a little silly for going back into the woods. At least I'm out now. I hope I didn't worry Sora or Riku too much. I've been disappearing so much lately... I really should apologize to them. And to Roxasa, too. Especially her. It's unhealthy for a baby to grow up without her mother!

Wow, there's a lot of new faces around here. Did things change that much while I was gone? It looks like some people left, too... it's strange how people are always coming and going here. I guess the Island didn't like them anymore, so she sent them home. Well, if they can be with the people they care about who are back home, that's good.

It's a little troubling, though... I know a lot of people want to go home, but I'd hate to be sent back without Sora and Riku. And even if all three of us went, I know I'd miss all the friends I've made here. Hm, I'm probably worrying too much. I'll just appreciate being back~.
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Um, so... "Valentines Day" is going to be in a few days? I bet island-san is going to do something that day. I should probably stay inside that day, espescially if the island turns into candy again... Everyone will get sick.

Though I'm kind of curious... Is this holiday about getting candies or is it about love and things like that? The past holidays that the living world celebrates that have been celebrated have all seemed to have double meanings to them too, like that Christmas one.

Oh, is this holiday, um... about paying others with candy to love you? That's... both things and it makes sense... It doesn't seem nice though, but um, maybe that's me?
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Okay! That's it, you've been following me long enough you stupid bunny! Go back home, shoo! Don't make hit you again! Urgh, just--- TAKE THAT!

Can somebody do anything about this living bunny plush!? -- NO I DON'T WANT TO HUG YOU!

On another matter, once this thing is gone, we can go back to the island, Marona. Your friend is coming too, since he freaked out after... you know. Coming Muhyo?

((Note: Prier is being followed by the SIMS 2 Social Bunny, which is a giant broken plush bunny Imagine Barney the Dinosaur, just a bunny. The only thing is, nobody except the "victim" can see the bunny, so everybody else is seeing Prier fighting and arguing with... thin air.))
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Bleagh... I still can taste sand in my mouth. What the heck just happened? ERI-CHAN! MIKOTO-CHAN! AKIRA-CHAN! KARASUMA-KUN!

Oh, no. This is awful. There's only 200 days or so till Karasuma-kun transfers. I can't be stuck here. But wait... maybe this a test! That's it! God has sent me here to test my strength, to see if I'm worthy of Karasuma-kun! I must prevail, and I must stay strong! KARASUMA-KUN, I PROMISE THAT I'LL RETURN TO YOU! Not even the monkey on my leg can-


((Pari here with her fifth muse, Tenma Tsukamoto from School Rumble. Feel free to laugh at/help the spazzy ditz~))


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