Feb. 8th, 2007

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Ow ow owww....

Thank god I'm finally out of this...stupid hole. My wrist hurts again..

So..uh..how long was I in there?

[Private to self ; Hackable]

Soubi's gone..I don't know how and why but..I just do. Heh..just like him to just..leave me all alone again. Idiot..
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Ahaha...Looks like I lost track of a lot of time in the library. But it had so many interesting books, I couldn't help it. That and I returned to my normal body as well.

It's February..right? Hn...It's almost Valentine's Day, isn't it? And my birthday as well..

Wow..I've been in here a long time...


Feb. 8th, 2007 10:51 am
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...There was something I was supposed to do, wasn't there...

((ooc: I APOLOGIZE FOR THE ABSENCE. ;___; Classes pwn people at my college, I swear...))
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I don't want to cut down anymore trees for a while... ok, I can't cut down anymore trees for a while. My swords aren't just made to cut down trees, and I don't want to make them worn out or even break. Plus, er, when I was gonna make some figurines, one of the trees yelled at me. Told me stuff like 'How could you?! You hate trees? Think of me as the Great Kharlan Tree! You're cutting down the Great Kharlan Tree!!'...... I really didn't know what to say to that, so I went to a different tree....

.... and it yelled at me too. It went 'Booo!! 25 out of 400! Go learn how to not be stupid!'.... that really made me mad, and I was gonna cut that one down too, but then all of them started yelling at me. I swear I'm not making this up or imagining it! It was really crazy! So I guess adding stuff to the room is going to have to wait until the trees stop yelling.
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Misuzu-chin is making valentines day cards for everyone! If anyone wants to make some with me, I have lots of extra paper and markers. I even found my scissors in my school bag!

Too bad I can't make chocolates for people. Gao... I don't know how, though. It'd probably turn out gross.

[Private - very hackable]

Okay. Misuzu needs to make cards for...

Yukito-san, Riku, Sora, Hakkai. Renton? I talked to him a few times, I doubt he'll mind.


Who else? Gao... I should give them to my friends that are girls too, though. Like Ayu-chan, and Nill. And and MOMO - she seemed nice.


Okay, I can just spread out all of my art stuff here and get down to business! Have to try my best and make good cards for everyone!
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Oh...I didn't...realize Valentine's Day was coming up. But I thought it was September, right? Or did time change too when I got here?

No matter. Because I'm not exactly...outgoing I don't have any good materials, I doubt I can really make valentines. I don't usually do that anyway and end up buying some chocolate for myself, but is there even chocolate on this island, much less chocolate that won't turn me into a monkey or something?

And um, on a completely different topic, something strange is going on in that shack I was at. I have a very bad feeling...Has anything like it happened before?
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Uh... What happened? I feel like I've slept for days. I mean, I don't feel bad exactly but... Did I sleep for a really long time?

*Suddenly remembers Samus's amnesia about having turned into an infant XD* Oh crap. Hey, I didn't turn into a baby, did I?

And what on earth is this "Valentine's Day" thing I keep hearing people talk about?
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It's the dream again.
I went back home and... and no one remembered.  Or maybe they just didn't want to remember.  It was like I'd never left.  Never come here.  Never met any of them.

Tifa just laughed and said I must have a really active imagination.  She looked worried though.  So is it real?  This place where reality hangs by a thread...

I met some of the others too... well... I saw her at least.  Shelke.  She didn't remember either.  She was even our enemy for a while.  I thought it all was just a dream, but how... could I have known anything about Deepground?  I can hardly remember anything from that time... that's probably for the best...

I guess... I'm back.  It's been a while.

Will they remember... even here...?
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So, uh... what the hell is this 'Valentine's Day' everyone's going on about? From what I can tell you give cards to people and eat too much candy, which sounds good to me, but I get the feeling that I'm missing something here.
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Oh no no no~

Ahh, yes yes yes~

Ku ku kuuu~ I haven't stirred up any trouble lately, da ze~ Hmm~ Valentines is coming up, perhaps that'll be a good day as any to start brewing up trouble, da ze~ Of course, I have to figure something from outside the usually potions and cupid arrows the Taichou asked me to do~

... Ahh, sweet potato dango machine. Tche, it's not here... Not that I could sabotage any sort of profit from Valentine's, but still~ Nothing says "Be my Valentine" like a sweet potato dango, da ze~ Ku ku kuuu~ I wonder if they grow around here, da ze~
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I found the perfect place for the Yankumi Academy! This'll be great! It's a big cavern with what looks like a hall and little side caves coming off of it. All it needs is light and furniture. I'm so excited!

... But there's a great big rat in there. It's bigger than Minoru Can anyone help me get rid of it? It's really huge! Like the size of a car.

The Yankumi Academy will be open in time for the start of the new school year! Yay!

... And Valentine's Day is coming up. I should think about who I'm making chocolate for...
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... From what I have heard, it would seem that Valentines day is approaching... I am currently curious as to what may occur, as oddities have happened on previous holidays... as well, if there are those who are going to attempt to follow the trdition of the day... I wonder which they shall follow.

Perhaps I should participate in the event, if I happen to be in control of myself at the time. ... Problems with this include not being able to obtain chocolate... and the possibility of having to choose the person to give the chocolate to.

... Koizumi Itsuki... as you have no knowledge of previous events that have happened here upon your return... would you be in need of a explanation of this island? ... If you are already aware of the present dangers, you may ignore my question.
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Hello everyone. I am sorry for not keeping you updated on the Tea Gathering. Due to certain events I will have to postpone it till Allen comes back to life for a couple more days. My apologies.

However, when it happens, I promise to let all of you know. You have my word.

((Mei = with bruised neck and fakely trying to smile due to Allen dying. ^^;;))

⇒ 010

Feb. 8th, 2007 10:34 pm
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*cradling Allen's oh-so-very-dead body in her arms*

No... no, this can't be happening... Allen-kun, please wake up... please! Allen-kun...! I-I... I just don't know... what to do... someone say this isn't real! There's no way this can be real... Allen-kun! Please don't go... don't leave me... I don't want to be alone...

You just came back... it's not fair... this isn't fair! This stupid island, it's just not fair--! Don't take him away from me, please! You can't... you just can't...

I don't want to lose you... I can't lose you... no...

(( From this thread where Allen died and Rinali found him. Sorry for all the ellipses. D:

edit; Also, just for clarification, if Rina replies to a thread and she isn't all emo, it's because I time-skipped her. ♥;; Hey, it's hard to have her interact with people when she's being "..."-ish D: ))


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