Feb. 6th, 2007

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1. Through the thick brush and trees by the two leaning rock formations it constantly rains

2. Ask Sousuke why I fell head-first into a giant... three-toed footprint

3. Avoid cursed springs- or anything like that
As good as a spa sounds, I hear they are not safe here! Let's not find out.

4. Coconuts+Chidori= well, does not equal fun
(must ask what... exactly happened... exactly)

5. Find peace offering for monkeys *rubs head*

6. Must work for food here, lobster meals are good but a whole lot more work than they're worth...

7. Either the Whispered voices are back or the island was talking to me ?? must explore further

8. Parties are held at the abandoned ship whole lot of noise going on over there

9. Vines and snakes are awfully similar around here *twacks with hiasen*

10. Avoid snares and traps of those other than the one I expect to have them >.>

And there are those who worry I can't handle myself *dusts off hands*

*scribbles notes in memo*
Still to do:
- Suitable peace offering
- Build shelter tired of sleeping with one eye open
- Find 'base' without broken bones, explosions, mines, traps, snares, bodygaurd summersaults, haisen usage, death traps, asfixiation, bruises, endangerment, scratches, injury, booby traps, barbed wire, pulled tendons or muscles

why do I have such a bad feeling about this?

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I was wondering if perhaps anyone could recommend a good book? I know there was a library around here somewhere, but I've yet to make use of it. Presuming the island hasn't swallowed it up, of course~

Aha, I just figured I need something else to do here besides waste bullets. ♥
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Considering that the ship is still here, I suggest that we make the most out of it, as I'm sure there are plenty of things aboard that could be of use to us. 30%. Perhaps we could use different scrap parts of it for construction that is not simply of timber and thatched roofs. Medicine might also be on board.

And if by a .1% chance that anyone finds batteries, please direct them to me, as my magical girl stick is currently in need of them.

Ah, so yes, if the ...zombie-hunting party (although I doubt zombies exist; and even if they do, it's really not my concern, unless they start directly threatening our safety) could please help locate items of use, that would be greatly appreciated. I am sure this would not greatly affect any zombie-hunting/killing that might occur, and might even make the experience increase in value by at least 33%.

Besides, just like in all good videogames, there should usually be a quest for a subplot of some sort. 80% of the most popular games (rated by readers of Gamers weekly) have such a characteristic, though the subplots are usually not very interesting nor of high intellectual "value," and belongs with the mundane romantic subplots. Quality aside, it's a bit of a necessary condition for video games and anything that targets a wide audience. 22%. To have your cake and eat it too, to use a metaphor.
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I still haven't found my clothes since they fell into the ocean, if anyone happens to find them, return them at once. Although, this strange tree did provide me with this... alternative, they do not seem very appropriate. That and I don't quite understand why it gave me "cat ears".

((Oh yes, the Island gave her these to wear~ Enjoy the view~ I need to stop reading Negima!))
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I hate this place. I'm sorry to anyone I annoyed the other day...

Ow. That dingo bit me hard. I've clean it with ocean water, and I found a ditch in the forest to stay in, so I think I'll be okay.
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.... Umm, Ash? I think... I lost my clothes somewhere, Ash. I fell asleep after I had a drink from this one fountain that was kinda like that one drink that rained from the sky. Tasted kinda weird. B-but then, I woke up in... these clothes.

... They're kinda loose... and it's sorta showing...

Could you find my clothes, Ash?

((Marona took a sip of the Hick Dew, and now lo and behold, she's wearing county hick overalls and clothes. /o/ And it's a little big for her too, wut))
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Mamimi is bored~

So I'm starting a bonfire on the beach~! Coconut drinks all around!

Okay, I have to drag all these stray branches to a pile... Then... Light them and stuff. Light... Light! DX There we go.

... Hehe, nice and warm. Just like God gives warmth to hearts of the believers, Mamimi can heat herself up, too. ♥ God abandoned Mamimi anyway.

Let's draw in the sand too! And make a castle.


Feb. 6th, 2007 04:37 pm
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Ow... I fell down and my leg is scratched and it really hurts and also this place is scary and... and it doesn't look like Mizuho. Can I go home please? I was sad because I had to study S-S-Summon Spirits and I wanted to go play with Kuchinawa so I snuck away but I'll be good if I-I-I...


*Trying to not look like she's miserable and stuff... and failing*

((Sheena's just become a victim of the fountain of eternal youth, too. OH NOES. She's about 5 or so.))
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Blue skies~

Blue waves~~

Blue sand~~~

It's always so exciting to be in a new place. Especially when it's a beautiful tropical island like this one! It's so peaceful that I completely forgot where I was before I came here. ♥

So I was thinking... "What wonderful weather to have a picnic!" ...or something like that. I wonder what kind of things you can eat at a tropical island picnic? Hmm~ I'm getting excited just thinking about it. ♥ I guess you would eat lots of fish? That sounds like fun~~ ♥

...I'm going to go catch some fish! I'll give it my all~

*Runs toward the ocean with arms outstretched.*
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Sparky, my completely awesome lobster, ran away from home. Oh well. . . I hope he's happy, wherever he is. . .

I've been thinking about Mia, my big sister, a lot lately. If she truely DID return home. . . well. I suppose that means. . . hm. I miss her so much. . .

. . .speaking of missing people, I wonder whatever happened to Mr. Edgeworth? I hope he's okay, too. Maybe he was able to go home! It's. . . it's not a picnic here, so for his sake, I hope that's where he is.

I've just now realized that Lezard is gone, as well. Which isn't all that horrible. . . everyone seems to be disappearing. . .
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Hey, Doc, how long until this splint's gone again? I can't be one-handed for too long, it'll throw my aim.

So how's everyone doin'? If any of you lovely ladies are ever feeling lonely, feel free to come find me either over at Dante's bar or in the cave under the waterfall, if you're looking for any company. If you're new, I could take you on a tour around the island, we could sit and talk, and... other things are also possible. C-cups or higher preferred but not required.

So some folks've been wandering over to that ship. Find anything good? Never seen a boat that big in my life.

...What's this I hear about Ed being here? Where are you, Boss?


Feb. 6th, 2007 07:24 pm
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Ah? Eh?! Finally! I've made it back to the beach! Ah ah! Sorry for my extreme absense everyone~ A couple of monkies stole my copy of Ukidoki Memorial, and so, of course I had to get it back!! >O!!! And so I have it again and maybe a few monkies have gone missing from the island, hmhm~ I'm sure you all missed me yes~? :Db  I see so many new people, kyaaaaaaaaah~ Particularly Tales of the Chasm and Tales of Orchestria~!! Very very nice to meet you all~!!! *______* I'm Renge Houshakuji~ All of those who don't know me who are very new!

But anyway, I really really should get back to my Otaku Report. DD: I can't believe I haven't done a single story on the charismatic people and their dramatic lives here?! Have I missed a new yaoi romance!? A heartbreaking breakup?! *___*~ Or perhaps two old friends were reunited on the island after a long time of seperation, and they found love together?! *_____* Please do fill me in! I'd really like to know!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~! And also~! Valentine's Day is nearly a mere week away~! I cannot wait to see what the island grants us~ Perhaps we will be visited by Cupid? Or a repeat of the random fallings-in-love? THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE, OHOHOHOHO~~~!

((edit: also for all of you new people; Renge has bootleg names for everyone she meets. to avoid destroying the 4th wall completely. /o/))
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How strange. This place feels a little similar to-- No, but I'm afraid there's a bit too much color for it to be. Well, the only explanation that leaves is . . . Ah. I see. Perhaps this place is something of a replica of the original? A new version of . . . Yes, I suppose that's it. Well if I'm here, then that certainly means that--

. . . Oh, sorry, I seem to be talking to myself.

But I must admit, this is rather unexpected. I thought that we had already circumvented such situations as these, but clearly I thought wrong -- and there is that saying about making assumptions, after all~. I ought to have been a bit more observant. . .

In any case, I'm looking for my irreplaceable friends. I believe I'm late for a club meeting, unfortunately, so I suppose I'll have to buy everyone drinks? Although, call it a hunch, but it looks as though there won't be much opportunity for treating everyone to soda -- unless, of course, there is some beachfront resort I happened to miss, though I don't imagine that would be the case.

I certainly hope discussing this new tropical motif that the club room seems to have developed is on the agenda for today. I wonder if this fits into the club's budget? ♪

((OoC: Ah, this is Noodle with a shiny new puppet, Koizumi Itsuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Um. . . consider him reset, though--! But feel free to have your characters recognize him if they knew him before. .__. ))

Hello again

Feb. 6th, 2007 09:26 pm
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Well, I've been here for a few days now, and I think I'm getting used to it, a bit. Thank you, everyone who told me what to avoid. Though I would like to take a bath that isn't cold... are there any hotsprings that don't curse people?

I've been staying in the caves so far... thanks again, Mei, for showing them to me. Are the other exorcists staying somewhere else? Where are you guys?

Ah... also, if you already know me, and think I'm ignoring you, I'm really not! I guess I was here before, but I don't remember now. So... for those I haven't met, and those I've met before and don't remember... I'm Allen Walker, an exorcist.
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((Sorry for lack of text; Mei is currently being choked by thick vines who, in the words of lance, "are like the plant thing in Little Shop of Horrors after it gets really big". So yeah. Strength or swords needed. Thread is here. Have a ball; and I'm open to do timewarps, so if you wanna save her and someone else already has, feel free to do it anyway and I'll jump back.))
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I am currently looking for a sundress and a black under-dress for a girl. If you have taken it or have seen it, please inform me. This is urgent. I'm not kidding. Whoever the hell took Marona's clothing is seriously looking for trouble.

Just in case, does anyone here know how to sew or make new clothing? I can't have her running around in t-that outfit! I'll never hear the end of this from her mom next time I see her...
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I must have gotten the short end of the damn stick... stupid freaking fountain...

I guess it's good for an experience, but dammit, I don't want to be old and wrinkly again any time soon. I should probably be surprised, since after I read one of those crappy horoscopes I found, I go waltzing into that... place.

Go ahead and find your "Fountain of Youth and Immortality" because it'll fuck your shit up.

How the hell does a horoscope get that specific about what happens anyway?

........ DAMMIT!! I still feel like having prune juice!


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