Feb. 2nd, 2007

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........Why the hell am I....short and...the heck!? My hands look like skin colored mittens!! Dammit...My head is so fucking big and my leg is like..half non-existent.

This is not right. I'm used to weird things but...this..this is just...beyond weird.

Aw dude, this is fucked up. DX

Arrggh~~! I don't even know what I'm saying anymore!

((So..uh..yes. Omi fell into the cursed spring of South Park and became Stan. Why? Well..uh..Stan's Japanese dub's seiyuu was Omi's seiyuu. >> He'll be .... cussing a bit, but mostly the same. XD; HEY. I DON'T WATCH SOUTH PARK. ANYONE WHO CAN TELL ME ABOUT STAN IS APPRECIATED?!))
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I'm still alive.

I should have transformed by now. I don't...I guess I'm not infected. God or whatever force went me here must have cured me...

I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't help it. I know why: I'm still alive, after everything. Now it seems somewhat...strange to think of how I used to fear for my life. As it seems, I'm stuck here, and I won't have to worry about that again. Heh.


Um, does anyone know if my gun's still where I left it?
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I believe someone left something behind in the clinic at some point recently. I was doing some cleaning when I found this. I'd like to think that I see every face that goes in and out of here, but this simply does not look familiar at all.

If anyone is missing a hat, please come to the clinic and describe it to me. If it matches, I'll turn it over.

... Or perhaps it's something River found...

In any case, I would also like to introduce myself to the new arrivals. I'm Dr. Simon Tam, and I essentially run the clinic here. If you're ever hurt, please come to me or send someone to me Though my mun is a thread stalker and I'll likely just show up. Although it would be appreciated if such visits were infrequent, especially if you respond to "Captain".

((Simon has found a very fabulous hat. The character that comes up with the best description gets it! Let's see how this goes~~~))
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((ooc: obviously, none of these would ever work to get anyone off, but whee /o/
strikeouts are ALL very legible))

Possible ways to get off the Island aka to-do list :

-Get back to the 10th
-Sacrifice a Virgin to please the Island God.
-Blow it up.
-The Titanic. DEFINITELY DID NOT WORK. Defective ship.
-Pray to the Island God (currently in progress)
-More explosives required. Maybe a controlled and continuously triggered explosion set off over a long period of time would do the trick, instead of one blow on one go. (exact physics and mathematics involved currently being formulated. A graphing calculator would be nice in order to know the exact trajectory)
-Mountain God vs. Island God??
-Construction of a submarine?
-Blow more shit up.
-Go back to where we arrived and attempt to find the exit. Newton's laws say that for every action, there must be a reaction.
-Test the barrier to see if it can withstand simultaneous explosions; or if it can only withstand one explosion, then we might have a chance
-Collect more coconuts
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And if you roughed up Sawada at all, you're gonna get it! C'mon, monkeys! Ow! Hey! No throwing coconuts! Ow! Fine! I'll throw them back! Take that! And that!

Hey! Get back here with my glasses!
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Does anybody know what this is? I saved it from a groundhog and now it won't stop following me...

On another note, there's a giant talking groundhog in the forest keeps saying something about how Spring is coming...
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Saaaay~ ♥

Does anyone here know how to use a grill? That crazy weird nice guy named Guy managed to make one on the side of my Rheiard! While busting it's ability to fly. But, well, I haven't the slightest clue how to really make use of it! I'm not used to these fancy cooking tools. Give me a ladel and a pot any day over this thing.

But yeah~! ♥

If anyone could give me some pointers on how to cook with this thing, I might let you use it too! I'm sure there must be someone here who would be interested in that kind of thing, right? Maybe some cute little hunnies who want to cook for the man they like~? Or even me~? ♥♥
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Funny how one moment there is an influx of new islanders, a sudden disappearance of a whole batch on the next. I wonder when I will be sent back too.... I do miss eating real food and sleeping on a real bed and bathing without fear of getting turned into some random person or object.

..... I wonder if the cold water curse will still have effect on us if we go back to our worlds. Or if we will remember ever being here? And aren't we from different worlds? Surely, we speak different languages. But how come we understand each other? How come-----

----- mind not the old man.
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... I'm not sure if this is just a cruel joke or something but... This really isn't funny.

... The Wise One isn't supposed to be... acting like this. He doesn't... Ugh, I can't even say it. What is he.. err, it, doing? and what a language.

I think I'm going to burn this thing. it's detestable. I guess just a normal Bolt will do... ACK! G-get off of my foot! And stop talking like that!! >///<

((What Ivan has is a mini plush version of this guy. It's also acting like a badly played hood gangster and is cussing out like no tomorrow ._.))


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