Feb. 1st, 2007

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I'll be gone for a while, so...yeah, I won't be on the Titanic. I left a gun and a First Aid spray near it. It's first come, first serve.

I'll see you all later...maybe.

[Private to self, mood reads as Worried; hackable]
I guess this is it...I didn't die in the explosion, but that means I have to die because of the virus...

Hopefully I can get deep enough into the forest to avoid contact with anything else. I don't want to cause another outbreak here.

((Give her about half a day or so before she realizes she won't die and snaps out of this slightly-emo phase. >_> *still trying to figure out how to make her cracky*))
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[Private to Ryuhou, Kazuma]

I set up the traps--if any one of them is tripped, there's a bell nearby the entrance of your cave that'll jingle.


I shall be training today.  Should anyone want me, an event I find most unlikely, I will not be at my cave but in a clearing about five minutes to the south.

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It seems like ages since I've been on this island... and the only eventful thing seems to be the raining lobsters...

*sizzle, sizzle* at least I won't have to worry about food for awhile...

My powers are waning, I've yet to meet a worthy opponent, that my body has given up on training as hard as it used to. Am I just going to rot away just like every other pathetic being in existence? no blaze of glory no fight to the death...

I'm rather disappointed...
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... It would appear that the Titanic still has yet to depart. If there are any of you that still wish to board the vessel, I will not stop you. However, I ask that you remember that this vessel is one that mysteriously appeared, as well... that it once sank on the first voyage it set out on.

... I would also like to take the time to say that I am surprised to learn that crustaceans falling from the sky could cause the amount damage that I have seen while surveying the area. Although... I believe I should learn to accept what occurs without any expectations as to what I believe should happen. ... There is the possibility the damage could have been created from other residents as well.

Private to Kyon

Kyon... would it be possible for you to meet with me? I have... something I wish to show you.
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Oya, oya. Is this really what I am supposed to be seeing? It is much more pleasant than I imagined it would be. There is a lot more sunshine and less suffering souls than I would have imagined.

I suppose anyone would be shocked to find themselves somewhere like this without any warning. It's difficult to tell whether I should even feel lucky or not. If you're alive, you've won, but if you get killed, you lose. That's what I have heard, but what should you do when you've already died?

Maybe I am over-thinking things.

The truly important question here is: Where might I find some rice?
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How the heck did I turn into... that guy, again?! I don't remember using the Yin OR Yang Yoyo... At least I didn't have to deal with.. myself hugging me again. I HATE that guy! He lacks everything that I am, everything that I stand for! Really!

But that's over now, and it's never going to happen again! First order of business, removing the yellow paint that guy RUINED my cave with and getting the pink, red, and black back up where it should be!


(aaaand his evil chi is back where it belongs! And uh, "that guy" = good!Jack)
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.....w-weird song. Dxx ...th-throwing coconuts...I almost g-got hit.

Monkeys: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
there they are a-standin' in a row
big ones small ones some as big as your head~!

...Dx St-stop throwing coconuts--ow. Rude...

((So there's these monkies. Up in a tree, throwing coconuts around and singing "I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" from the Lion King. Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. The muses decided to hibernate and just now got back into gear~ ♥;))
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uwha... Where'd Laura's room go? Did we move to a beach? It wasn't here this morning... I sure got here fast! maybe it's what Laura meant when she was talking about "air-plains" yesterday, those go fast! Yea! That's it, I air-plaindeded here :O!

tiki tiki tiki tiki~ Oxnard? Boss? I don't see anybody! Just a bunch of humans over there, they look freaky!

*runs in circles* Help help I'm lost! Laaauuuraaaa! There was a "plained crash" I think!

-badda badda badda badda badda- *continues in a circle*
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NIIIIICK! I saved us a lobster to keep as a pet! His name is Sparky. If we get hungry, we can kill him and eat him! Neat, eh?

Private to Keitaro

Keitaro, don't worry about it~ No need to apologize! I'm your only friend so far? You should come and meet my friend, Nick~ I think you guys would get along!

End private

I'm going to make Sparky a leash outta' seaweed now. HEE~
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Oi~~ You whippersnappers are too loud. I can barely hear myself think, for crying out loud. Why, back in my day, kids like you RESPECTED their elders.

... WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING!!! Wait a minute, I think I need to turn on my hearing aid... Ahh, there we go..

Now where was I?.... Oh right, BACK IN MY DAY!!! Demons did the RIGHT thing and--

.... and....

.... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz~

((Yeah, so Pram's the next victim of the Fountain of Youth. Only, you know how Sephy said it could malfunction? ... Yeah, she's nearly as old as time itself and is a wrinkly bag of bones, prone to falling asleep /o/))


Feb. 1st, 2007 07:44 pm
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It's ALL your fault Sousuke!

Ouch. *drags sword behind her while clearing through brush and coming on the present happenings*


*notices there are suddenly people around*

Oh, uhm. Hello. I'm Kaname. Chidori Kaname. I'm... new... here.

Could someone tell me what the heck is going on... *nervous laugh* aheheh, uhm.

I just tripped over this sword on the beach. Is it yours?


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