Jan. 26th, 2007

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It's cool here...


Last thing I saw was that monster...

This water....


*jumps awake, is sitting in the lake at the Forest, untransformed*

Wh-what the...my...it's gone....
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That... monster seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived. Did anyone destroy it, or did the island just send it back to where it came from? I hope no one was badly injured.

I still haven't been able to find Kisa... I wonder if she was returned home. That seems the most likely, since she was missing a few days before that monster arrived. There's no sign of her having returned to her dwelling here in the cliffs, either. If that's the case, then... goodbye, little one. I hope you're happy, wherever you are.

Kazuma, where are you? You better not have been hurt...
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Well. This is annoying.

Before anyone asks, yes, I'm still Ayase. And no, I didn't step in a hotspring. Obviously, someone with a water Alter could avoid those.

Last time this happened, it was from a berry, but I swear I didn't eat anything strange these past few days. Maybe I got bitten by a bug of some kind. Who knows. Or maybe the island's just decided to "play" again.

I hope this wears off soon. Why do I feel more emo all of a sudden?
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This sure as hell isn't Serenity. Sure as hell isn't Persephone, or Ariel, or even Miranda, either. (Thank someone for that.) Where in the dì yù am I? I don't like being out here with no idea where my ship is, or even my gorram crew. Oh, well. Maybe Kaylee would be here. The girl never fails to cheer me up, even when she's hurt.

Following that logic, so does 'Nara. She's been more prone to pushing me out of her rooms lately, though. I've been figurin' it had to do with maybe losing Wash, but we've all got our troubles. I figure the best thing to do would be go looking for someone, so I start walking towards a stand of trees.

((Presenting Mal Reynolds, from Firefly. Have fun with him. ^^))
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Thank Seyfert that monster disappeared. But to where I wonder? That thing was causing so much noise, and it almost looked like it was going to head right for the cliffs! It'd create more than just a problem if it destroyed this section of the landscape.

Please let that be the last thing I'd have to deal with for a long while. I'd like to actually get some work done on my research of the island. Like that statement that girl said, having died once already, and yet still be alive....
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I never imagined an Accursed could exist on Midgard. Perhaps this means my mission should continue here, even with human souls. But it doesn't seem as if it truly did any damage, odd, even for these demons.

Oh another hand, it did prove the perfect distraction to get my clothes back before anyone else saw... o//////o

You have better forgotten what you saw de-- I mean "human".

And to that little girl who thought capturing and selling glittering fairies was fun, I have a little surprise for you!

((She thinks Godzilla = Accursed, go figure))
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... Godzilla IS gone, right? I don't hear anymore loud stomping or roars, so that's what I'm guessing! I decided it would be better if I stayed hidden from sight, instead of being an idiot and going up to it, so I could only tell by noises. I swear I heard what sounded like... fighting, I'm sure that's what it was! Is everyone alright? While I'm sure that it would be hard NOT to get hurt, I hope everyone that did got better afterwards~!

... Though what I really want to know is how a fictional film creature came to life suddenly.

Sis, what about you and Kei-chan? Nothing happened to either of you, right? It would be bad if something happened to... interrupt things we have planned~! And Kei-chan, have you found the inn you were looking for yet? I can't imagine you would have enough time recently, but I can hope~!
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I can't wait to go swimming~!

...huh? I got to the beach a lot faster than I thought I would... I guess I've gotten better at flying!

But... if I got here so fast, that means I left Lloyd too far behind... Oh, no! He must be so worried and lonely~!

Um... wait... this doesn't look like Altamira's beach. There's no city... and there's lots more people around than usual.

That means that I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere... but I don't know where I am. Um... excuse me? I'm sorry for bothering you all, but does anyone know where I am? This is really weird.

...I miss Lloyd- eek!

...what did I trip over...? OH! A puppy!

You're a cute doggy, aren't you? I think I'll call you... Toothy. Because... you have lots of big teeth.

Are you okay, Toothy? I'm sorry for tripping over you... I'm such a klutz.

...I hope Lloyd comes along soon. I miss him... I wanna keep going on our adventure... unless he can't find me. Then I'll have to go look for him...


...I fell again... hehe...
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Giant lizard...
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Well. Wasn't that a bucket of fun. But a giant lizard? Oh, come on. This rock can do better than that. How about a giant penguin next time? Now that's something.

I have an urge to do something I haven't done in awhile–race. Who wants to race me? It'll be fun, I promise. And it's a great way to visit old childhood memories and all that stuff old people like to do. Anyone up for it?

Especially you, Sora. It will be like old times, except I'll be beating you on this island instead of the other one. :D
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I never found that waterfall that Jean wanted me to go to, but then I found Ryu and he took me to these caves that have lots of windows and the walls are like giant chalk because it's making my hands all red zura.

Has anybody seen somebody named Bakura zura? He has really fluffy and pretty silver hair and has a round ring-necklace with him zura. He was really hurty when I saw him and I tried my best to protect him zura.

Private to Kazuma
Kazuma zura, I've got something for you zura. I wanna thank you for all the nice and fun things you've done with me zura.

((if my description of the Red Cliffs are off, tell me and I'll fix it ^.^'''))
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Finally, my morning run wasn't interrupted by a lapse in memory or a giant green thing parading about the Island.  I hesitate to say lizard as so many of you ignorant Islanders are--my snakes are far more refined to the point that it would insult them to even call that thing a reptile.  I didn't summon Manda against it for that reason of pride--that, and the damned snake would probably eat me.  

It's been too long since I've been able to train properly.  Anything here is a pale, laughable substitute of what I could do back in Sound.

[Filtered from Ryuhou, Neji, Yuuko]

Speaking of memories...there are some I wish to rid myself of.  I've heard of others besides that witch who can erase them.

I want ask a few questions of such people.  I am intrigued.
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Will you morons shut the hell up back there? Make me say it once more and the both of you can look forward to a bullet lodged in your degenerate brains. Understand?



I thought there might be something wrong when I tell those two to shut it and I'm then followed by actual genuine silence. Hn. If this is some sort of joke, then I'm not amused; and if this is some sort of youkai trick, then stop wasting my goddamn time. Show yourselves and let's get this over with. If it's neither, then it's more than inconvenient. Last I checked, travelling West wouldn't have us going through an island, and another detour is the last thing we need right now. I'm sick and tired of unnecessary complications showing up everywhere I turn.

...If there's anyone on this waste of floating landmass who has seen a loud, annoying monkey, a horny antennae-haired red-head, and a smiling chauffeur man with a monocle, then kindly tell them to stop fooling around and get their asses back here. Now.

My fan is aching to make contact with the skulls of idiots.

((ooc:  I give you Sanzo.  Also, for those who don't know, youkai is loosely translated to "demon".))
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I am glad that the use of my jutsus was not required against the large monster that until today ravaged parts of the Island.  I do not know what kind of effect they could have had on such a creature anyway; however, I was relieved to find that it was not one of the tailed beasts, for fighting even Shukaku would have drained my energy to dangerous levels and Nell-chan would have had to drool on me again.  I wonder where Sakura-chan went, and if she'd be interested in analyzing a sample of Nell-chan's saliva?  If it has healing properties perhaps there is a way to spread it to teams and reproduce it, once we return to Konohagakure.

I have not had contact with Naruto-kun, Hokage-sama, or any other Konoha nin other than Hyuuga Neji-san for some time.  Perhaps like many others, they have found a way off?  I would have liked to return with them.  I fear I am shirking my duty by dallying here.
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Chi~ Godzilla's already gone, da ze~? Well, that was sure quick. I'd hoped to see it do more of it's stunts, da ze~ But oh well, guess I'll just have to wait until I get to watch the movies again, da ze~

Now, I wonder what the damage report is, da ze~ I'm sure SOMEthing got broken, whether it be bones or huts, or our not so limited supply of those coconuts, da ze~ How's our food supply, for that matter, da ze~?

Kuu~ I'm in the mood for curry again, da ze~
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Yah! Motoko, I’m sorry, it was an accident. Please don’t kill- huh? It was a dream?

Or maybe this is the dream. I don’t remember my futon being on a beach. Oh, I know. Su must be testing Virtual-kun again. Very funny, Su, now take it off.

Uh, Su? Motoko? Kitsune? Kanako? Mutsumi? Haruka Oba-san?

Huh, nothing. I said Haruka Oba-san?

Nothing? Weird. I’m going to spy on Shinobu in the hot spring now!


I’m starting to think this isn’t a simulation. I mean, they can hear everything I say with that thing, and Motoko and Narusegawa wouldn’t let me get away with saying that under any circumstances.

I knew something was off yesterday. My life felt like someone else’s. I didn’t walk in on any of the girls, I almost won my spar against Motoko, Kanako didn’t try anything, Su kept down her energy somewhat, and I didn’t find myself flying without a plane once...

That’s it. I must have died two days ago. I must be in Heaven.

No, that can’t be right. If I were in heaven yesterday then Narusegawa would have been wearing a lot less-

Gah! Come on, focus, Keitaro! You've just woken up on a beach in the middle of nowhere. This is no time to be thinking about that!

(OOC: Brand new mun here with his first muse: Urashima Keitaro, the hapless apartment manager of Love Hina. Feel free to inform him of how far from heaven this island is.)
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At least the monster is gone. Awww, I didn't get to kill it. Guess you won't be able to get a new vassal today, Laharl~

By the way, Muhyo, I don't know if it ate you or if you've ben asleep, but it took apart a wall in the library, so you better start repairing it~

Wait a minute, it took the wall from the restricted section, oh come on... ARGH, get back here you dumb books, you can't just--- OOOOOOOOOOWWW MY BACK!

... who's great idea was it again to 'get up on the monster's back? I should have dodged before that thing body slammed me... urgh... I'm getting rusty.

((Yes ladies and gentlemen, there's porn being released from the library~ Get it while it gets carried in the wind~))
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Golly, what a scary monster that was! It almost squished my cave with it's big green feet, but then it went away and I was saved~!

It was... b-beautiful to see all those brave people band together to fight the monster to protect all of us defenseless people from it! I-It's only been an hour since I've had a good cry, but thinking about your bravery just makes me want to cry all over again! If I could gather you all up I'd give you a BIG HUG!

I think I need to have a good cry right about now... Sniff...!

(So, uh, yeah. Jack's temporarily lost his evil chi and his good chi has made him into good!Jack, who shall be gooding it up for a few days! Enjoy him while he lasts /o/)


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