Jan. 17th, 2007

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Why yes, I'm bored againI'm in the charitable mood again today. I wonder why?

I know there were some people who I didn't give full attention to when I taught them telapathy, and for that, Yohji Kudou apologizes.

And now, I, the assassin RAN FUJIMIYA would like to ask you all something:

Have you ever wanted to tell someone something, but been afraid to tell that someone about it?

Well, now's your chance to do that! Just tell me what you want to say, and to who I should tell it to♥ I'll do it anonymously, and no one else will know of it, I promise~ Unless there are other telepaths out there ha ha ha! I'LL KILL YOU

In the end, this is all just gonna be simple blackmail without anyone knowing it♥ Sometimes, I fucking hate this mind reading thing, but it gets handy from time to time~

...And fine, fine. I'll do this for sexfree.

[italics are thoughts! anyone who can read minds is free to read schuldig's! :D as for strikes~]
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Bahamas? :D?
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Last night I had the most terrifying experience... I was all alone on the beach, thinking about how if a typhoon were to hit this place, how fun it'd be to go out there. That'd be really great! But, yeah, I was all alone on the beach, when outta nowhere......


T-that's scary, right?
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I'm bored. And the monkeys don't like good pranks.
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[[Private to Bakura]]

Dude. What the hell did you give Himawari?
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Hmmm... I've read everything in the eighty days book about this... but why is it all so complicated? This is like the VCR instruction manual, only without the VCR! ... Oh hey, next page there IS the VCR instruction manual! Only... I don't remember there being this big horn on it, I thought that was the remote! Still, I really can't understand some of these... why would you use cheese? Well, I guess you could eat it while doing this, but they don't say that!

There is an easy one, but... what IS that word? I think I see Q. No wait... mayne it's a J! K? Genaebge? Thnsehae? Hanaotn? Navaoig? Ienayt? Kanehsaht? Nagvaof? Bafsoa? Lagfwaf? Xebra? Heumeuemeheumeuhemue? Phanstfntne? Jandfhaste? Gneidne? Dhemosne? Zensond? Okdhne? Adsnfosne? Keimejfbe? Plenygfne? Duck? Goose? Ntother? Newgrounds? Oz? Renguthe? Cabildeter? Excthfel? Nifuku? Fifi? Jusdtnacgathen? Hsdfmaueh? Nsuaen? Kodkebe? Adneju? Basasasa? Ertugo? Xasamo? I can't be like... Dududududu, right? ... Ooooh, I just saw pretty lights! And a weird glowing ball... ... and a doggie that's... not moving...

... 'Once you say the word listed above, while holding this book, because things rarely make sense like that, you should see some fancy rainbow lights. Because this deal is just THAT fabulous! Your object of your dreams should be floating in the air in front of you! Have a nice day.' Uhh... uhhh... maybe I can put it back in.... AHH! IT BLEW UP!? WHY DID IT BLOW UP!? MISTER BOOK, PLEASE TELL ME! 'Oh yeah, should mention, if you happen to touch the thing... it MIGHT implode on itself so just be warned.' ...

((Yeah, Flonne messed up BIG time. Also, strike-outs unreadable to stop potential ohsnappage.))
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Just great... I'm back on this stupid island. And I have an unusual urge to bounce some balls all over my arms. There should probably be some of those damn things around here somewhere. Someone get me some tennis balls this instant! IMMEDIATELY! I SHALL TEACH YOU HOW TO TO IT BEST! THROW THEM TO ME NOW AND I SHALL BOUNCE THEM!


((Welcome all, to Brago-of-Chapter-277))
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............Where would a good place to stay here?

((Mind not the Lego person Grave. He's still in is bloody tattered end of series clothes and looks normal. I just use it as the ' :x ' icon...))
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I wonder if setting up enough to demolish an entire city block is too of an extreme counter measure?

... No, I believe that much is sufficient. Any less would likely have no effect, given the failure of the last explosion. Perhaps I should use more? I have only planted the charges in four locations so far, I am positive I could locate two or three more key locations if I were to move further inland.

Hm. I must think on this before setting them off.
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Sniff Ugh, man this jacket stinks. And I'm not a basket of roses either. Not that roses smell so great anyways

Guess I'd better take a trip to the hot springs, do some laundry. ....speaking of which, anyone know how to dry clean without a dry cleaners?

((Strike visable))
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Ahh...If anyone saw a small blue creature that said "mieu" a lot recently...that was me, I was going to take a bath but I wound up in a cursed spring instead.

...Zelos, again, thank you for helping me get back to normal, for locating my clothes, and for being polite about the whole ordeal.

To anyone who mistook me for another small blue creature that said "mieu" a lot: I don't know what the Sorcerer's Ring is, and I don't have it either. I'm sorry for the confusion, I was cursed at the time and couldn't say anything.
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Kazuma-san! Ryuhou-san! Anyone!

EDIT: People have arrived to help.....

Thank you.

[[Refers to this post.]]
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I have spent the day reading these books that appeared when I was sleeping last night.  They are on a variety of subjects--the one I have just finished was on the philosophy of someone called 'Nietzsche'.  I recall the name from a previous book I found, but this was a different title.  I find him rather enthralling, to be honest--particularly his concept of working toward an U--oobur--an over-man, the perfect being.  This is very much relevant to my interests in accordance with my personal philosophy.  I wonder if I am in some part an 'existentialist' as this Nietzsche is said to be?  It is something I must do more research into, as much as can be had on this rock.

And...why is this dingo suddenly following me?  I've been trying to shoo it away for the last few hours--no, get away, mangy thing, don't do that to my leg--but it seems to have taken a shine to me.  Why do I seem to attract wierd animals?  Morph, now this...speaking of the pink blob, I haven't seen it for some weeks now.  I think--ah, certain happenings rather put it off.  A shame, it was an interesting little creature, something there is a lack of here.  Little this Island has to offer can faze me anymore.  I fear boredom.

Steven-kun, when did you want to meet my snakes?  And Samus...any more questions for me, or have I awed you into silence?

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Mimiko. *looks away, seeming awkward, sad* I just wanted to tell you something....
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Kuuu~ I must have lost track of the time here, da ze~ I expected some wintry weather, only to remember that I'm stuck on an island, da ze~

Oi! Tamama Nitouhei~ Where are ya, da ze~? We should probably get something made for the Taichou, just in case he does return to the island, da ze~

Oh, Nun~ I heard you had some sort of problem with soul stealing and ripping hearts out to cook, da ze~?
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Has anyone seen Himawari-chan? I am afraid she has gone missing. She left a while ago, and has not returned. If you happen to find her, please send her back.

I thank you for your help in advance.


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