Jan. 15th, 2007

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HEHEHE I DID IT ZURA! MOMO come look zura! I finished the special present for you zura! It can make lots of lines on the ground and if you twirl the stick, then the round thingies go spin, spin, spin that makes lots of sparkles zura.

I have a fan zura! He won't stop following me and whenever I stop, he stops and then starts rubbing his face with his tiny hands like he's blushy zura. I'm gonna call him.....HAMSTAR zura! Can I keep HamStar Bakura zura?

Private to Bakura
Do we have a home yet zura? It's bad for you to start sleeping in trees again because then you wake up all achy and stiff and you don't want to sleep under rocks like buggies zura. I did that and you feel their little legs going all creepy-crawly all over you zura.

((MOMO's gift: a stick with three AOL CDs on it /o/ It even has three vines tied to each end of the stick, so it has streamer-wannabes \o\ And if the stick is twirled just right, the CDs create a rainbow/glare effect \o/ yes, I'm proud that I thought of this silly idea XD))
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"Humans go through life--constantly stealing and using important things. That's the sort of helpless beings we are. When things like money and objects are taken from you, you just need to take them back. But if you lose your humanity or the friendship of others, it takes a kindred spirit to help you continue on."

Yes? No? Forgive me and my musings to all of you. It is interesting to hear various opinions on certain subjects.

[[Private to Kurogane]]

I overheard someone say you normally do not take on students. I suppose I should feel honored.

Are you ready?

[[Quote from GetBackers, said by Paul.]]
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......ah, how did I get here? I don't feel well. It's hot.....

I remember I ate something, now I feel strange.

Duo-kun? Are you here?

[[Takes place after this thread. No, I'm not creative. 2:30 am = brain not giving me any better ideas. But hey, freaking out Duo is always fun in anyone's book.]]
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Heh! So for the past couple of days, I've been getting these weird vibes from somewhere. Like someone's out for my soul or something. Which is rather unusual considering the circumstances. Besides Succubi, who would be after souls around here?!

Next thing I know, I'll probably be imagining an extra footstep from behind my back in the late nights! Ha! I can't imagine that anyway! I haven't been this tense ever since encountering those Pirates in Item World. Can't turn your back of 'em. Ever!

Look! I know there's something strange going on and I'm gonna find out!
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Er... well, that was an interesting few days.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. I went into one of the caves with a torch I had managed to make. I was looking to see if there was anything that I could make use of in there. Then I saw that there were things sparkling all around me. I looked closer, and they look like very large pendants. There were some R's, some automobile wheels, some symbols for the American dollar, and even some artificial teeth. It looked like they were supposed to be studded with jewels, but they were done rather poorly.

But then when I came out, I was dressed like this, and I had these with me. I... really can't explain it.

Later, I tripped over these pants that were sagging way too low and somehow swallowed one of them. Suddenly everything was in very strange colors. And since nothing looked the way it should, I got lost.

But I think I'm over that, but I'm still in these clothes. Hmm. I suppose it's better than that dress.

((So! Alfons is dressed like Eminem, though it's just the white shirt and big baggy, sagging, jeans. Also, what made him see different colors were the pills in the pants pocket, and they make you see the world just like in the video for "Purple Pills", but they don't make you act any different. Right, and I've linked to the uncensored version, so, lol warning on Eminem's dirty mouth? Ahahaha! If I vanish, it's cuz D12 beat down my door and killed me.

And in the cave? Bootleg county fair ice and grillz.))
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The sky is really pretty, you know? I've always thought that, and I've always spent a lot of time watching it. I... Really love the shade of blue on a sunny day.

I wonder if the sky we see here is the same sky above my home. I wonder if mommy and I are looking up at the same scene.

It's really... Endless. Where you stand is just one little space, and there's so much sky you can't see. Even looking, eyes wide, taking in all you can, there's still so much more past it all.

A-anyway, I was just kind of... Thinking about that, I guess. Gao...

I was also cloud-watching. There's one that looks like a dinosaur, and another looked like onigiri. I found a really nice open space to lie down - where the sun isn't in your eyes and there are no trees in the way. The sand is really warm, too, 'cause it's been baking under the sun for so long.

I even sat a distance from the water since so many people have curses.

Because I was thinking... G-Gao...

It might be kind of nice if anyone wanted to join me...
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I really haven't been doing much here aside from getting lost in that maze of a forest. Funny, back home I complained that I didn't have enough time to do anything... that I wanted to not have so much work as the prince/Pharaoh. And now I have nothing to... I have that time, but none of my friends are here... not aibou, not Mana, not Jounouchi, not Mahaado, not anyone I'm really close to. It's really ironic, but I'm pretty sure that it's not a good irony.

For some reason, I can't see the previous rain of AOL Cds to be anything good, not to mention that loud explosion. This island is quite adept at keeping the level of surprises high, when it wants to. Though it's timing is something to question.

The Second

Jan. 15th, 2007 12:57 pm
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... Putting aside all strange behavior, excessive anxiety over how Dalmasca and Archadia are faring, compromising circumstances, and a deluge of strange, lustrous discs, I have been well, so far, to say the least. I don't think the island has yet to find an amusement in manipulating any some characteristic of my person.

I seem to have found myself a humble little abode in which I have decided to live in. Despite being something like a cave, in actuality it is quite well-lit. In the morning and afternoon, that is. But it is quite easy to find a light source in the night, so I will be fine.

Now then... on to the matter of nourishment...
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I've been hearing a lot about 'stealing souls' and the like. Before the three two of you start accusing me, let me assure you I'm not the responsible one. Or else, I'd already be finished with this Island. And what's so hard about stealing souls in the first place... amateurs
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What is this?

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Mieu mieu mieu? Mieu mieu

Mieu mieu mieu mieu mieu

((ooc: So guess who fell into the spring of drowned cheagle (and can't talk normally because of a lack of Sorcerer's Ring around the stomach?) Also, back from hiatus. Gee that didn't last long now did it. 8D))
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What the...?


Jan. 15th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Ahhh! I found something wonderful today! On top of E.S. Zebulun--!!

Another bird started using the old nest! Right now the mommy bird is gathering up more twigs and things to make the nest stronger since it's deteriorated from the last time!

I'm so happy... I hope this time nothing bad happens. I'll make sure of it.

Today is a beautiful day. Ahaha, it's really... strange. I feel like... like something great is about to happen, but I don't know wha--oh, I'm so silly! Excuse me.

Private to self//Hackable to Friends
I took some time today to polish my bracelet... the one with the golden bullet. It looks almost like it did when Jr. first gave it to me, so I'm glad.


I really miss him.
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Where did that bounty go? I was outside for a couple days hours and all that's left of him is his clothes!

*calms slightly* ... Guess it don't matter until we get our hands on his sister anyway...
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No luck on finding any good caves. But I did find a tarp....except it's tye-dye. O.o;;; Other than that I've been batting those outdated AOL discs. Haha! AOL. That lousy company went under in 2010! This is hilarious.

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Ah, Ryuhou-kun, and Kazuma-kun....I um....made you something...o/////o
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Thrilling! Exciting! Invigorating! Sensational! Stimulating!

Do you know what these words all stand for my dear friends? Why that's right, they stand for things that are NOT happening lately! Well, of course, there was that nice sizable explosion yesterday, but what fun is an explosion when not a single person is caught in it? That is much akin to setting off a firework in your back yard, then looking down at the ground instead of staring at the brilliant night sky being set ablaze! It ruins the entire purpose, you see?

Frivolous, really. Not an ounce of respect for such things, such a shame! There is an abundance of sadistic glee to be had in making things go boom, but random explosions do not entirely contain such glee!


Would you rather watch some tree be exploded into bits, or the far superior alternative, some poor soul spontaneously combusting? The combusting, correct? No? Hmmm, well I imagine the majority here are lacking in a keen sense of humor then. But honestly now, what is not amusing about some poor sap randomly bursting into flames? Absolutely nothing, of course! Hahahaha! It's a hilarious sight! Such a shame it never happens.

I wonder if perhaps I could light someone ablaze to make up for this? I'm sure quite a few people here are rather flammable. Perhaps light someones hair on fire like a fuse and watch as it slowly burns down to the skull like a bomb of the olden days! Those little black balls with the white strings attached! Fizzing down to a glorious explosion! Hahaha, truly something to invest in!
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There is absolutely no reason for me to not work while I'm here. Especially since there are people who could possibly use my services.

Inara Serra, registered companion.
Available for hire to anyone who wishes it. Contact for questions, contracts, and anything else you might need.

Thank you.
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Achzooo! Is someone talking about me? Meh, must not have been important. Like all this new Island shit. Glad nothing happened to me or Renton. Or the bar.

Man, I stink. Hey, anyone got some soap?
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Okay... here goes-

...whoa. What just happened? It suddenly got brighter- Is this SAND the Key's stuck in?!

...okay, this isn't right. I was on the roof, about to free Lorelei, beat Van, etcetera, etcetera... Where the hell am I now?

I promised I'd come back... I have to get out of here. And free Lorelei. The world's not gonna save itself, and we were so close we can't give up now... guess I'll have to find a port.

...if there is a port. This might be some sort of desert island or something, might not be any ports... but if it is populated, and anyone knows my dad, I can just say, 'Hey, I'm the son of Duke Fabre. Can I have a boat home? He'll pay you when I get back.' He'll probably be kinda pissed that I was messing around on an island instead of freeing Lorelei, but he'll understand... I mean, if he still calls me his son even though I'm a replica, he's gotta let me come home occasionally, right?

...uh... wait wait WAIT. How did I end up on an island in the FIRST PLACE? Did Van use one last trick or something?! This isn't right- and great, there's a dingo chewing my foot. This isn't working out.


...Tear... I'm sorry. It looks like it'll be a while before I get back... at least as long as it takes me to build a boat or whatever.

...I hope Jade doesn't tell everyone that I wimped out or anything stupid like that.
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How did...I get transported to a beach? The sky here...is so blue. It reminds me...of that time...Was that all just a dream? Maria, Big Daddy, the guys, everyone I knew from when I was Brandon Heat... I felt strangely at peace like nothing...ever changed between anyone. I thought I finally found a place where I belonged. I know that the man once known as Brandon Heat has died...but why am I getting this feeling as if I'm still alive?

In the very end...I still couldn't bring myself to shoot him...my best friend. What was it about that man that I couldn't breakthrough? The others....they were all my friends as well...but...why were they so much easier to kill? Were our bonds...that strong? Sometimes I wonder what if I took Harry's advice back then and quit the gang when I had the chance and how things would have been different. Was it because of Harry and the bond I had with the guys? Was it because they were the only family I knew back then? I guess I may never find out the answer...maybe this was the way it was meant to be.

I just hope...that Mika will always remember my words...and go on to live a better life without me. Even if she decides to follow in Big Daddy's footsteps...and take over being the head of Millenion or if she chooses to disband it. It doesn't matter. I fulfilled my obligation to protect. As long as she makes the choices she believes are right and don't let the memories of her time with me...or her past...get in the way of living her life.

Uggh!? H-how did my arm...? It...regenerated itself? It's almost as if never fell off. This place...there's something that just doesn't feel right about it.

Excuse me...could...someone please tell me where I am?
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Yankumi's been gone for days now. It isn't at all like her to just disappear on her "precious students" and all of the yakuza men at her home that are certainly worried about her. Even Tetsu-san and Minoru-san have no idea where she's gone. Something must have happened to her. Knowing that dolt, she's gone and gotten herself kidnapped...or worse. No. Yankumi isn't an ordinary woman. Wherever she is, I'm sure that she is holding her own just fine. We just need to find her...

We'll split up and find Yankumi! I'll go this way. Noda, Minami, you two go that way! Kuma and Uchi, go that way! Kuma? Uchi? Minami? Noda? ...Where the hell did they go? For that matter, where am I..? ...An island?

Could this be some sort of bizarre dream? No...impossible. I may be notorious for sleeping in class, but by no means does that mean that I'd fall asleep standing up. But if that's not the case, then how DID I end up here?

I wonder...is it possible that this is where Yankumi is too? ...Only one way to find out, I guess.

((Introducing Scar's new third character: Sawada Shin of Gokusen! \o/))
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So he has a katana, but will he show? Tch. Doesn't matter; I'm not changing my routine to suit him.

((about a mile north of the clinic; Kanda's blindfolded but WILL feel your approach. ...hey, if he knows where leaves are, he'd know where you are. Also, unless you're Duo, you're going to get snapped at if you approach him.))


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