Jan. 10th, 2007

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I'm going to say this ONCE and ONLY ONCE.

The all powerful Overlord, Laharl, that would be ME for you new people, is SINGLE. Nor does he have interest in anyone. So if a certain idiot angel is going around saying things like she's my girlfriend, that is a bold faced lie and she's being stupid. I'd NEVER be interested in that Love Freak.

That matter out of the way, that earthquake the other day was weak. I've felt worse in the Netherworld. Hell, it shakes more after I drop a meteor than it was then! Well, actually prolly just about that much, but whatever! The point is if you all can't deal with an earthquake it's pretty pathetic. What this place usually does is way worse!

Hmph. I'm hungry. Where's something to eat around here...
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Yo, anybody seen Ryuhou around anywhere? He was gone when I woke up this morning, and ain't been back all day... Didn't leave a damn note or nothin', either...

Looks like that fuckin' earthquake shook something loose up here. Uncovered something that looks like a tunnel leading into the mountain. I'm gonna go check it out and see what--if anything's--down there. I'd just as soon not have any more surprises right now. If anybody sees Ryuhou, tell him that's where I'm at--and that I waited for him all goddamn day. I'll be back in a couple hours.
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It has been a while since I have visited the shoreline to relax~ A perfect place to do some thinking, ne~?

I once heard a quote from one of my favorite shows.

"I'm much more composed than you are right now. If one makes a decision with a cool head, he won't find himself regretting that decision later on."

Agree? Disagree? You decide.

[[A prize goes to the person who can identify the show the quote is from. It's said by my favorite character in the series. And yes, Yuuko watches anime. And reads manga.]]
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Oh, are you for fucking REAL? NONE of you are interested in playing Deathsport except for Bo-bobo?!

Well, damn. I thought it sounded like something more of you'd be interested in, but I guess I was wrong.


Read below for information on the sport of kings, Deathsport~! ♥ Anyone who plays gets to go on a date with the most beautiful girl on the Island... Me, Pacciko! 8D )

The rules are still the same though. DOES ANYONE WANT TO PLAY NOW? THIS SHIT WAS HARD TO ASSEMBLE.


Private to Bo-bobo characters and Mayor West

THE HOUR OF RECKONING IS AT HAND, MY FRIENDS! Soon my shoes will be found, and then the world will sink into PURE DARKNESS! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

...Westy, pure darkness is the best place to share creamed corn with a friend. ♥
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If anyone wants me, I shall be licking my wounded ego like a dog in my cave until I feel like it.  There are many things I must  think about and bang my head against a wall repeatedly for in private.

[Private to Samus]

Hope I didn't startle you too much, Samus-kun.

...though when I think about it, 'startle' is probably the worst word to use in that situation, isn't it? 
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River, anytime you could get back with my clothes, it would be great. I just hope you haven't gotten lost, or hurt or anything. It's not very good for you to stay in hot water for so long, you could overheat your body.

So. Here I am. Naked. Alone. In the hotspring. These sparkling statues are rather disturbing. Does a man like this actually exist? He couldn't.

I've spent the last couple days as a ferret. Just the concept of saying that seems insane to me. I can't believe it.

Kaylee, are you around? I'm sorry if I worried you.
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Well, my clothes are back to normal now. With no thanks to "Big Daddy O".

Damnit, I wanna race someone.
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Musings to self, can be overheard

Onee-chan wants to break it....and River-san said that it would be broken someday....but...I don't want Akito-sama to hurt Onee-chan for trying to break it....sometimes I wonder if it would be easier not being a Sohma.
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Mmm... Lilith... turn off the sun... what do you mean you can’t turn off the sun... sure you can... what do you mean I shouldn’t even see it, we have windows... what thing in the sky...

Wait, yeah! Aethersphere! I still gotta... where is it? I’m pretty sure the sky was covered... did it blow up?

No. I would have heard something and so would you.

Hmm, yeah, you’re right. Vanished into midair?

People would be celebrating.

... I went all the way up to Dycroft and beat up Miktran and saved the world in my sleep!

That’s impossible. Think harder Stahn.

Err... I went through time?

... Never mind.

What? It could happen! Uhh... maybe I’m ON the Aethersphere? But how did I get up here? Though, I don’t think water would be up here... I can’t see Dycroft either, so it has to be gone! Alright! The world should be safe again! Right, Dymlos? ... Come on, say something! Oh fine, be that way.

... Ahh, I don’t know what to do now. I probably should have thought ahead here. Hrm, maybe I could… go on a vacation? But I already went everywhere... and Lilith would kill me for not coming home right away. I should go do that... haaa, where did I put that map, I need to find out which direction I need to go... okay, I lost it somewhere.

But it’s sure great to see the sun again! I don’t know where everyone else is, but I’m sure they’re enjoying it too! ... OW! Okay, bad idea looking right into it!

Oh, hey! Sand! I must be on a coastline! Which one though... well, I'll find out soon enough! Alright! Time to go back home!

((New character from Nagato/Flonne/Shion-mun, Stahn Aileron from Tales of Destiny. Point of this OOC note is to say that the italic words are the words of Stahn's magic talking sword. Just to make things easier, everyone can hear the thing.))
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Eeehh.. putitaweeh! Aragonda! Watela el comonella--kefula welassa. Eeen groyayasha. Effa woos haffa woos. Florn...

*little thought bubbles of a frowny face, a knife and fork, a television, a shower, a couch, a bed, and Ryuhou appear over his head in rapid succession*

[Apparently something down in the tunnel he discovered changed Kazuma into a Sim...and depleted most of his needs. For simplicity's sake, he'll understand you if you speak to him, but will only reply in Simlish (or as close as I can get to it, anyway). And yeah, sorry about the actions, but thought bubbles are part of how Sims communicate 8D]]
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I'm starting to think it's becoming more of a pain turning into a Pekopon-ji, da ze~ Just the slightest touch of cold water, and poof I go. It's a bother whenever I encounter those monkeys by the stream, da ze~ They must like water sports or something.

Isn't there a more reliable way of easily getting a hold of hot water? You'd think with all these curses, we'd have a steady way of getting it, da ze~ I'd do it myself, but then I'd have to rely on the poor quality of the Island for it, da ze~ And that just won't do!

Ne, Nun, that little library of your still open to the public, da ze~? I think I need to look for a particular book.. Muhyo, tell me there's some sort of instant hot water spell or something in that Law Book thingie you have, da ze~


Jan. 10th, 2007 07:29 pm
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Cooking for the upper class is hard work! But so rewarding. ♥ It will be, anyway, when I get one of 'em to walk the aisle with me...

But it can be so hard to find good ingredients! I haven't explored very much of the island, so there may be a lot of great food sources I don't even know about! And with people coming from different worlds, there could even be styles of cuisine completely unknown to Auldrant here!

So, what do you guys say? Anyone have any recipes they'd like to share with little ol' Anise? ♪ Or any good places to go looking for ingredients? It would make me sooo happy! ♥
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I haven't eaten cake in thiiiiis looooong~! *measures with armspan* I really need some now! But I don't think there's anywhere I can get it on this island....uaaaahh~. ;o;

....I know! Let's have a CAKE-MAKING CONTEST! You can make cakes out of aaaaanything you want, and if it tastes good enough, maybe I'll give you a prize or something! But I know cakes made of sand when I see them, so don't try pulling that.

Ready, go~! Impress me please! ^o^
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Ritsuka-kun! Are you doing all right? If you still need help with anything, I can try to come to you.

I found out there's a teacher here! I can't wait until she starts classes! It's been so long since I've been to school, I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

My leg is feeling better. It hurt for a little while walking on it, but it's not too bad now. I still need to properly thank Bakura-kun and Duo-kun for helping me.

I wonder what else there is to do here? I haven't met many people my age since arriving.......

Now I miss Watanuki-kun and Doumeki-kun.

Oh! Does anyone know a....a.....Neji-san?
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I'm restless... Those images... they still haunt me...

I can't seem to get much of any rest lately. Though, I'm not exactly exhausted or anything like it. I probably just need to get my mind of things... I think.. I'll go back to that spot on the beach and make a few more glass sculptures. I should still have enough psynergy to do that. Hmm, what figures could I make this time, though...? Maybe I should just recreate things I see, or... maybe take requests? Hmm, that might be troublesome, though..

I should go see if that beach still has sand, though.. I probably wasted more sand making the last ones I did.


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