Jan. 9th, 2007

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Hey, Ryuhou. Ready when you are.
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I don't think a tropical island is the natural habitat for Micrurus tener. Come to think of it, there shouldn't be any Ahaetulla dispar here either, or...

I think. Most of these snakes have been transported here by humans. In addition, there are species I have never observed, either directly or indirectly. (Why does this one keep saying "Ekanssss"?)

((Price doesn't notice you unless A) you're a snake or B) you approach him. Them's the breaks.))
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[[Private to Ryuhou and Kazuma]]

I was wondering if I could ask you something....
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... Okay, first, where am I?

Second, Lloyd! Every time something weird or bad happens, it's your fault. This place doesn't look like any of the islands we've been to. So this qualifies as being lost, which shouldn't be happening to someone who's been all over both worlds! Being lost, by the way? It's both weird AND bad. So that makes this doubly Lloyd's fault.

It doesn't make sense for there to be many people here, but if someone could tell me exactly where 'here' is, that'd be great, thanks.
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I've only been back a day and I'm already tired of eating nothing but fruit. Ugh...when's baldy gonna get here with the food. What I wouldn't do for some meat buns right now. It royally sucks being the only one here...

I still can't find the monkey's cave....and his dog isn't helpin'. I want my old place back dammit! Why did this place have to change...I can't even find the inn. That reminds me...do I even still have a job there?

Oi...funky hand you feeling better now?

((Funky hand = Allen))
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It doesn't matter in the slightest what you look like.

It doesn't matter at all if you're Huma or Gajuma.

What matters is your heart, and who you are inside!

No matter... no matter what she looks like, what race she is... Claire is Claire!

Claire... IS CLAIRE!

Why don't you understand?! Stop the discrimination! What matters now is saving everyone!!! STOP THE DISCRIMINATION!



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Soubi..he finally came. i'm glad..

Ah, Soubi..I think that cave looks empty and good enough, ne? I still wonder why he wanted to stay alone...

[Filtered from Cain-san, Nii-san, and Soubi]

And does anyone have some bandages? I sprained my wrist and I want to bind it for compression...

((Strike unreadble to Soubi only))
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Hello, I'm an innocent old woman.
I've come here to live on this island starting today, and I hope we can all get along!

({Guess who's been playing in the springs again! If you can sense demons or supernatural powers, you'd probably notice that this isn't a normal human. Providing that the acting didn't tip you off already.))
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What the hell?

The hole in my bathroom wall... the one that keeps leading me to all these different places...

...has brought me to... an island? ...This doesn't seem right. How can a place like this be a part of his memories? It... it can't be in South Ashfield, can it?

Everything here... it's so bright. It's weird... I think I had almost forgotten what real sunlight feels like. It feels real, at least, but at this point I can't be sure of anything anymore. I don't see any other of those "victims" or those monst--


... ... ... ...

... Just a... dingo?

What the... hell?

((ooc: This be Jen, with her fifth character, otherwise known as Henry Townshend from Silent Hill 4. He's a little confused and standing there like a 'tard with a wine bottle in hand. Give him a nice, warm welcome! /o/))
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There's something about underage minors being horny that both amuses and makes me slap my face in utter wonderance of why the hell kids are senseless enough to do those kinds of things--scratch that. It's fucking hilarious.

I must be a damn heavy sleeper. I think I practically slept though the friggin' earthquake thinking number II or someone else was just raping someone a little too hard that it rocked the house, or something. No offense, dude, but you're pretty damn loud. Woke me up a couple of times in the middle of the night back home. I woke up aware it was, yeah--an earthquake--but obviously I don't care enough to scream around frantically like some idiots did in the middle of the day.

Asides from that, I think I need to lay off the sleeping habits and go around torturing teasing taunting meeting more people.
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I'm finally finished... It took me two days straight to finish it, but it's done. I built myself a house, hut, whatever you want to call it. It's not as good as the one back home, but it's good for now. the quality of the wood around here sucks! It's hard to cut through. I'm surprised that it stayed together so I could build the house. I cut down a few trees and they were a different type of wood inside! Talk about weird! OK,let's see... I need to build a bed, maybe a furnace, and more furniture... man, this is going to be such a pain! Not to mention a bathroom, pots, pans, lights... I think I'll just stick with what I have now. It sounds like way too much work!

Man, I'm beat.... I think I'm gonna sleep... hahah.. no sleep in two straight days... Dad'd be proud... to know I finally built my own house, all by myself... when i get back home, I'm going to eat a nice big helping of his Dwarven Surprise... hahah, maybe I'll find a screw this time! Aw, man, my eyes hurt... I'm gonna sleep in here, and wake up whenever I wake up!... I miss Noishe. He'd be great to sleep on right now.

I wonder if the Eternal Sword can get through the barrier that's supposed to be around this place... but I can't just use it out in the open. Guess I won't worry about it right now... besides, it's too powerful to use here...
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Finally! Civilization!

I got so lost out there! I finally found my way back to a familiar area.

That earthquake was scary too. I thought a tree was going to fall on me.

Ah, who was it I talked to before? He was blonde, and he had really pointy hair. Did those two people ever show up? I couldn't find either of them.

Anyway, it seems like there's a lot of students here that have been away from classes for much too long. So I've decided that I'll teach all of you! I'm normally High School Math, but I'll cover any and all subjects, like History, English, Japanese, ... maybe the sciences.

At any rate, I have some preparations to make but the Yankumi Academy will be opening soon! Just you wait!
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I'm bored. I mith playing tag with my broth.

[[broth = bros]]
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Evidently I need to talk to someone named...uh....Katsuragi Mamiko...Mimiko...?

Oh, and to the woman named Maggie and her friend. Erm. I'm sorry. I hope you'll accept that...


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