Jan. 4th, 2007


Jan. 4th, 2007 02:23 am
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So, a new year to be stuck with all the idiots on this rock.

Break out the fireworks, alcoholic coconuts, drugged food, and all that other stuff. I'm OH so excited.

Yeah right. The day I'm used to living here is the day this place will let me off, watch. Then I'll just get tossed right back as soon I'm used to NOT being here. Stupid rock and it's stupid sense of humor.

Hmph, that music playing the other day didn't make any sense. Why is it fun to stay that YMCA place? Whatever, it's not like it was as bad as other songs we've had to deal with. But I'd really prefer no more singing EVER.
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Oh what a nice island, how relaxing.

That's what I'd like to say, except since when does somebody suddenly end up in a place like this? Since when does Japan even have beaches like this?

REBORN! Just what kind of idea is this?! You can't just pull this kind of stunt in the middle of-- uh...Reborn? Tsuna? Kyoya? ...Romario? Uh. Guys? Oh! Enzio. At least you're safe; where were you trying to go?

Huh, my phone doesn't get a signal. I'm going to have to talk to somebody about-- wait, wha? You just stay back, I've had enough of wild animals! I'll show you afuhohahhhwuahWOAH!

...Owww. My hand slipped. Well! Nothing for it but to go ahead and find out just what's going on! Who knows what would happen to my troublesome student or my adorable little brother if I wasn't around! God knows what they'll get up to.

Oi! Tssuuunnaa!

((Hurr Jo with my new char, Dino from Reborn. e.e It's pronounced Dee-no orz. His 'ow' was him smacking himself in the face with his whip. Also, he falls down a lot.))
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Uwah! It's an island! Everywhere you look all you see is the boundless, endless ocean!

Ah! And the sky's so big, bright, and blue! It's all so inspiring!

Oh no... I forgot my swimsuit! I wonder if there's a place where I can rent or buy one! Oh, I wish Shinohara-san were here to see me in it...

Anyway, my name is Yamaguchi Kumiko, and I'm a high school math teacher. You can call me Yankumi if you want, my students do.

Uwah~~ Kawashima-sensei and Fujiyama-sensei will be so jealous when they find out I spent winter break on an island.

((Say hello to Lance's newest muse, Yamaguchi Kumiko from the Gokusen drama. She's totally mundane, but she can kick ass, being yakuza and all. She will be haitusing after tonight as well. *nodnod*))
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I asked the island for extra clothes since this cursed form is slightly more...developed than normal and I can see stretching my suit everytime this happens. It just isn't logical. So all of the sudden I had two outfits literally dropped on my head - it was strange but I suppose it makes sense.

I also was chewing on these mint leaves - but I don't think they're safe - why? Because after my fourth or fifth leaf (I can't remember which exactly), Creepy began to actually, talk, to me. 


{Private to Cloud (overdue btw)}
After you laid down, I washed your clothes and left them folded on your bed, which I'm sure you found by now. 
and again. I apologize for making that situation worse by staying.

...actually, these little leaves are pretty good.
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I need to thank Duo-kun for helping me the other day! Is it true the island will give you something if you ask for it?


He.....kissed me. I kind of liked it.

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Filtered to the women of the island

Our troubles are over! Know why? Because I found a bush with these(http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/fc/43/pr-Over-the-Counter_Medicine-Tampax_Tampons_With_Biodegradable_Applicator_Slender_Regular_Absorbency_Slender_Regular-resized200.jpg) growing on it! They're completely boxed and wrapped too. Weird.
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This is such a mess...  I should've... I...


Has anyone seen Haine?  I checked the clinic, but the place was empty...  Not even the doctor was there.  Something isn't right...


and Kisa... Has anyone seen Kisa?  I swear to Shiva if it's those monkeys again...  Anything you can tell me would be helpful...

Private to self - hackable

Useless.  I couldn't even stop him.  I thought I could talk him out of it all or something... but... people still got hurt.

Was it all for nothing?  Why did he forget...?

The First

Jan. 4th, 2007 05:16 pm
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... Strange. Last I recall, Jahara was indeed sandy, but it surely isn't the tropical environment I see currently.

This is a little troublesome. I was hoping to depart from Jahara and arrive in Mt. Bur-Omisace as soon as possible with the Lady Ashe and her entourage, however, this is most definitely a hindrance. I'm afraid I've found myself in a pinch, as others would say.

I do so wonder if this is some sort of illusional magick. Going to sleep and waking up the next morning in a seemingly entirely different place is indeed something nearly unheard of.

I should also hope my brother Vayne does not get ahead of himself and jumps right into a conflict of bloodshed...

Say, what are these strange... glowing objects? Such bright colors are a little foreign to my eyes.

((Here be Anna's newest muse, Larsa Ferrinas Solidor from Final Fantasy XII! \o\ HE'S A BOY, by the way. Just so you know.))
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I wasn't able to give you hugs for that human holiday... Chrissy-mass, was it? So I'll give it now instead! 8D

[the list of nicknames and who they refer to are here. but there are others that i'm not sure if they're still around.... o.o Haine's not on the list for obvious reasons. 8D]
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S-s-s-s-s-s-s-so cold....I-I-I-I really ha-a-a-ave to watch w-w-w-w-wh-e-e-ere I'm go-o-o-o-ing h-e-e-ere, Des-s-s-su. Wait a minute, Whe-e-ere did this pekopon suit come f-f-f-f-from? I just f-f-f-f-ell into s-s-s-s-s-some wa-a-a-ter, desu! What's going o-o-on?

((Say hello to Human!Tamama. You know how hard it was to find fan art to use? He has next to nothing when it comes to finding pictures of him in human form. So I had to settle on the only fanart I could find...))
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Hey, what's happening aroudn this place? I'm as bored as can be on this rock. IS THERE ANYHTING TO DO?! Ugh, this place sucks. No clubs, no jobs and everyone else gets laid has more entertainment. And I think my aim's getting a bit rusty. *shoots at a crudely made bullseye and misses it by an inch* I need a fight.

Oh, and Renton, why were my pants in your giant robot thing? The Nirvash, right?

((OOC: Strikes don't exsist.))
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Er... it's back, these clothes.

I don't know how many of you will recognize this, but... uh... this isn't me.

And... er... uh...

Right. I'll be staying inside today.

((Alfons has been put in a NAZI uniform, courtesy of ye olde island. In the picture, it's the one on the left, minus the helmet and gun. Yes, I am a bad, bad, person.))
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There! I've gotten the last of my things set up. Living in the cliffs with Ryuhou-kun and Kazuma-kun almost feels like home again.

...But it wasn't fun chasing out the rats. DX If Yuki-kun were here, it would've been easier.


Jan. 4th, 2007 10:16 pm
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The Oracle Lady told me to go take a bath to grow up and look~ It worked ♥.

... But I look weird And why do I have blue hair?

Oh well, I'M SEXY NOW!!!!
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I wonder how long a person stays dead on the island... I can almost count the hours it's been... I think.

... To think... I was careless enough to fall for that sort of trap... I should have known that place would use my friends against me...

... I'm a failure at predicting. I guess it's just not an ability I can acquire so simply.

... ... ...

((Little Ivan made his way to Clam Island to find out if he can manipulate the place to his own bidding and discover the secrets of his heritage and ended up in all but good condition. He thinks he died, so yeah. Just one messed up body floating towards the north shore. Log will come later D: Too busy having fun with TotA))


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