Jan. 2nd, 2007

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Oh yeah, before I forget, Happy New Year's, everyone! I still can't believe I've been stuck here for so long now... but well, I've met a lot of new friends here, so I'm not really complaining.

Haha, hey, Riku, Kairi, check it out! All this sparkly stuff! I wonder where it all came from... it's really nice! :D Hmm... anyone here have a bottle, or something to hold stuff in? I want to see if you can catch it... that'd be a nice decoration! Liven up the hut a little!

private to self, but rather easy to hack, especially if you're a friend;
Thinking back on it, though... I really am starting to miss home. Here, it's kind of like Destiny Islands... only not. I wonder how Selphie and Tidus and Wakka are doing... and my parents, too. I haven't seen them at all in canon wtf in, how long has it been? Two years? ... That gets me to thinking, though... what'll happen when me, Riku, and Kairi do end up going back home somehow? It'd be really different, since we've been gone for so long--especially me and Riku. And how would our parents react to Roxasa? Geez, I don't think that'd be pretty. Maybe it'd just be better if we stayed here...? Wait, what am I saying? I really don't know what to think anymore...

Oh, that reminds me... I still have a lot of bracelets that no one claimed on Christmas... D: In fact, I think I only gave Yuki and Shuichi theirs... there're still a ton left! Maybe I shouldn't have made one for everyone I've met here... but they're all my friends, so... DX Well, uh, if anyone still wants them, I'd be more than happy to give them to you! Merry late Christmas?

[ooc; ... yeah. if your character has somehow met Sora once before, he has a bracelet for them. even if he like, doesn't know their name. whatever. XD;;
also, if you choose not to hack, mood reads as "good". :O]
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Wow..it's already the new year..I didn't really think I would've been here so long..The bubbles were kinda fun and the sparkles were pretty. Although the song was completely innesccary. It was annoying. Though I still wonder how the island comes up with these.

And....the island has weird fashion sense. It changed my clothes again. You know these bandages make it hard for me to see..>/ But..the chains are kinda..nostalgic? It reminds me of Restrictions.. I guess it's not too bad..Urgh, why won't these bandages come off!? >>>/

((So yeah, Ritsuka's in that outfit. Fanart is not mine, from this website. Strikes are hackable.))
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I'm assuming this is the end of the world. If so, Jack should be around somewhere. That is what the voodoo woman said. I don't see Mr. Gibbs, Will, or Barbossa around, though, and I was sure they would be around. There were here a moment ago.

Jack Sparrow, where are you?

And wherever you are, I hope you have some rum. But this time we won't dance around a fire until you pass out.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 07:59 am
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After reflextion, it seems that they were telling the truth, although I still do not understand how I ended on Midgard. This is troubling...


This is completely unacceptable! My diviner is not... some toy! It kills, it doesn't blow bubbles or sparkle! What is the meaning of this?
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Hands of blue.


It's wrong. This is wrong. River isn't there anymore. River has vanished. Slipped away. No power in the 'verse could stop her, but she isn't in the 'verse anymore. She's in a new place with water all around. And trees. And sand stuck between the toes. It's false.

We're lost.

There are many voices here.

She understands... but she does not comprehend.


I hear monkeys.
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G... Giovanni... d-damnit....

So much sympathy for Cerberus. Why would you run?

I decide. Not you.

... Decide what...? Where are you? I don't...

((Italics are thoughts. Haine coming out of sedation again?))
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What the--....... If this means what I think it does... Anyone. anyone who dares say anything, will find yourself with a sword in your head. I can't imagine it's comfortable.

[Poll #898833]

((there is a small bubble floating above Kanda's head. It'll pick up on the 'subconcious' desires of anyone who comes near and automatically insert a response. Kanda can't see who said what, but he can see when it changes. AND HE CAN'T GET RID OF IT~~ have fun~))


Jan. 2nd, 2007 02:54 pm
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I looked around a bit, and found no sign of luxurious island resorts or fancy manors, so that probably dashes my hopes of this place being somebody's vacation getaway. I don't know any nobles this into "roughing it."


Oh, footprints!! There must be someone here, after all! ♪

Hellooo~! Anybody out there?
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Um...Kururu-senpai, Dororo-Heichou, Pri-chi, Pra-chi, Ma-chi, has anyone seen Gunso-san anywhere? I haven't seen him around since before Christmas and I'm kind of getting worried, Desu. Where could he have gone? I mean all his gunpla are missing too...whatever's going on I really don't like it, desu. This is a really bad joke Gunso-san....GUNSO-SAN? GUNSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-SSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

((For the sake of continuity pretend he learned Prier, Pram, and Maya's names sometime between meeting them and now...))
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[[Private to self//unhackable]]

Where is that goddamn wizard? *grumbles* Maybe I should look for him again...

...the bow, everything is finished, all I can do now is fletch more of these goddamn arrows.

Sakura's dreams...

Damn you, Yuuko.
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Has anyone here seen Duo? I need to speak to him. If you see him, please tell him to come to my house. Thank you~!

Has anyone seen the Princess? I need to discuss something with her.

[[Private to Gin]]

When would you like to meet?



Jan. 2nd, 2007 04:02 pm
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My sister, River, has arrived here. I feel it is my responsibility to warn all of you that she is not what one would call... typical. But in what way, I am still not sure.

Her behavior can be disconcerting, if you're not familiar with her. I ask for your patience, and that you try to treat her like a normal girl. Except for hitting on her.

I would like to assure all of you that she means no harm, unless you deserve it, and I would like to add that she is a very talented dancer, should the occasion arise.

[Private to his friends (KazRyu, Kaylee, Nill)]

Could I ask you to help keep an eye out in case River gets into trouble? She has a habit of wandering off, and even I lose track of her sometimes. I'd be grateful if you could. Kaylee, I know you will.

((Strikes = illegible))
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... Yesterday, Asakura Ryouko arrived. I would have never expected an event such as that to occur, despite knowledge that it indeed could happen at any time.

... From what I have heard from her... it would seem that she originates from a different period in time... the specific time would be several months in the past. It would appear she has not yet reached the point in time that had caused her to... move to Canada.

... My offer of assistance is still held to you.

Private, hackable to Kyon and Asakura

... If Asakura Ryouko truly is from before that event... I may finally be able to... have a form of a family... although, there is still the possibility that she may act upon her desire to bring a reaction out of Suzumiya Haruhi as she did once before... I do not wish for that to happen once again... not only for the safety of Kyon... but also for the fact that I do not wish to have any sort of confrontation with her.

I must have hope that this will have a peaceful ending... and not for it to end in... death, once more.
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If I'm not mistaken, it's already the 2nd of January....

....which means wherever you are right now, happy birthday, you bastard....

Oh dear. I'm turning 30 soon. o.o

So, what did I miss aside from Christmas and New Year....?

[JINSEI IS STILL ALIVE, YEAH. and all my other muses. so expect some activity later this week after I finally get rid of my vacation hangover and catch up with school. 8D]
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...I really need to stop pissing off the wrong people. Hrrg! Rrr! Damnit, my nose itches!

[[ok, because orochimaru tied her to the tree with chakra strings, you won't be able to see them unless you're trained to see chakra or energy lol.]]


Jan. 2nd, 2007 07:56 pm
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I'm still alive, apparently. It took me a while to get to the normal hot springs and to get back from it....

I wonder why I can never find my way around this place. o.o
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....... Oh Ra.

I didn't think.... I wanted a bath to get rid of this damn headache, but as soon as I stepped into the spring, this-- I'm... a kid.

Everything's so much bigger... and the Ring is heavy.

[Private to self - hackable]
That girl... River. Fuck, I don't mind telling people about it, but- ... Ra-damned telepaths. So that makes a count of three people who can screw with my head whenever they want to, doesn't it. I don't even know if I want them to or not.

Nnngh. I hate everything about this body.


I really hope I can still access the Shadow Realm if a dingo goes after me.

[[Bakura stepped into the spring of drowned chibi. ♥ He's about three feet tall, fluffy as hell, and and dressed up in little robes. Also, if hacked, mood reads as freaked out.]]
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...To those who've taken it upon themselves to watch over Haine's... current condition.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't agitate him as much as it is.

[quick update for now; I'll be back on real soon ;_;]
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These glowing sticks are very amusing.  If I wave them around very quickly, they leave light trails behind.  I suppose this is an effect of the optical nerve in our eyes not being able to follow as quickly.


I can write my name!  S...A...I...

I wonder if I can draw with it too?
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Was that a...? It was. Goddamn bird.

Tell me, do swallows often fly over and drop coconuts on people? I didn't even know a swallow could carry a coconut.

Hn. I missed the holidays, didn't I? Christmas and all that. Silly me for losing track of time.


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