Aug. 9th, 2010

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(I watch the setting summer sun reflect off the ocean tides.
I never really went to the beach much back home, but still, the scenery feels a little nostalgic, somehow.
... Although I called it nostalgic, it's become something of a regular sight for me these days.

... ... And, just as I think that, I realize that I'm smiling.
No, it's not as if I'm feeling particularly happy right now or anything.
Sitting in the shade and watching the water sparkle as if without a care in the world...
A sense of longing hits me deep in my chest.
So deep, it's almost painful.
The feeling called 'loneliness' gently attacks my being with all its sad fury...
It's neither unbearable, nor is it kind.
Like the smallest possible needle digging deeper and deeper towards my heart...

... Thinking such meaningless thoughts, Tohno Shiki continues to gaze at the water.
The horizon which looks as if I can grab it if I just strain my arm at it stares back at me.
Without anything particular in mind, I reach my hand out towards it.
But, as if telling me not to come any closer, it stays far beyond my reach.
Because, that is, without a doubt, the end of the world.
... Mm. In this closed off island, where there may as well not be an 'outside', that couldn't be closer to the truth.
Even if I know there's a world beyond that horizon, just that knowledge alone won't grant me anything.
Feeling vaguely defeated, I let my hand fall to my side and continue to watch the waves, helplessly...)

((Day in the life mingle post! Put your location in your comment subject so people know where you are! Also, jump each other! Shiki's at the beach, if you want him. However, I won't be tagging everyone, so tag amongst yourselves too! Also, don't let little things like time/space get in the way; being in two or seven places at once is totally awesome!))


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