Jul. 19th, 2010

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Damn it all, it sucks being stuck under things all the time. In doors, under trees... I knew I should have done something about that 'being pale' problem a bit more.

If I could at least go out without melting at any given moment, I could at least go somewhere... oh, now there's an idea.

Hey, Lyner! I have a project for you!
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[There's a girl wandering around the Island. In her hand is a thin red cellphone which she appears to be quite frustrated with.]

There's no service, but it's telling me a strange time. I'd assume it were military time but it keeps changing too often, almost like it's changing depending where I'm standing...

[She walks in a circle, holding the phone up, at waist level, back up, and finally just in front of her face. Eventually she just folds it closed and puts it back in her pocket.]

Well, so much for figuring out what's going on that way.

[[ooc; fail intro is fail! Though posted simultaneously with an equally fail ooc intro. Deerrrrrrp. Also I'm at work so replies will be spotty.]]


Jul. 19th, 2010 08:17 pm
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[ A chill runs down your spine, despite it being far too hot outside for that. You sense evil. A horrible presence is in your midst and you must run but there is nowhere to go. Was thunder always crackling overhead? Were the waves always churning below and crashing into the cliffs like some Lovecraftian hellbeast was trying to warn you of the upcoming darkest of days?

There is no escape. There is no stopping it.

She's here.

And she she announces this by rising up on a motor-powered platform up from the ground. ]

I'm back.
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*All of that heat had to have built up eventually, right? So today is an actual rainy day! Hallelujah! But amongst the rain, a girl wearing only a life jacket and a swimsuit happens to be walking around as if she's looking for a place to crash for the night. The suitcase in her arms makes it even more apparent that she's a fresh new victim of our favorite landmass.*

*Well, either way. Wherever you live, you'll be getting a sudden knock on your door.*


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