Jun. 23rd, 2010

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So, you're the big threat, huh?

[And there's Dani, in ghost form, staring at an Angel.]

Hmm, as long as people are watching you, you're frozen. But...can you go through stuff?

[And that's when she puts a hand on the Angel and pushes it right into a tree intangibly until it's incased in the wood. She steps back and blinks and low and behold, Angel hasn't left the tree.]

...well, if that works, I guess I better get moving.

((OOC: Seriously, intangibility is cheating powers. She'll go on rescue missions, so feel free to make up dire situations!))
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Let me guess, this is just like the 'falling moon' attack all over again. A big show, but in the end, the island would never let this happen.

[Makoto leaves her hut, already in Sailor Jupiter form, electricity crackling from her fingers.]

I'm not going to let a bunch of gargoyles scare me off. I'll blast each one until there's nothing but dust!

[And, spotting one, she heads right for it, one fist raised, ready to fight.]

Get lost, you Halloween reject -

[and she blinks,once. Just once.

and then she's gone.]

((OOC: Makoto will not be responding, obviously, but threadhopping/jacking is encouraged so you can talk amongst yourself about HOLY HELL THEY WORK, AHH AHH AHH. If this isn't allowed, I'll take it down, no worries.))
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[ Zack seems to have taken charge of the inn for the moment. Right now, he's in the lobby. ]

Alright, I've checked everything and we're secure. No matter what you do, do not open any doors or windows, and if you absolutely have to leave for whatever reason, make sure you bring at least one person with you. If you don't have someone to go with, I'll accompany you. We'll need some volunteers for a rotating sentry, if anyone is willing. Someone keep an eye on the computers to see if the message changes, too.

-- One more thing, are all inn residents present and accounted ten?

[ Did he say ten? No, he obviously said 'for'.

You must be hearing things. ]
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[ It's stupid to be out here. And there's no reason for it either. He might be worried about Tohru, but she's probably with Kyou which means they're safe. And Leo can take care of himself. So what would bring Yuki outside? ]


[ Seems only dire situations will ever cause him to seek out his brother. And when Yuki finds himself deadlocked by three statues, he's kind of wishing that even dire situations wouldn't have been enough. ]

....... [ don'tblinkdon'tblinkdon'tblink. ]
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I... I'm dead? I don't understand, the Doctor said that if they get you they-- they kill you. Why am I still here? This... this...

Waaah, why is everything sunny again?

[ ooc: Okay! Everyone who got caught by the angels, this is where you go. Just put in the subject line how far back in time you were sent. It could be a few weeks, months, years-- whatever.

For people who reply to you, this can work in two ways! One: The person can also have been caught by an angel and were sent to the same time. Two: The person replying is from the past. So I could have angel'd!Riku run into Mikuru and they could freak out together, or I can have past!Riku run into Mikuru and he'd have no idea what is going in since he is from one year in Island's past. YOU CAN ALSO REPLY WITH CHARACTERS THAT YOU HAVE DROPPED.

Like stated in the ooc info post, the past characters' memories of this event will be wiped to stop paradoxes from happening. ]


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